stars in eyes

october 2025
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Lainey Grimsley (24 years), Alice London (23 years)

narrated by: Alice

I moved in with Lainey after graduating from Eastborough, and we are finally getting into a rhythm. It wasn’t what I would have expected of living with my lifelong best friend.

Neither of us are exceptional cooks, but she has more experience in the trenches of the kitchen then me. Most of our life we had a butler and a maid, they took care of these things. It wasn’t until Grandma moved in that Mom allowed meals to be prepared by Grandma instead, and it required great insistence.

I drink coffee, and usually grab a danish on the way to work. I’m not fond of cereal, and am far too fussy to eat burnt eggs, or fire-stricken toast.

I spend more time cleaning the kitchen, then I actually do eating anything in it.

Lainey thinks I’m spoiled having all that help growing up, but I was still responsible for my own messes, and I can’t stand any type of filth. I don’t know what Lainey’s excuse is, seeing she had to do everything herself. My guess is that her Mom did it all.

She also started seeing a guy, and I only found out because I spied them out my bedroom window, while I lamely played a game on my laptop. I don’t have guys interested in me, I didn’t in high school, and back then, I optimistically thought I might in college, and that didn’t happen ether.

I have an inkling that she’s hiding this new beau because she realizes that I’m pathetic in love, and utterly hopeless. I never had strong feelings for saving myself for marriage, but I’m well on my way to winding up a virginal spinster.

I’ve been tempted to look up profiles on an online dating site, just to get experience in an actual relationship. But I always revert to gaming, and it’s not even my one true love in life ether. It’s just easy and distracts me from other things that aren’t quite how I want them.

It’s not that I don’t get out of the house. I had to drag Lainey down to the nightclub for the Halloween event. I’ve always been big on All Hollow’s Eve type of thing, and she obliged only because I can be rather persuasive.

I broke my own rule, and didn’t technically dress up. I just had this killer dress in my favorite color that I’ve never actually gotten to wear. So I christened myself a ‘water elf’ and prepared to explain my “costume” to anyone that asked.

Lainey slipped into a red gown, and threw on some cheapo vampire teeth and was set. She’s merely a year older than me, but she’s dated multiple guys, and just seems to really have a handle on this adult world gig. I hate feeling like I’m the baby in this apartment, clumsy and still inexperienced other than the simple peck I got from Isaac before he became sleazy.

Apparently, Lauren got hired at the nightclub, she greeted us with a giant whoop, we were in the same grade until she flunked at university. I haven’t spoken with her since high school though, after Julia got pregnant, it just seemed natural to shun Lauren for being so awful. But now it seems long ago, and Julia doesn’t need anyone to have her back anymore.

This guy came over, and started dancing with us. I thought perhaps he might like me. Then he put his back towards me and tried making moves on Lainey, who rejected him because she has a secret boyfriend!

A guy dressed as a paramedic made moves on her while she got a new drink as well.

Later in the evening, I saw him take Meg into the photo booth, and I don’t think they were taking photos, at least not PG ones.

He tried hitting on me later, and at some point, Lainey would say that it counts, but it totally didn’t. He had hit on every girl before me, I was a last resort.

I ran into Julia and Cabot on the dance floor, but they were pretty occupied with each other to get a drink, and it would have been awkward to try and dance along with them.

I seemed to be surrounded by people that came with someone, or wound up leaving with one, that after a few drinks, I just told Lainey to stop hiding her boyfriend. I’m used to her dating guys, though shallowly, I don’t know why all these guys like her. She can be such a narrowminded snot, and a betrayer, like dating Isaac in college after he’d abandoned his son, and Julia. It was very low class of her, but whatever.

By the end of the night, I was just glad to get home, and spend sometime with my cat. Thinking I should pick up a few more, just to get a head start on the ‘crazy cat lady’ persona.

I soon regretted giving Lainey permission to bring around her guy. Michael was his name, and he barely left to go home.

He was nice, and he cleaned up after himself and Lainey even. He even complimented my coffee, so I usually made extra so he could enjoy it. I confessed that it was all about the beans and being freshly ground.

I actually don’t mind the person, Michael. I mind the gnawing jealousy that I have never had anything like it. I want a hot guy to bring me coffee in bed too.

The best part going for me is work. I rented an office down in Old Town, and found that the flower shop downstairs was hiring, and immediately recommended my Grandma. She sold her Farmer’s Market when she moved in with us, and living on the shore, there just isn’t a good area for her to garden. I know how she’s missed it, she really hates just wasting time around the house, and jumped at the opportunity to get back into the work field.

She will pop in and share lunch with me once or twice a week, and it’s nice seeing family on a regular basis. But mostly, I stay at work until after all the shops have closed but the art gallery immediately below me. They host fancy wine walks, and are a constant dull roar of pretentious laughter in the evenings.

I don’t have many clients, but there are more coming in regularly. My main client is Ella. She’s thirteen, and everything seems to be rather gloomy with her.

I’d like to help her with coping with the things in her past, but also in finding the positive bits that were in there. But first, it’s this slow, up-hill process of getting her to just respond to me about mundane things.

She spends more time gazing out the window then anything else, and I usually get shrugged shoulders for any type of response. She only started doing that when she realized that I wouldn’t just move on because she chose to ignore my questions entirely.

All of my schooling, and I do not feel adequate for her. I can tell there is a great divide between us, she knew my family’s name without knowing me. That is something that comes from having my Dad be a past Mayor. I think she fears that I will judge her, but I am genuinely the most non-judgemental person I know.

I hope that the more we meet, the closer we might get to breaking the ice. I want to speak with my old professors to see if they have any suggestions, but until then, I’m going to suggest she gets a Big Sister to be there for her in a way that I professionally cannot. I think a casual friendship might be more beneficial than me, at this point.

Irregardless, our meetings are DHS required, so we will continue to trudge on, while she barely humors me. If the day ever comes that she opens up to me, and what her mind is thinking, that will be a day that I greatly relish.

Notes: Alice is a family sim, that doesn’t have great chemistry with anyone! She’s like Lorelei was, and while Lorelei did find a nice guy to settle down with, they still don’t have that high of chemistry, it doesn’t seem to matter with them thankfully. Alice’s aspiration moodlet was pretty low.

As for Lainey, Michael Abbot used to live in the apartment below them, she ACR’d herself right into his apartment on the very first day she moved in. Now Brooklyn lives there, but she kept up wants for him, and so she’s dating him for now. When these two girls were little, I had expected their love lives to be polar opposite to what they are now.

Some of the things that Alice is working with in regards to Ella, excluding the death of her Mom which is pretty big:

I am going to do a Big Sister type relationship for her. I’m going to pair her up with one of my current university students, I think a friend that is female would be great for her, especially one that is doing well. Ideally, Caitlyn would be great for this job, but she is seriously beyond swamped to even notice an advert on a campus billboard, let alone find the time!

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “stars in eyes

  1. Oh, I am so glad you are going to have Alice find a Big Sister for Ella. It is nice that Alice realizes she needs more help with Ella, although if she continues to give her that unconditional positive regard, maybe they’ll turn a corner eventually. Poor girl, with all those “big” and “small” difficulties she’s survived. After having read Ella’s perspective it was fun to see it from Alice’s. I really like Alice’s office.

    1. I’m excited to see if I can get Ella some friends (and good role models). I feel very excited about it! I had a good time playing Alice and her office with Ella visiting. In Ella’s post, I’d had them meet, and it didn’t go well, but Alice didn’t have an office yet, so this was like their official counseling meeting. Ella never disappoints, in giving attitude, and solemn looks. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I hope Alice finds someone soon šŸ™‚ she’s a cool gal! Their apartment and Alice’s cat are super, super cute too. And I’m glad that maybe Ella will get some guidance soon.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like Alice, I really adore her cat, and feel like I haven’t gotten to play much with her, so it’s nice that you like her! šŸ™‚ I’m really excited about the possibility of Ella getting a friend, her only one is Dean, and darn if he’s not all caught up with his girlfriend Evie. Thanks for commenting!

  3. A Big Sister sounds perfect for Ella! As for Alice, what rotten chemistry luck. Still, someone will turn up I’m sure.

    1. I am disappointed for Alice and her bad chemistry. The next generation below her (Caitlyn/Lewis/Rachael) that group and beyond should be alright in the chemistry boat. I believe that Alice will be the last of the bad chemistry/not enough playable group (hopefully!). I have rotten luck at changing townies to have good chemistry with these sims when I get in this position. I’ve looked up info on them, and adjusted personalities, aspirations, turn ons/off, and astrology signs, and can never get them above a 2 bolt, which isn’t bad, but they are generally mid to low grade boltage. While I have some sims with gobs of 3 bolts. I guess it’s realistic though. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I’m glad to see these 2 worked things out after their fight when Lainey started dating Isaac. Good friends are the ones to keep.
    I felt a bit sad for Alice that she’s not dating, and doesn’t seem to find some one. I’m sure she’ll find some one one day, and that she’ll be perfcetly happy with him.
    It’s good to see she’s going out though, and putting in an effort, that will pay off one day!
    I’m glad she’s giving Ella attention, and sees that Ella needs more than just a councelor to help her. The big sister idea seems like a good sollution, and Caitlyn would have been perfectr for the job, but with everything she has going on in her life at the moment, I don’t think she’ll be able to fit this in.

    1. Sometimes I wonder how good of friends these two are… they seem to have had a fair amount of issues over the years, and if it were my friendship, I would probably have let this drop to acquaintances. But they are getting along well now, and it is nice to see childhood friends stay close. I just think that it might mean much more to Alice than Lainey, but at least Alice has boat loads of friends, so it’s not like she’s lonely there.

      I really hope to find someone good for Alice at some point, I would have liked her to have a boyfriend at least! I didn’t expect Lainey to be dating Michael in this update, that just happened with her wants and ACR when I moved her in to this lot.

      I’m excited to play the big sister scenario out with Ella, I hope to include that when I play the university, it’s still a bit off, I think fall is when I have that scheduled. Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  5. A big sister for Ella would be a great thing, I think. She’s never really had a strong female role model, has she? She needs someone who she can have some fun with and look up to. She’s lucky to have such a dedicated therapist though. I’m sure she’ll appreciate Alice one day.

    Poor Alice though. Single Family sims are always so depressed – I’ve had a few in my time. I hope she can find someone. Maybe she needs to take a vacation and see if she can find someone further afield?

    Lainey’s boyfriend looks cute and seems like a sweet guy. Do you think there’s a future for them?

    1. No, you are right, Ella has never had a strong female role model in her life. She grew up mostly just staying at home with her Mom, stuck in the dark house, and now with Cesar. Unlike Caitlyn, who has all the strong women in the hood! Apparently those Traver men know how to pick them. šŸ™‚ I’m really hoping that the big sister relationship pans out, otherwise maybe Caitlyn can take over in a few years when things have settled with her and Thomas, but Ella gets older just as quickly, and teen years fly by!

      Family sims are in despair without someone. I have Oliver who is knowledge/family and thinks he’s romance, but he’s fine as long as he’s got a girl to smooch. Alice has years of pent of kissing desires that have gone unmet. I would need to make some vacation townies before I could hope for someone out in the “world” but I definitely will do a group townie spawn if need be! I thought I might for Hadley, but she really likes Neal (for now), and so I’m not worried about long-term with her.

      Michael is cute, originally, I would have said no, I didn’t see a future. She ACR’d with him immediately upon moving in, but all her wants this play session proved me wrong. So maybe! I don’t have anyone set up for this generation, or ideas. It is very female based from Lorelei down to Julia, so they all have to look into the townie pool. Michael walking around with a coffee cup in jammies.. super cute! I would not be opposed!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  6. Oh, Alice is just so pretty! Not that Lainey isn’t too, lol! But anyway, Alice is just too pretty to have no love life! What is wrong with your dudes? I guess she is picky, but that’s a good thing to be. I wouldn’t want to hook up with some guy who asked all the other girls first, either!

    I love that Ella is getting to talk to someone. Having a big sister would be really great for her, too.

    Alice says, “I think she fears that I will judge her, but I am genuinely the most non-judgemental person I know.” LMAO. Sorry, Alice, but I saw you judging everybody at that club and all of your friends in one fell swoop! šŸ˜‰

    1. I agree that Alice is quite pretty, I like Lainey quite a bit but she isn’t as pretty imo. lol on Alice judging her friends, she does have a sore spot in regards to Lainey and a bit of jealousy with no love life. As for the guy… he did sleep with Meg in a photo booth, flirt with Lainey, and a few others before he made his way to you (and he’s a family sim!! what in the world?!) so I think it’s good she held a judgement against him there.

      I’m very excited to give Ella a big sister type relationship, I need to wait until I play my university, so I still have a bit before I can get there. I hope that it goes well. She’s constantly in aspiration failure, and she’s not a nice sim ether, so she has no qualms taking it out on her little brother Manny.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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