nothing more, nothing less

february 2025
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Violet-Adele McCarthy (35 years)

This was her third mayor to work for, but it was proving to be the most challenging. An entire platform based on the city’s youth was not up her alley, she didn’t have kids, she barely thought of kids, how could she design an entire building centered around their needs? She’d asked her sister Hazel for ideas, and had been laughed out of the room after she noticed no snacks and a lack of bathrooms on each floor.

Violet-Adele went hours between eating, how was she supposed to know that kids required regularly scheduled snacking?

She’d always focused on her work first, but it was currently a creativity drag, and so she found herself calling on Etienne more than ever. They’d gone to the ocean together, he had been her last choice, but it had turned out quite lovely.

He’d left Paris to be with her, confessed he wanted to marry her fourteen years earlier. It had seem like a defeat back then, to accept the first proposal, to suddenly become a duo, a tagalong to someone else’s dreams.

She didn’t regret saying no then. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to keep with that previous decision.

She invited him ice skating, he was just enough clumsy to be adorable. She never said that she wanted to consider a relationship, they just sort of fell back into each other.

It wasn’t like the past, it wasn’t just passion but a companionship, something Violet-Adele never knew she might crave. Nor was she entirely certain that she did now, just that it felt nice.

He had questions though, Etienne always did. He didn’t just go with the flow, he planned it, and worked around it. A trait that was fitting for an architect but troublesome when it came to her.

They were in their mid-thirties, he wanted to know if she loved him at all, if there was a chance of something more. He didn’t need a contract of love to take to court, just the hope that she wasn’t just using him.

She didn’t have answers, just that right now, in this moment, she wanted to see him as often as possible. A nagging worry that her affection was directly tethered to her aversion of working the new mayor project was at the back of her mind, but she kept her lips sealed.

And he liked her response.

He was gorgeous, and had this impish personality that he barely shared. She wondered if she were the only person to ever see it, at least here in the states.

They’d drive past the sound, and freeze on the scenic route playing in the snow. Sometimes the thought would enter her mind that she was too old for this, these were things that her niece Bea should be doing. Bea, who hadn’t even been born when she first walked in to the meeting room and met Etienne.

But when he pulled her into his warm arms, and looked into her eyes, she didn’t care about her age or if she looked absurd out there.

She could never stay out long, always requiring something more to warm her, and enjoying the freedom of having him stay over without any questions. No one knew what she was doing in her spare time, there were no expectations from family.

He began just staying all the time, his bag of clothes became a bottom dresser drawer. He even had shampoo in the shower that was just for him, there had been a sale, that was how she had wrote it off when he’d taken note of it. Just a sale, nothing more. But he didn’t believe her words.

More than a decade later, he’d known her as a young lady, barely graduated university and no resume to boast. She’d been hung up on her ex, Reed, and sad about a miscarriage that he hadn’t known of at the time. Now though, they were both clean of second and third choices. He had even tried marrying someone else, but it had fallen through.

It had always been Violet-Adele, and when she allowed her guard to drop, she knew it had always been him. No one had completed her, or was able to understand her in the way that he could. She never really wanted Reed, even during their affair, it had just been an attempt at reliving a moment in life that had shattered her more than she’d ever admitted.

People weren’t supposed to want to marry someone like her, she had been a mistress and unashamed. She was a villain; she’d flirt whenever it benefited her, and always put her career ambitions first. Despite a miscarriage, and a curiosity over how her life would have gone, she didn’t greatly desire to have a child now. She wasn’t what the traditional man wanted.

This time she said yes. Last time it would have been a mistake, but this time, she was ready.

She also felt confident that Etienne really knew her past a mere fancy, that he wouldn’t be disappointed by the woman she was.

She hoped she could make him happy, or at least at regularl intervals, because his smile warmed her rather selfish heart.

They took a few days off of work to enjoy the moment, to discuss real things like houses and where they should live.

He even had ideas for the new project, and work doesn’t seem too daunting with him by her side. They make an excellent team at work, and hopefully in marriage.

The first person she wants to share the announcement with is naturally, Hazel. They invite her and Jude to The Red Mill, and she plays it off like it’s work related.

No one expects it. Her parents will be floored, and beyond thrilled, but she can wait to tell them. They’ll want to impose their feelings and ideas, and she just wants to celebrate this moment before planning the next.

Hazel is ecstatic, it’s happened way later than she exactly wanted, but it is happening now and that is enough.

The rest of the evening, Etienne is the main attraction. Hazel needs more information if she will call him her brother-in-law, and he is happy to oblige.

He is happy to do just about anything right now, just enjoying the moment of when she said yes.

He’s also pretty excited to have an american family to call his own too. They’ve always been welcoming of him, and now he will truly find his place amongst them.

Notes: Title inspired from “Must be love” by Madness.

Etienne’s face, after Violet-Adele accepts his proposal. So cute!

Violet-Adele played video games with Isaiah at her parents house, and rolled the want to marry him! I’m sorry, but that is not how this story goes. I think it was a fluke, but she had rolled the want to marry Etienne on their island vacation, I had lost the want though. And her one is always Etienne.

This time she was rolling wants for Etienne, and seemed to really want to just be talking, flirting, and spending time with him. So they are going forward. She also rolled a wedding want right after the engagement. Etienne however has had the engagement, wedding, and baby want for pretty much ever, the previous two were always for Violet-Adele since he moved to South Port.

I think his IFS is 2, and hers is definitely 1. No date planned yet.

I just adore him. ❤

Thanks for reading!

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17 thoughts on “nothing more, nothing less

  1. Ha ha, how long until her family starts prodding that she’s not too old yet to still have a baby? lol! I’d be pleased if she considered having one, but I could also see them equally as happy being DINKs. 😉

    But yay! I am so happy for her. Vi has always been one of my favorites of yours, and I am so glad to see her happy with her choices. Some people just want to take their sweet time figuring out where there life is going. Etienne is a great catch and I’ve always thought they were good for each other. ❤

    1. George and Mandy both have a permanent grand baby want, and Vi is the only child of theirs left to fulfill it. Finn is past that (even if Nicole is not) and Hazel and Jude never TFB. Vi is their last hope! I agree, I can see them having one, and not… I’d like her to have one as she was adopted (though born in game), and no one else has her genetics in my game anymore.

      I’m glad that you enjoy Vi, she’s one of my favorites too. Etienne is a great catch, goodness, he’s gorgeous! And such a sweet personality too, but not overly needy like some more mushy guys. A good compliment to her less than traditional self.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

  2. Etienne *is* a great catch, the idea of him makes my heart melt! (I’m a sucker for that scruffy beard and those brown eyes, the playfulness, the intensity he’s shown over the years).

    I’m so happy for Violet-Adele! This was a nice recap of her long and rambling love history. Her dress with the gold on the front she wore to the Red Mill is just beautiful, stunning. Which makes me realize, this wedding is going to be amazing, with her sense of style, I would imagine.

    It is funny that you had her forget bathrooms and snack areas for the new Youth center. I love the picture of her balling up her plan in frustration.

    1. I haven’t really begun to think of ideas for the new youth center, but I didn’t imagine that it would be in her comfort zone, with her lack of kid experience. The only kids she does much with are Hazels, and even still, she isn’t the type to play on the floor. She mostly admires them from afar, cause she loves her sister.

      Etienne is yummy. I adore him, and I’m so excited that she seems willing to be with him. I was really upset when she rejected him all those years ago, but I am happy (now) that she waited. I think they’ll be a better fit for one another. Though I don’t know where to have them live. I see his architecture and design style more modern, exposed brick, and natural whereas that isn’t her style at all. For now they can stay where she is though.

      I do enjoy dressing Violet-Adele, I think living in Paris, being a thirty-something bachelorette, in a good paying business, would give her ample funds for a nice wardrobe. I imagine she’d have pricey make-up and lotions too.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. Thank you! Nice to see you again, still feeling bummed about River’s Bend, but saw that you posted to your new blog. Need to catch up everywhere soon. I agree that it was well-deserved, and I’m glad you enjoyed the update. It wasn’t what I planned for her update, and I’m very happy with how it turned out and where they are headed. It’s always been Etienne, and I’m glad she finally realized. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Yay! You know, when I opened up this one a few days ago (I’ve only just got around to reading it tonight), I looked at Violet-Adele’s age and I thought “Hmmm, 35. I don’t know if this woman ever will settle down!” And lo! LOL. I am surprised she’s finally getting married but it does sound like she’s really ready now. Etienne’s immense patience has paid off. He’s such a sweet, earnest man. I think Vi has always known that; it just took her a while to come around to the idea of wanting him in her life permanently.

    Eeek, I’m so excited about this!

    1. I was thinking the same thing as you before I played her household… I had lost the wedding want, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to force it back on her. My thinking, was that she might have wanted to marry him on the island, but maybe back in the real world, at the office, she lost that romantic notion. But when she rolled that want to marry Isaiah (good brother), I was like NO way, lady!

      I’m just glad she was rolling specific wants for Etienne, that he remained her true one, and that she now has a marriage want for him. Whew! I did not see her marrying Isaiah at all! What the heck?!

      I’m curious if they will have a baby now, I won’t get to the wedding for probably two game years, I’m planning on a summer wedding, and I need to build the lot(s) for it. So she will be nearing 40 by the time they settle down together, and get a house to share (I don’t even know how to build that yet…). Their styles are so different, I just know they’ll live downtown still, and that is about it.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. This is such a Beautiful update! I love how they reunited and moved forward in their relationship even though he was her last choice to go to the ocean together. Etienne is absolutely a hunk! My favorite picture of him is after she accepts his proposal.

    1. He is a hunk, if she didn’t take him, then someone had to! But he’s never been interested in anyone else but that short-lived fiance. I’m sure if he had married her, then Vi would have been all over an affair, she seemed to be inclined to those with her exes. I love that picture too! He’s such a cutie! Thank you for commenting Annastesia!

    1. Thanks Emma! They do make a cute couple, I think they will do well together, and have similar needs/hopes for their future to be happy together too.

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