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into the world

january 2025
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Caitlyn Traver (19 years)

It was the weekend, and Caitlyn had gone back to South Port to spend the day with her sister-in-law, Nadia. The baby was just past the due date, and Caitlyn intended to spend as much time in town as her classes allowed. She didn’t have a vehicle, and relying on something chaotic like an upperclassman or a taxi to get her to the hospital was out of the question.

It hadn’t stopped her from having fears that her water would break in the middle of a lecture hall, but luck would have it that she was in South Port, and the the contractions had started slow and steady without a water mess. She’d watched an obnoxious pirate sing nursery rhymes to Mavis and Kai, and it felt like a glimpse into a future that was banging on the door.

Worrying had become a regular hobby for Caitlyn, and had only grown as her belly did. Many fears revolved around Lewis that she didn’t allow herself to dwell on, mostly she focused on the labor. How would she know she was in labor? What if she thought it were false labor and the baby just popped out? Timing contractions seemed like Advanced Algebra though everyone said it was simple, it didn’t make sense how the window could grow smaller, then suddenly pop back up, then go back to smaller. Did that automatically make it false? Would she be exception?

Thankfully, the labor started at Nadia’s house, she’d recently gone through it all rather recently, and had done it a grand total of two times, which was enough experience for Caitlyn. They’d counted the contractions together, called her brother, Luca to come home from work to watch the kids, and Nadia drove Caitlyn to the hospital.

She had called Lewis on the way, but his cell went straight to voice mail. This was becoming more common, and she was beginning to fear that he was hitting ignore manually when her name popped up. Luca took care of calling their Dad, and Aunt Kenzie, who had been a filler-Mom for Caitlyn through this pregnancy.

Nadia helped Caitlyn get checked in at South Metro, talking insurance, and filling out paperwork that Caitlyn had never realized she should have done in advance. Nurse Caroline wasn’t rude, but Caitlyn felt like a stupid young girl nonetheless.

Not for the first time did Caitlyn fear that she couldn’t pull this off, how could she take her baby home if she didn’t even know how to pre-register for its very birth? Nadia assured Caitlyn that she could survive it, that in the end it’d be Caitlyn and the baby, a strong team against the world. She reminded Caitlyn that she’d gotten pregnant with Kai when she was only twenty, and she wouldn’t change anything.

While Nadia got Caitlyn taken care of and settled in her delivery room, Kenzie made her personal mission to track down Lewis out at Eastborough. It was a ninety minute drive but she would make it in an hour. She felt resolved that her grandson would be at the birth of his first child. She didn’t find him at his dorm, but the campus and surrounding shops were small, and he was easy to track down when she started asking around.

She watched from the entrance for a few minutes to better arm herself with information. Zeke eating out with Rachael was instantly alarming to Kenzie. But she knew their history, having taken care of Lewis at the old duplex when Rachael was their neighbor, she’d also known her as a child. So she waited, she didn’t want to make snap judgements.

Rachael’s looks toward Lewis knotted up Kenzie’s stomach, as if she were looking at her own Tyler gazing lovingly at another woman. Lewis didn’t respond in the same manner, and Kenzie allowed the idea that it was just Rachael that had these feelings to enter her mind.

But when Lewis saw her approach, he was not happy, and he should have at least been politely surprised. It led her to believe that perhaps he was being sneaky with this lunch, and didn’t have the truest of intentions. Caitlyn had moved out of the dorm in December, giving him just over a month of time to build a life of secrets.

She railed into him, informing him of the baby that could possibly be on its very way into the world, and how no matter the gender, it needed its father there right from the start.

Lewis remained quiet, and Rachael stepped forward to protect him from his Grandma. She insisted that, ‘Of course he’d be involved’ as if she intended to be right at his side being apart of that father-child relationship.

Kenzie claimed that she didn’t want to know what he was planning with his ‘friend’ there, but that right now, he was coming with her, and he was doing it alone.

He was livid that his Grandma would dare to treat Rachael unkindly, and tried to say that he refused to join his Grandma. But there are certain things that grandsons do, even if they don’t want to, and she managed to pack him grudgingly up in her car, with Rachael waving and saying she’d be right behind them.

Caitlyn hadn’t delivered by the time they arrived, and Kenzie took her place in the waiting room next to her nephew and brother.

She assumed that Lewis had joined Caitlyn in the delivery room, she had no idea that he had taken the elevator back to the main floor to wait for Rachael to arrive, and that he intended to avoid the waiting room and delivery room at all costs until the baby had arrived.

Nadia stayed by Caitlyn’s side; together they called friends and family and Caitlyn informed EU that she was having a baby. The admissions office only cared if she was continuing her semester, and she was.

As the contractions quickened, Dr. Morgan insisted that Caitlyn get into the bed, but somehow that seemed like too big of a step. She kept fighting that there was more time. Nurse Caroline tried to encourage her that very soon she’d finally meet the baby, and asked about baby names, all the things that terrified Caitlyn.

Once Caitlyn could take no more and climbed onto the bed, it all went very quickly. She didn’t have time to worry about filling out the baby’s paperwork, or how to get them a social security number, she only focused on pushing, and getting the horrible pressure and pain to seize.

Expecting magazines promised magic, but Caitlyn only felt utterly overwhelmed and terrified the baby would never come, and equally that it would.

When they cheered that the baby had arrived, the relief from the lack of pain was instantaneous like she’d ran track and finished the marathon, but the fear only gurgled higher. Everything just came much more complicated. Nurse Caroline cleaned up the baby, and they handed Caitlyn her son.

He was tiny, and petite with Lewis’ brown eyes and her black hair, and he stole her breath right from her body. Tiny fingers with the very finest of fingerprints she’d ever laid her eyes on, he was marvelous, and she couldn’t look away.

The bells chimed in the hospital, alerting all that a baby had been born, and very shortly after, Lewis popped his head in. The moment was surreal to him, he could hardly grasp that it was real, that they’d made a baby on their senior class trip, in a sandy tent.

He showed him off to his Grandma, as if he’d been in the room the entire time. She was pleased to see him taking an interest with the baby, and even hear them discuss names for him like a team.

Rachael came in while Caitlyn was in the shower cleaning up, and when she came back into the room she felt sucker punch. The way Lewis gazed at Rachael, as she held her son, gave her a sinking feeling that nothing was going to be the way she wanted.

Caitlyn decided that she wasn’t quite sure she cared how much Lewis liked a particular name, feeling more like Rachael and Lewis planned to covet her son and pretend he was theirs. She decided to pick her favorite name, but one that Lewis hadn’t hated as she didn’t want to harm her son’s chance of having a Father, and so she named him Thomas.

Notes: Lewis and Rachael. You may or may not recall that Rachael had a huge crush on Lewis, but Caitlyn jumped all over Lewis, and so their relationship began. Rachael had been very upset by it all, but then started dating Elias. They seemed very happy together, which had surprised me, as I hadn’t ever planned any of these couples, and especially liked Elias with Rachael though longterm I didn’t think they wanted the same things.

Welp, Rachael and Lewis basically stopped caring about their significant others once they aged to YA. They’ve been very platonic though, *until* Caitlyn went into labor! They were kissing. So we might be seeing a fallout of Caitlyn’s best friend (and niece!) basically stealing her boyfriend, and the father of her son. Or not, perhaps it was just a one time kiss, and Lewis will snap into shape now that Thomas is here? Rachael is a nice sim, maxed out on that, so I don’t see her being horribly happy with being her aunt’s boyfriend thief.

Baby was named Thomas for the character on Downton Abbey, I know he’s not a great guy on there, but every time I started to really loathe him, they humanized him for me.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “into the world”

  1. I’m nowhere near up-to-date with Millwood but I ended up reading this anyway and just had to comment right away. What a wonderful update! I got so angry at Lewis especially when he refused to even go to the hospital. It’s good that he went in the end but it wasn’t very tactful to take Rachael with him. Hopefully it’ll all turn out right but it looks like someone will get their heart broken.

    This was so well written and the pictures are superb. And I just love love love your hospital!

    1. Please don’t be feel obligated to catch up! Just jump right back in! You could always read back on previous entries if you feel lost.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the update! This was one that I was very excited about going live. Lewis really did slink off with Rachael during the labor, sigh. He seems to be doing okay with Lewis, no wants or anything but no fears ether with diapers etc. (at least not yet! I have barely played!). My hospital needs so much work and updates on it’s equipment, but thank you for the kind words! Thanks for commenting Sari!

  2. The gamut of emotions that Caitlyn experienced in this update is astounding, and realistic. Being afraid the baby wouldn’t come quickly, and then afraid that he was indeed, almost here, what would happen with Lewis, the love for the baby, the overwhelming feeling that everything had changed, and not what she’d hoped for, good grief, Maisie, I felt for her.

    Good for Kenzie, she is a determined person. Lewis can thank her that he doesn’t have to regret missing the birth, and from a sims gameplay (him not rolling baby-related wants, much less for Caitlyn), and story perspective, it was a smart thing on your part to have Kenzie drag him there by the ear.

    1. Aww thanks Shannon! I’m glad that you enjoyed the update and could feel for Caitlyn, these are some of my favorite stories to write, emotionally. And I’m so glad that Caitlyn is doing well with Thomas.

      Kenzie is one strong woman; she had to raise Zeke alone until she found Tyler, and she would not want that for her great grandson or for Lewis ether. Plus being a social worker, children’s best interest is a big part of her perspective. I don’t know how well Lewis will roll wants for Thomas, being a YA at university, but I don’t think he will be a bad Dad, just might not be the boyfriend for Caitlyn.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Oh yes, I meant to also add that I am so glad Caitlyn had Nadia. And the hospital shots look so realistic and are so perfect you don’t even notice them as a the appropriate backdrop they are.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Caitlyn has strong women in her life, and Nadia and her are very close. She’s also close with Erin, but she’s more busy being a single Mom. I hope that she always stays close with Erin though. I don’t think there is hope for Colin and Erin to reconcile, and I’d like to see her stay connected with the family, everyone actually likes her more than Colin. 🙂

  4. So sweet, I’m glad that everything is ok. I’m not passing any predictions or judgment on Lewis or Rachael; I predicted they’d be together and was surprised when Caitlyn nabbed him and have felt bad about prematurely condemning a character before.

    1. I know!!! I totally expected Rachael and Lewis to be together! I had been crushed when Caitlyn ACR’d him, and just stole him right out from under Rachael. She was just too shy, especially at that age. But now, I don’t know that I want them together. It’s all rather messy! It would have been complicated if they’d just broken up, but now they have Thomas and all these odd aunt-niece relationships… Thank you for commenting Fini!

  5. I’m not caught up, so I’m just going to go backwards lol. I wanted to punch Lewis in the face, like seriously. I’m glad that Kenzie stepped in and made him do the right thing. And I kinda cringed at the end when Rachael was holding the baby. It seemed…….inappropriate, given the situation. I don’t know the complete history but it still made me feel weird. He was going to miss the birth of his child to have lunch with Rachael, then Rachael is at the hospital holding the baby. I know she’s related to Caitlyn but again, it just felt weird lol. It will definitely be interesting to see how this all works out for everyone.

    1. So excited to see you again Jen! Please don’t worry about catching up! Just go backwards as you said, if you get lost! I didn’t like seeing Rachael hold Thomas ether, it would have been different if she hadn’t just kissed Lewis at the hospital. She has some different motives that aren’t quite pure. Lewis needed way more time before he became a Dad, his Dad, Zeke was very immature and angry all the time until Morgan, and he was much older. I’m looking forward to seeing Lewis in this parenting role though, I know Caitlyn will have it much harder. Thanks for commenting Jen!

  6. Seeing Rachael is so nice, I think we can probably put her behaviour down to immaturity. Butting in when Lewis was talking to his grandmother and showing up at the hospital. She just has no idea how to act in this very delicate situation. Oh dear. Rachael definitely should have stayed on campus, I think!

    On the up side, it was nice to see Caitlyn so enchanted by little Thomas and to see Lewis taking an interest…even if it was prompted by Kenzie and he had Rachael tag along!

    1. I think you are right with it being immaturity on the part of Rachael, maybe even a bit of naivete and possibly thinking he was hers first. Lewis and Rachael have a long history, they bonded over the loss of parents (Rachael’s Dad, Lewis’ Mom), and she’s crushed on him since she hit puberty. But it’s all a mess now, I think Caitlyn might have been more forgiving if Thomas hadn’t entered the picture. I never expected Caitlyn and Lewis to get married, though I’m not sure I want Rachael and Lewis to get married ether.

      Caitlyn is exhausted, but she’s very attentive to Thomas. She has been babysitting Logan, Mallory, Kai, and even Chaz since she was a teen. She is quite a babysitter, and well-armed with experience when it comes to children.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  7. OMG! I had to read up to this update tonight if it was the last thing I did. I cannot believe Rachel had the guts to show up at the hospital after being ‘caught’ out eating by Lewis’ grandmother. I really hope Caitlyn sees through all of this and moves on focusing on school and her cute lil’ boy Thomas. Great update! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    1. Rachael is very naive I have to think. She’s also Caitlyn’s niece technically, and best friend, so for those reasons she would also be there. Only herself, Lewis, and Kenzie know about dining out, no one informed Caitlyn of anything. Kenzie wouldn’t unless she really saw something go down, in case it wasn’t anything.

      I hope that Caitlyn keeps her focus on Thomas and school too. She had him so early in her education, that he’s going to be 3 1/2 when she finally graduates, nearly ready for school! Thanks for commenting!

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