spring birthdays 2025

march 2025

Tim and Bekah’s youngest, Holden celebrates his birthday this spring. Like his sister, Willa he’s very much interested in romance, but his primary focus for now is hanging with the guys, playing football, and impressing the girls.

Marshal and Lorelei are four months pregnant, due in August. The morning sickness has subsided, and they are working on keeping active.

Notes: Holden matched for romance, but seeing that Willa is primary romance, he will be popularity/romance. I haven’t added his secondary yet, but will eventually. Between the Grimsley and Woodfolks, there are plenty of romance eligible sims! Holden’s IFS is only 1 which I think fits his personality perfectly, it is also Willa’s since romance gets a larger number to subtract from. Lainey’s is two, so the Grimsley’s won’t be having a load of grandkids.

I think Holden is a good mix of his parents, Bekah’s nose and eye-shape, and Tim for the other features, especially that chin of his. None of their kids got Bekah’s reasonable chin, which I’m fine with, I have many sims with perfectly acceptably smallish chins.

Getting closer to baby Krouse! I can’t wait to see what they have! Still hoping for a boy, as that is the name I adore most for them.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2025

    1. Holden has a unique face, I was a bit surprised by this particular birthday, but not unpleasantly. The Grimsley’s had some good looking kids, I’m excited to see what they eventually have, though I think with those romance aspirations in there, that it might be quite a while!

      I’m excited about the baby too! And to see who it resembles once it has its first birthday.

      Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thanks Shannon! It was fun taking photos of Marshal and Lorelei, first baby always seems incredibly more romantic than subsequent ones, (likely cause we know the true drill!).

      I can’t wait to see how Holden and Willa get on, they are rather antagonistic towards one another, and now that they are teens, the playing field has leveled out.

      Thanks for commenting!

  1. Holden is very handsome! I’m sure he’ll have no trouble satisfying that romance secondary when you give it to him!

    Still so excited about Lorelei and Marshal’s baby. đŸ˜€ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a boy. I can kind of see them having a boy anyway.

    1. I’m sure Holden won’t have any issues finding a girl, especially with his older sister bringing friends home. And a romance secondary will give him a nice attraction boost too, as soon as he earns it.

      I love their girl name too, but it’s super close to another sims name that I just don’t think I should use it… and I do like the second girl name I picked so I think ether way I will be happy. I see Lorelei with a son, and Marshal with ether. I’m super behind in playing, I should have already got to their delivery.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I love his freckles too! I roll for freckles and birthmarks, and I was *very* happy that Bekah’s freckles got passed down to both Willa and Holden. It makes them that much cuter! Marshal and Lorelei are one of my favorite couples, adorable! Thanks for commenting Annastesia!

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