february 2026
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(Siew Household Profile)
Quint Siew (36 years), Rebecca (36 years), Scarlett (16 years), Elodie (10 years), Wyatt (7 years), Tyson (4 years)

narrated by: Quint

When I graduated from the online university, I had hoped to land a bit higher in the detective world, instead of a Gumshoe. I had kept my optimism through those times, realizing that it might be tight and perhaps, Rebecca would need to go back to full-time hours, but that eventually we’d land on top. We were never going to be on top of anything with me in construction, killing myself with the long hours and hard labor. Eventually my body would not be able to rebound, and I’d be a bent-over man with an ailing back.

But Rebecca didn’t see reason. She was emotionally charged, and for the entire summer we did nothing but fight and snort in the others general direction when we weren’t in private. Tyson was frightened, and the bigger kids were miserable, knowing that it wasn’t like us to be at such ends with one another.

By the time school started we’d both thrown out the “D” word more times than any hint of “I love you” and I thought that it might actually come to it. I’d even found an ad for some chump lawyer named Cole London being used as a bookmark in her latest romance novel.

Eventually I started to zone out, I’d come home prepared for the onslaught of accussations, knowing that no matter what I said or did, there would never be peace. I had no real interest in filing for a divorce, and I hoped by not being combative, that she might calm enough to realize she felt the same.

I had offered the suggestion of counseling, but she flat-out refused. Likely, she knew that she was a thorn in our marriage, doing her own thing for as many years as we’ve been married, and any counselor worth their wages would call her out on it. I never claimed to be an innocent in our relationship, but it would have been nice to have someone else point out her behaviors that caused many of our troubles.

Irregardless, we made a stronger team together, and we’d lose the house with absolute certainty if we divorced. So I endured, and hoped she’d see reason. I wanted to tease her again, about her temper and red hair, little jokes that used to get her smirking, and I hoped we would see those days again.

By the time October hit, I’d found favor with my bosses. They were pleased with my education, and experience in life, they’d even found use for my paramedic knowledge from back in the days when I was fresh out of community college. Promotions came, bonuses with them, and I found myself about where I had hoped to be with a bachelor degree. Each dent into the student loan seemed to subdue Rebecca.

I was able to relax with the kids more, and smile more easily.

Then, Millwood got a new indoor sport center, and all the little kids were thrown onto the soccer team, and freetime as we knew it ceased to exist. It’s amazing how the lack of time makes it difficult to fight, and count back grievances that one did not know they had even caused.

We found ourselves having family time every Saturday morning, even Scarlett found enjoyment in the watching the kids chase the ball.

The kids were not great, but most of the parents didn’t mind in the least. Little Nolan Millett was a very enthusiastic goalie, but he inexplicably always dove in the wrong direction.

Tyson was often confused by all the commotion and the rules were absolutely beyond his understandings. Wyatt always moved at a slower pace, but he was a team player.

Elodie was a great big sister on the field, she encouraged Tyson and tried to cover him so he could keep the ball in motion as long as possible. But he often went in the wrong direction, and had a part in the loss.

There even ended up being a fight against the South Port team, Roman Woodfolk got into it with Toby Welsh. None of us on the stands had any inkling what it was over.

None of our kids are atheltic, or particularlly bristled by losing. They love the vending machines. It quickly became a routine on getting a treat after a game, though we live only a few blocks from the arena.

We ended up reconnecting with the Welsh family, I was buddies with Reed in college, but we had a major falling out when his wife got snooty with us about adoption. It is great to have opinions, but sometimes it is best to keep them quiet when with certain company.

It’s hard to keep up with women relationships, I moved past the difference of opinion that same day, but Rebecca held on to it as if it were personally against her. Then after a season of soccer, they’ve let it go, and arranged for our families to take the team out for pizza after their last game.

With our huge families, we ended up taking up the entire annex at the pizza place. The kids were more interested in playing at the arcade than eating, but we managed to keep them all mostly in their seats until they’d finished their dinner.

Caroline and Reed seem to be doing well, which stings like salt when my own marriage feels like a phony lately. It helps to know they were on their own verge of divorce before Molly was born, she’s ten now, and it seems they’ve moved past their obstacles.

I’d like to talk to Reed about my own dilemma, but we just aren’t that close anymore, and haven’t been in a very long time. Rebecca had been pregnant with Wyatt when the blow-up had happened, and too much has happened inbetween to pick up where we left off when it comes to relationship problems.

Alex seems to have a bit of a crush on our Scarlett, which I hadn’t noticed until I saw Rebecca giving them some hawk-eyes. He’s two years younger than Scarlett, but I’m not sure she really minds. She seemed interested back.

When I got up to pay our bill, I happened to find Scarlett and Reed in what looked like the end of a kiss. I did not tell Rebecca that I saw it, and no one knows that I did. She’s sixteen years old, and it seems like something that happens when a teenager, and I know that Rebecca would flip out.

I didn’t have to wait long though for her to find out. Caroline had invited her and the kids over on afternoon, and apparently they were being lovey-dovey minus kissing, in front of Toby and Molly.

When Toby came rushing in, nearly wetting himself, as he is inclined to do, he ratted them out.

Rebecca chewed her out on the drive home, then had me discuss it with her. She insisted on a firm hand, that kissing was a nonchalant thing to do. But I don’t think kissing is the worst thing a girl could do, and it was bound to happen.

I relish the kid-stage, and will be sad when Elodie starts high school in another year. Tyson still loves to snuggle up, and isn’t too old for goofy kid shows aimed for toddlers.

To make peace with Rebecca, I took one of my bonuses, and put it aside to purchase her a mini-van. We’ve been in dire need of a better second vehicle for a decade, and she was thrilled. It also helped to distract her from Scarlett and Reed kissing, but not going steady, which they aren’t.

She fell in love with an odd-colored van that was a magenta type color. Not my personal taste, but I still love my pick-up despite not being in construction anymore.

We were able to get financing, and even got a deal from Cesar.

I feel partially panicked to take on another debt, when we are still paying off my student loan, and I know that my promotions are going to dwindle now. But the vehicle was something we needed out in Millwood, there isn’t public transit, and it seemed to bring a thin level of peace to our marriage.

That night a huge snowstorm came in, and school was canceled before six am. Wyatt was the one to announce it to our family.

We allowed Elodie to invite her friend Ainsley over since it was a short walk, and no parents would have to drive. Elodie worked on teaching Ainsley how to do some type of dance, and were super giggly up in her bedroom.

Scarlett even played some tunes for them. She’s really gotten passionate about country music lately, and has been spending a fair amount of time practicing on her guitar that she is actually quite good with it now. Ainsley especially loves it, which Scarlett just eats up, and totally caters to the attention.

The boys spent most of the day outside until they were on the verge of turning into icicles.

The month ended up on a brighter note than we’d experienced as a family in a long time, but we are still far from where we need to be.

Seeing the kids back to themselves with laughter, and smiles on their faces is enough for me right now. And with Rebecca not shouting or even trying to instigate a fight, well it’s better than I could have hoped after the year we’ve had. Hopefully soon, we will be back to joking with one another, and cuddling before bed.

Notes: Ahh I have missed the sims. I’ve done a good job of refraining, and getting things in order as I desperately needed to do. I still have a mega schedule happening with buying a house, tons of family/friends coming (two different groups, 3 weeks total). So I’m not completely back, but man, I’ve played so far ahead of this update, and it was partially written, that I thought why not!?

As for these two, I’m on the fence for what will happen with them. Rebecca has spent their entire relationship pushing her agenda, and forcing Quint to be the man that she wants, irregardless of his feelings on the matter.

However, I see Quint as someone who wants to keep his wife, he even rolled a baby want, and he doesn’t really roll those; its mostly been fear of babies for him. I took it as a way to win Rebecca back; he also rolled the vehicle want. I see him in a mode to save his marriage, and I think Rebecca would eat that stuff up. So for now, they are calling it a truce. And they aren’t allowed birth control, but neither have TFB, so his want might just be more in line with thinking she’d like it, more then wanting to see occur.

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “teeter-totter”

  1. I was so glad to see Quint’s work start to pay off with some bonus money and a promotion! And it’s nice that the new family center & soccer league was such a good thing for their family. At the beginning of the update I was certain that they were going to be getting a divorce. I’m sure that wouldn’t really help the money problems, though. You did an amazing job with those soccer poses; it looks like gameplay animations, or better yet, like they are really playing soccer as a team!

    1. I was very happy when Quint started getting promotions too! I had been disappointed that he had started off at the bottom of the career. I thought it’d be nice for them to experience some marital discord while also having to juggle their families busy schedules, and that was one reason I built the soccer field. It’s actually exactly based off where my kids played soccer back in KY. I thought this would be a divorce update too, but Quint’s wants really made me think he wanted to keep his wife and work towards their marriage. Thank you Shannon!!

    2. Divorcing would not help their money problems, that is very true! Rebecca would have to put in more hours at the diner, and they couldn’t keep their house, neither of which are things that Rebecca desires. The soccer poses were totally fun, I had a great time just having the family active at the sports center, and watching the kids line up for the vending machines. At first I thought that the soccer might be a bad distraction, but it seemed to help them calm down and find something else to focus on. And I am so glad that Quint is finally getting some money made, and doing well for himself. It was a shame to see him dwindle his life away in construction with his community college degree, and a desire to do better. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I’m glad Quint has been able to tackle some of that debt and that his marriage is starting to look a little better. I wonder what will happen in the end. And it looks like those kids are having tons of fun playing sports and playing in the snow.

    Good luck with all the moving and getting settled in!

    1. I’m glad that Quint is doing better financially too, this is a career that he can advance in as long as he keeps up the skill wants. I’m curious about this couple, they’ve always been my couple that I was concerned about in regards to longevity. Rebecca has just pulled Quint along the entire time, and he seems to have found himself and what he wants in life and I don’t think she cares for his voice on things.

      Thanks for commenting Jackie!

  3. Aw, this made me want to play my game so badly! Hopefully, this week. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m glad Quint and Rebecca were able to get over this little bump in their marriage. Hopefully, things will continue to go smoothly. Keeping busy seems to be a good thing for them. They do say that boredom breeds contempt and it certainly appears to be true for these two.

    Great that Quint is getting promotions too! All the busyness in the world was probably not going to placate Rebecca if he hadn’t started bringing in some more cash!

    My first thought when I checked this tab today was “geez, when did Scarlett get so old?!” She’s grown up already, practically! Is she going to college? I’m guessing this is her last update before she goes, if she is. Interested to see if anything develops with her and Alex too.

    1. Ah! I’m so glad that it made you want to play! Looking forward to reading the update, just saw it when I opened up feedly.

      I hope that things go smoothly for these two as well. They have such a large family that it would be a shame. That is a great quote especially in regards to these two! And I totally agree that keeping busy would not have been enough, Rebecca really needed to see the money.

      I can’t believe how old Scarlett is ether, Elodie will be a teen shortly and Scarlett will be out the door. It’s gone very quickly, I never feel that I get enough time with my teens. I need to start paying attention to last updates before college too, because this could very well be her last! I have no idea what her SAT score is or anything, I was totally focused on the marriage. I will likely focus on the future of Scarlett and her upperclassmates when I do the high school update, because she’s likely not the only one that I’ve overlooked.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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