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march 2026
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Elise Schehl (29 years), Peter (27 years)

narrated by: Peter

Mom had been helping Elise find a house for us, sometimes Elise found it less than helpful but she endured. They found a great house in Lincoln Park last spring, but it had been gutted for renovations, and was only affordable because it had no kitchen or bathroom plumbing. Mom did the research to help us get our finances in order, and even helped us with the down payment so that we could make it happen.

We were able to move in last summer, but only after receiving a monetary gift from my parents. Elise did not enjoy humbling herself, but she wanted the house more than her pride. She really only wanted to move once, so she bit her tongue.

It felt huge and full of echoes when we first moved in, and for the first time, I felt like an actual adult. It is nice to think we can have a couple of kids, and stay in this house forever, just slowly decorating and making it our own, but it’s just the two of us for now, so it feels quite expansive.

We were able to get the kitchen and dining area completely decorated before we ran out of funds, so the living area is decorated with my old apartment items. I always liked my old place, and thought I had fine furnishings (excluding the TV that my Dad always helped me fix), but now it seems shabby compared to Elise’s fine decorating.

Ironically, Elise doesn’t mind my old stuff, as she is quite excited to start a family. We had an agreement that we could start trying as soon as we felt settled enough in our new home, which happened for her quicker than me. By this past fall, she was ready to start trying and it didn’t take much to convince me.

Both of our careers have been doing well, hers more than mine, but an Independent Graphic Designer was never going to make more money than a Sports Marketer. It’s one reason why I would take the time off of work to take care of the kids, because I can do it from home already.

We have a den at the back of the house, and I’ve mostly taken it over as my art studio. It’s not quite as large as I’d like it to be, but it is my own space and beats being crammed into a corner.

Elise’s largest complaint is that my Mom is constantly hanging around the house. She’s even gotten to the point of checking our mail while we aren’t home and organizing it on the dining table. Mom’s behavior doesn’t get my hackles up, but I grew up with a twin sister. I had never known was loneliness was until I’d moved out as an adult, so I don’t have personal space boundaries.

I had made another mistake when I shared with my Mom that we were trying for a baby. Suddenly she was coming over to cook all sorts of dinners for us. Some were for that evening and others were for the freezer, and I thought it was fantastic. Mom has always been the best cook, which works well since she’s a top chef. She wants to share with us her exceptional talent, and I am in support of that.

However, Elise declared that if she had to see another glittering rainbow trout on her table that she didn’t prepare that she would do something irrational. Now, Elise has her talents, she’s a fierce sports agent, and can be rather intimidating, but she is bested by a simple box of macaroni and cheese. I have a feeling it will be a significant period of time before I see a well-prepared fish dinner on our table.

In the end though, I had to tell Mom to cool it a bit, and promised to have dinners back home when Elise traveled for work. Elise is partially concerned that our baby will end up loving its Grandma more than her, because Mom simply never leaves during the day. It’s not really fair against Mom, she still works but it’s second shift and Lizzie is busy with school, Dad works during the day.

After the holidays past, Elise ended up being upset that I shared with my family that we were trying for a baby. It hasn’t happened as quickly as we had hoped, and now she feels unnecessary pressure on her uterus to perform. If I hadn’t shared, then she wouldn’t feel like she was failing at being a woman with her own personal audience. I told her that was nonsense, and she’s isn’t failing. We’ve only been trying since October, that’s only six months.

Elise wouldn’t listen though and called Dr. Morgan to see if something was wrong with her. But they won’t even see her until it’s been a year of trying.

Everyone has told us that it can take time, but Elise needs things scheduled. When things don’t go according to plan, she bunches up in her shoulders, loses the appearance of a neck, and takes the frustration out on television remotes and salad bowls.

She’s pretty much talked herself into being infertile, and thinks we will end up adopting, or find a surrogate. She even asked if my sister would do that for us. I can’t even begin to consider these things, and wish that she’d lighten up. I’ve told her numerous times that the stress works against us, but there is no way I can get her to relax.

I try to keep positive during the day, but at night I start getting this gnawing feeling that perhaps Elise is right, that she instinctively knows the truth. We can’t afford anything like adoption right now, financially we would have to wait even longer if that was the route we needed to go.

Then there is the fear that it’s my fault, that I am the one stopping this process and letting down my wife. All the ads for birth control had led me to believe that pregnancy was pretty much instantaneous, and to find that it can actually take time has been disheartening.

I know it’s been bothering Elise even more than she let on to me, because she went to visit Meg to discuss woman aspects of it all. They bonded before the wedding, which is a huge relief for me. My twin sister is my go-to friend for everything, and this makes my life easier. I actually feel a little left out that they met without me.

But Meg is great at hearing disappointments, she finally has a boyfriend, some guy named Jaron that I haven’t approved yet, but she’s not where she exactly wanted to be at twenty-seven. Her head and heart had been set to marry Oliver when he suddenly dumped her. While she recovered over that relationship quickly, she’s still greatly desired a husband.

I’m sure Meg said exactly the same thing as everyone else, but it somehow made Elise feel better. I think it was the sharing of their ‘blues’ that did it more than anything else.

Plus she ended up meeting Jaron, and no one in the family had met him yet. Meg ended up calling me and suggesting a double date that evening.

We went to the Chinese restaurant out in Eastborough, and I tried to not stare Jaron down. He’s into horror, which is our obsession, mine and Meg, not Elise. And I don’t want our similar passions to cloud my judgement. Meg doesn’t want to waste time with someone that is just going to toss her aside for no good reason.

But I think that I like him just fine. In fact, he’d make a great brother-in-law, million times better than douchey Isaac.

Meg seems comfortable around him too, which means even more than my similar-interests with the guy. It was nice seeing her happy with someone. Oliver had been her one and only, and deep down, she was afraid that was all she would ever have.

As we left the restaurant, me and Elise were feeling more refreshed then we had in a long time.

Even if Jaron and Meg seem like the perfect match with their shared macabre love, I’m very happy with my feisty, horror-disinclined wife. And hopefully soon, we will see a positive on all these expensive pregnancy tests, Elise even said she’d take a Superbowl due date, though that’d be the worst timing, that and March Madness anyways with her career.

Notes: I decided that I would start rolling percentages of fertility for my sims. I’m making their percentage static, and will take that off once they are 40ish, because ACR does a great job of lowering fertility after that point. I like that all my young female women are no longer created equal when it comes to having a family. I didn’t bother with the men, because as far as I can tell their fertility only aids in their own impregnation like alien abductions. If someone knows otherwise, please share!

I won’t say what Elise has for a score, I will just say that if Delaney could have a baby when she was 52 with this score, that Elise should eventually be able to have one as well.

If you missed it, I did a partial tour of Peter and Elise’s new home. The upstairs is not decorated other than the bedroom (barely) and bathroom and as such are not included.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “waiting game”

  1. Ooh, I love that kitchen backsplash, and Peter’s porch.The wood floor in the kitchen is really pretty, too. I was so torn about Elise’s reaction to Peter’s mom’s cooking and being there all the time. I’d probably struggle with it too, even her concern that her kids would love their grandma more, although that’s probably not going to happen, but on the other hand, I was thinking, “Elise, always making everything so dramatic.” Peter’s assertion that she’d be bested by a out-of-the box mac n cheese was very funny.

    I’m glad he’s happy with his dramatic, non horror wife. And I hope they don’t have to wait, too, too long for a baby. Making the fertility of younger women randomized is a stroke of genius. I would have much preferred that to every young couple getting pregnant as soon as they start trying.

    1. Thanks Shannon, I’ve been pleased with how their house has come together. I built this lot years ago, and no one has ever lived in it because I just didn’t know how I wanted to layout the kitchen. I gave them the mirror floor on the main floor, I figured that Elise would want her floors to sparkle and shine.

      So far I am very happy with the fertility percentages being different, I don’t want my sims having babies so quickly, especially with all these couples that only want 1 or 2 kids, but can’t necessarily have birth control. This will help keep them from having 5 kids (or at least I hope!).

      I would be with Elise on this one, I would not want my mother-in-law poking around at all. I think of Elise as an only child, and not from a very affectionate family, so Delaney is mostly an intruder, and to make matters worse, she seems to think she knows more about sports than Delaney, because while they both like the topic, they fight nonstop over it! She is dramatic though, I think Peter likes the girls that need to be maintained.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Haha the epitome of opposites attract. I think these two balance each other out pretty well. It sucks that they are having so much trouble getting pregnant but hopefully they’ll be successful sooner rather than later. I like the idea of changing the fertility percentages, but I already feel a bit bogged down with all the tracking I do that I’m trying to simplify my playing a bit. It does add a lot more realism to the game though as youth isn’t necessary indicative of how fertile people are. I love their new home, it’s always so fun in the beginning, slowly decorating the space to make it their own. I would lose it if my mother in law was at my house all the time too lol. Too much of a boundary issue for me haha

    1. I’m not even tracking their fertility. I literally roll a d80 and then I make that their fertility and make it static. The only time it should be an issue for me to track is if they move house, because it all resets then I believe. I will likely track everything but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      I agree, it is fun to decorate in the beginning, slowly filling it in as they can afford and as their style expands. I would lose it too if my mother-in-law was poking around my house. No thanks!

      Thanks for commenting Jen!

  3. “Better than Isaac” isn’t exactly a high standard to reach but I’m glad Peter likes Jaron! It looks like Meg will end up being a nice support system for Elise too, which is great. I wonder if it just helped her to air her worries to another woman around her age.

    I have sympathy for Elise dealing with Delaney! I would definitely struggle with that, so I hope Delaney can find a nice balance between nurturing her son and driving her daughter-in-law crazy. I cringed when Peter told Delaney they were trying for a baby! It’s such a sensitive time for so many people and for someone on the neurotic end of things (like Elise), it’s probably not the best idea to broadcast your plans to the world. Especially now that they are having trouble. I hope it’s not something they can’t overcome, though it would be cool to see a surrogacy storyline played out in Millwood.

    I’ve never played with fertility percentages. Is this something you can set individually in ACR?

    1. Haha that is true that Isaac is not a high standard! But Peter did hit it off with Jaron. I’m glad that Meg and Elise are friends now, neither have many friends, and they were dormmates in college.

      I think Peter overshares with his family, he doesn’t have any idea on boundaries or what would be considered normal. I think of him as an oversharer, and Elise as the exact opposite, so this would be hugely annoying to her. And she is a bit neurotic, very true, which makes it worse.

      I would not be opposed to a surrogacy storyline, and am hoping that with the new fertility percentages that there will be more need for that and adoptions. You can set them individually in ACR. It’s under Sim Settings > Pregnancy > Odds. It says Dynamic, and I changed mine to static (for the younger crowd), and then under Change Odds, I made it what it was supposed to be with the new roll. I’ll put them all back to dynamic when they’re around 40 years old so those with high fertility don’t stay that way unnaturally long.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. I’ve never thought of implementing fertility of individual Sims into my game. That’s a really cool idea. I feel bad that they’re both beating themselves up over how long it’s taking to conceive, but hopefully they won’t have to wait too long. Their place is really cute and it looks cozy.

    1. Thanks Jackie! I’ve had fun decorating and am glad they ran out of cash, going slow is fun too and I’m fresh out of ideas for the upstairs. The entire third floor is an open space that could be a kid room, master, or studio, I haven’t decided. I think I’ll wait until they have a family and go from there. I’m excited about the fertility percentages, spice things up a bit. 🙂 Thanks for commenting Jackie!

  5. Yay, you’re back! (And so am I, going through lots of sims blogs at the moment heh)

    As you might remember, I had fertility rates in River’s Bend, too and loved it. I’m using it for Barchester as well because it just doesn’t make sense to me that everyone gets pregnant within a month or two.

    Love their house and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll have a baby soon. 🙂

    1. I’m going through sim blogs myself, I can’t catch a break this summer. Hopefully you’ve had a good one! I didn’t remember that about River’s Bend, but I did love that hood! So many great things there! I am loving it so far. You have so many pregnancies now, I’m surprised you’ve implemented it. But new hoods need babies, and it’s fun to have tons of littles to play. Thanks for commenting!!

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