short break 

I didn’t want to sneak off without some words, was going to add it to this weeks update, but alas, there isn’t going to be one. Heading east for my sister’s wedding, have vacation, summer activities, company, and flooding damage to repair, so I’m taking a short break from the sims. I’ll be around on Twitter and goodreads when I can, just going to focus the bit of free time I have on some other creative energies that I’ve been neglecting (littlest wants a knit dolly, I have a book that’s three chapters shy from another round of edits), and get out to enjoy the sunshine while we have it. I would guess in 3-5 weeks I’ll be back, could be sooner if my basement gets recarpeted, and drywall put back up, just isn’t a cozy environment since the flooding. 

I will see you and your sims again shortly! xox


6 thoughts on “short break 

  1. Sounds great, Maisie, with all the special events, creativity, and hopefully a cozy place to play when you come back to it. Have a great time, bon voyage, and best of luck with the edits and repairs!

    1. Thank you Shannon! The trip was great, and I did get quite a few items checked off my list. Nearly a cozy place to play, no more a mildew smell, so I’m quite happy about that! And knit dolly is nearly finished up. 🙂

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