Longfellow Elementary

wheels on the bus

december 2024
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Principal: Lucy London
1st-3rd grade teacher: Oliver McCarthy
Pre-k-Kindergarten teacher Miriam Dwyer
Student Enrollment

narrated by: Lucy London

After years of having a large influx of students, we now are leveling out at a more reasonable rate. It’s made it possible to offer more opportunities for parents to be involved during the school day, especially now that we can host them in the cafeteria for lunch. Oliver held a Parents Day, most parents still work during the day so it doesn’t have a giant turn out, but it was still good fun for the kids.

Miriam’s twins finally joined our classes this year in the third grade. They had previously been in a private school until Miriam’s divorce from Marcus, he had insisted they receive the highest education, so they could be doctors when they grew up. But now that the divorce is over, the twins are in Oliver’s class and having difficulty fitting in.

Asher is a bit snobby, and his deskmate Kai gets the most of it.

He may get his attitude from his Father though, as he was a bit obnoxious at the lunch table.

Erin was able to get Marcus to warm up to the parents, mostly Marcus was being condescending, assuming that they were all raising mediocre children who were only good for construction and middle class careers. I’m sure most of it was directed toward the Russo-Traver girls, since their Mom “stole” Chief of Staff from him. He’d intended to tuck tail and run, but has decided to stick around.

Mostly Miriam is disappointed in this, as she was excited to raise the kids primarily on her own. But they seem to be managing co-parenting better than they did when they were married.

Oliver has a large class this year, and is struggling with some bulling behavior, especially awkward since it’s his niece, Isla that is at the bottom of it.

For unknown reasons, she has picked Manny as her victim, and chases him around the playground tormenting him.

No matter his response, she never lets up.

Even with three teachers on the playground, we don’t always catch it immediately ether. We usually divide up nicely too, and Oliver is wonderful at interacting with the children, while I usually hang back and just keep an eye out. Lunch recess is one of the most tiresome hours of my day.

Then we have fourth grader, Gemma Pacelli who likes to steal the swing from little kids, in this particular instance, it was kindergartner Dahlia Prince.

I usually notice this quicker because it’s my corner of the playground, and then it’s Dahlia pushing Tillie on the swings. They’re both in Miriam’s class, and seem to be on their way to fast friends, which is always sweet to see.

Her students are all positively adorable, I never wanted to teach the younger kids as they lack all sorts of control, but I do enjoy watching them filter back to their classes after recess.

And they always come with their own mini-forms of drama, which humors me. Poor Rita Popper got the cold-shoulder from Toby Welsh, and I can only chuckle as I remember his older brother was quite the same when he attended Longfellow.

They also have an annoying Gerbil for a class pet, which isn’t really my cup of tea. I find the noise they make on their wheel to be distracting, but Miriam’s kids barely do seatwork anyway, and it seems to teach them responsibility.

My upper-grade kids have fish. The kids enjoy feeding them, and I think they are calming which is the effect I want in my classroom.

I will be relieved next year when the Russo-Traver twins move onto Jefferson High, as they seem to have fallen into the roll of class clowns with quite a bit of glee.

I took my class down to Prince Alfred Aquarium right before Christmas break, and my only concern had been Vivienne and Cicely and what mischief they might find. Hazel volunteered to be parent chaperone. All of my students have working parents, but it worked out that Hazel could make it.

The girls were infatuated though, and I didn’t have any reason to be concerned. All of the kids were enthralled with the fish.

I expected to nag the students to read the information provided, but they seemed to do so without any nudging from me.

Eden’s Mom, Avery is head of the Aquarium, so Eden was thrilled when her Mom came to do one part of the tour for us.

Roman was bouncing off the furniture at that point, which made me fear that my good luck had run out. But thankfully it was his very own Mother that was chaperoning, and she handled him quickly.

They have a children’s play area, and the kids really enjoyed that freedom to pretend to dive for treasure or be on a pirate ship.

Vivienne and Cicely didn’t play at all, just stood in the corner gossiping about the boys in their class, mostly Holden and Roman.

For the final tour, former student Lainey Grimsley was assigned to us. I’ve known her since she was in diapers, and it’s overwhelming to see her in a career, and teaching my students. Makes me feel that I’m nearing my own retirement, ready to hand the reigns over to the next generation, the ones with all the energy to expend.

In the middle of that, Vivienne ended up feeling unwell, and nearly lost her lunch right in the middle of the aquarium.

Hazel is best friends with their Mom, Morgan, and I allowed her to handle it since she seemed eager to help.

She waited with her outside while Vivienne’s Dad left work to come and get her. She was very disappointed to miss the final part of the visit.

Otherwise the aquarium was a great success, and all the students really enjoyed the break from the classroom. I’d be happy to take the kids again in a few years, if I haven’t retired before that point. I don’t think anyone is especially eager for that announcement, but it has me wondering who should be principal after I do retire, and who really qualifies for the position.

Notes: Lucy becomes elder in a year, she often looks just plain tired from all her students, and with all their money, I don’t see her working for very long once she’s able to retire. I don’t think it’d be instantaneous ether. None of my teachers have a masters degree, so none really qualify. I’d like to stick with ether Miriam or Oliver, she has more experience, but I don’t know if she has the drive to get her masters, especially being a single Mom now.

Dahlia was queued to go on the swing, when Gemma took it over, and just smiled all snotty like to Dahlia. Isla kept tormenting Manny, goodness knows why, so she’s being a bit of terror at home and at school, I’m sure her parents are thrilled.

They lose four students in the fall, and only gain one. The next “boom” will be with Mavis, Dax, and Evan, which is a mighty three students. I only have five toddlers at the moment, I think my sims needs to settle down and start having babies again.

Thanks for reading!
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10 thoughts on “wheels on the bus”

  1. It seems like Grace would be really surprised to see Isla acting like that! I looked up her personality, wondering if she’s on the mean end of the scale, but didn’t see it listed on her profile. Poor Manny! He already has enough to deal with!

    This school update was so detailed and full of interesting dynamics and events! I love the idea of the Parents’ Day, as well as the aquarium visit (which was TOTALLY AWESOME!). It may be standard, funny Sims animations, but Roman literally jumping on the benches is actually just like that occasional child in elementary school that can’t control him or herself, even on a field trip! The aquarium looked even more amazing with the kids there, if that’s possible, and so cool that Lucy had taught Lainey way back.

    Your holiday bulletin board is SO cute and such a nice detail. Did you make it?

    I wonder if Millwood is going to have another baby boom.

    1. Yeah I don’t have personalities listed on the profiles, I just never wrote them all down. Manny is apparently an easy target cause I’ve found his big sister, Ella being a bit of a brat to him too. I did look at Isla for you, she has 3 points for nice, and is 7 for outgoing, so she acts out a bit.

      Glad you enjoyed the update. I always start these grade school play sessions at a complete loss, then I start getting ideas and soon I have way too many photos for a single update! Of all the students that would act out too, Roman is the prime candidate! Those Woodfolks are wild, I imagine they raise their kids like one of my good friends, all peace, and natural expression, and barely visible limitations.

      Lucy is best friends with Lainey’s Mom, Bekah. Way back before I blogged (for a second on the blog) Lucy and Bekah were neighbors in a townhouse, both of the families were just starting out. Then their eldest daughters, Lainey and Alice grew up as best friends, with a few off/on moments. They live together now. Their apartment tour is here.

      I wouldn’t mind if Millwood had another baby boom! I think it might be soon actually, well a few simyears. When Caitlyn’s generation graduates, gets married, and it could overlap with my twenty-somethings like Paloma, Meg, and Lorelei (technically she’s in her thirties). I hope it happens!

      Nope I didn’t make that awesome holiday bulletin board! But I’ve been wanting to use it for years! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

      1. Thanks, Maisie, for looking up Isla’s points, 3 isn’t very many nice points. So funny about the all peace and natural expression. I was just talking with a co-worker who raised her kids that way (I leaned that way but moderated some), but anyway now she’s a kindergarten teacher in a Title I school and has to set really firm boundaries, and it tears her up to do it but has learned it is necessary. Oh yeah– I remember the tour, I saw it soon after you posted it. So that’s them!

    1. O, maybe you could bring in a new sim to become principal. It would provide some fresh blood and allow her to retire quickly. Basically extend the search beyond the borders of Millwood 🙂 it would be interesting to see if the other teachers have any desire to become principal

      1. I might do that Starr, I think I’d prefer one of my sims to take it over, as I’m really trying to fill up my career lots with my sims. I think that Oliver is probably my top candidate, I just hate that he isn’t very experienced… but by the time he finishes masters, and Lucy retires, he won’t be too young. Otherwise Miriam. I don’t have anyone to spare at the high school, that place literally just got filled with staff with this last graduation season.

        Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Oh my gosh, do you know how much teachers *love* it when the naughty kids act up while their parents are around? There are few greater joys in my life, lol! I know just how Lucy must have felt with Monroe and Hazel!

    How did Vivienne get sick? I remember that happening to Julia back when she started kindergarten (oh my gosh, how can it be that she’s over 30 now?!) but I don’t remember what she’d been doing to cause it.

    But anyway, I loved the visit to the aquarium! Back at school, poor Kai dealing with snobby Asher – I love Kai, so I’m not feeling too charitable towards Asher at the moment. 😉 I’m blown away that Manny is already 6 and old enough to be tormented by Isla. Gosh, what a little demon that kid is, lol!

    I was going to go through and point out my favourite photos in this but my list got crazy long! But there were so many cute and funny moments in this update!

    1. That is too funny about naughty kids and parents, I can imagine how gratifying that would be though! I do enjoy when parents say, “Mine never…___” and then their kid OR pet (both equally thrilling) do that exact thing.

      I have no idea how she got sick in regards to Vivienne. I tried googling to see what could have caused it, and I kept getting stuff for Sims Freeplay, and then the different types of sickness. I remember Lewis getting sick as a kid when Nurse Caroline was their neighbor, and babysat him.

      I’m not very charitable toward Asher ether, we will see if he can assimilate with these guys, or it’ll be easier in high school for him. I haven’t spent much time with Marcus and Miriam’s kids, so I don’t know them that well myself! I do like Shira though.

      Isla is a bit of a brat, and apparently Manny just has the flag to get picked on, because Ella was giving him crap when I was playing their house recently, which I still haven’t finished. I’m glad that you enjoyed the update! It ended up being a fun one to play, though these younger kids are always hard for me to start, then I get too many ideas! Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Seeing that picture of Asher’s face cracked me up and then when I saw his father, you are so right. He absolutely gets that attitude from his dad. I love how you did this update with parents being at school with their children. I imagine it wasn’t easy creating these scenes. Very impressive! The aquarium is so Awesome! You should be VERY proud of it. Regarding Vivienne getting sick, I had a child also get sick for no real reason. I thought maybe she ate something that was spoiled but never recalled it, so I am not sure, but it does happen.

    1. The getting sick is curious, I like that it happened though. No one wants to get sick during a field trip. I actually get quite excited when sim kids come to school with colds too, and it spreads like wildfire. Quite realistic! Asher and Marcus are both snobs, they crack me up! Thank you for the compliments on the aquarium, I’m really happy with how it turned out! Thank you for commenting too!

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