2024 mayoral elections

november 2024

Bekah Grimsley is running for reelection as Mayor. In her first term, she kept her promise, and built the Prince Alfred Aquarium, along with a festival for Independence Day. If reelected, Bekah intends to continue with local festivals and education for local families.

Bekah vows to:

  • Build an Art Museum for families to enjoy.
  • Start a Fall Festival in Millwood.

Also running is Finn McCarthy, his second attempt against Bekah. Since the last election, he has started a farm business that he will continue with his son, Elias upon his college graduation. As a long-time Millwood resident, he still aspires to open a pub and restaurant for the locals.

Finn vows to:

  • Build a neighborhood Pub in Millwood with a small town, local charm.

New contender, Kenzie Goss is a devoted social worker to the children in the county. Her primary mission is to build a new recreation center. The current one is small, underfunded and on the shady side of town; it doesn’t reach its full potential. Kenzie promises to build an after school center for youth to spend their time without getting mischief. It would be in a centralized location and run by teachers in the community on a volunteer basis.

Kenzie vows to:

  • Build a Recreation Center for today’s youth focusing on hobbies, social, and skilling.

Voter’s Booth:

Notes: I’m keeping the lists small and manageable. I aim to post the results in one week, February 18th. Bekah’s vow last time was a museum ether art or aquarium, so I’d still like to get an art museum in. I also want to get the pub too for Finn, because I’ve had the signage made for me for a significant period of time. And Kenzie was an unexpected addition!

Kiri at N99 gave me the idea for Kenzie, her idea was to have a place for activities/hobbies for youth and use Inge’s tokens to pull the students onto the lot. I currently have a small recreation lot that Ella has used, and Lewis even as a child but it’s not very playable. I would build a new one then the teachers would have tokens and work on a volunteer basis, I can see Brooklyn and Oliver being happy to do it. It’d have hobbies, social, and skilling.

If anyone has seen TS3 scouting/guide outfits for kids converted to TS2, I would love to know about it! I’ve been wanting to do scouts for sometime, all my kids are in them, but I’ve never seen the outfits converted.

I’d be happy with any of them winning, I’m excited for each project and wholly appreciate everyone that takes the time to read and vote! ❤

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6 thoughts on “2024 mayoral elections

  1. The recreation lot is a great idea, and I’d love to see it in action, but I had to vote for Grimsley because she kept her promise on the aquarium, which is spectacular, and because I want to see the Fall Festival!!! The art museum should be cool, too.

    1. I hear ya, these are all things I am hoping to do at some point, and it helps decide what gets done first. Though I might just have to do Finn’s bar, because I need a place for non-club people to go! Thanks for commenting and voting Shannon!

    1. Thanks for voting Carla, I think I would be happy with any of them too! I am especially excited about Kenzie, Kiri’s post got me excited about it, and I think Oliver and Brooklyn would be super adorable volunteering there together.

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