Traver Family

until you don’t

september 2025
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Colin Traver (30 years)

narrated by: Colin

Meredith came banging on my door late one night, I had expected a real emergency until I saw her standing there. I knew she wanted something, I haven’t seen her since the family photo op, and even then we didn’t speak.

She immediately told me that she didn’t need money before I could even open my mouth. I wouldn’t assume she’d need money, and if she did, I am the last kid to ask except maybe Caitlyn. She is skint, but she’d give all she had with her bleeding heart.

She pushed her way in, telling me it was important.

She blurted that she needed a place to stay, that her health wasn’t good and that Vince had left her, and apparently she didn’t have enough money to afford the townhouse I grew up in. Again, she should have gone to Luca or Cara who is doing the best out of all us kids, though Cara might be even more hateful towards Meredith than me.

She started sobbing, completely missing the target. That is not how you win your way with me, and I called bluff to her crocodile tears.

Then she mentioned working on a restaurant guide, and that she already had a publisher interested. She didn’t want to deal with family relationships; she wanted a business deal. She would pay her share of rent, and split the publisher money when she finished.

I agreed, only because child support is killer, and so far I’m only paying for Logan and Mallory. I’m just waiting for Avery to drop the child support bomb on me, but so far she’s been silent since our unexpected meeting at the auto shop.

Meredith boozes away as she writes her guide, sometimes before lunchtime. While I’m not the most literate man, I am pretty certain this will be a failure. Meredith has never succeeded at anything in life though except fertility, so it is to be expected.

Most days she doesn’t even work at all, she complains of her health ailing her, and not having energy. She can’t pay rent with her measly retirement she gets from her old library position. She can barely buy the liquor she’s consuming, the county does not pay it’s retired staff well.

She doesn’t clean, unless licking crumbs of grilled cheese off plates counts for something. She’s even more despicable than me. The only perk thus far has been her company when it’s my Saturday with the kids. The kids guilt her into coming down to the park with us, and while there is zero interaction between them, it seems to make the kids like me more in comparison.

While Mallory wasn’t wanted (by me at any rate); she has much improved in my sight since learning to use the toilet, and getting to spend most of her life at school. They still don’t sleep over, but with Meredith in their old room, I now have a legitimate reason.

Logan gets excited about watching random guys play basketball, makes me wonder if he’s even mine. I could never wrap my brain around that guy on guy, sweaty basketball action. Of all these alleged kids of mine, he looks least like me, though I don’t doubt any of the kids’ paternity.

Meredith gets all in a fit about me smoking, in the great outdoors, on the crappiest side of town, with a big train polluting the air around us. She sounds just like Erin, who bitches me out when the kids go home smelling like smoke.

She started yelling, and then the real truth came out; she has lung cancer. She blames it all on Ethan and his second hand smoke while they were married, though I clearly recall stealing smokes from her purse growing up.

I relished my cigarette after that, especially when she went into a coughing fit. How she could expect me to feel badly for her when she’s the most rotten Mother that I’ve ever run across, is beyond me.

She ended up “needing” Zoey to check in on her during the day by mid-month. She basically took her lunch break at my place, and watched Meredith get in and out of bed, and eat sandwiches. I don’t know why she felt that she needed an eye on her during the work day, she’s not an invalid.

Zoey doesn’t mind as she hangs around my place enough already. Finally a girl that likes her freedom as much as I do, and if she sees other guys, I couldn’t care less.

At work we like to flirt, and Chris gets pissed over it. We’ve been screwing for two years now, and she hasn’t quit yet. He doesn’t get that some people don’t want to settle down.

Chris is this family guy now, always bringing around his kid. The kid is under the impression that the shop will be his one day, nevermind that I am an actual investor, and that my portion would have to bought out first.

Customers like the kid though. Customers act all bent out of shape because their car is in worse shape than they could possibly fathom, and it’s all my fault, naturally, never mind them ignoring squeaky brakes for half a year.

But then Chaz comes bouncing in, juggling fucking bouncy balls that he just carries around with him like a weirdo. He gets raging customers to chill out; I haven’t met one that wasn’t impressed. That bit won’t work so much once he’s a teen, and that’s just around the corner. If he keeps it up then, he’s likely to get his teeth knocked in, and head put in a toilet.

If it isn’t the customer ruining my day, it’s the ex. Oh does Erin like to come down to the shop during business hours and berate me: I didn’t do this, or I was late paying that, or I called Mallory fat, and that isn’t what “good” dads do. Latest on the list was that Mallory proudly professed that she was going to grow up and smoke just me.

If she is surprised by my behavior in anyway than she is stupider than I ever knew. I’ve been clear from the get that I didn’t want marriage, wanted zero kids; she was the one that wanted to force her way onto me. My conscience is clear, I’ve been smoking since I could skip out of the house, so that wasn’t a sudden surprise for her ether. I wish she’d just marry an old bloke, and leave me out of it.

If Chris could just keep the customers happy, and the ex could leave me alone, then I might get more work done on the cars. He needs to hire someone to just put out these customer fires that don’t mind getting screamed at.

With Meredith’s cancer, she’s in bed early, and I get to game and pretend that I don’t have to work the next day, or have all this drama thrown on me. I stay up way too late, but it’s worth the pleasure.

I had to tell my brother, Luca about Meredith though. I saved it for the weekend, and unexpectedly Caitlyn was there with Thomas, apparently she lives in town on the weekends because campus makes her lonely.

I brought over my kids, and they tore it up outside. The boys are finally letting Mallory play with them now that she’s a bigger kid.

Then I just dove into it. I don’t know how to pussyfoot around these things, I’ve never had a Mom dying of cancer before, even if she is the worst person I know. How am I supposed to say things in a way that is gentle? I can’t even talk nice to my own kids.

I just started with Meredith moving in, and Caitlyn seemed happily surprised, like some family reunion was coming up with picnics off the sound, with a dashing of Thanksgiving dinners and late night laughs. Meredith has never been the Mom that Caitlyn desired or apparently needed, and yet she has always kept that foolish hope.

I squashed that immediately, explained it was a business arrangement, that she specifically said she didn’t want to deal with family, and of course, the part that she was dying. That last bit seemed the most important part to cement into their brains.

Luca immediately hugged Caitlyn, who fell apart, and started to terrify Thomas with her cries.

Then he called Meredith himself who was hiding back at my place instead of telling her own kids. Why he’d trust her word over me is beyond me. I at least had the decency to tell him, I expected him to pass the news on to Caitlyn, not me.

Just then the kids came roaring into the house, demanding snacks, and completely oblivious to the emotional turmoil at hand. I told them they could eat whatever they could prepare and they all grabbed a bag of chips for themselves. Something Nadia would not approve of if she wasn’t working her shift at the pancake house.

Then Caitlyn had the nerve to chew me out, rip into me for being heartless, and not knowing how to say something kindly. Pretty certain that this situation is awkward for nice people too, and she should cut me some slack.

Apparently Thomas wasn’t phased by her raised voice, because he dozed right off in the thick of it. She tried putting pressure on me to force Meredith to reach out to her, to instantly become a different person now that she was at the end of her life. Suddenly, the responsibility of having a selfish Mother was all my fault, and my task to remedy it immediately.

There is no way in hell that I can force that abomination of a woman to do anything, I couldn’t even get her to stop getting drunk when she did her restaurant guide.

Which ended up being a huge flop. All her reviews were completely outdated, apparently her and Vince never dined out together, and she barely got $1200 for her effort, when we split that in half, I could barely pay rent even once. This business relationship is looking more and more like a charity every passing second.

Notes: Colin rolled the ROS for his Mom to move in with him, who if you can’t tell, is dying. She is one of my upcoming deaths, but I won’t say when. There are quite a few in the next upcoming years in the game, and when Colin rolled that ROS, I thought, let’s have some fun!

At the auto shop, all the customers kept complaining to Colin, and then Erin really did show up and start chewing him out. He had a very rough work day. Chris was upstairs behind locked doors, shooting pool, so he was unobtainable. And I had to change Colin’s hair there because his face template was broken, and no matter what I did, it only worked with new hair (Then Chris had Colin’s face! Which is why he was locked away!).

BUT! I found this post at MTS with using the GussyUp hack to fix this problem, and it has worked on every OFB business that gave me issues. Highly recommend!

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10 thoughts on “until you don’t”

  1. I have to wonder if, now that she knows she’s living on borrowed time, she will try to become the mother she never has been. I think it might be too late, though Ethan did sort of turn himself around. But then, he was always more sort of lazy and distant, rather than outright terrible. :\ I think this family is going to be left with some very confusing feelings once Meredith goes. 😦

    Poor Colin. He mightn’t deal with it the best way but it does seem like he has a lot on his plate at the auto shop. Especially with Erin showing up. Man, Erin – chew him out on the phone or show up at his house or something. πŸ˜‰ He’s not going to be paying that child support any faster if you’re wasting his time at the shop!

    Colin’s hair at the shop kind of fit the scene anyway. I can imagine he might want to tie it back while he’s on the job and the style actually suits him too. I’ll have to check that post at MTS though – that bug is the bane of my existence with OFB!

    1. I’m concerned how things will go for Caitlyn, I’m glad she has some strong ties to Luca, and then Nadia and Erin. I think it will hit her hardest. I’m curious if Colin will care much, as they are not friends at all, I am curious if it will just be a shrug sort of reaction. I’ll be checking in on Meredith as I go through this round, and see if she rolls anything that gives me an inclination that she might be warming up to any of her 5 kids.

      Colin did have it rough, I don’t know why Erin showed up, and started chewing him out. She’s still pretty miffed at him for bringing Zoey to Mallory’s birthday party and making out in front of her.

      The hair pulled back did grow on me, and you are right about it fitting with his type of work. I hope that the gussy-up hack helps you out! It has solved my issue thus far, and I’ve been puttering around with a significant amount of businesses. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Colin’s outlook is so bleak– besides his video games and his bitterness, what does he have? I liked his statement to himself when Caitlyn was giving him a hard time, “Pretty certain that this situation is awkward for nice people too.” He just accepts who he is – – but he sounds like he’s having to come to terms with the fact that he is, in fact, giving charity to “that abominable woman.” And he is getting a pretty rough time, with Erin, Caitlyn, and customers chewing him out.

    It was fun seeing Luca and Nadia’s place and family from Colin’s perspective, as well as his perspective on Chaz’s juggling (which made me laugh) and Chris being a family man now, which appears to be beyond Colin’s comprehension. I love Nadia’s kitchen and living room, very cosy. It was fun to see Caitlyn and Thomas a little more before Thomas grows up to a toddler.

    1. Yeah, Meredith is broke, he’s now paying out the nose for childsupport and Meredith, and Chris doesn’t pay *that* well. I had hopes that her restaurant guide would be decent money but it was a total flop, and she gets somewhere around 50-60 a day for her retirement, that’s just garbage.

      Oh geez, Chaz just whipped out those balls and started juggling, and the guy chewing out Chris was all smiles, and quite impressed. I can just imagine Colin having a good time mocking that! He really had an Eeyore workday, just needed a raincloud above his head.

      Colin hasn’t evolved with the rest of his friends and twin brother, Luca at all, and where he once had looked up to Chris for being such a cool dude, it’s not quite the same anymore. I think Colin has accepted himself when he was still growing into his grumpy self when he was younger. Luca and him aren’t as close as they once were ether, Chris sort of supplanted Colin, both family men with young kids.

      For a guy who dislikes both of his parents, he really has their qualities the most out of all the five kids. Cara is probably next for distant, but she likes her kids just fine, and has adapted well to parenthood/wifehood. Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  3. Your Sims are so gorgeous, and your writing is so interesting. This is unlike any other SimLit I’ve read–it will take me a while to catch up, since I’m late to the party, but I’m hooked!

    1. Thank you so much Cathy for your kind words! Please don’t feel that you have to read from the start, everything has improved since then! πŸ™‚

      1. I haven’t yet figured out how my strategy for catching up! I might just start by diving in with recent posts, then working my way back as I start to feel like I need more backstory. I’m really looking forward to reading your work! I’m juggling a huge reading list right now, so I will probably be a sporadic reader–just know that I’m an enthusiastic and very appreciative one! πŸ™‚

        1. That’s how I always go about it when starting new blogs, read new, and go back as I’m interested or have questions. You can always ask if you feel lost too, I can track down previous stories pretty easily, and I know that all my tags for next/previous are not 100% accurate, as I put them on much later in my blog’s life, and am sure I made an error here or there. Thanks Cathytea!

  4. Oh man, Colin, way to dump the news, lol! What a complicated situation. But I think it says a lot about him that he’s doing this for Meredith at all. He certainly doesn’t have to.

    I love their auto shop! But man, it’s been like 5 years since I played TS2 and I still remember that face bug! That used to be so annoying. I’m glad someone finally came up with a workaround!

  5. Colin really blurts it out when it comes to family news, good or bad. I thought at first he was just being inconsiderate of Meredith for her being such a terrible mother, but as I read on, it seems as though he is so laid back, nothing phases him really. The look on Caitlyn’s face was PERFECT!

    The auto shop situations with Erin, various irate customers and Chaz were TOP NOTCH! I really like the hair that you used for Colin in the shop as it’s perfect for working on vehicles even if it was because of the broken face template. Also Chaz looks like a spoiled little shit juggling his bouncy balls thinking he’s got it made with owning the shop one day.

    I’m glad you found that GussyUp hack. I will be sure and grab that for any future problems that might occur.

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