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april 2026
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(Andersen Household Profile)
Benjamin Andersen (39 years), Grace (36 years), Ainsley (10 years), Isla (9 years), Tillie (6 years), Hatty (4 years)

narrated by: Grace

With Hatty’s fourth birthday behind us, we finally feel that we are able to focus on our family and home as a whole. With toddlers, there are more basic needs like diaper changes, naps, and frequent snacking. Now all the girls can mostly fend for themselves, that me and Benjamin don’t feel entirely exhausted at the end of the day.

All that doesn’t mean that the girls don’t get into mischief, and are necessarily easy. Just that we are now discussing the purchase of the empty land behind our house. I invited my aunt, Violet-Adele and her fiance-partner, Etienne, to help us decide what to do with the land.

We are interested in expanding the house sometime, though we figure by the time we get around to it, the girls will be on their way out of the house. It’s a hard race with saving finances while the girls continue to grow.

They were both helpful with coming up with figures and what would be the best way to build an addition. Violet-Adele suggested we bump out the back of the house, get a real kitchen with a dining room that could hold our large family without effort, and possibly be able to host holidays when our kids are grown. The mere idea of that makes me sad, but I understand the logic in planning for the future.

While we were discussing, I’d let the kids to play outdoors to their own devices. I should have known that Isla would choose this particular day to play roulette with a skunk.

I can always count on Isla to make an ill-advised decision, and cause chaos. Sometimes I just don’t know what that girl is thinking.

She hunted me down, and threw a giant tantrum that the skunk attacked her. Violet-Adele and Etienne aren’t particularly child-friendly, and threw just as large of a fit as Isla over the stink.

It quickly ended the discussion, they excused themselves to write up the plans, while I washed up my stinky girl. Out of all the girls, she is the one that needs to make the bad choices, simply telling her the bad outcome is not enough. I hate that she has to learn things the hardway, it’d be easier if she could just trust our wisdom.

She has a rough time making friends with girls, so most of them are boys. Even then, she is too rough for them. I don’t know if its a reflection on her, or that the boys in her class are weak, but she could whoop ’em all up without effort.

Ainsley is my nurturer, she is often found doting on Hatty and playing school with her. Hatty is very compliant to any of her big sisters’ whims, and makes a great student.

Ainsley has gotten bit by a social bug herself, she’s in the awkward tween stage where she’s happy to play make-believe but is also interested in gabbing on the phone. She’s still incredibly shy in school, but she’s found a great friend in Elodie, and you’d never know that the girls were not outgoing when paired together.

Tillie is our dreamer. While everyone else is playing together or with friends, we can always find Tillie off in her own world. She’s adorably sweet and imaginative, and gets along with all, but she prefers to be lost in her daydreams.

She likes to capture butterflies and pretend they’re fairies. She always lets them go immediately, afraid they’d be scared in the jar.

We are finally at a stage where all of the girls are friends and get along well. They aren’t without argument, but they come less and less with age.

Hatty just eats it up being able to play with the big girls and be out in the yard with them.

My youngest sister, Lily-Mae comes over to babysit for us sometimes now that we can trust Isla to not murder her sisters. Benjamin is very cute, he gets nervous and is always the one that goes over the rules.

Lily-Mae does great with the kids, even though she’s not exactly a child-lover. She enjoys the extra money and the freedom from the farm. While our brother Elias is excited to head back to the fields, Lily-Mae can’t wait to get away from it.

The girls adore their Aunt, and unbeknownst to Benjamin, allows a bit of shenanigans to happen under her supervision. I think it’s good for them, but Benjamin gets concerned about their well-being. I suppose being in the emergency services lends itself to the knowledge of worst case scenarios.

I miss saying goodnight to the kids when we do go out, but they always go right to sleep for my sister, so I don’t have to stress that they’re being naughty.

We had a good night out dancing, and listening to live music. We are trying to find more time to spend together now that they are older, but Benjamin’s demanding work schedule doesn’t always allow such fancies.

When we get back home, we always find Lily-Mae out on the sofa. She’s a morning person, up at dawn and found running on the country roads, that she keeps an early bedtime like the girls.

In the middle of the month, Mayor Kenzie set up a Community Easter Egg Hunt. It was nice to bump into some Millwood locals like Rebecca. We’ve just started hanging out again now that her marriage has settled back down. Previously she was a very negative energy that it was hard to be around her.

Our kids get along well, so they instantly paired up for the hunt.

The hunt was a success, but not without its hiccups.

Hatty had some issues, along with another girl, Gemma Pacelli with some older kids stealing their eggs. It was heartbreaking to witness, as Hatty had been tickled pink to be hunting like the big kids.

Benjamin comforted her. It was hard to see her so upset.

Ginny took care of her daughter, Gemma as well. It didn’t seem that the bratty kids even had parents at the park, so no one dealt with them. I think next year, Kenzie should divide the hunt into age groups so that the younger kids can have more fun with less heartache.

At the end of the month, I was able to witness a wedding proposal right outside Salon Sister’s windows. My assistant had seen the whole thing and called my attention over.

I went out to introduce myself to Jessica and Warren, and I offered to do her wedding hair for half the price.

They both seemed nice, and she was definitely interested in my offer. Something about seeing a wedding proposal really brightened my mood even further, and made me miss Benjamin though I’d just seen him that morning. We’ve been married for fourteen years now, sometimes it seems like yesterday and other days it seems like another life.

So much has changed since then, with four bright children full of personality being born into existence being a pretty substantial part of it all.

Thankfully, Benjamin and I have stayed strong through the years with family drama, a miscarriage, and sibling rivalry. Teenage years are just around the corner, and while I think Ainsley won’t be such an issue, I’m terrified of Isla and the trouble she will plop into. But at least I have Benjamin by my side through it all.

Notes: I do not know what caused Hatty and Gemma to burst into tears, their parents autonomously comforted them, and I was none the wiser as to the reason. Usually it’s adults fighting, but I didn’t see any negative relationships amongst any of them. So I’m blaming bully egg-stealers. ;p

I can’t believe that Benjamin is nearly forty, and Ainsley and Isla are on the edge of their early teen years. I hope to expand their house the next round. I adore this family, and I’m a bit sad that the girls are getting older.

Second round of company has arrived today, and school starts up right after… where, oh where did the summer go?

Thanks for reading!
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11 thoughts on “who will they be”

  1. Oh, this family is amazing, can you imagine what it would be like to have 3 sisters so close in age to you?? And I wonder if this is the last time you’ll play all four of them as children.

    The pictures you got of Benjamin and Hatty, and Gemma and Ginny, were so good.

    Grace and Benjamin have been married 14 years in game? I remember their wedding from 2010, which seems SO long ago (I used the name Francesca Dean and was blogging as a For Sims By Sims neighborhood back then). I loved the picture of them out dancing.

    1. It is the last time I will play them as children, depending where they land in the lineup of the next round, both Ainsley and Isa might be teens. Bittersweet for me, that is for sure.

      I remember when you were commenting under that name. I always enjoyed your blog back then too, and am glad that you came back into the community. I remember their wedding and can’t believe it was real life 5 years ago!

      Thanksf or commenting Shannon!

  2. I think the renovation is a good idea in the long run for the family. And poor Isla! I can only imagine how terrible it would be to get sprayed. I like how all the girls have distinct personalities and can still get along reasonably well. Their dog is really cute too, by the way. And a community Easter Egg Hunt sounds really fun for everyone! That’s a cool idea, and at least now the Mayor can maybe get some input on how to improve it. It’s great that Benjamin and Grace have been able to stay happily married too.

    1. I really like their house too much to move them to a bigger one. But three bedrooms and four girls is a bit tight. As long as I can make the living space more though, it will be alright. Bunkbeds save the day! Thanks on their dog, I thought she was pretty adorable too. Grace and Benjamin have one of my better marriages in game, they’ve stayed strong through all the years and been pretty happy together. They are a favorite of mine. 🙂 Thanks for commenting Jackie!

  3. So jealous of this family, as I think I’ve said every time since Hatty was born, lol! They really are adorable. And even Isla has settled down a little, so things are going well for them.

    The Easter egg hunt was so cute, even if there were a few tears. I reckon they’d be quite common at Easter egg hunts anyway. 😉 And kids cry for weird reasons all the time, so it seems to fit quite well that Gemma and Hatty were crying for no reason you could gather!

    Have we seen Jessica and Warren before? I’m not sure if I remember reading about them before but I assume they’re playable NPCs. How fun for Grace to see a proposal right outside her work! I can see how that might make her a bit wistful for Benjamin – that time was so long ago for them now and Jessica and Warren are only just beginning.

    1. Isla has settled! She now likes all of her immediate family and that has helped a ton. Crying at Easter egg hunts are quite common, that is for sure.

      Jessica is a Picaso, Matt’s ex-wife. She’s been dating Warren for sometime behind the scenes, but I never pulled the trigger in case they had better chemistry with one of my playables. As they are both getting older now, I decided to fulfill their engagement wants. Flint and Jett (her twins) are upperclassmen at the high school, and one of them really hates Warren, I am thinking I’ll post some photos of them on my tumblr when I get around to playing the game again. As for Warren, he is Miriam (kindergarten teachers) brother. He is listed on the very first pnpc family profile, but that is about it for the blog (and man that page is outdated again). He sticks to himself for the most part though.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

        1. I forget about her sometimes too. I see her twin boys much more than her, usually she doesn’t pop onto lots, so it’s only at The Red Mill that I see her, she’s a waitress there.

  4. Oh those girls are just so cute! So glad Isla has stopped fighting her sisters, and good Jessica has found another guy. Hopefully he’ll be better than Matthew.

    1. Warren is worlds better than Matthew, they aren’t even similar at all. I think that Jessica has lucked out with Warren for sure. I sort of want them to have a baby, though he’s 48 and she’s 37, so it depends when I get back for wedding and all that. I’m also glad that Isla is friendly with her sisters now, she was quite a tyrany beforehand, still is when it comes to school kids. Thanks for commenting Fini!

  5. I love the distinct personalities that the girls have and how well you described them. I can’t wait to see more of it when they’re older. It’s understandable why Grace feels the way she does about Ainsley and Isla but then I think of Julia and Hadley and there was probably no one who thought Julia would end up in the situation she did. Maybe I’m just projecting. I am happy Grace and Benjamin got to go out on their date nigh and are making an effort to do it a bit more often.

Thanks for commenting!

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