Goss Family, Krouse

beginning of all things

august 2025
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(Krouse Household Profile)
Marshal Krouse (36 years), Lorelei (32 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

We came home with Penelope, and I was nervous as I had expected myself to be, but Marshal was just the same. In all likelihood, he would have been fine with parenting a newborn, if he hadn’t set the delivery room on fire. While he and my sister-in-law, Morgan panicked, I just had to laugh, internally and in-between shooting pains of labor. It was absurd, and only goofy, sweet-intentioned Marshal would do such a thing.

I am smitten with her in a way that I hadn’t expected. I’ve cared for my nieces and nephew and been a fantastically, super-fun aunt for most of my life, but Penelope is on a cloud, a million miles above the rest.

She’s full of flair, and likes to keep me on my toes. Whenever I think that I have a hang of this newborn gig, she wakes up screaming and can’t be calmed. There are only so many options to calm her, and sometimes she just isn’t happy.

Marshal has become obsessed with reading parenting books, I take care of Penelope in the night because I’m on maternity leave, and he has to be up early. But it doesn’t even matter, he stays up later than me reading those books.

Erin came over to pay a visit to Penelope. She put on a happy face, but I know that she’s wanting to settle down, and maybe have another baby. None of those are on the horizon, she dates Nico Pacelli on and off again. She doesn’t feel an intense craving to tie the knot, but she’s starting to feel like she doesn’t deserve that.

We took the kids down to the harbor to burn their energy, and let the outside noise drone out their voices.

We’ve been best friends since we were dormies together, and I hate to see her settle for someone she doesn’t really love. I try to encourage her that it’s just a hiccup in her road, and it will all work out in the end.

I can understand her not wanting to live with her sister for the rest of her life, and I can also see how Penelope can flame a baby fever, she is awfully adorable. But I hope she doesn’t rush into something she will later regret. She didn’t necessarily rush into things with Colin, but she forced her way in a situation that was pretty hopeless.

When I came back from getting a second cup of espresso, I found my seat taken by Micah who had talked her up at Nadia and Luca’s wedding.

I joined Logan and Mallory down at the beach while Micah likely hit on her. She had told me previously that she wasn’t interested in him, but she seemed to be changing her tune.

Back at home, I gave Penelope her bath, hoping that it would exhaust her enough for a long nap. My brother, Zeke had invited us to his house, and she had already shown a distaste for napping at other people’s homes.

It almost feels like we have no kids at my brother’s, my Mom instantly swoops her up and begins stuffing her full of milk. Morgan was taking care of Thomas and everyone got to talk about how marvelous it was that the babies could grow up together.

Dad highly suggests that we should give her a little brother or sister to boss around, he likes to remind me that while I was an only child (at home) for many years, that I did relish Dean once he joined our family.

It is all good and true, but right now, another baby is the last thing on my mind. And if Thomas is the perfect playmate for Penelope for family gatherings, then I am cool with that. I didn’t even grow up with cousins, so she’s already got more than I did at this stage.

Keeping time for our relationship is top priority for both of us, then my owning The Red Mill, and Marshal with his gaming company, we have enough to focus on for the time being.

All in all, we are both happy with our daughter, and even Marshal isn’t talking about having another, thank goodness.

It would have to be a while for me to forget the horrendous morning sickness, painful delivery, not to mention the fire, which I know isn’t likely to occur again, but is good fun to toss out when Marshal is in a good-natured mood.

Notes: I bumped these guys up, I really wanted to play them with their newborn daughter. They are just a super sweet family. I can’t say if they will have another, Marshal would like that, and I could see Lorelei spacing them out quite a few years as her Mom had done, though Dean of course had not been a planned adoption. It would require an addition to the house though, and we all know that those take a long time to get done (if ever).

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “beginning of all things”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you bumped them up in the queue, because it was great seeing them enjoy Penelope. Lorelei seemed so calm about the family already pressuring for another one– I think I’d be aggravated with them, especially after the tough pregnancy. But she seems like someone who knows what she wants and doesn’t let other people’s opinions bug her.

    Was Marshall still stressed about the fire, like rolling fears of fire or affecting his mood bar?

    That bridge at the harbor, where Lorelei was visiting with Erin, was spectacular looking. What a view! “Visiting” Millwood is one of my favorite things because of its awesome ambiance that you’ve created.

    1. Lorelei definitely is strong in herself, she’s a bit spoiled especially by her Dad, and is used to getting her way. Which is why someone soft, and squishy like Marshal is good with her. I really do want them to have another, as much as I wanted them to have her IFS of one… I hate to lose the last name Krouse right off the jump.

      Marshal did have a fear of fire! And he wanted to buy a fire alarm as well. So cute! I do love that view downtown by the sound. I’d love to teleport myself downtown South Port, and walk the streets, I’d live there too. Thank you Shannon! ā¤

  2. Aw, how cute is this family? Very cute, that’s how cute! It was nice to see a family dealing with a newborn – I don’t think I’ve done that since I switched over to this calendar system. There were so many lovely scenes you captured here, both posed and the more candid ones.

    Poor Erin, I do hope she can settle down with somebody. šŸ˜¦ I don’t remember seeing Micah at the wedding but maybe he’s a possibility. Lorelei seems to think Erin might be a bit more open to him now.

    I can’t wait to see Penelope growing up with her cousin! I’d forgotten about Thomas, or rather, I’d forgotten how Lorelei and Penelope would be related to him. I can definitely see Lorelei being content to leave Penelope as an only child, with Thomas around, though I wonder if Marshal will agree to that, when the time comes to discuss it.

    1. Playing them with a newborn was a ton of fun, I don’t do it that often ether, Thomas will grow to toddler before I technically play his household, and that is more common. Especially if the baby is getting older like 10 months… I’d rather wait then, because the baby is too small to be that age.

      I feel poorly for Erin too, she doesn’t have that many options chemistry wise, and so many reject her. Micah does like her, but she tends to reject him (And I personally find him rather bland…) But Erin was enjoying his company more at the random meeting, they actually woohoo’d on a bench… lol. But I’m just ignoring that bit! šŸ˜‰ Her one is still the Pacelli brother though. Here they are talking at the wedding though, I need to change his clothes if he is going to keep popping up!

      Yes Thomas and Penelope are closely related (first cousins once removed), and I imagine Kenzie having them both over frequently, so they won’t grow up too distant. It is all the more reason to keep to her IFS of 1… I’m just torn on losing the last name Krouse. I suppose she could keep it and then have her husband change his, but whoever that may be, I might want to save his last name too. I’m all twisted up over it, I will see what happens, I have her on birth control, and I imagine they will TFB irregardless of her IFS, because the guys seems to matter more, or has been my experience the higher number seems to win.

      Thanks for commenting Carla! ā¤

  3. It’s Great to see how Lorelei and Marshal are enjoying their newborn Penelope! I’m glad you bumped them up. The memories of her birth with the fire will forever be in Lorelei’s mind. Hopefully Erin will find Mr. Right. Maybe her interests in Micah have changed for the better. It is good to see that Penelope has a cousin she can grow up with even if Lorelei and Marshal choose not to have another baby in the future. I definitely know what you mean about additions to the house taking forever to get accomplished.

    1. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the fire ether, so I’ll be right there with Lorelei. In real life, that would be super traumatic too! It was fun playing these two, they’ve waited a while, and I’ve been very anxious for them to have a baby, so it was really enjoyable to finally be at this point with them! I really would like to see Erin settle down, and maybe have one more baby. She is a family sim that wants like 5 kids, so being single, with only two kids (which is a relief really here), just makes for an unhappy gal. Lots of wants are going unfulfilled for her right now. Thanks for commenting Annastesia!

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