Births, Traver Family

winter birthdays 2024-2025

december 2024

Marshal and Lorelei are two months pregnant with their first, and are due in August. Lorelei cannot wait until the morning sickness abides. She’s hoping to find the energy to start decorating the nursery soon, and they still need to tackle a girl baby name.

Hazel and Jude’s middle child, Monroe Woodfolk celebrates his birthday this winter. Their kids are all good friends, and Bea is excited for her rocking brother to join her in the high school, though Ella won’t be happy to have him in her music class again.

Monroe sports his Grandpa George’s nose, and he takes it as an honor. He doesn’t think it will hurt his chances with the girls, especially once they hear his sick musical skills, and find out his Dad is a rockstar.

At Eastborough University, Caitlyn has moved to family housing, into a bare minimum house. The sofa isn’t very comfortable, and everything is blue to match one of the university’s colors; she’s just grateful they avoided the orange.

To her surprise, the ladies in her family threw her a baby shower. She was in desperate need of baby essentials, and they covered the majority of it with their generous gift-giving.

She’d spent the majority of the past eight months in a constant state of fear and loneliness, and the baby shower made her feel special. They all welcomed her to the innercircle of motherhood, with only a few that had no children yet.

Aunt Delaney struggled with time management for the food, and Caitlyn came in to help out. She wasn’t an excellent cook, by all means she grew up on tv dinners, but she’d managed to learn how to assemble a sub sandwich and prepare a boxed mix.

Even Elise had come out, and Caitlyn welcomed her instantly. Their wedding had been so small, that Caitlyn had only met Elise briefly at family holidays.

Rachael was about the only person that was thoroughly thrilled to meet the new baby.

Caitlyn hadn’t anticipated anyone but her Dad seeing her first home, and instead it was filled to the brim with all her female relatives. She never saw herself as one to host anything, as her parents had never hosted so much as a birthday party for them as kids, so it was a welcome surprise.

Kenzie didn’t take all the credit for the shower, but Caitlyn knew it had to be her. In the past, Caitlyn and her siblings were mostly excluded from events except the required family reunion, it was only Kenzie that had taken an interest in Caitlyn even before the pregnancy.

Meg captured photos, and promised to email copies to Caitlyn for the baby book. It felt odd to think that her older cousin didn’t have a baby yet, and here she was on the verge of motherhood. She’d always admired Meg, and it felt out of place to do this before her.

Meg even helped clean up after all the adults left the party, though technically they were all adults these days, Caitlyn still felt like a kid especially being a newly minted eighteen year old.

Lauren put on some music, and the girls wound up dancing a bad impersonation of the hula, and laughing until their sides hurt. It was just the medicine that Caitlyn needed to face her last month of pregnancy.

One month to go, Caitlyn is hoping that she will have the baby before second semester starts and be able to jump right in. She’s hoping to avoid academic suspension or summer classes.

Notes: Monroe is pleasure/romance. I’m humored that thus far, their two teenage children are prime candidates for romance. It must be the freeway they raised them. I’m curious how Roman will be when his turn comes. Bea is popularity and currently waiting to add her romance trait.

I only have a boy name that I absolutely love for them and two girl names that I can’t decide between. I’m getting boy vibes from them, but really it could just be from my love for the name!

Caitlyn’s baby shower loot. The large items like crib and high chair are courtesy of Kenzie. Doing the shower, really showed that there are quite a few strong women in this family, good rolemodels for Caitlyn, and she got her aspiration into the green again. Erin was there too, but is barely seen in one photo, everyone loves Erin and still includes her though Colin broke up with her.

The new Mayor results are in as well! Finn McCarthy came in with 4% of the votes, Bekah Grimsley and Kenzie Goss were neck and neck until the final 48 hours. Bekah finished with 38%, with Kenzie leading the way with 58%. Kenzie Goss is the new Mayor of Millwood and South Port, and will begin work asap on the new Youth After School Center. Thank you to everyone who voted!!

Caitlyn’s next update

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13 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2024-2025”

  1. Oh, I’m so happy to see Caitlyn showered with love and gifts! And he looks so cute. I hope she’s able to avoid academic probation. Kenzie is awesome, and I’m glad she was elected even though I didn’t vote for her. It will be great to see the Youth After School Center!

    Lorelei and Marshal are really cute too. Is she really having an unusual amount of morning sickness?

    1. Lorelei was puking a ton, I had her parents over for dinner, and she got up several times during the meal to throw up. It was really obnoxious, especially since they live in an older home with only one bathroom on the second story, so she was running like a loon across an entire house and then up the stairs. They are an adorable couple, I just wish there was a chance for a little blond baby. It’ll be black or brown, and I’m hoping for the latter.

      Kenzie is really great, she rolls tons of wants for her family members, especially Caitlyn. I see her as a busy lady with a big heart, and the motivation to actually act on it. And Caitlyn had zero items, she is a seriously poor college student, and now she doesn’t have to worry about baby items, just the babysitter and bills.

      1. Well, I guess you answered that question about whether Lorelei was having a lot of morning sickness!! That is a really funny picture in my head, her running “like a loon,” through the whole house!

  2. Yay, I voted for Kenzie, so I am thrilled with the election results! She’ll be an awesome mayor.

    You should definitely frame that picture of Lorelai and Marshal – it’s their first family portrait!

    Loved Caitlyn’s baby shower. I’m glad she has so many good people surrounding her. If Lewis turns out to be a dud dad (I’m still hoping he won’t though!), then at least she has other people to turn to. I’m also getting boy vibes for her – how weird. Can’t wait to find out if I’m right!

    1. I think you are right, Kenzie should be a great mayor! I don’t know why I never considered her before, it really wasn’t until Kira posted that I thought of her.

      Aww, very true about that picture of Lorelei and Marshal! I should totally frame that, I didn’t even think of it as their first family portrait.

      Caitlyn has a great family support system, now they aren’t all blood-related as she’s primarily only has brothers. But her brothers were all with strong women, and Caitlyn is friends with them all. The birth post goes up next Saturday, I have been waiting ages for it to go live!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I was quite pleased with Monroe’s age up, I hadn’t expected him to be so cute! He wasn’t bad looking as a child, but sort of plain to me. I really liked the idea of Caitlyn having a baby shower thrown by Kenzie, as Kenzie is always actively rolling wants for her, and it seems like something she’d do, and Caitlyn desperately needed. Thanks for commenting Emma!

    1. Thank you, the baby shower was fun to play, lots of great women in her family and strong role models. I’m glad that you enjoy Kenzie and she’s a favorite, she is one of mine too. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thanks! It was fun to host such a large baby shower, I haven’t had one since Leah was pregnant with Simon! Ages! This one went much better, and Caitlyn really needed it. Thanks for commenting Starr!

    1. She totally needed the gifts! She is pretty much broke, and had no way to earn enough money to buy anything. She can’t work at a local coffee shop or cafeteria while pregnant, she was just too exhausted all the time, on top of her college wants. So Kenzie saved the day. Thanks for commenting!

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