hello world

august 2025

The anticipation around this baby’s arrival was not lost on Kenzie. Becoming a Great-Grandma to Thomas had not been full of such excitement. There had been some, but not as much as the little guy had deserved, mostly due to her grandson Lewis not participating fully.

Lorelei and Marshal were obliging enough to allow Kenzie and Tyler to poke around the hospital while she labored.

Lorelei didn’t feel comfortable having them in the room during the actual delivery, it was awkward enough for her to have her sister-in-law Morgan also be her doctor. She was told that by the end of it, she would no longer feel self-conscience, she wasn’t entirely sure that applied to relatives being in that private space.

The laboring started out with jokes, and stories of when Lorelei was born and her toddler years. Most Marshal had already heard, but he smiled along with them, and was attentive to his wife when she needed him. He didn’t feel like an egotistical guy, but he thought he filled the role of husband nicely, and anticipated fatherhood without too many doubts. He felt much better prepared and more confident in Lorelei’s abilities, than she felt about it all.

Morgan had warned that first deliveries could take an entire day, and had urged her inlaws to pace themselves with their visit. But they were disinclined to listen, and ended up heading to the main floor hospital cafeteria for dinner.

Marshal didn’t have the option for pacing himself, nor did he want to leave his wife upstairs, laboring alone so that he could get a meal. He thought he was being a good husband by making some instant noodles in the microwave, after all why did the hospital offer such meals in the room if not for the husbands to use?

He didn’t neglect it, he was positive he punched in the correct time per manufacturer’s instruction. But irregardless of his certainty, it didn’t change the fact that the microwave caught on fire.

This was the first time there had been a fire at the hospital, there wasn’t exactly a plan of action for what to do when a woman was in labor and the only delivery suite had combusted into flames.

Even Firefighter Benjamin was overwhelmed by the cries of Lorelei and the fire. He needed the people out of the room, but Morgan didn’t have a place set up for them.

Nurse Caroline carted Lorelei to the main floor with the help of Hadley, while Morgan and Marshal took the next elevator down. Both quite upset by the turn of events, the fire still destroying the delivery suite, and neither where they needed to be.

By the time Marshal rejoined Lorelei, Caroline had said it was time to push. He had barely caught his breath, when he was trying to help Lorelei with hers. He was pretty certain she would never be persuaded for a second baby at this point, with the morning sickness, exhaustion, and now dramatic delivery.

If she could, she’d probably shout that she had changed her mind entirely about becoming a mother. But that time was long past, and Marshal could barely hold himself together as he caught sight of their baby.

Morgan announced that they were proud parents to a girl. A baby girl! Marshal was certain that he would have been happy with any baby, but she melted his heart more than he had thought possible.

Perhaps their daughter just had a desire for flair and great entrances.

All the recent drama and the past nine months of torture in the words of Lorelei, all disappeared as they marveled at their little creation, sweet baby girl Penelope Krouse.

Notes: This was not planned. Marshal really did get hungry waiting, and autonomously began cooking some insta-noodles… and caught it on fire. Good grief! So she delivered in the regular hospital area, just curtains, no doors for privacy. Benjamin’s face when Lorelei is in labor… I love it! I love this game.

Penelope has her Dad’s eyes, and black hair from Grandma Kenzie with an inbetween skintone. With her Dad’s eyes, she will end up being taller than her Mom.

And it wasn’t a boy, which I really wanted to carry on their family name. But I adore Penelope just the same. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “hello world”

    1. Me ether! My first instinct was to just ignore it, but I’m glad that I didn’t. Marshal will never live this one down! And I am in total agreement over the hotness of Benjamin in uniform! My younger sims are catching things on fire more than I ever blog about, and so I get to see him looking fine rather regularly. I love the name Penelope too. ❤ Thanks for commenting Laura!

  1. Love the name Penelope! and that pose at the end with the whole family enjoying looking at each other, so awesome!

    I’ve never seen a fire at a sim birth. Definitely a first. I’m so happy for Lorelei and Marshall, and the rest of the family, that Penelope’s safely here.

    1. Thank you Shannon, that is one of my all-time favorite photos with newborn babies, I really like this one of Grace and Benjamin, that was just after Ainsley had been born. The fire was definitely a first for me, I’m just glad that no one died! Lorelei giving birth while it was getting put out really confused the sims on the lot, they wanted to watch the birth but were totally freaked over the fire. The delivery suite is on the third floor too, and the delivery ended up being on the first, and so the elevator was really busy! Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. This was so EXCITING! I cannot believe the microwave fire, such perfect timing NOT! The birth of Penelope, the picture of them holding her together along with Marshal and Lorelei laying looking at her are so beautiful. I think with all the drama, that Lorelei has forgotten her sister-in-law was the doctor.

    1. Ha, yes definitely not perfect timing! Yes, with all that drama, why care that your sister-in-law is performing the delivery! I’m sure no one expected that to be the reason why she got over her qualms! I like the last photo too, I need to get it framed for their home. Thank you for commenting Annastesia!

    1. Yes! Definitely dramatic! I hope that Penelope has a flair for dramatics or style, I think it’d be so fitting if she did! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Geez, Marshal! That could have gone much worse than it did, lol! It will definitely be a story to share one day though, on the plus side. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what Penelope looks like when she gets older!

    1. Yes, definitely something to remember her by! Marshal has never started a fire before ether, so I didn’t even think of the probability of it, but he doesn’t cook a lot of meals on stoves/microwaves ether. I can’t wait to see Penelope ether, I think she is going to take after Marshal quite a bit, which I’m excited about, because it seems that my townies really don’t pass on much of their genetic material to their kids. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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