we are young

july 2025
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Oliver McCarthy (28 years), Isaac Gavigan (28 years), Brooklyn Lange (23 years)

narrated by: Oliver

Summer break is a big deal for me as it is to the kids I teach. My Mom has been nagging me constantly to keep an eye on my younger brother, Julius since he lives in South Port. We do live a city block away, but I don’t have time to just snoop around my brother’s business.

Apparently he’s been in some shady business since high school, which we only found out about his senior year. Only so much any of us can do for him, he is going to make his own decisions irregardless of our input.

I don’t like being there, his boss is always around on the sofa. Said he knew my landlord and would get my a better rate. Which he did, but I hate to think it was at the cost of blackmail or threats. Me and Isaiah were doing fine paying our bills, and I don’t want to owe any crime-lord any debt.

I almost spend more time at Brooklyn’s place now. She’s at the far west side of South Port, while I’m the farthest east one can travel. When Mom calls to plea that I check on Julius, I can just say that I’m not home. It’s a nice excuse without having to be a bad son.

Brooklyn wanted to take it a step further, and insisted we go on vacation up in the Cascade Mountains. She invited Isaiah and his long-time girlfriend, Maeve for the ride. Isaiah was thrilled to get out of dodge for a bit. His brother, Isaac just started working in construction with him, and is driving him batty.

He is disgruntled that he lost his job, and has been stuck in this back-breaking position, while his brother nearly flunked out of university entirely, and gets the same job. He insists that he is serious about finding a legit career after vacation, and one that preferably uses his degree.

We rented separate cabins, and it was wildly more romantic than I had anticipated. Brooklyn and I take turns sleeping over if our schedules are free, but this was much better. There were no bills, or landlords lurking about, no phone calls from Mom since the reception was nonexistent. It was a true escape.

Maeve has been around for years, and Brooklyn a bit less, and we have all fallen into a good friendly rhythm. It worked out that the girls get along well, though Maeve wouldn’t be the first person Brooklyn would pick for a friend.

Silly is one way to describe her. She’s about as sheltered and unworldly as Rapunzel in Tangled, wanting to marry Isaac after just meeting. A bit unstable, but she seems to be harmless and mean well.

Isaiah is happy with her, and that’s about all I can ask for as his best friend.

Maeve gets talking sometimes about ‘one day…‘ like when we are all married, or have kids. As if that is a certainty. But I’m just not as positive about my future. Brooklyn just graduated and started teaching, if I asked her to marry me, I’m certain she would say yes, but I don’t think the timing is right.

Being at the same place, and the same beach that Abby drowned has put me in a tailspin that I hadn’t anticipated. I should have, it shook my world, I ended up crushing Paloma’s heart and going through a personal crisis. I suppose that depth of emotion doesn’t exactly disappear even if years have passed since the tragedy and shock has worn into a resigned acceptance.

I’m trying to hide my emotions, not wanting to be a bummer on our trip, but I think Brooklyn picks up on it. If it was just Abby then I would have no issue discussing it, Brooklyn has never been jealous of Paloma, but it’s caused me to have doubts about breaking up with Meg.

It was four years ago, exactly when Isaac met Maeve, and while I know that Meg isn’t seeing anyone serious, I don’t know if she ever has thoughts of me. Paloma took years to get over me, and now I feel like I’ve tasted the medicine. I had never meant to break anyone’s hearts, it’s a messy business falling in and out of love.

During the day, we try to get out and have a good time. As long as we are away from the cabins and the beach, I can forget the troubles on my mind. I don’t know if it’s just my mind reeling from the scenery, or if there is something to my thoughts centering on Meg, and if action should be taken on my part.

When I’m with Brooklyn, and actively enjoying my time with her though, then I think it is crazy to even think of Meg. It was all in the past, and no good can come from visiting a ship that has sailed.

Isaac is cool to talk things over with, I’m thinking I will after the holiday. It seems too serious to branch into with beautiful clear skies, and adventures to be had.

Nearing the end of the trip, Maeve was getting tired of Brooklyn’s constant chest pounding. She’s really caught on to the mountain atmosphere. I was humored that Maeve was being theatrically annoyed, when she is generally the most annoying person that I associate with, and that’s not said in a mean fashion.

We did a fire at the beach. Ironically, at night the beach didn’t seem quite as haunting. The sky was lit with stars, and the air was downright freezing. Not much reminded me of that fateful day, and I was able to really relax with Brooklyn while not running around all over the mountaintop.

I’m a science child, even though my Dad has been kicked out of the field, I did learn quite a bit from him. I was able to point out constellations and stars to Brooklyn, outside of Ursa Major which was the only constellation she knew. She even got confused and thought Jupiter was Polaris.

We ended up having to go in earlier than we wanted when it unexpectedly began to snow. They weren’t kidding when they said it could snow year round up here.

Maeve and Isaac had sneaked off to do their own thing, and it turned out they had gotten engaged. I knew that Isaac had bought a ring a few months back, but he didn’t confess his intention to me. Back when he bought it, he planned to just feel it out when the moment felt especially magical, and I guess the Cascade Mountains was it for him.

They are both thrilled, Maeve is already saying that she always knew it would happen.

On our last day in town, Maeve was talking to Brooklyn about when it might be our time, or if I was going to be popping the question. She seemed to wave the questions off without seeming upset.

But then she was looking at jewelry and seemed to be very blue over it.

For the ride home, she picked up magazines instead of wanting to talk with me. I don’t know that she’s guessing at where my mind has been for the trip, or is just feeling down about Maeve and Isaac’s engagement. Logically, I hope she realizes that they have been dating for four years, which is two years more than us.

I’m going to sleep on things and see how I feel once I leave this haunted beach. Maybe next time we will fork over the money for a nicer hotel or rough it in tents. If we had at the start, then this vacation might not have needed an appointment with a counselor.

Notes: Title from – “We are Young” by Fun.

Brooklyn has had the want to specifically marry and be engaged to Oliver since she was in university. But Oliver is not cooperating with me. I was considering just going ahead without the want (I wouldn’t say that I require the want from both parties, but that’s not entirely true these days), but then he started rolling romantic wants surrounding Meg… *sigh* I don’t even know. All I know is that these two can give me redhead babies! Or blond or brunette. And I would love any of those, especially if they had one of each, how cute would that be?!

Isaiah and Maeve both had the wants to get married for a very long time, and I let them go ahead. Isaiah doesn’t have great chemistry with any of my girls, except Violet-Adele, and she is not going there, tyvm. Isaiah is great, just not for Vi. I’m sad to lose this roomie set up though, I will likely not rush into a wedding.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “we are young

  1. No, Etienne is a much better choice for Violet-Adele. I can’t even imagine her being interested in Isaiah. Isaiah and Maeve will probably be really happy as long as they are financially ok; they seem to not be too worried about anything and quite in love. I hope he’s able to get a job he is happier with… and what does she do?

    That was a funny spin on the Sims 2 common thing of the landlord saying she could get a better deal for them, with Oliver being worried it had something to do with Julius’ underhanded deals.

    I loved the romantic trip into the mountains. I wasn’t reading when Abby died so I went back and caught up on that one, it was so sad. It’s true you don’t really get over that, you have a resigned acceptance. I wonder if it does have something to do with Oliver rolling wants for Meg again when he’s happy with Brooklyn, feeling guilty about how broken-hearted Paloma was over him for years after that.

    1. I know in regards to Isaiah and Violet-Adele! When there was the big McCarthy family reunion, they actually hooked up! I accidentally brought Isaiah over, (really, bringing all those McCarthy’s onto a lot puts my brain into an auto-pilot fog). I was like no way lady! Thankfully she got over him just as fast as the party ended.

      Isaiah and Maeve will live happily in Millwood eventually, I don’t think I’ll roll any ROS for them, maybe their future kid(s) will marry one of mine. I imagine them being blissfully naive and her to be rather silly. I could actually see her bumping into the Rebecca Siew at the park and hitting it off, they are both girls that were quite green when they got married, though Rebecca is more jaded now.

      Oliver got the deal from Dallas (the guy in the hat), he’s a townie in the crime field, Julius had brought him home previously which is how I found him, so I kept him around as his boss. It isn’t very fun to have just one criminal. Oliver barely talked to the guy, and he was giving him a rent deal, and Oliver is pretty square!

      Killing Abby had been difficult to do, and it really changed a lot of lives in a very unexpected way. I am sad about his wants for Meg, he hadn’t rolled anything for her after their break up, and barely while they were together there at the end, and then blam, there she is on his panel. I need to see how his wants are now that he’s back home, I just haven’t gone back to him, giving him time to realize that Brooklyn is so dang adorable!!!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Aw, Maeve is a bit of a nut but she’s kind of an endearing nut, lol! I’m glad Isaiah is happy with her – it doesn’t really matter what anyone else’s opinion is as long as they’re content together and they definitely seem to be. Especially now, with the engagement! And I definitely don’t see Isaiah with Violet-Adele, lol! She’s definitely better off with Etienne.

    Wow, I can’t believe Oliver is rolling wants for Meg! Has he ever done that before? Poor Brooklyn – she’s definitely picking up on vibes that Oliver isn’t totally “there” emotionally at the moment. I can totally see why you’d be wary about letting them get engaged anyway. There’s no telling how his wants might go in the future.

    1. Maeve is rather endearing, that’s why I allowed the engagement wants to be fulfilled. I had hoped for Isaiah to marry one of my girls, he’s rather cute but alas it just wasn’t going to happen. Agree that Violet-Adele is much better off with Etienne, they have a better understanding, and both are career-focused whereas Isaiah and Maeve want way more kids than I’d ever give an actual playable, let alone pnpc!

      I am disgusted over his wants for Meg! He didn’t roll any at the end of their relationship, or since until the trip! I love Brooklyn, I want Oliver to love her too! She’s super adorable, and plus she has great genetics. 😉 Red, Blond, Brown! Bliss! Plus freckles are nearly guaranteed, as Oliver has Ff himself, just a dash on his nose from good old Nicole.

      I will make Oliver roll a marriage want, he’s a family sim for pity sake! He should not roll multiple woohoos and makeouts as he has done in the past, and what started the whole Paloma break up. At least Brooklyn is several years younger, and her fertility won’t wane for many more years, gives him time to recognize how great she is.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Oh, my. I hope Oliver gives this a good long think before he does anything. And that Brooklyn won’t be too spooked by his indecision, as long as he’s just thinking and not doing. Has he spoken to Meg recently? It seems wise not to jump on the engagement bandwagon when he’s so uncertain, but I know that must make things even harder for Brooklyn that they’re clearly not getting engaged.

    Congrats to Isaiah and Maeve, though. Agreeing with Carla, she is somehow a very loveable nut, lol!

    1. Maeve is a loveable nut, they do make quite a cute couple, and should give me some cute brown haired babies, hopefully not black. I have enough of those. Oliver hasn’t talked to Meg to my knowledge, but things happen behind the scenes on community lots when I’m not paying attention. I have quite a few townies that have apparently fallen in love, then cheated on the other, because I can barely load a lot without townies fighting. They behave like children!

      At least Brooklyn isn’t too old, and she has time to spend before she has to really start worrying over marriage and baby/fertility. I’ve just never had such an uncooperative family sim (secondary). Thanks for commenting Laura!

  4. Oliver really has a lot going on in his mind. No wonder he needed a counselor after vacation. Congrats to Maeve and Isaac for getting engaged! I do feel sorry for Brooklyn since she has wanted to be engaged and married to Oliver since University. It would be a bummer to be with Maeve asking about popping the question. Kinda awkward! Maybe Brooklyn will move on if she picks up on the fact Oliver is thinking of Meg. Sometimes it is for the best.

    1. I hope that Brooklyn stays patient waiting for Oliver, because my heart is set on it, I would be as sad as her. I am excited about Maeve and Isaiah’s wedding though, I imagine lots of frilly things for that big day. Hopefully when I check back in on Oliver, he has regained reason, and realized that he has it great with Brooklyn. I really need him to roll a marriage want, he’s being a total brat over it! 🙂 Thank you for commenting Annastesia!

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