Round 9 Summary; Round 10 ROS

Round 9 Summary

Round 9 Story Index Here.

Births: 4 (Mavis Browning, Evan Holmes, Dax Holmes, Thomas Traver)

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 4 (Peter and Elise; Lauren and Isaac, & Ethan Traver and Cynthia Collins, Violet-Adele McCarthy and Etienne Bernard)

Marriages: 3 (Luca and Nadia Browning, Lauren and Isaac Gavigan, Peter and Elise Schehl)

Break-ups: 0

High School Graduations: 7 (Aidan Traver, Julius McCarthy, Lewis Traver, Caitlyn Traver, Elias McCarthy, Rachael Darling, Zilla McCarthy)

College Graduations: 3 (Lainey Grimsley, Hadley Millett, Alice London)

New residents: 3 (Nadia and Kai Browning, Elise Landry)

Total population: 97 (43 boys, 54 girls) (+7 growth)

Babies: 1
Toddlers: 5
Children: 18
Teens: 13
College: 7
Adults: 40
Elders: 13


Round 10 ROS

    1. Mother Visit: Your mother is visiting you for a 9 months
    2. Tornado! House is demolished. Sim must move out with family immediately. Bulldoze lot in ‘Hood mode. Each resident may save 4 items in Inventory. Add $7000 for insurance settlement.
    3. Ouch! You’ve been in a car accident! Lose 5 body points and 2 active points. Miss work for 2 days, & do physical therapy.
    4. Family Picnic: Go on a picnic to the park with your family, enjoy nature without electronic distraction.
    5. Can’t catch a break. It’s been a terrible month. Fulfill 2 fears.
    6. Bar fight! What a night — too bad you don’t really remember it. You pick a fight in a bar, then have to pay a $600 fine in damages. If you win the fight, gain a body skill. Lose and lose a body skill.

    Notes: I am quite excited about the Mother visiting, it is sure to be a blast to play, and is really great timing for these particular sims. The tornado is fine, while I built the current house, I have never been overly fond of it, most of it isn’t even decorated nicely.

    For the Car Accident, I will roll more on this when I get to the sim just like I did when Bekah rolled it previously, I’ll roll to see if they are alone, and roll more damages for the character and those affected (whether it was a solo accident or a two-car pile up etc.)

    Two fears could be bad… this person has many people in their life, hopefully they aren’t worried about them dying. Bar fight is actually pretty nicely placed too, looking forward to it.

    Thank you everyone for reading this blog, commenting, and being part of this neighborhood of mine! I really appreciate each and everyone of you; I cannot believe that I am now beginning round 10! ❤

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11 thoughts on “Round 9 Summary; Round 10 ROS

  1. Maisie, when I saw the tornado one, I was worried, because all your houses that I’ve seen look amazing, and you’ve taken such care decorating them; I’m glad it’s one you aren’t bothered about.

    I’m always happy to see your posts come up (usually on Saturday mornings, I often read them first on the phone while out and about running errands, and then properly read it with pictures later). Looking forward to Round 10!

    1. If it were another household, I definitely would not. I spend way too much time decorating houses to just throw them away cause of an ROS! I’d rather kill certain sims! That is so sweet that you read them while out and about. ❤ I appreciate your comments and am looking forward to catching up on your blog very soon! Been way too busy for my own taste lately. Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. I’m very interested in knowing more about the tornado. Also, I cannot decide out of the three: mother visiting for 9 months, the car accident or the tornado, which would be the worst? 🙂

    1. I have no idea how to do a tornado… I might have to change it to some other natural disaster. I think it depends on who you are talking to about which one is worse! I absolutely know that the one who has Mommy-Dearest visiting would say they have the worst of them all! Thanks for commenting!

  3. So jealous of you simmers starting new rounds! I’m so close yet so far from mine. 🙂

    So does “tornado” fit with where you imagine Millwood to be? I seem to remember you think of it as being in some particular location in the US, so I wondered. The “mother” visit could be very interesting too – there are a few sims of yours who I would think would have quite a painful and trying visit with their mothers, lol!

    1. Last I saw you were making good progress, no? I’m beyond behind on everything sim related, hoping to remedy it soon, but I know I saw you had several for me to catch up on. You’ll get to that new round soon!

      No, tornado doesn’t really fit. There have been tornadoes there, but F1, which is the weakest there is. Do you have tornadoes in AUS? I don’t even know, other than you guys have tons of terrains. So I’m going to research, I have my towns located in the Pacific Northwest, like Washington state. An earthquake might be more plausible, or even Mt. St. Helens erupting. ha.pass. 🙂

      This particular sim is not going to be happy about their Mom moving in. But it really couldn’t be better timing. It would have been fun if one of my townie adults had gotten this, then I could make a new sim. I always enjoy that!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. I have three more story updates, plus a wedding and some birthdays before my next round. So I’m not too far away. But I’m still impatient!

        We don’t call them tornadoes but I’m pretty sure cyclones are the same thing and we do have those, though we’re not at risk of them here in Sydney. They hit the tropics, mainly.

        1. That isn’t far at all! At the rate you are going, it will be pretty quick, plus those are some fun updates especially wedding! Cyclones, yep, we call them that too, just not as common.

    1. Goodness, YES! Thank you so much for pointing out my oversight! Theirs happened so late in the round that it never made it to my notes. All remedied! Thank you!

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