the true treasure

december 2025
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(Prince Household Profile)
Eva Prince (51 years), Gideon (43 years), Linnea Barthelet (17 years), Dahlia (5 years)

narrated by: Eva

Recently, Gideon mentioned how he still felt the desire for another baby, though logically he realizes that we, or me primarily, is past that stage. When I unexpectedly lost the baby three years ago, I wound up closing my heart to the idea entirely. Dr. Morgan had been diligent in telling me how age was against me when it came to pregnancy this late in life, and I feel very blessed with three daughters I have.

We both adore sweet Dahlia, if she’d been more difficult like Paloma then he might not have missed having a baby in the house. I do not miss Paloma living at home as a minor, I much prefer our adult relationship now.

Linnea is mostly easy to parent at least in comparison to Paloma who seemed to positively glow when she caused discord. Linnea took her SAT which she can retake before graduating this year if she feels she can do better, but she scored a 54! That makes her eligible for half-priced tuition, plus several scholarships.

I’m still in shock that she’s a senior, even as her and Itzel looked up their SAT scores. Itzel intends to take hers again, she scored a 49, just one point shy of the half-off tuition, not that her parents cry over things like money.

Itzel is incredibly reserved, and is trying to talk Linnea into skipping the dorm experience and just renting their own place instead. I’d rather the girls live on campus, it feels safer there then their own house farther away from all their classes. At least at a dorm, I know that teachers and staff are around to help out, and campus police in case of an emergency.

I believe that Linnea is leaning towards the dorm, so I’ve stayed out of it other than a few subtle hints about safety, and getting the most out of a university experience on campus. I never had the opportunity to attend university, and I would have loved to stay in a dorm, even if my dormmate was the most annoying person ever, it would have been temporary and worthy of some good stories.

Work has been going well for both me and Gideon. He got a recent promotion at the university in the science division, and I’m planning the wedding of our good friends, Dave and Alicia. Admittedly, I do know Dave better than Alicia, but I think we are on our way to close friends.

Julia has been a great assistant, especially with me being in this wedding, I absolutely need her. I’m aware that being an Event Planner is not Julia’s life long dream, but she does the job incredibly well, and I hope to keep her as long as possible.

When the big day came, it went together fabulously. I had been mildly stressed planning the wedding and being the matron of honor, but Julia really saved the day.

We were all so happy for Dave, who has seen several women over the years, but never had any want him for the long run. We are all glad that he’s found Alicia to spend his life with.

With him over forty, and her pushing it, they are in a similar situation that me and Gideon had been in. But luckily she’s the younger of the two of them, and that should give them better fertility odds than us. They both want two children, and are hoping to find themselves expecting sometime in the upcoming year.

For the reception, I was able to enjoy myself as a guest, Julia did that well with clean up, and settling any debts with the owners of Wickfield Hall.

The way Paloma snuggled into Adam’s arms, I told Gideon perhaps another wedding might be on the horizon, and while him and Paloma have never had a father-daughter relationship, I still think he’d enjoy being a Grandpa. Though he insists that he is way too young for that, which is rather true, but sadly, not so true for me. I already know that Paloma is smitten with the idea of marrying Adam, he just hasn’t asked.

At the end of the month, I had been able to talk them both into staying over on Christmas Eve, I really wanted the house full on Christmas morning. I can’t tell Adam’s thoughts on marriage or a possible timeline. I tried to get a read on him, because Paloma has asked if I see a future for them.

Considering that Adam was reading through my Marriage books before dinner, I’d gather that he had at least considered the notion of marriage. But I still can’t sense any type of timeline from him.

They’re both cooks, her the baker and him the chef, that I allowed them to cook most of the Christmas dinner. It just didn’t make sense to force myself in there when I lack even a portion of their skill.

Dinner went well, I no longer have to worry about Paloma blurting out embarrassing things, or misleading her younger sisters. Dahlia happily took the limelight of the conversation.

Linnea does annoy Paloma slightly, it’s quite evident that she has a huge crush on Adam, and Paloma doesn’t have much patience for silly girlish whims.

While Paloma kept trying to shut her sister up, I just reveled in my family with Gideon. All the years of hardship, I had never imagined that I could have this peace, or a meal so fine as ours. My only regret was that my Mom wasn’t alive to witness it, she’d passed right before the truly good times had begun in my life.

It embarrasses Gideon, but I truly think all my luck came when I married him. And the girls really do like him now, even Adam treats him with respect, which isn’t something that all Step Fathers receive.

Gideon announced his recent promotion to Scholar, and Paloma shared her own news. With her savings and a small loan from the bank, she hoped to be opening her own bakery this upcoming year, she has sought the aid of a realtor in finding a good property that fits her needs and budget.

She’s still trying to talk Adam into running it with her, he just feels bad to leave his boss, Hazel in the lurch with the diner.

I couldn’t have even dreamed of a better Christmas, let alone ever thought to ask for one.

It was such a wonderful time, that Paloma and Adam stayed an extra night. Then they really had to get back to South Port, feed their kitty Custard, and get back to their jobs.

It’s hard to believe that next Christmas, Linnea will be away at Eastborough, hopefully not going boy-crazy ether. I really wish she’d been able to find a nice, calm high school boy to date while under my supervision and guidance. Time will tell.

Notes: Adam is not cooperating! I played him SO long at Eva’s, and did several dates too, just hoping he’d roll the engagement want! A Christmas engagement would have been so special for Paloma. But nope. Why does no one want to marry her? I’d really like a mini baby boom here, but none of my late twenty-somethings are cooperating.

I am a bit concerned about Linnea, she is rather shy, not as severely as Itzel… but she was quite aggressive towards Adam. I had missed all these failed kiss attempts until the last one. I posted those pictures here.

I did a full-blown wedding for Dave and Alicia, and I’ll be posting it all on my tumblr this week.

And yes, Gideon had the baby want. They didn’t TFB at all though, and I am absolutely happy with their current family. Even though Dahlia is so darn adorable.

Thanks for reading!
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12 thoughts on “the true treasure

  1. This is such a beautiful family. All your Sims are beautiful. I love the warmth of this family. And this is the Eva whose backstory you’d shared with me in the comment on my blog. right? She’s so lovely!

    It looks like you put in hours and hours to get the interior decorating just right. All the details in every shot are so significant. And the colors and textures are amazing.

    1. Indeed it is the family! They were scheduled to come up next, (I play/write and schedule my updates weeks out), so it was kind of ironic to me that I was discussing them when their update happened to be this Saturdays. Thank you, I do think Eva is quite lovely too, she has her father’s coloring, but her Mom’s looks, whom I always thought was really pretty in her youth.

      I do spend hours decorating, I’m quite slow and rather particular, but this house is actually a collaboration. It was originally decorated by Carla for this family in an N99 challenge thing (house downloaded from MTS), and over time, I’ve just updated things like the kitchen (this session) and switched things up in the girls’ bedrooms as they’ve grown up.

      Thank you for commenting Cathy!

    1. Thanks Emma, I was very happy with Dahlia’s genetics, especially since they are only having one. She is a good split between the two, even down to an in between-skintone, and she received Gideon’s eyeshape, so that was nice. Linnea is the only daughter to have Eva’s. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Well, at least now you know more about Adam’s character, since he kept rejecting Linnea’s advances (and with ACR, even if she is younger, that seems notable to me). But I’d be frustrated too, especially the missed opportunity at Christmas Eve, and with the generation-wide trend you are having with Sims not settling down. It’s interesting that he wanted to read the marriage books, though. Adam and Paloma are SO cute together, and I love that they cooked the holiday feast.

    I understand Eva’s concern about Linnea at school next year; I’d want my freshman daughter to be in a dorm/on campus, and then it makes sense that she’s concerned about Linnea going boy-crazy, but maybe it was just a crush on Adam. Family sims do tend to be a bit obsessed, in my experience!

    1. That is true Shannon, that we did get more insight into Adam’s character. I am really bummed he’s not rolling the want. What is with this generation? Popping the question during dinner at the table… Paloma would have reveled in that spotlight. Now I’ll have to think of something else, if he ever rolls the darn want that is! They were adorable cooking all the food together, wouldn’t they be so sweet operating a bakery together? Two foodies that are passionate for each other and their plates?

      I am concerned about Eva at school, so I’m right there with Eva. I wasn’t until she started attacking Adam with kisses, and clearly couldn’t pick up a clue that he was not interested. Family sims are nutters for sure, but she’s primary fortune, and I find them to not be quite so crazy. She must really be pulling from her secondary as a teen with her actions, though her wants are very merchandise oriented, cells, ipods, etc. I am excited to see her in a college setting, and see if we can get a first boyfriend started for her.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Oooh, I’m totally feeling your anxiety about Adam and Paloma! I spent this whole update going “ASK HER!!!”, lol! I agree that Paloma would have loved a Christmas proposal. Do you think Paloma might be the type to take things into her own hands?

    I love seeing Linnea and Itzel together. The dorm might be good for both of them, if they go that way. Bring them out of their shells a bit and force interaction with people their own age. πŸ™‚ And dorms are so fun to play too.

    It was really nice to see Julia doing so well assisting at Dave and Alicia’s (gorgeous) wedding. I can’t remember if you’ve said what she wants to do instead, if not events planning?

    I can’t see Eva and Gideon having another baby, even though both you and I have had 50+ women fall pregnant before. What are the chances of two flukes like that in one game? I’ve probably just jinxed both of us now!

    Dahlia is so beautiful. I cannot imagine how stunning she’ll be as a teen!

    1. I don’t know if Paloma would propose, I think she’d be more traditional especially after Oliver dumped her… I’m really set on the idea of someone rolling the want to actually marry her. I equally love and hate that Adam hasn’t rolled the want, the stipulation I set (of a marriage or engagement want), it’s keeping her at a slower pace, otherwise she’d be married and with kids by now for sure.

      Linnea and Itzel are sweet friends, very similar personalities. I think a dorm would be best for them, pull Itzel out of her shell, and more fun to play too.

      Julia did great, I am sort of attached to her in the Event Planner career. Her ideal job is actually a journalist, but there hasn’t been any openings yet.

      Very true on the odds not being likely for another 50+ pregnancy. And I am okay with it. I like when the situations like this happen, though Dahlia is super cute, that it would have been fun to see their genetics another time. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. A wonderful update

    Can wait to see her in university and I hope she isn’t boy crazy as well.

    Adam seems like the traditional type that would want more financially stability before becoming a family. Maybe next Christmas ? πŸ™‚

    It’s so touching and heart warming that they are having such good times I remember a time when the Christmas scene wouldn’t be anywhere near in reach for this family

    1. I’m excited for the university with the girls too, and the boy crazy… oh boy! I hope she keeps her head.

      True that Adam could be waiting for some more financial security. She’s been saving for the bakery, and it takes quite a bit of money, and focus.

      And yes, so true about this family. I really don’t enjoy setting the “table” for these things, but this family has really come such a long way, that I really wanted them to have that memory. Thank you for commenting Starr!

  5. I kind of hope she IS boy crazy but then again I do love romance sims. πŸ™‚

    Like the others, I love this family and I really like their individual storylines. So glad so see Paloma acting more like a grown-up than a heartbroken puppy and come on, Adam! Just ask her.

    1. I need to see if she’s allowed birth control, if she is, then I’d feel more comfortable with some boy craziness. Paloma seems to be doing pretty good, no Oliver wants while home for Christmas. And yes, I want Adam to roll the want yesterday! Thanks for commenting Simnovoris!

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