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all by myself in the morning

march 2025
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Ethan Traver (64 years)

I went out to Eastborough for a visit with Caitlyn, she’s all set up in her new family housing without Lewis. Apparently he does come by to spend time with Thomas, and while they are reportedly still dating, it doesn’t sound like it from Caitlyn’s stories.

She has another student helping her out with care, she’s a Family Development Major. Unfortunately, she can’t schedule her to come regularly, and has to call each time she needs the coverage.

She isn’t getting enough sleep, and while her grades haven’t plummeted, there is just no way she can run at this pace for the next three years. I don’t have a solution for her ether, somethings Dads just can’t fix everything.

But I did give her a bus card for coming back home on the weekends. She isn’t out partying like her friends, including Lewis, and there is no reason why I can’t help out with Thomas while she catches up on sleep and studies.

When I’m at work, she has the apartment to herself, but it’s more manageable than a strange house in the middle of a strange town. While she struggles with the balancing act of motherhood and being a student, she does seem to enjoy Thomas. I think she’s adapted to parenthood better than I did. I just fell into it when I fell in love with Meredith and she came toting toddler, Cara.

She isn’t saying that her and Lewis are broken up, but she is ordering Chinese food regularly, and talking with the delivery guy more and more. I am not dipping my toes into any of this girl-relationship stuff. She may not have her Mother to talk with, but she does have Nadia and Erin.

I haven’t really been a great Dad, not even a mediocre one, not until Meredith divorced me and I finally got my own place after living with Colin and Luca. So when I ran into Cynthia at the pizza joint, I was surprised when she told me there had been an unexpected pregnancy back when we were together.

She sort of just called it all off, and while I had been confused, it had hurt Caitlyn the most. I haven’t dated since then, not that anyone has been knocking on my door anyway. But me and Cynthia hit it off again though, she lost the baby in a miscarriage, and oddly, I wondered what that would have been like to have a child this late in life. I think I would have managed better, but I wouldn’t have been as accessible to Caitlyn as I am now.

We aren’t exactly dating, just companionship. She stays over sometimes, usually weekdays when Caitlyn isn’t going to be home. I don’t want to give her mixed signals, or make things awkward. She had really welcomed Cynthia into our family, well, after she totally flipped out that I wasn’t going to get back together with her Mom.

It’s kind of our secret thing, and I appreciate not having the apartment all to myself. Without anyone to break the quiet, it’s just me and Bazooka. Caitlyn will take him with her once she graduates, so he’s a short-lived solution too. I eat a fair amount of pizza on the nights that Cynthia is not staying over.

Things with me and Colin have never been good, I don’t think there is much I can do to fix all of that, but I have reached out to Luca. He’s always been more sensible, and forgiving. Nadia has been kind enough to host dinner a few times a month, and Mavis is always thrilled to see her Grandpa.

I’ve never been close with Kai, but now he always has stories to share with me when I come by. He is a big reader, but he also enjoys his fair share of video games, which is a weakness of my own.

I look at my son, and his family, and realize that I never had this. Whether it was my own lack of effort, or marrying the wrong woman, irregardless, my kids weren’t raised in this type of home. When Kai over-stuffs his mouth, he isn’t responded to with anger and shouting.

It’s a more loving, reprimand, firm but not abusive. I don’t think I can take any credit for Luca, but he gives me hopes for Caitlyn and Aidan, the two that I invested myself in much more.

I feel like a specatator sometimes, but Mavis is always happy to sit by me, and give me all her smiles. It’s nice to have a fresh start with someone, I think that way about Thomas too. He doesn’t have to realize that I spent most of my adult life lost in games, and television, in a sort of auto-pilot lifestyle.

I also find myself driving down to my sister, Kenzie’s house; she’s just a few blocks away and we rarely see one another. I used to come by, and just get drunk outside by the grill, while Tyler fussed with the ignite. Still can’t believe that my little sis is the Mayor. I’m still working odd jobs, just promoted to a projectionist, just something to pay the bills.

Seems everyone is doing well in their life, and while I’m not ambitious, I don’t want to just putz around, alone and lonely in my senior years. So on impulse, I invited Cynthia to move in with me, and perhaps marry me. It was rather impulsive. I was anxious, I couldn’t even wait until she finished her shift before asking.

We are thinking the courthouse will do, maybe in the warmer months, Cynthia wants to get a sundress for the occasion. Until then, she has moved in with me, we are both too old to waste time waiting, though she’s really not that old when it compares to me.

While we haven’t shared the news, I already know everyone’s reactions, and think that Caitlyn will benefit the most. She’s missed having a real Mom for all these years, and while Cynthia doesn’t have kids, she should do fine with an adult step-daughter.

Notes: Title inspired from ‘All by Myself’ by Irving Berlin.

I found out that Cynthia was pregnant, moved her in with him, then she miscarried. She would have gotten pregnant -4 years ago, back when they dated. Cynthia is romance, and I broke it off originally, because she kept rolling specific wants for others. She had a want to marry Ethan though, so she seems happy enough. She is exactly 50, so I don’t see them having a baby, especially with her aspiration.

This play session was like an epiphany for Ethan, he rolled wants to be friends with Luca, talk to Caitlyn, teach Bazooka (Caitlyn’s beagle) tricks, talk to Cynthia. After all of those were fulfilled, he was seriously just rolling dog wants, like make more dog friends, praise Bazooka… he was one lonely guy!

I did bring Caitlyn in on the weekend to work on her term paper. She has the want to do it, but at her house, alone with Thomas… it just is not getting done. And you can’t schedule a nanny! So the nanny only comes when Caitlyn calls, then she has to dismiss her. It’s all rather a pain. Lewis does come by, and interacts with Thomas, then wants some woohoo from Caitlyn (ACR), but that is about it right now.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “all by myself in the morning”

  1. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

    Good for Caitlyn, trying to still go to school while raising a kid on your own. I’m surprised that Zeke or Morgan haven’t put a foot into Lewis’s behind yet. I know I would.

    1. We will see a bit more about Zeke and Morgan and what has been keeping them occupied shortly. Morgan and Lewis do not get on well, so I see her leaving that mostly to Zeke (while she nags in the background). But they both have a bit on their plate currently to micromanage Lewis while he’s two hours away at university.

      I am extremely happy that Caitlyn is working so hard at university. I was concerned that she might become lazy and stop rolling academic wants but that hasn’t been the case.

      Thanks for commenting LC!

  2. The part where Ethan described Mavis smiling at him at the table, and having a fresh start with someone, just melted my heart, and made me really feel sad for him. It is really unusual for a sim to start rolling all those social connectedness wants at his age. I really loved reading about all these families from Ethan’s perspective after the life he’s led.

    And I know its just the way ACR is, but Lewis is making me really aggravated, paying a little attention to Thomas and then expecting Caitlyn to give him some woohoo before he goes on his merry way.

    So are you able to get the nanny to come, at college? I was trying to remember if you have a base hood uni set up. I’m trying to picture what the situation with Caitlyn and the nanny is.

    The chinese delivery guy is pretty cute; maybe Caitlyn can find some companionship but be a little smarter this time!

    1. Ethan’s session made me sad, rolling specific friend wants with Luca… super late in life to realize that he wants to be friends with his kids. He is right that Aidan and Caitlyn are fond of him, he is the only stable parent in their life, and much better Dad to them then he was with Luca and Colin.

      Lewis is aggravating with that ACR woohoo! He did it a TON when she was pregnant, like yay, no risk now! pfft.

      The college is a subhood, but all the residential lots need that hack/picture to keep them as YA otherwise they constantly age up. So the game treats it as a university lot, and I can’t schedule a nanny. So every day I had to call for the nanny, and then send her off, I forgot a few times and she had to pay her even more. I intend to search for a college/nanny hack, I just haven’t yet.

      The chinese delivery guy is cute! When he popped up, I was like ooo Caitlyn, talk to that one! She has some good options out there, when she’s ready. She isn’t rolling any type of romantic wants currently.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Aw, I don’t know if I’ve told you before but I love this family so much. They’re so far from perfect and some of them are pretty awful people but that’s what makes them real. 🙂 I’m glad Ethan seems to have gained a few scraps of wisdom along the way and I’m happy for him and Cynthia. Yay for not being alone.

    Also, Lewis, gaah what a jerk.

    1. They are very far from perfect, they are like the opposite of the Bravermans from the series ‘Parenthood.’ I really like them all too though, they are some of my favorites as well. I’m glad that you enjoy them so much. ❤ Ethan has been a really stellar elder, really making some great life changes and repairing things where he can. I would still love to see him roll a friend want for Colin, but I don't see Colin ever being receptive to any relationship with his Dad.

      Lewis… just way too young for this. I am annoyed that he got her pregnant and that he's totally dropping the ball. I think him and Zeke are both slow at growing up, sort of like Ethan, but Zeke matured *much* quicker than Ethan, I'm sure it was thanks to Morgan.

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. I really think one of the reasons your posts are so interesting to me is because they are like real life. Lewis has disappointed me the most especially the woohooing part. Who does he think he is? I am glad to see Ethan wanting to reunite with his kids even if he is an elder. Sometimes though it’s too late to mend relationships, again like in real life. I am hoping some hearts fly for the Chinese food delivery guy and Caitlyn. They would make a cute couple!

    1. Whenever Lewis popped over to woohoo with Caitlyn (while she was pregnant) I could only think that he was using her, and didn’t want to use birth control. If he got her pregnant again… I would be fuming!! Step away buddy!

      I was very happy to see Ethan reunite with his kids, I have to admit he has not been a favorite of mine to play, but has really grown on me the past few rounds as he approached (then reached) elder. The Chinese food guy is cute! Thanks for commenting Annastesia!

  5. Aw, I’m super-proud of Ethan! He’s really doing so much better than I ever thought he would, when he was living with Colin and Luca.

    How old is Cynthia? I’m guessing not much older than 50, seeing you wrote in that accidental pregnancy. It just occurred to me that I didn’t know her age. I think marriage could be a great thing for Ethan at his age. He seems so much more sure of what he should be doing and so much more willing to actually do it!

    I forgot that you couldn’t schedule a nanny on college lots! Makes it difficult for single parents or parents whose classes happen to coincide. I remember that happening with Finn and Victoria a couple of times. But I totally think Caitlyn can do this, as hard as it is right now. Thomas won’t be a needy newborn forever…I guess we just have to hope he doesn’t turn into a needy toddler!

    1. Cynthia is actually 50. I had to dig around my notes to find out how much younger I had originally made her, as I hadn’t intended to revisit her after they broke up. I think you are right about Ethan being more willing, he participates much more in his life than he was previously. I’m glad for Luca too, he’s such a family guy in his heart, and his Mom is such a jerk. It’s nice that he finally has a parent that he can visit with, though I don’t think he would go so far as ask for advice!

      Yes the lack of nanny is difficult! I wish that the asking someone to watch the kids actually worked. It’s so finicky for me, and I have no idea why! It’d be great to make Lewis come and watch Thomas for a bit, I tried and while Thomas didn’t get taken away, (I have a hack that allows it on any lot), he literally stayed frozen on the deck… so that was a disappointment.

      When he was living with Colin and Luca, I was so over him! He’s never been my favorite (but it’s been changing over past rounds), nor has he ever been especially close to anyone, not even his own parents. As a teen, he was always in his room, playing computer games while Delaney excelled in school, (she’s always been a focused, take care of herself/career/education first kind of girl), and Kenzie was my social one, that partied, and went on many dates, and that wound up pregnant.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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