Louie, Traver Family

progressive days

june 2026
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Erin Louie (33 years), Bethany (29 years), Logan (9 years), Mallory (6 years)

narrated by: Erin

I live in a household of children, when I ask Bethany to help pick up dishes, she always acts like a put-out teenager.

When I ask Mallory to lend a hand with picking up her toys, she throws a tantrum.

I know that the kids are having a hard time with the passing of their Grandma, and the fact that Colin’s girlfriend, Zoey seems to have moved in with him. I hope she’s on birth control, but I can already tell that she’s the perfect type for Colin.

I dislike her immensely. I would have been fine with him dating again, but Zoey’s a floozy, she can’t even wear proper shorts to cover her bum. He might as well have brought my sister home to live, Bethany would probably love Zoey if given the chance actually. But to really grate my nerves, she thinks she knows better on how to raise my kids, she doesn’t even have kids! She’s practically a kid herself!

With the kids’ behavior issues, and my sister’s lack of participation with the household, I just do not have the patience to deal with her. We tend to argue, and this always results in the kids being upset. If I don’t respond though, then I feel like I’m being walked all over, and I don’t want to teach the kids that lesson ether.

Other than all that though, I believe that she is an absolute featherhead. The kids tell me stories of how she practices her dancing in the living room to the radio, and wants to bust her moves on TV, or win a dance contest. I don’t even know. Logan has compared her dancing to a ‘brainless chicken caught on a wire’ and I have to laugh.

I went on a date with Nico Pacelli a few years ago, but it never went far. I had this guy Mika that was obsessed with me, that I met at Nadia and Luca’s wedding, but he liked me way more than I liked him. Mika still calls me all the time, and I just don’t know how to get him to understand that I am not interested.

More recently, I decided to commit myself to Nico. We had hit it off, but it was just bad timing for me. I’d just turned thirty, and was feeling sorry for myself. But I’ve moved past all of that, and Nico is a great guy. He runs the Italian restaurant downtown, and comes over on his lunch break to fix pasta for us.

We’ve been sneaking around during the day while Bethany is at work, and the kids are in school. But neither of us want to keep it under wraps like this. It’s been well-known that I always wanted a large family, and while I’ve let that dream go, I would like to have another baby one day, an actual husband, a real wedding. I still want those things, and Nico seems to want them too.

While we aren’t discussing getting married personally, yet; we are sharing our dreams and finding that we align nicely. Something me and Colin never did.

So we decided to go on a date at night, and actually introduce him to the kids. The dinner portion was amazing, I got a new red dress, and never felt sexier. He took me to the restaurant he runs with his parents, and it was nice to see that side of him, talking with his employees and friends. Though his parents weren’t there that evening, so I still have that moment looming in my future.

When we got back to my place, the kids were still awake as I’d instructed Bethany to allow them to stay up. Which isn’t a big deal, since she prefers to let the kids just drop like flies on the sofa from exhaustion compared to having them brush their teeth and climb into bed.

I told them about Nico, tried to play up the things that I thought they’d like, for instance the restaurant. I thought they might get a kick out of visiting it, or getting a behind the scenes tour. Logan took it all well, he’s always been sensitive towards me, and being the man of the house. But Mallory was not impressed, she scowled before I’d even started the conversation as if Bethany had tipped her off.

Nico doesn’t have kids, but his older brother, Enzo has two, Gemma and Domenico, so he isn’t uncomfortable around children in the least. But Mallory was quite difficult. Logan conversed nicely with him, but she made faces the entire time and acted like she didn’t understand anything he was saying.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Huh, ice cream?

I could tell that he was out of ideas. I began to grow worried that he would hit the pavement running. I always knew that my children or ex would be the ones to scare away any prospects that I managed to wrangle in.

I caught Mallory making her evil grin, and just knew she was on her way to tease Nico. She is just too much like her Father or perhaps my sister, Bethany, because I never talked back as a child. The entire concept is foreign to me, I don’t know how to even be that ballsy now and I’m a grown up.

I stepped in, and she unleashed on me. I was utterly embarrassed for Nico to see this side of my life.

I sent her up to bed, while Nico stood awkwardly in the living room watching the scene unfold. Logan seemed pretty nonplussed by her antics, that I wondered if she’d been scheming the night away.

Once up in her room, she stomped her feet and shouted at me through the floor boards. This was the first time I thought how lovely it might be to ship her off to her Dad’s, not permanently, but enough for her to see that she doesn’t have it so bad here.

Some Mom’s don’t want step Dad’s to help discipline children, I would not be one of those women. I hate carrying the burden alone. Nico didn’t linger long after that, and he did say he’d call, but I think we both know that the introduction wasn’t ideal and I don’t know if he really will.

The next day, Bethany decided to cheer me up by trying to make sushi from her time in Japan. We both know that she mostly fooled around and drank too much, and I was not interested in getting food poisoning from her attempts at sushi.

Then I found out that my friend, Nadia is pregnant, and I’d just recovered from Lorelei being pregnant, that had nearly ate me alive with envy, and now I have to go through it all again. I am happy for them, I just wish that I was on their same train. I’d love to have a baby at the same time as my best friends, and with Lorelei not having more, and Nadia saying that this is it, it seems that ship has sailed too.

We ended up taking all the kids to the pool, where Nadia continued to share her news and talk about nausea and how excited Luca was. She clearly got the better twin, I wish that I’d noticed him instead of Colin all those years ago when I visited Lorelei on summer vacation.

He’s a great uncle to the kids though, they see him more than their own Dad actually. That isn’t necessarily because Luca comes over, but that I’m with Nadia so frequently.

The kids had a great time, and while Kai is older than Logan, they do get along. They were all playing Marco Polo together, and I am glad that Logan has him to play with. Though Kai will be a teenager in just a blink, so I don’t know how long it will last then.

My sister hit it off with this random guy, and actually left. Probably back to our house to screw. It’s always lovely when I see her hooking up.

Mallory ended up making amends with me. Getting outside and burning off energy really seemed to help her spirit. I try to keep reminding myself that their Grandma just passed away, and they did get to know her some when they visited with their Dad.

The kids all played hard, Mavis and Thomas even missed their naps and didn’t get fussy until the sun was setting.

Mallory was quite cranky herself when it came to the cold shower after the swim. But bedtime was near, and it didn’t upset me.

When I got home, I could hear a party out back. I tucked the kids in, and while I may have come down like a hammer and kicked everyone out in the past; I didn’t this time.

I joined the party, and hung out with people younger than me, that had no kids and no long-term relationship damage. I felt old for the group, but didn’t let it get me down, I needed that time to unwind.

And my sister hooked up with yet another guy, I’d also seen him at the pool, and I wondered if she’d arranged for him to meet her here later after the previous guy was finished up. Many times in my life, I wonder how we were raised by the same parents.

The party was just what I needed, and the month ended with a phone call from Nico, apparently my six year old didn’t send him running for the fields. I’m thankful for that, because I need a strong man to be by my side with all these strong personalities in my life.

Notes: Mallory is a bit cantankerous, she also hates her half-sister Eden, while Logan rolled the want to be her friend so I had that arranged. When Zeke was little he hated Tyler, any time Kenzie and Tyler kissed, he would get raging mad like Mallory did here. It wasn’t solved for Zeke until Kenzie and Tyler were married, then that behavior stopped. I always figured he wanted his parents back together? And I’m going to assume that again for Mallory.

Mika kept coming over, but Erin just isn’t into him that way. She likes Nico more, so she’s officially dating Nico Pacelli now. His brother, Enzo is married to Ginny, you can see a very outdated picture of Enzo and his family (and Nico with their parents) here.

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8 thoughts on “progressive days”

  1. I’m so glad I found this blog! I haven’t read past updates, but I’m really looking forward to doing so now that I’ve read this one. I really liked it!

    1. Welcome to my blog Adana! And do not feel pressure to read back updates, goodness! I’ve been doing this so long, and that would be a ton of reading! Definitely got better over the years, plus a better PC than my first two really helped with photos! I always get nervous when people read back ones, lol! Hope to see you around more though and thank you for commenting!!!

  2. Bethany still *looks* like a teenager too! But I notice she did do the dishes after being put-out about it. It’s amazing she’s able to get so many guys to hook up with in such a short amount of time.

    I found it slightly ironic that Erin expressed that she hopes Zoey is on birth control; didn’t Erin intentionally get pregnant without Colin knowing about it to get him to marry her?? I did like to see her mindful of trying to set a good example for her kids, rather than letting Zoey walk all over her, although she could probably stand to be a little more assertive instead of aggressive.

    So, Nico seems sort of ruggedly handsome, and it makes me really happy that he and Erin might share similar values and have a future together. And he even called after Logan giving him such a hard time!

    1. She’s got romance in her aspiration, and the men in South Port are seriously constantly swooning for her. I haven’t even given her that mega boost because she lacks the points to purchase that. I don’t even have to play Bethany on a community lot, she just wanders off and gets herself hooked up with someone.

      lol on Erin and the birth control. She did get pregnant intentionally, and while I don’t think she’d change having her children, I do think she got wise on Colin and how he’s really not suitable for parenthood. I’m with her too, please no more Colin babies! I do wish that there were more ways to be assertive without aggressive in the game.

      Nico is from one of my pnpc families that I created years ago, and have always wanted to marry into my game. Nico is the younger, more handsome (imo) brother, and I love that they are in a relationship. I’m hoping it works out for them, would be nice for Erin to have another baby, and get to do things the traditional way that she craves.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  3. Love this relationship between the sisters. They’re so different and probably unfair in their judgement of each other, too, which makes it more fun. πŸ™‚ I wish the best for Erin but she’s also a little tiny bit to blame for picking such a hopeless waste of space as the father to her children, LOL. It’s like watching people IRL when you sometimes go “you’re going to have a baby with HIM? WHY?”

    1. Ha, yeah I blame Erin entirely for having children with Colin… though Logan was a surprise baby, and they were both young. I think of Erin as having low self-esteem when she was younger, and really not coming into her own until the past few years. Having Mallory was probably unwise, but Erin is a family sim, and I could see her thinking ‘this is my life, and I don’t want Logan to be alone.’ And yes, totally agree about people irl.

      I agree that the sisters’ judgements on one another are likely unfair too. I think Bethany is an obvious pretty, and Erin was more studious, and awkward in her skin, so their experiences were much different, and what they had to work towards, plus youngest siblings are almost always spoiled. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting!!

  4. Oh, I’m really glad Mallory didn’t scare Nico off permanently! Nico seems like he could be a great match for Erin and it’s time she had that in her life. But gosh, Mallory has definitely inherited a lot of her personality from Colin, hasn’t she? Such a little antagonist! I wonder if Mallory will warm to Nico as time goes on. A few family meals might raise their relationship scores enough, lol!

    Bethany must be insane to keep up with while playing! Letting things go sometimes, like Erin did in the end, is probably the best course of action. As long as it’s not affecting the kids, Bethany’s a big girl and can take care of herself. Too much stress to deal with a third child in the house. πŸ˜‰

    1. Family meals is probably just what I will have to do in regards to Mallory and Nico. She was such a pistol this play session. Logan used to antagonize her all the time when she was a toddler, so he could be partly to blame for her behavior towards him. Erin probably spoiled her a bit too much too, parent guilt over being rejected by her Dad.

      Bethany is insane to play. If I bring her to a community lot, she will automatically hook up with anyone, and she does that ACR booty call when at the house! It’s like chill-out lady! There are kids awake! But they are so fun to play, that I will be sad when they live in separate households, but this house isn’t big enough for this family as it is, so one day they will have to upgrade. It’s two bedroom, the bunk beds are in Erin’s room, another reason why Nico comes during the school day for some alone time. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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