breaking free

june 2025
Hadley’s previous update/Julia’s previous update/next update
Hadley Millett (24 years), Julia (22 years)

narrated by: Hadley

My sister moved in with me this past month, we shared a room our entire lives until university, so it isn’t that much of an adjustment, except that I live in a one bedroom student rental. It’s not exactly allowed, since my unit is for Med students. It barely matters as I’m rarely home, so she just steals my bed on those nights.

It isn’t a permanent solution, and there is a two bedroom version of this house next door even, but that requires effort to pack up, and carry every thing over. Julia doesn’t know how long she intends to stay, so I haven’t been fussed over it.

There is only one bathroom as well, but that was the same set up, (for the second floor anyway) when we were growing up. I don’t believe there is a single other person I would share a bathroom with, even my younger brother Simon wouldn’t do.

Med School is intense, I’m getting prepared to start my third year and will have actual residency and less class time. I’m paired up with Neal, we have to log so many hours in the stimulation lab. I was pretty cocky about it all at the start.

He tried coaching, and I pretty much blew him off. I have a natural knack for most things, that I’ve never been concerned over things like tests or labs.

Then the stupid dummy started flat lining, and kicked my butt down a few steps. I don’t intend to be a weak-kneed, afraidy cat, but I might be less vocal about my awesome-ability until I’ve actually excelled.

Dr. Morgan oversees the labs, and she has it out for me. I can’t have a dummy die or she’ll bench me for floor rounds. Neal would be at risk, since we are partners, so he was especially keyed up.

I managed to save our patient, while he nearly fainted, and we both wound up on the main floor of the Science Faculty Center to stuff our faces full of pancakes. Saving lives, even synthetic ones is stressful.

We started budding up for studying in our narrow corner of free time, and to Julia’s disbelief I seemed to be making a friend. Something I fail hard at, but don’t actually try for ether.

We even hit Duffy’s campus bar when the mood strikes. It turned out that Neal wasn’t as confident as me, but he wasn’t an idiot. It’s hard to find a man that isn’t plain dim. I still chuckle when I recall Chad hiding from a football!

Julia likes to tease that he’s the guy I’ll marry, but I really don’t have time for that. This works, because we are both extremely busy and neither has time to be jealous or concerned. It’s very low-key, I could go days without even thinking of him, let alone contacting him outside of med school.

Whereas Julia is still seeing Cabot, I don’t see him as much as I would have expected. She doesn’t even have a job yet, all the newspapers have turned her down despite her great work on the campus paper. There is no reason for them to not be making out on the sofa all day long.

Mom would be glad, Julia is mostly focused on getting herself set up and getting a job is first on her list. Which is great since I’m not exactly rolling in money to pay for both of us. She answered a listing for an Event Planner’s Assistant and met with Eva Prince downtown.

Julia got a degree in Political Science, with the full intention of being a journalist from the jump. But she managed to show a heaping load of enthusasim for stranger’s weddings, and impress Eva.

It doesn’t hurt that we all hail from Millwood, the smallest town around. We live on the same street as Eva for pity sake, though we aren’t acquaintances outside of waves and nods.

She ended up getting the position, and the pay is actually decent, so we can stop eating microwave noodles.

Now that she’s occupied outside of the house, I don’t see her as often. It’s Morgan’s policy that lab partners don’t actually make rounds at South Metro together, so Neal works on different nights than me. Morgan is afraid that partners would become reliant on the other and not themselves.

Makes sense, but I have zero friends at the hospital. I’ve been working here since I was a candy striping teenager, and it seems some don’t like my confident personality.

The worst has been the return of Dr. Marcus Dwyer. Originally he’d been butthurt for not getting Chief of Staff and left with his tail between his legs, but now he’s back. If Nurse Caroline thinks I’m arrogant, then she should really pay more attention to Marcus. He is the worst.

He’s been especially condescending towards me, ‘med kid’ as he likes to refer to me, since Morgan’s own mother, Regina was brought in.

Her Dad just sleeps in the chair. Most spouses are grateful towards hospital staff, but he’s a grumpy, clipped man, and I would prefer him to go home and sleep.

Her Mom terrifies me too, and she spends most of her time sleeping. Morgan is guarding her charts to only a select few which isn’t me. I did catch from Marcus and Caroline talking that it has to do with her heart, it isn’t terminal, but it won’t get better, and the complications are serious.

She isn’t expected to stay in the hospital for more than a week, recuperate, hydrate her, and get her set up for cardiac rehabilitation. And I can say that I am most anxious for the day that the physical therapy floor has to deal with her and not me. Morgan and her Mom have never been members of my fan club, but this has made them both Queen B’s towards me, and I’m totally over it.

When I met up with Julia at the Quad, she was shocked. She thinks I’m being callous, but this is why I’m a good candidate for medical, I don’t let emotions get in my way.

Neal gets it, he hopes the best for Morgan’s Mom, but he isn’t about to melt into a puddle over it. He’s actually allowed on her case, but hasn’t filled me in on much. What he has said definitely points to heart disease, but he refuses to deny or confirm. He is extremely wary of Morgan finding out and getting expelled out of the program.

Notes: Hadley is working (using Job Stopinator to keep her in the low medical field), and came home with Neal. Apparently he wants to be a doctor too. I just used him for a classmate, but then they hit it off. I’m humored that she’s dating a Neal, and her sister is dating a Cabot, seems like their names should be opposite for these girls.

Now Julia, she cheated on Cabot while at the dorm, they broke up, she rolled wants to get him back, and now they are back together. It was such a whirlwind that I didn’t have the chance to even write it (this was before this play session). So lets just say that they have had troubles, and are taking things slow.

With all these elders, I thought it would be fun to add in some medical issues. I’m thinking heart disease for Regina. I need like a list of common ailments for my medical people to treat so I’m better prepared, I don’t want to spend time fussing around with that aspect, but I do want to include it.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “breaking free

  1. Sounds like the hospital’s a stressful place to work for her! Especially socially. Hope that smooths out once she’s out of med school.

    1. Hadley has made a ton of her own issues, as a teenager she constantly bragged to people, and the doctors really didn’t like it. She’s also a bit of a bully to Caroline, and she’s never really made amends. Hopefully when she’s hired full-time on the staff and isn’t just a student, she can work on her mannerisms. But who knows! Egotistically, she fits right in! Thank you for commenting!

  2. Maisie, nice job showing all the cocky doctor-types, including Hadley! I really laughed at that part with the dummy. Watching her, “med kid” pay her dues is quite amusing. The medical issues will add interest to the story. Your medical hospital and the story you have written around it completely show up the pre-made Sims 4 hospital any day!

    It’s cool that you had Julia (temporarily) move in with Hadley in med student housing, and share a bathroom. That shower curtain is so chic, and so is the distressed coffee table in their living room.

    I love how you said Julia managed to show lots of enthusiasm for strangers’ weddings! So funny, but I am glad she got a job and hope she can eventually become a reporter. Apparently she’s got the cutthroat attitude down– Cabot seemed such a sweetie, but it didn’t stop her from getting what she wanted, apparently.

    1. Yes, Hadley fits right in! She just needs more years under her belt, and then some newer doctors to boss around. I loved having her pay her dues! She’s always been a cocky, little bragger, and to see her mess up is great. I don’t know anything about TS4 hospital, thank you for the kind words. My hospital needs so much work still, I loved the one you did for TS2.

      I don’t know what to do with Julia, I might move the girls to the next door house that has two bedrooms, I just know that I was too lazy to do it then. I don’t really want to play the girls alone, I like the roommate setup. The shower curtain is nice, I’d totally use it in real life myself.

      Julia is nice, so she always that big cheesy grin, and she’s doing well in the Event Planner position, maybe she found her calling! Cabot is a sweetie, she seems to be liking him even more when I played her very recently. I think losing him, then wanting to fall back in love with him kind of showed her what she had. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Taking things slow is probably a good idea for Julia anyway, even without the whirlwind history with Cabot!

    I’m like you with medical issues – I’d like to include them a little more often but don’t really want to deal with them more than superficially. Just to use my hospital for more than births, lol! I was worried for Regina at first but then I figured people can also live for years and years with heart disease, with appropriate treatment. I’m sure Morgan will make sure she’ll get that.

    I’m wondering if Hadley doth protest too much about Neal! I think maybe once they’re done with med school, they might develop into something a bit more serious. But you know me and sims, lol!

    1. I agree that Julia should take things slow, I am happy that she seems to realize what a great thing she has with Cabot, but I’m still not seeing wedding bells.

      Yes superficial medical problems! Let me know if you come up with anything, and I’ll share likewise. And yes, there is so much great equipment out there for hospitals, and none are getting used! It’s one reason why I still have an entire floor that needs to be updated and filled with these medical downloads I have.

      Yes, Regina has a lot of medical experience, as does Morgan, and money isn’t an issue for them ether. I can say that I haven’t thought about Hadley settling down at all, but Neal might stick around longer and maybe they’d give me a handful of redhead babies! Hadley does not have great chemistry with my playables, so she will need to check out the townie pool like Neal at any rate.

      Thank you for commenting Carla!

    1. I’m still sad that you lost your sims and neighborhood, so many things I wanted to know the ending for, and your buildings were always very nice. Yes, Hadley isn’t one to admit feelings, she tends to bristle and push even with her sister Julia in the past, and that’s her favorite person in the world, then her Grandma Norma.

      I’m excited that Julia got a nice position, the Event Planner is one that I’m excited about using this round, and now I can play Julia more frequently. Thank you for commenting!!

  4. While I think I’m finally prepared for playable doctors in my hood (finally) yours still looks so much better. I’m glad the two of them are getting along again, and that Hadley’s got herself a guy!

    1. You having a hospital would be great, you’ve already figured out medical issues so you could jump right in to using them. When I first started my hospital, I only had Regina and Marcus (a pnpc), it is finally get filled in with my own sims. I hope to get another male sim from my youth in the future. Neal is Hadley’s third boyfriend, she just doesn’t stick with them for very long before she gets bored. Thanks for commenting Fini!

  5. I love the FABULOUS job you did on creating your hospital! OMG! It definitely puts hospitals of newer games (uh hum) to shame. I have never actually seen a hospital built for Sims 2. Hadley and Neal look so cute together even though the names do seem like they should be switched. The whole dummy training scenes looked so good. Marcus looks like he would be a pain in the rear to work with especially calling her ‘med kid’. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. I have to check out the TS4 hospital game from some TS4 blogs! I don’t have any of that game yet, but I know there was a lot of hype about the new career interactions.

      I think Hadley and Neal make a cute couple too, I have zero high hopes for them lasting. She seems to wear through guys quicker than some of my others. That was my first time using the dummy, and I was very excited about it! Marcus is pretty arrogant, he’s also slept with all the women at the hospital, except for Hadley, so he can turn his charm on if he wants! Thank you for commenting Annastesia!

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