spring birthdays 2026

spring 2026

Benjamin and Grace’s youngest daughter, Hatty celebrates her fourth birthday this spring. Out of all their daughters, Hatty takes after her father the most, even has his nose which none of the other girls can boast.

Ginny and Enzo Pacelli’s youngest, Domenico celebrates his fourth birthday as well. Unlike his big sister, Gemma, he is much more calm and reserved. He doesn’t enter Planet Java and demand attention, he’d rather avoid it altogether when possible. He is fascinated with board games, and creating his own out of paper when he has the time.

Mary and Nathan Gavigan’s youngest, Ezra celebrates his eleventh birthday. He was Mary’s last chance for a daughter, and she’s had to make peace with having three sons. Now her hopes rest in her daughter-in-law Lauren, who is not expecting, but that won’t stop Mary from dreaming.

In true Gavigan form, Ezra has turned into a tween with a lazy attitude, and a great desire for slacking off.

Notes: Hatty is totally adorable, I’m so pleased with her genetics and being different than her big sisters.

Ezra is a pleasure sim, and Mary still wants another baby and it is not happening crazy lady! Ezra is the kid that was cheating against Lauren’s Dad, Jared during a game of chess. I can always count on the Gavigan’s having terrible sons, excluding Isaiah (engaged to Maeve), cause he’s more than decent.

Sidenote, but Benjamin is going to be 40 in a year! That’s nuts, and even more so that Chris Holmes will be right behind him. Their generation has been one of my favorites to play, and I’m a bit sad to see them getting older.

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8 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2026”

    1. Ezra definitely resembles the Gavigan’s, very true! Mary is 59, she has her elder birthday next spring. Domenico is pretty cute, I see him as quirky and introverted with a playful side (games), but not so much video games. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  1. Hatty continues to be adorable! LOVE her! And Domenico has a really Italian look to me too, which is very cool.

    I hope Ezra won’t be as much trouble as Isaac! A lazy pleasure sim who likes slacking off sounds like he could be trouble though. 😉

    1. I’m very pleased with Domenico’s look. When I made the Pacelli family, I used some italian models and families as my inspiration, I really wanted to add more cultures into South Port at the time. I’m hoping Enzo’s younger brother, Nico marries one of my playables, he’s currently dating Erin, but it’s barely been mentioned previously.

      I’m okay with Ezra being a bit of trouble, as long as it’s not knocking up girls and abandoning them. I do not want that scenario panning out again for a long time. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Oh boy, another Gavigan boy to cause a bunch of trouble in Millwood.Maybe he’ll surprise us all and turn out to be pretty decent.

    Hatty is adorable.Sure, Benjamin and Grace didn’t have sons but at least Hatty looks like him the most.

    1. I’m really curious how Ezra will turn out, Isaiah is a good guy, and perhaps Ezra will turn out the same. Lazy slacker doesn’t exactly equal a romantic-womanizer. So he might be trouble, but in his own way.

      I am a bit sad that Grace and Benjamin didn’t have any boys, though I love my all girl family too much to lament over it. And Hatty sure does look like her Dad, I love that! ❤ Thank you for commenting Choco!

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