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in a days work

November 2024
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(Goss Household Profile)
Kenzie (61 years), Tyler (59 years), Dean (15 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

Caitlyn is at Eastborough University with the intent to take over my job at social services when she graduates. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and though I don’t relish the idea of blank-slated afternoons, I can’t balance this lifestyle as well as I once could.

Now everything is up in the air though with Caitlyn winding up pregnant. She is having to ride the bus from university all the way to the northside of South Port to utilize the very services she was intent on offering.

I force my grandson, Lewis to join her, she shouldn’t be on a bus for that long alone, and he needs to take responsibility from the jump. It isn’t going well, and I’ve been thoroughly disappointed in Lewis. After his mother died, I practically raised him while Zeke worked, and we both raised him better than this.

He’s blaming Caitlyn on this, especially since he uses protection and she didn’t keep up with hers. As logical as that may be, no one forced him to be intimate especially since he knew she wasn’t on anything.

He’s stompy and stormy, and scowls off much like his Dad did when he was younger. While Zeke eventually outgrew his horrid attitude, it took many years to get there with the help of his second wife Morgan and just eventual age. Lewis doesn’t have that luxury, I can’t raise his new baby as I once helped raise him, and his Dad is in no position ether to take on the responsibility.

I know my brother, Ethan won’t be much assistance, but he isn’t happy with this happening to his baby girl, so he intends to visit her at campus when able to lend a hand. With my brother, it is always more of a, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” But Caitlyn is positive that he will come through, and I’d admit he’s always had a soft spot for her.

Irregardless of how messy it all is, and how inopportune the time is, it is my great grandchild she is carrying, and we can joke that at least she will know the system on both ends when it’s all said and done. I just really need her to stick it out. I went through university with Zeke in tow, his “Dad” was just a basketball player that rode off on a sport scholarship. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

I dismissed Caitlyn, then reemed into my grandson. If logic and calm won’t work, then maybe some harsh words from his Grandma will. It’s absolutely disgusting that he isn’t planning to move to family housing with Caitlyn and the baby. She can’t very well hire a nanny to watch the baby, they need to be a team even if they don’t get married.

I got him to promise he would consider, but he is stubborn like his Dad, and I don’t hold much value in his word.

At home, Dean recently turned fifteen and came down to my work to find a job in law enforcement. He’s done so well that he’s promoted straight to the top of the field. He takes this as a sign that he’s meant to be in Law Enforcement or a CSIA when he grows up.

He started seeing a girl named Evie, they seem rather smitten. I’m always cautious of youthful romances, but I’m even more on guard with the Lewis-Caitlyn debacle.

Apparently his dating got Willa up in arms, and she’s started flirting with him. Dean is very uncomfortable with her forthcoming ways, and has had to rebuff her rather strongly.

I don’t really enjoy when he hangs out at Mixed Tape, it’s the teen hot spot with no parents to be found, just some people that maintain the property and keep a very leisurely eye on things.

The only positive is that Dean usually bumps into Ella, and they’ve really hit it off in a big brother-little sister sort of light.

I’ve been invested with her for the majority of her life, but have had to take a backseat this past year. She’s settled in fine with Cesar, and while her Dad, Matt is a loss cause, he isn’t doing anything that is considered illegally neglectful. The only thing she really has to do out of the norm is visit a counselor, and that isn’t me.

The other exciting news for our family is that Lorelei and Marshal bought a new house, though sadly it only has two bedrooms. It appears that Lorelei is sticking to her guns on having only one baby.

They invited us to dinner, and Lorelei announced that they were pregnant and due in August. I am not inpatient for babies, but I know how much Marshal has been wanting this, so I’m even more thrilled.

It’s nice that they’ve taken things slow, I know that my twin sister, Delaney is obsessed with tortoise-speed, but with the stark contrast of Lewis’ baby coming soon, it really is a relief. I can enjoy this phase of becoming a Grandma again with much more joy than I can with Lewis, his parenthood is fraught with worry and concern.

The pregnancy has been especially hard on her, and she’s barely just found out. It seems to be cementing the idea of only one, but Marshal is still not agreeing to that. He hedged that if they had a son then maybe, but only because he wants his family surname to continue, nothing against a daughter. Ideally he’d like one of each, or two of the same; he really can’t decide. It’s all for naught though as he doesn’t get to pick, they just sort of work out the way they were meant.

To add to the chaos, I’ve decided to run for mayor this month. It really came out of the blue, we’d barely had time to discuss since voting takes place this very month. It was so sudden that Tyler was forced to take Dean driving with his permit since I was unable to carve the time out.

The entire spotlight of running for Mayor has positively traumatized Tyler who is very much a shy, hermit of a husband. It’s enough for me to drag him out of the house to take a walk or visit my sister, but being on television has him mortified to the extent of nightmares. Dean isn’t as extreme as Tyler and volunteers to help out with the cold-calls that we have to do.

My nephew, Peter and his new wife Elise even came out to lend a hand. Peter had all sorts of ideas for campaigning online and how to appeal to the younger crowd, but there just isn’t time for that. We have to use the tried and true, and maybe one thing online.

Marshal brings Lorelei out, and he helps man the phones for donations and encouraging voters to vote for me. Lorelei is there to cheer me up, when I begin to feel stressed or think I’m insane for taking this on, she’s there with her non-exsistent belly bump, reminding me that at summer’s end, I will get to meet their bundle. She instantly makes me happy.

Irregardless of the voting outcome, there are two babies coming into my life in the next year, and I have a good family at home to support me and my endeavors to help the community and on a smaller scale, Caitlyn’s baby.

Notes: Kenzie is very busy, and Tyler is a serious homebody. He did knock out another novel, bringing in his usual $12,000+, which they need because Kenzie makes next to nothing in social services! Lorelei got pregnant visiting her parents, finally rolled low enough! I’m very excited about the new baby.

Dean came home with Evie and had the want to go steady with her, she’s a vacation townie, so I don’t know why she’s riding the bus. At Mixed Tape, Willa started ACR flirting with Dean, who rejected, and she also rolled the want to fall in love with Dean, but he was not interested. Dean really did get max promotions for the teen law enforcement, a promotion a day! Now to get his grades up, I might actually have an all-star teen on my hands.

Don’t forget to vote and thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “in a days work”

  1. Great update, loved that she reemed into Lewis, he was raised so much better than that, however sometimes regardless of what parents do the kids don’t turn out as such

    1. Very true, sometimes no matter how you raise a person, they go on to make their own choices, and sometimes they aren’t very good at all! Thank you for commenting Starr!

  2. Loved the update! I haven’t been able to keep up with reading these past few weeks but I’m finally catching up now!

    Lorelei sure is one busy lady!! And she’s running for mayor on top of it all! She definitely has passion 🙂

    1. I totally understand with playing catch up! I’m getting to reading blogs about every other weekend at this rate, so you won’t get any hurt feelings from me! 🙂

      Kenzie is super busy for sure, she sort of blows past Tyler most of the time, as he’s a serious homebody, and she isn’t in the least. They are an odd couple, but he was such a sweetheart to her when she was raising Zeke alone, and always good to Zeke too, despite Zeke literally hating him until adulthood.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lewis is being a jerk!

    It is ironic that Caitlyn’s having to make use of the very services she’s training to give, and like Kenzie jokes, she will have an understanding for women in the situation she’s in.

    Kenzie does have so much going! I really liked seeing all these different sims, like Lorelei, and Lewis and Caitlyn, and Dean, and the mayoral race, from her perspective. She will be busy with the two new little ones, even if she doesn’t get elected.

    1. She is going to be very busy with all these new babies coming into her life for sure, but I think she enjoys being active. She’s quite a bit like her Aunt Myra (Cole’s Mom), they are both very active, and independent. I am disappointed in Lewis, he’s been quite a stinker lately. Wish he’d started losing interest in Caitlyn before he got her pregnant! What a mess!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Kenzie’s point about Caitlyn knowing the system is a really good one. My sister has a co-worker who grew up in housing commission (don’t know if you have anything similar in the US – they’re government-subsidised rentals) and her clients really appreciate that she’s been where they are.

    But oh, Lewis. I’m disappointed in him too, like Kenzie. I hope her lecture did sink in with him somewhat. The gravity of this situation doesn’t seem to be making much of an impact on him so far.

    Fun to see everyone helping out with Kenzie’s campaign though! It probably couldn’t hurt to hear Peter’s ideas out a bit more, seeing he’s one of the younger crowd she should be trying to court! But I think that’s also a pretty typical attitude for an older person as well.

    Dean and Evie make a cute couple! Vacation townies have always come home on the bus in my hood – Ramona’s boyfriend Jonathan is a vacation townie and there are two others who have come home with my teens (all of my three vacation townies are teens, for some reason!)

    1. I don’t know what they call it here in regards to ‘housing commission’ but there is definitely rentals for lower income families. Our old house had a rental next door that was set up that way. I can see how it is handy to have been there, when it comes to helping out others. I forgot that is your sister’s line of work.

      Lewis has been a disappointment for this pregnancy. I don’t know if it’s because he’s in college… that he just isn’t rolling the wants, or if it’s a reflection of his character. Have any remembrance of Finn and Victoria, and how Finn rolled?

      Certainly true that Peter’s ideas would be a good place to start, but she got thrown in literally at the the last second. I had already written the mayor election post and had to edit it, so that I could add her. That I didn’t think she’d want to try something crazy new, older generations usually don’t, agree it’s a typical attitude.

      I didn’t realize that Ramona’s boyfriend was a vacation townie. I just ignore that bit when Evie comes by. Funny that your vacation townies are all teens. I only know of Evie, and an adult female. I might have a few others. I used to make them, but haven’t this time around, haven’t even added all the vacations yet.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. Hmmm, Finn and Victoria. They definitely didn’t roll the want to have a baby, that’s for sure. I think I based it on wants for each other, which they rolled fairly frequently. And then once Declan arrived, I could watch their parenting wants and how they acted with him autonomously. But honestly, I was so determined to keep them together that I probably would have ignored it even if they’d been less than stellar parents!

        I would have been willing to break up Charlie and Camilla if it didn’t work out but the first want Charlie rolled when he got to college was for Camilla to join him, so I took that to mean he wanted to stay with her. 🙂 When Camilla arrived on campus with the twins, he was not a perfect dad. He didn’t interact autonomously as much as Camilla did or roll as many wants. That seemed realistic to me as he didn’t really know the kids all that well until they were already a year old. So he just had some growing up to do, while Camilla had already had a whole year to do that.

        It’s a lot of want interpretation but also a lot of just a vague feeling of what I feel like the sim would do.

        1. Oh yeah, definitely no baby want! Thanks for explaining how you interpreted it. Caitlyn still rolls wants for Lewis, but all his wants are seriously just fun ones, karaoke, eat out, things of that nature. He does ACR woohoo with her… but without the wants, it seems kind of cheap to me. I get the feeling that he’s like ‘no worries on birth control, lets go to town!’

          Too funny that you weren’t willing to split Victoria and Finn, and I am glad that you didn’t! And I had forgotten about Charlie being a bit of a dud for a Dad at the start! Made sense though since he really missed out on so much, I think he would have done better if she’d already been at uni with him when the twins were conceived.They work out well together now though, and he’s such a good Dad. Thanks Carla!

  5. *shakes head back and forth* regarding Lewis. That is too bad he doesn’t understand the consequences of intimacy and responsibility. He will definitely miss out as Caitlyn will raise the baby as she moves on with her life without him.

    1. I am hoping that Lewis will be a better Dad once he graduates university, but I haven’t found that to always be the case. Julia Millett is one of those, she had her son Nolan when she was 15, and her parents have been raising him. Well she just graduated uni, and still doesn’t roll any wants for him, and she’s a family sim. I’m curious how Lewis will do, I think he really needed more time before he jumped into Fatherhood, but then it wasn’t planned, and that seems a common side effect of unplanned young pregnancies. Thanks for commenting!

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