winter birthdays 2025-2026

december 2025

The youngest Siew child, Tyson celebrates his fourth birthday this winter season. Unlike his big brother, Wyatt, he is full of energy and the desire to jump and climb everything in sight.

Caitlyn has survived her first year of motherhood, and found a routine with her classes and taking care of Thomas. She only has three more years to go at Eastborough before she can move back home to be closer to her family.

He inherited his Mom’s swoopy nose, and overall, seems to be a pretty decent mix of both his parents.

Lucy London joins her husband, Cole in the senior league. She’s already started looking for a teacher to replace her as principal, but found that none of her current staff qualify so it still might be a bit before she can retire.

Tyler Goss celebrates his 60th birthday as well. He intends to continue his non-fiction writing career. He intends to delve into books on grandparenting since the birth of his newest granddaughter

Notes: Thomas is a total “Luca-Lewis” kid… it is especially noticeable as a teen when I did a quick sneak peek. Not surprising that he resembles Luca, seeing that Caitlyn and Luca look the most similar of all those Traver kids.

I am really pleased with the Siew family’s genetics, Tyson is quite adorable. In the beginning, I had not been excited for them to have a large family (fearing all that black hair in my already drowning black hair dominant game), but the addition of extra DNA has really made this family much more fun.

I haven’t had enough elders to get over the surprise that comes with their birthdays. It seems the women just lose all their jaws, as Lucy demonstrates above. I didn’t think she had that much of a shrunken jaw at the start, but it’s really caved in with elderhood. Their mouths warp completely too. The guys don’t barely seem to change at all in my opinion. At least Lucy’s isn’t as severe of a loss as Abby’s had been, though I fear for Eva.

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14 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2025-2026

  1. Tyson is totally adorable, with all those freckles, too! And Thomas turned into a very cute toddler.

    1. I adore Tyson too, those freckles, and dark hair and bright eyes, just adorable! I agree that Thomas is a cute toddler, it might be his peak for cuteness… we will see. Thanks for commenting Emma!

  2. Yes, I almost couldn’t find Lucy in that face. It’s not fair the men have less loss of their facial and mouth shape! Thomas is so cute, but not a baby anymore! Toddlerhood might be pretty challenging for Caitlyn at school. And Tyson is absolutely adorable, the freckles!! (Plus I love your custom eyes).

    1. I’m thinking I’ll do what Carla said below and pop them out when they get so shrunken in, and I believe Lucy will be the first I try that on. Just a smidgen so it’s not so odd. Caitlyn and Thomas have an update coming soon, and you are right about toddlers being a handful! I am very pleased with Tyson, he looks like such a cute, spunky kid. Thanks Shannon!

  3. Tyson is adorable! He looks really different from Wyatt to me but maybe it’s just his colouring throwing me. Thomas is too cute and I love his little nose!

    Your new elders are looking great too! Females do tend to lose their jaw shapes though. I’m actually thinking I might start nudging their jaws out a little if they look too thin when they age up. They’re not having any more babies, so the DNA not sticking wouldn’t bother me. And if I lost the changes, like I did with Sam, it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate. Sam was a nightmare to redo, because he went from Goopy face to his current one.

    1. I am totally going to do the surgery thing, I felt kind of bad about doing it, but you’ve relieved me of my guilt. I just don’t like it. It seems unrealistic to me to suddenly have a shrunken mouth/jaw, she looks like she forgot to put dentures in or something. True on the DNA not mattering as well. I felt guilty like it wasn’t authentic to her… but it seems unrealistic to me.

      I am still seriously impressed with how well you made Sam over. Goopy.. he’s the worst. πŸ˜‰ And Sam is quite handsome, he’s really found a way to stick around in your hood, I like that!

      And yes, Tyson and Wyatt do look different to me too. I see more of Quint in Wyatt, and Tyson resembles Rebecca more, I think that Scarlett is probably the best mix, but heavily leans toward her Dad too with eyes and face/nose shape. Overall, they have good extra dna (w/freckles and glasses), and good diversity in their actual dna. Much better than Grace and Benjamin had, Hatty was the only one to get Benjamin’s nose, and resemble him at all really.

      Thomas’ nose is cute now for sure. This is likely his cutest stage, he’s pretty adorable, and Lewis was a cute toddler too (picture here), but I wouldn’t say he’s cute now.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. I aged Tatiana and Abigail to elder last night (sniff!) and whoa, Tatiana needed the surgery! I’m glad I did it too. She was always a pretty adult, so why wouldn’t she be a pretty elder? Abigail didn’t seem to need it. Her jaw didn’t change at all. I wonder if certain jaw templates are broken? It definitely doesn’t happen to all my elders!

        1. Oh my! I can’t believe she’s an elder! I still seeker clearly as a tinkering teen. Craziness. And now that you say that about broken face templates, that seems very probable! Happen to snap a pic of Tatiana before the surgery? I’d be curious to see if you had.

          1. I didn’t take a pic but I remember about how many clicks I moved her jaw out. I can just temporarily click it back and take a pic to show you. If I remember, I’ll do it tomorrow. πŸ™‚

            1. I just went in and took a pic for you but it’s not too impressive! I definitely only clicked her jaw out four clicks and it made a big difference to me at the time but I can’t really see much of a difference now. I’ll post it anyway, just because I said I would!

  4. I got so excited when I saw you had an update. There’s something about your world that just draws me in! It’s a combination, I think, of character development, rich visuals, and this amazing sense of place which you create through the rotations? Not sure, but it’s so enticing and immersive. I feel like I’m stepping into a new world I haven’t yet completely discovered. And your Sims are beautiful.

    1. Aww thank you so much for the kind words Cathy. ❀ You really brightened my day, and gave me a smile. I must say that your sims have really drawn me in emotionally, and in a very rapid pace, I don't usually get choked up for sims passing in other's games unless I've been attached to them over long periods, but I definitely felt it over Aspen.

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