Browning, Traver Family

tulips in spring

may 2026
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(Browning Household Profile)
Luca Browning (31 years), Nadia (30 years), Kai (10 years), Mavis (3 years)

narrated by: Nadia

Luca has thoroughly enjoyed raising Mavis, and teaching her things that Kai already knew when we started dating. Unfortunately, I don’t think Mavis got the memo, and she’s often rather distracted when he’s trying to impress onto her something great like a nursery rhyme.

Next fall she will be off to school, and he’s concerned that she will be on the low end of the curve. But that is more than a year away, and she has plenty of time to get studious even after she starts preschool.

I’m so happy that Lorelei and Marshal finally had a baby. Years ago, it was rough being around Marshal, as we had dated very briefly. But now it seems like I was a different person and I couldn’t be happier being with Luca now.

Penelope and Mavis really enjoy the backyard toddler slide. It is nice allowing them to play at the house, instead of always going to the park and being wary of cars.

Marshal kept Luca company while he prepared the grill-meats. His Mom has taken a turn for the worse, and there just isn’t bouncing back or the prospect of ‘Get Well Soon’ balloons in her future. She never made a good impression on me, she even caused strife at our wedding which is a big no-no. But it’s not like I wish her to be dead, it is a mixed up feeling, and she’s not even my Mom.

Luca prefers to ignore it all for the most part. But Lorelei has told me that he’s talked with Marshal about a few things, mostly complaints about his twin, Colin who has suddenly become their Mom’s caretaker.

The party ended up getting rained out, much to Mavis’ disappointment.

If Penelope hadn’t been hilariously chewing on the feet of the dolls, then Mavis might have fussed much longer. As it was, she was thoroughly delighted in the ways a ‘baby’ plays with toys.

Penelope isn’t exactly interesting to Kai, and while we spent the rest of the evening visiting with the Krouse family, he wound up in his bedroom. I think that Luca is hoping that Mavis takes after Kai, who is very studious, and eager to learn how everything works.

She just may, she does enjoy bedtime stories, but even if she has a similar taste for a hobby, she’s much more goofy than Kai is. Luca and Mavis have a special bond, she’s definitely her Daddy’s little princess, and I may feel a bit envious, if I didn’t have such a buddy with Kai.

After getting the kids into bed, Luca approached me about having another baby. Neither of us just wanted two, but with my new bookstore venture still being on the new end, it made me nervous financially. Plus having a three bedroom house meant that the kids would have to bunk up, depending on what the baby is, and Kai is nearing his teen years, though I’m still in denial.

Being that Kai is getting older though, I was inclined to be more impulsive this time. I don’t want Mavis to be nearing her teen years when we decide for a third child. I think Luca was surprised in my more emotional decision, but I think it’s the right one, and he is thrilled.

I don’t want to wait until Mavis is as old as Kai, I don’t know if I’d adjust well going back to diapers and bottles if I did. Right now, Mavis will be heading to preschool in fifteen months, depending how quickly we do get pregnant, we may have two young children at home during the day, but only for a short period. I’m tentatively excited to have a new baby, and get to see who they look like and what their personality will be.

Poor Mavis, has a difficult time being told no when it comes to playing on her slide. She’s obsessed with it, I’ll have to purchase an extra warm snowsuit for her this winter so she can continue to utilize it.

I’m the one that got the phone call from the hospital, Luca had gone to Chris’ house to change the oil in my car.

That began the three day hospital stay, where I barely saw Luca at all. It just wasn’t plausible for Mavis and Kai to spend so much time at the hospital.

If Luca was looking for remorse or closure with his Mom, she didn’t seem inclined to give any. She was mostly quiet, and unattached as she has been for as long as I’ve known her.

Caitlyn was able to delay her final exams for the term, and moved into the waiting room with Luca. Many times she brought Thomas with her, and I watched him the rest. She wanted him to know his Grandma, though I don’t know how much he will remember later.

She seemed to rally for a bit, and Dr. Morgan was wary of the hope she saw in their eyes.

She wanted to press that there was no going home for Meredith, unless she chose to die at home, which Colin would never allow to happen in his apartment. I didn’t fault Colin for that one ether.

They were at the end of the battle, and while she had briefly rallied, and there was no knowing exactly when she would pass, it was imminent.

Caitlyn took it the hardest, of all the kids; she’s yearned for her Mom the most. I’ve tried being there for her over the years, but I’m more like a sister than any kind of Mother. There just isn’t a replacement for an authentic Mom, and I hate that Caitlyn was given such a bad card when it came to this.

Luca spoke with her often, but he never told me exactly what he said with her. He just never left her room looking comforted or at peace, and it hurt me to see that. He’d always wanted to know why she would have children if she didn’t want them, or if she ever loved them at all, though I don’t know if ever asked directly.

Aidan was given military leave and flew in on a red-eye to say his goodbyes. He’s been stuck in the Southwest region, and has been denied relocation to the South Port military operation for the time being.

Luca did enjoy getting to spend sometime with his siblings, it’s been a long time since it was just them, though Colin was scarce when it came to the hospital, he’d come, but he slept in his own bed.

Colin would bring his girlfriend Zoey though, and on a particularly rough night, he didn’t bolt as soon as the bars opened. He mostly stood around awkwardly, while Caitlyn cried to Luca off and on. Ethan rarely left the hospital ether, though they hadn’t been married since Caitlyn and Aidan were in grade school. It helped all the kids to have their Dad there with them.

Dr. Morgan delivered the news herself once Meredith had passed. I’d happened to be at the hospital, having left my kids with Erin to watch for the evening, and had been entertaining Thomas to give Caitlyn space to grieve.

The immediate family went into Meredith’s hospital room to say their last goodbyes before they moved her to the morgue. I stayed behind to watch Thomas while Zoey prattled on about how great Meredith had been in the short time she’d gotten to know her. She’d been a sort of makeshift nurse in the beginning of the diagnosis, and her warm memories of Meredith weren’t exactly welcome.

The next morning, I told Kai over breakfast about his Grandma passing. He didn’t exactly know her well, and while he wasn’t down in spirit, he did feel terrible for Luca.

Luca barely came home the next day, Ethan had broken down in an unexpected way after Meredith’s passing, and had been admitted to keep an eye on his blood pressure. Thankfully it was just for half a day before he was released.

The funeral was scheduled a few days after, and I was looking forward to having Luca home again. It has been lonely taking care of the kids, and I had missed his voice in the house and tickling Mavis in the evening.

I hope that his mourning goes well, and he doesn’t shove the feelings down. I’m not as concerned about him as Colin, and all of us are worried for Caitlyn. At least she has summer break fast approaching and Aidan is home on temporary leave to keep her company too. I hate having her out at EU all by herself, and fall will come all too quickly I’m afraid.

Notes: I rolled the dice for which month Meredith would die in and it happened to be May. Ethan’s reaction was very unexpected to me, felt bad for the guy. But I’m glad that he’s worked on his relationships with his kids these past years, so that he won’t be like Meredith when his time comes. Caitlyn did not fare well after the death ether, but the rest seem to be doing okay. Meredith’s eldest, Cara did not attend anything, and she was not upset about the passing of her Mother, they did not have a friendly relationship to put it kindly.

Luca and Nadia want 6 kids, and that is not happening on my watch. But I’m inclined to let them have another. Though I love their house, and it will be quite cramped with more kids in it. I’m torn on what to do about their home, they just moved here rather recently, a few years back… seems to quick to move again.

I’m a bit sad that Mavis and Kai are approaching big birthdays soon, it will be weird having a teenager in this house. And I can’t wait to see what Mavis looks like as a teen. And when they do have another, I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “tulips in spring”

  1. So much happened in this post. It was fun seeing Luca with Mavis, and I love that picture of Kai being so studious on his bed. He’s so cute and I can’t wait to see what he’ll be like as a teen. It was interesting hearing about the baby spacing and considerations, like having two little ones at home, but only for a few months most likely. And that 6 kids want (Is that their ACR number or a want that keeps rolling up? can be so annoying because even sims who seem level-headed will roll it when they can’t afford it, and then if they get it, they’ll probably roll 10. I’ve really liked the way the family aspirations work in Sims 4 because there’s a distinction between wanting a big family and wanting a successful family, and then there’s also just a family oriented trait. You know, though, I can almost see Nadia pulling off having six kids and providing for them well, in the long run. It makes sense she needs to be able to have time and money for her bookstore, though.

    Meredith has certainly been a sim that has had and caused a lot of pain. It seems like all the kids but Cara had some good closure though, and hopefully they’ll be able to move on and make better lives for themselves. Poor Ethan, he just doesn’t have the aspirational success built up to handle something like a death well, I guess, but I’m glad he came through it ok.

    1. I’m sad that Kai is growing to a teen, I really loved him as a toddler and was sad for that age up too. But I am excited to see what he will be like, and what aspiration he will end up with. I haven’t thought about it yet to even have an inkling, besides that I know he won’t be romance anyway. I feel like Nadia would be all about baby spacing and that type of planning. While she loves kids and family, I see her as very practical in this regard, not a dreamer which Luca definitely is. That is nice about TS4 with the distinction there, I can see more of my sims having the desire for their family to be successful.

      I won’t be having Nadia and Luca having six kids, this will be the end for them I’m pretty sure. They just don’t have the finances or the space in their home for it. Very true that Ethan doesn’t have the aspiration success to handle death, a bit of an eye opener for himself too I think. They both squandered a lot of their life, and while he has redeemed himself, still doesn’t change all that he did miss out on and lose. I really think Cara will be fine, Meredith kicked her out at 16 when she got pregnant with Rachael, it’s just been a long time without her in her life, and she’s a tad cold-hearted, wound me once, shame on you, type of girl.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. I’d forgotten that Meredith was even sick. But at least it’s all over, and Caitlyn at least can move on. Glad to see Aidan again, and Macis is quite cute. Can’t believe Kai is almost a teen. They make such a cute family and I’m excited to see the new addition!

    1. I think Mavis is adorable too, she has a very unique look. It was nice to pop Aiden in to play, I need to get a military base set up for him in South Port. I just imagine for Cara right now, I like the ones shared at N99, but haven’t added anything to my game in a while, besides all these hairs I am bundling.

      And yes, Caitlyn has less distractions now, well one less. Lewis and Rachael are a big distraction. I recently played the university and it was nothing but drama. Thank you for commenting Fini!

  3. Poor Ethan, sad to see his breakdown after Meredith’s passing. I hope Caitlyn can find some closure and peace. I am curious about whether Luca did get any answers or closure as to why his mother did the things she did to her children.

    1. I felt poorly for Ethan too, I really just pulled him to the hospital so that he could support his kids, especially Caitlyn, who he has a very soft spot for. But I was totally surprised to see his breakdown for Meredith. I can imagine though that there would always be a sort of softness in memory with an ex-spouse. I don’t think Meredith really had any answers to give, I just don’t think she was mother material, nor very happy with her own lot in life. Thank you for commenting Shana!

  4. Wow, I’m pretty surprised by Ethan’s reaction too. But you know, they were married and they had children together. Deep down, there must have been some fond feelings there, at least at one time.

    I think a parent dying when you have a complicated relationship with them would be incredibly difficult, so I can really feel for the Traver kids right now. There are so many things that a mother is supposed to be and Meredith really wasn’t any of them. :\ And she didn’t seem to develop a more motherly nature towards the end either, so they’re sort of mourning her and the mother they never had at the same time. :\

    I’m quite pleased to read Luca and Nadia are considering another baby though. I think Mavis would be a great big sister, seeing how she is with Penelope. 🙂

    1. I would agree Carla, there were fond memories, and many years together, that I can see it being still hard. The Traver kids had a terrible Mother, and very true that Meredith wasn’t any of the things one expects or wants in a mother. I was really hoping nearing the end that she might roll some wants for the kids, especially after I moved her in with Colin. Kind of a disappointment.

      I love the idea of Mavis as a big sister. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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