summer birthdays 2026

Nadia wasn’t sure how Luca would take the news with his mother’s recent passing.

But she needn’t worry, as Luca was thrilled that they were expecting once again.

Baby Browning is due in February.

Lorelei and Marshal will not be joining Nadia and Luca with another baby. They are happy to celebrate Penelope’s first birthday and that is enough for them.

She’s a good mix of both her parents, with her Daddy’s eyes, and her Mom’s profile.

Emma and Chris Holmes are a bit in denial that they could have a teenage son in their home now. Neither were exactly great teens themselves, and while they’ve been worried about their son living out their nightmares, Chaz seems pretty relaxed, more like he could be her sister’s son than her own.

He already knows that he wants to join the family auto business when he comes of age, and Chris couldn’t be prouder.

Eastborough University is getting another influx of students to keep the professors hopping, and the dorms filled to the brims.

Itzel London scored a 50 SAT, and will receive half-off tuition, though the London’s aren’t hurting financially in the least. She also qualified for the McCarthy Assistance Fund for being an adoptee, this granted her half-off tuition as well, and turns out to have a free ride. She will also receive the Scholar’s Grant and Will Wright Logical Application.

She’s assigned to Miner Hall, and will be majoring in Literature as she intends to be a Librarian or Historian upon graduation.

Her best friend, Linnea Barthelet will be doing what no Barthelet has done since Grandma Abby herself, and that is attend university. Linnea scored a 54 SAT, and the half-off tuition is greatly needed in this case, she also qualified for Scholar’s Grant and the Quigley Arts.

Luckily, she’s been assigned to Miner Hall with Itzel, and will be studying Art & Design as she hopes to be an Interior Designer at the end of it.

Rafael Martinez will also be joining the girls at Miner Hall, the younger brother to Julius’ girlfriend, Perla, he is happy to not be in her dorm with her. He is studying Mathematics with the hope of being an Architect.

Twins, Caleb and Riley Gray are also headed to EU, but have been placed in Westfall Hall. Caleb is studying to be a Meteorologist, and Riley is studying to be a Fashion Designer.

Lastly, Jill Popper (Henry’s youngest sister) is off to EU and Westfall Hall as well. She’s planning to work in the Business field upon graduation and is majoring in Economics.

Notes: The dorms are quite full right now, I’m so excited to play them all soon! I did not bother to do SAT scores for my pnpc kids, I just haven’t had the time to even be in the game to get that in order. EU appreciates them paying full tuition. 🙂

I’m so excited about so much of this post, and if all goes as planned, we are buying our house in October! 😀

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2026

    1. Thank you for commenting Anon! And yes!! Lots of YA’s to play with and see where they end up! And they are full of drama for sure. I just finished playing them all, and I don’t even know how I will begin to write it up. Thank you for the kind words on the house too. 🙂

  1. Yay for another Browning baby!

    Whoa, how could Chaz possibly be a teen already?! I am in as much denial as Emma and Chris!

    Such gorgeous college students starting this year too! And so many – wow! How many students do you have in total now?

    1. I am in denial about Chaz too. It is nuts to me! I am very excited about the Browning baby too! So far all the kids have gotten the freckle skintone, I am curious if the next will too. I hope so! I don’t have enough with the whole body freckle skintone! I can’t say on my university students as I’m not on my PC, and some are playables so they aren’t on my census page… I think about 12 though, give or take, counting pnpcs. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. You always make my saturday-afternoon! I just wish I would comment more!

    Anyway; yay for another baby! Maybe the timing is just right for Luca, this way he can go forward after his mother’s passing, and has something ‘new’ to focus on…

    Penelope look gorgreous! I keep hoping Lorelei and Marshal have another kid, just to pass on some more cuteness!

    I’m with Emma and Chris, I can’t believe they have a teenson already!

    So many new students at EU! I’m so much looking forward to reading about them all!

    1. aww thanks Tanja, that means a lot to me. Your comment really brightened my evening. ❤ I think you are right about Luca and the new baby, a new start and he has a family to focus on now, to be the parent he always wanted to have himself.

      Ugh, don't even tempt me! I want Lorelei and Marshal to have another too, but I love the idea of them having just one as it fits her IFS, and a woman who runs a business and is motivated in that department wouldn't be easily swayed. But oh my gosh, Penelope is super adorable! I can't get enough!

      The EU students, so many! It's crazy. I haven't even begun to get that update written, it's a mess of drama. And it will definitely be weird playing Chris and Emma with a teen?! Crazy!

      Thank you for commenting Tanja!

  3. Luca and Nadia are so cute, and I look forward to seeing their new baby. I was taken by surprise as well, that Chaz is a teen! I guess they have really come a long way towards being so responsible, and it is paying off with him being a calmer teen. Itzel has the coolest look ever, and aren’t those two Grays Corbin Gray’s descendants? They remind me of him. Jill Popper has a really distinctive look about her too. I’m glad Linnea got some scholarships and her career is going to be interesting to follow.

    1. Emma and Chris have come along way with being responsible for sure. Chaz seems like he’d fit in perfectly with Grace as his Mom, but he’s huge into tinkering just like his Dad. I’m excited for him to take over the business though Colin (co-partner as he invested money too), is not interested in that nonsense!

      Ahh, I LOVE Itzel! She’s aged up so nicely. I wish I had pictures of her birth parents so I could compare her to them. I can’t really remember what they looked like anymore. And yes, they are Corbin’s kids, he’s their Dad. I haven’t updated my pnpc page in way too long, but I have a photo of the family when I do get to it.

      All the Popper’s have that distinctive look. The Popper family is my eldest’s but I get them through their college years if they attend. I’m excited for Linnea’s career too, and poor Paloma never got accepted into university, and her sister got in and with scholarships. That would be hard. Thank you for commenting Shannon!!

    1. When I started this blog, Linnea was just born. And while that was years ago, it is crazy to me that she is an adult. All my older sims are getting so much older! Like Grace and Lorelei. I’m very excited for this new generation, and I’m hoping to go a bit quicker with my game years, we will see. You know how it goes, lots of time to play, then suddenly none. 🙂 Thank you for commenting Fini!

  4. I’m like Emma and Chris and can’t believe Chaz is a teen now! I also can’t believe Itzel and Linnea are off to college! Looks like it will be a lot of fun playing the university with a good influx of new students. Good luck with your house!

    1. The university students are fun, full of drama, and just so many personalities squished into the two dorms. I’m happy that both Linnea and Itzel made it in plus with scholarships. And Chaz as a teen, it boggles my mind. It will be peculiar playing their home now. I’m not ready for their kids to be so old, same goes for Grace, with Ainsley right behind Chaz. I’ll be a bit sad about Grace’s girls, I love them little. Thank you for commenting Shana!

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