summer birthdays 2025

june 2025

Lorelei is seven months pregnant, and finding herself more exhausted than not these days. Running The Red Mill has been horribly trying, and Marshal is occupied with a new video game release at Slayground Games. They are both hoping to get everything tied up before the baby’s arrival in August.

Zeke and Morgan’s twin daughters celebrate their birthday this summer. Morgan is hoping that the girls aren’t as difficult during their teen years as Lewis was, and still currently is.

Vivienne is more than ever obsessed with the latest outfits, what her friends are up to, and who did what to who in the commons. Morgan had really hoped that her obsession with social hour would take a backseat as she entered high school, but it isn’t panning out that way.

Cicely’s love for learning hasn’t ceased, she especially devours her Mother’s medical books. But she wouldn’t be Zeke’s daughter if she didn’t have some of his lazy, procrastination genes.

Three graduates from Eastborough University this season.

Julia Millett graduated with a 3.0, and while she worked on the university newspaper, she did not immediately land a career in journalism. She’s currently living with her sister, Hadley just off campus, and is currently looking for work. She had no intention of ever moving back home, nor has she felt particularly maternal towards her son, Nolan that her parents are raising.

Lauren Gavigan graduated with a 2.4 GPA in Political Science, though she had no intention of using it. College had been merely for the scene and a bit to appease her parents who fronted the bill. She’s currently working as a bartender off campus, but is hoping to move back to South Port soon and get a gig at a hot nightclub.

Isaac Gavigan finally graduated EU with a 2.3 GPA, he only passed his final term because his wife had been too lazy to cook a proper meal and he finally started cooking at home. If not for her lack of homemaker qualities, he would have still been lacking in cooking experience to get his degree. Like Lauren, he didn’t have any great career ambitions, and is currently working along with his brother, Isaiah in the construction field.

Lauren is anxious to get back to the city, but neither have had any luck in finding an apartment that they can afford, and is not dumpier than their current student housing rental.

Quint Siew also graduated from an online university, with a degree in Political Science & Foreign Affairs. He was able to land a career in Intelligence as he had desired, but unfortunately it came with only $225 for a paycheck, when construction paid him $600. Rebecca is still not on board that this change was for the better, especially now that they have student debt again.

At this point, neither are hearing what the other has to say, and Rebecca is more concerned with having the last word than coming to resolution.

Eden Fink also celebrated a birthday (this past spring), she’s lonely without any real siblings, and is hoping to make friends in high school. She has zero interest being friends with her “Dad’s” other children. Even if people tell her that he’s a deadbeat Dad, they still had him around more than she ever did.

Notes: Sorry how far behind I am on everyone’s blogs! I hate it! Spring is always a full schedule, but should hopefully be calming down enough that I can catch up shortly.

Cicely is knowledge/pleasure. She constantly rolls academic wants including couples therapy, physiology. That’s how she landed knowledge, and she received pleasure, because she matched for it, just like her Dad. Vivienne is popularity/family, pretty much same story, she’s always a social butterfly with her wants, but also matched nicely with family. I already handed out these secondaries, I don’t like straight knowledge, I wanted them to have a bit more depth from the jump.

Eden is a popularity/fortune. I had forgotten to include her in the spring birthdays, despite my note to myself! I shouldn’t be surprised that Colin’s daughters look good with his eyes, because his sisters (Delaney and Kenzie) look pretty with theirs. No mistake about Eden or Mallory being his kids.

Finally graduation for Lauren and Isaac is 25! He should have graduated at 21/22! Sheesh. All three of these graduates have flunked at least once during their college career.

I had hoped that Quint might land a higher position in the Intelligence field, he’s the bottom as a Gumshoe. This hurts them even more, these guys are broke, with another visit from the repo man while I landed him the new position. There is much friction here.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2025

  1. Aww, I really feel for Quint and Rebecca, he wanted so bad to have more, and they are still struggling so hard. That second picture really captures the tension. And as a person who has worked closely with child protection in the past (I was a family intervention specialist to help parents complete their drug rehab successfully), that little toddler sitting in the middle of all that conflict just throws up red flags.

    But I am so happy for Julia! Not just graduating, and with a respectable GPA, but she seems like she’s really moving on with her life now. Nolan is so amazing; I hope her parents are ok with being, in effect, his parents.

    Lauren and Isaac are just too much! So ironic that Isaac graduated thanks to Lauren’s lazy slacking, ha. It has been fascinating to see the twists and turns of their last few years.

    I know just what it is like to have too much going on to read blogs, etc. Don’t worry; the blogs will still be there when life resumes an easier pace!

    1. Tyson crawled in there on his own, he wanted attention from Quint then was crying and rubbing his eyes. I had to put him a bit closer to Quint so that he could be seen better in the picture, but the rest was him. Rebecca and Quint remind me of a few couples that we left back in our hometown, its a lower-middle class cycle of never having enough but doing too well for any type of aid.

      Julia seems to be doing well. Originally the intention was for Nolan to be raised by her parents, so her not wanting to change that actually works out in their favor. I don’t think they’d be mad or harbor bad feelings, but they have been raising them as their own son for all these years.

      I was seriously super humored that Lauren’s laziness, and him grudgingly cooking (I never told them to cook a single thing, I let them just starve until they finally did it themselves), got him to graduate! He was always nice too, he always makes a group meal of macaroni and cheese, and she always does a single serving salad.

      Thank you for understanding on the blog commenting, I do feel bad about it, but have slowly began to go through some today. Trying to let the littlest get healthy again, so we canceled most of our Saturday classes. Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. The pose in that first photo is so sweet!

    Where is Vivienne’s hair from, by the way? It’s lovely.

    1. Thanks! I liked that first photo pose too. Vivienne’s hair is from here, love it! She looks great with short hair, and really wild afro hair too, but I wanted something that was more young for this birthday, and the Helga 81 hairstyle really fit.

  3. Wow, I love how Vivienne and Cicely turned out! Total opposites and it shows in their faces too. Maybe one or both of them will buddy up with Eden?

    I think it’s just the hair but Lauren looks *super* different to me post-graduation! What’s the deal with your student housing? Can Lauren and Isaac continue to rent it now that they’ve graduated or will they be forced out?

    Ugh, that’s worrying for Quint and Rebecca! I don’t blame her, because that’s a pretty big hit to the budget. Hopefully it will pay off in the end?

    1. I was really excited with Vivienne and Cicely’s age up too, they are quite opposite in appearance and personality/aspirations. I am hoping that someone buddies up with Eden, especially if I don’t make her a playable, it’d be nice to keep tabs on her as they all grow up. Vivienne would be the most likely with their shared popularity.

      I have a few houses that I regard as student housing, and a few that are just rentals. They live in a rental, so they can stay. Caitlyn wouldn’t be able to, nor would Hadley after graduating med school, which is why Julia shouldn’t technically be living with her… but when do people follow the rules?

      As for Rebecca and Quint, it is so bad right now that family-oriented, I-want-a-billion-kids, Rebecca has the fear of having a baby. I was very disappointed that with the college degree and the many skill points, that he only got offered Gumshoe… and they just recently got out of debt when they adopted Elodie.

      That is funny with Lauren, I like that she looks different since her and Meg are like Hadley and Julia and are very close in appearance. If she’s going to be a bartender at a nightclub, she needed a hip look.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. Same thing happened to Connor fresh out of uni! Degree, pretty good skills and yet he was stuck with Gumshoe! He didn’t have a wife and kids to support though. :\

        I was wondering about Isaac and Lauren’s housing, because I’m trying to decide what to do with Noah and Brigit. He’s in Science, so I imagine him working on campus and I’m planning on sending Brigit back to uni, so it would make sense for them to live there. Just trying to figure out how I’d do it. I’m just glad I can, due to the base hood uni mods!

        1. That’s right I remember that, he was pretty sore over it too. I wonder why it is a higher level and sometimes not. Alice just got her career and placed in the fourth level I believe for Shana’s Counseling career.

          Sounds like Noah and Brigit would be perfect candidates for living in a college town. I love having the base hood uni too, it really opens up the world for every sim, and the opportunity to really customize it. I have my housing in a cluster like my university had them (though they had tons more, it was a state university after all).

  4. I’m terribly behind on my blogreading as well! And I hate it just as much as you do I think. I hope our schedules calm down soon 🙂

    I’m looking forward to Lorelei and Marshal’s baby. Do you have a genderpreference for them? I’m sure either will turn out great!

    I can’t believe Viviene and Cicely are teens already! They both look great though! I love that they are opposites in character as well as looks. I’m looking forward to reading more about these two.

    I’m always surprised how much the Millet-sisters look alike! It’s going to be nice to see them living together, and I do hope Julia finds a job she likes soon!

    I love how Lauren looks at the moment! It’s so different from her in college, but I like it a lot! I likve Isaac’s look as well, it’s suits him great 🙂 I’m glad they both found jobs, even though it’s not the best job ever! With some patience I’m sure they’ll be able to find the housing they want.

    Poor Quint, I didn’t expect that either! Maybe he works his way up fast, with his degree and skills. I keep hoping Rebecca will start to support Quint some more, but I get that she’s not super enthousiastic at the moment seeing Quint got them in dept and didn’t get the job he expected to get.

    1. I do have a gender preference for them, I really want them to have a boy. I like my boy name quite a bit, and I’d like the surname to continue on. I do like my girl name as well.

      I’m looking forward to playing Vivienne and Cicely! I’m with you, how can they be teens!? They were such cute children with their pudgy cheeks.

      I adore Isaac’s look… he actually looks kind of good! Who would have thought!? I’m curious how him and Lauren’s children would look, but I’m waiting for the time being. I have no clue where to have them live… I’m going to need to look at some point soon.

      I can see both sides of Quint and Rebecca, it was risky what he did, and didn’t immediately pay out. It is one thing if you can financially afford it, but entirely different to go into debt and have the bill collector knocking on the door… Rebecca is going to have to work longer shifts at the diner, and she was one who had to put her own dreams of owning a pottery shop on the shelf too, so she might be a bit perturbed that he gets to live his dream while she’s working at a diner in her thirties.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja! Hope your schedule relaxes for you soon!

  5. I love the first picture of Lorelei and Marshal. That is the sweetest! Seeing the toddler with that reaction to the arguing was Genius! So true to life. I cannot stand it when a Sim graduates with skills and starts off at the bottom. You would think it would be different. I have had them move up the career ladder pretty fast even starting at the bottom, so it can happen. FYI: I replied to your tumblr message.

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