Grimsley Family

by the light of the moon

august 2026
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(Grimsley Household Profile)
Charlie (41 years), Cara (36 years), Lulu (16 years), Jake (13 years)

narrated by: Lulu

When Simon found out about me and our boss, Clayton, I thought for certain that he would rat me out. But it’s been a month and nothing. I never told Clayton about him finding out, I didn’t want to scare him away, and now I’m glad that I didn’t.

We start school at the end of the month, and I’m already stressing about how I will see Clayton outside of work. Right now, Mom and Dad leave for work, and Jake usually wanders to a friends so I have the house to myself. Clayton swings by after I’ve given him the clear, and I make a run for his amazing, red pick-up truck. When he isn’t around, I totally fangirl squeal over his wheels.

It’s the most dangerous part, because freaking Millwood is full of nosey neighbors that are just walking around and hoping to get the next scoop. Mr. Popper happened to be walking by this day, waving all friendly-like, as he definitely memorized Clayton’s truck and description.

I hope he doesn’t tell Dad, being a police officer, I’m pretty sure he would kill Clayton. But he’s not worried about that at all. I love that he’s a grownup, has his own house and business. He doesn’t worry about stupid things like grades, or what his parents will do, because his parents can’t do anything to him!

Simon thinks he’s a total creeper, and just using me. But it isn’t like that. We actually really like each other, and if I didn’t want to go farther, than he was fine with that too. But he is an adult, and I would have felt immature saying no to that aspect of a relationship, so we have of course.

I haven’t told a single person, I wish that Simon wasn’t such a dud or I would talk to him about it. As it was, I ended up telling my big sister, Rachael, and she was not impressed.

She kept saying that it wasn’t wise, as if she had room to talk! She stole our Aunt’s boyfriend, the father of their son, and is now dating him. She’s delusional, and a total family-wrecker.

I used to look up to her, and think she was so perfect, I don’t know what I was thinking. I regret telling her, but I can’t take it back now, so I jam out to some music. The worst time of day is nights that I don’t work and Dad makes me stay home. When I do work until close, I just sneak to Clayton’s house for a bit and claim that it was an extra hard night.

On the weekends, Dad and Uncle Tim come over with our cousin Holden. Jake is a year older than Holden, but way less cool. He always has his nose in a book, even when the guys are watching the football draft on TV. They all play a fantasy league together down at the station, and Holden begged to join until they relented, but Dad had to force Jake. He obliged, but everyone can tell that Jake is not interested in sports.

But we all get along well despite our differences. Holden doesn’t treat Jake poorly because he likes books, and I appreciate that about our family.

I got my license this summer, and Mom and Dad surprised me with this old beater to drive to school. Finally my option for school transportation will no longer be the bus or Dad’s cruiser. Me and Jake get along much better than we used to, though I do still enjoy tormenting him.

We drove down to Makah Beach while Mom and Dad were working, one last summer hurrah. I wish that I could invite Clayton to these sorts of things, but he would think our shenanigans were juvenile, I’m sure.

Willa is known to be nearly evil at school, but we’re cousins, and she’s always been great to me. I’m glad to have that immunity to be honest, because I don’t think I’d have nearly as many friends without her as my connection.

My bestie, Scarlett was able to come, and brought her kiddo-boy-that-is-only-a-friend. Alex keeps asking her out, and she keeps saying no. But she kisses him like they’re dating. She hasn’t filled me in on her reasons, but I could never date a guy younger than me, or shorter! I know that Scarlett is really tall in our class, but that’s just more reason to date an actual man not a teen-child.

I’m kind of embarrassed by her choice of guypal, and have been hanging out with Bea more frequently. She’s a year younger than me, but she’s a load of fun. She’s not mean like Willa, but just goofy, plus she enjoys looking at guys of all ages, even adults.

Her little brother, Monroe is best friend with Jake, and is totally crushing hard on Willa. Me and Bea totally believe that she is encouraging it too, which isn’t good news for her actual boyfriend, Flint.

We ended up staying late, and this military guy Oscar came by and started hanging out with us. He ended up buying us a keg, and then the party really got started. Clayton is too serious to really drink much, so I’ve never tried anything alcoholic before.

I called up Mom to see if we could stay out longer, and she relented. Since her Mom died she’s been more of an absentee parent than not, though she says that she doesn’t care that her Mom is dead, I don’t know if I believe it. I don’t delve into it though with her, because it’s given me and Jake more freedom.

The Picasso twins ended up showing up as Monroe was attempting to move in for a kiss. I guess a few drinks really loosens people up. Flint was waking up, oblivious with his chest puffed up, trying to impress his girl. It was quite pathetic.

Bea was more happy to see her boyfriend Jett. He seems like a decent guy. They’re seniors this year, and that is pretty impressive that Bea could snag one seeing that she’s going to be a sophomore this fall. I’m a little envious that she found someone at school to date, it would be nice to have lunch break with Clayton or have him shove notes in my locker. I would have dated the heck out of Dean if he hadn’t been in love with some long-distance girl named Evie. I’m still put-out that I didn’t get the option of dating an upperclassman.

I had a blast hanging out with everyone, Willa will be off to the real world after this school year, so it was nice for a last summer celebration. I’ve been able to obtain a good group of friends, something I wouldn’t have thought possible previously, not while I’d been living under Rachael’s shadow.

Milo is in love with his sister’s best friend, Linnea, and she’s already gone off to EU! We are both juniors this fall, and we’ve fell into a sort of friendship that I wouldn’t have expected to have happen. He’s a London! Richest family in the entire county, and while I don’t have feelings for him, I sometimes wish I did!

I think I’m the only one who has even gone all the way with someone in this entire group. And I try to not let it change me, but I really think their a smidge juvenile. All their worries about things like grades, and who is dating who, all I have to say is, who cares? I’m dating Clayton, he’s in his twenties, and owns the pizza place in Millwood, high school drama does not matter.

Naturally, when I get home, Dad has to pull me back to being sixteen years old. He’s outside playing basketball and tells Jake to head on indoors. Good son, Jake that didn’t drink a lick of the keg, while I might as well have bathed in it.

Dad went over the rules, made me admit that I’d been drinking, and that I stupidly drove my car home. Grounded wasn’t even the proper word for it all. Even worse was that he kept his cool the entire time, like he knew I’d screw up, and he had this lecture planned. Not surprising, as it is me, Lulu the family disappointment. I struggle to maintain a C average, while Rachael goes through life sparkling. They don’t even seem upset that she’s planning to become a step Mom to her cousin!

So much for not riding in the back of the cruiser for school…. Dad said I might get my car back in time for the second term but only if I’m lucky, otherwise they are selling it back to the dealer.

The only thing that I’m lucky about, is the fact that Mr. Popper didn’t turn me in for running off with my boyfriend. I don’t think Dad would have been quite as good natured as he was if he had known.

It seems that with school around the corner, and me being grounded, ended up cheering Mom. Dad said that wasn’t the case, that it just takes time for people to recover from deaths. But it was awfully coincidental if you ask me. The next day, she was all receptive of Dad’s affection, and even smiled.

She’s been like a ghost since May, and now that summer is over, she’s all sunshine. Sure, that makes sense. She even got a promotion to Commander, which she is hoping to use to bring her half-brother Aiden back home to the local base. If you looked at my family, it would seem that my options for adulthood were ether military or the police department, maybe both!

Not me, I think I would have done well at dancing, but Rachael has pretty much everything gobbled up in that genre. I’m thinking I’ll just stick with the pizza, maybe run it with Clayton once we get married.

Notes: Lulu’s relationship was entirely ACR. She’s a family sim, and I take her as being very caught up in this relationship, and very naive. I’m not saying that Clayton is a bad guy ether, he is just too old for her, right now. She isn’t the only one in her group to woohoo ether, but I don’t take any of them to be ones to talk about it with her necessarily. Scarlett and Alex have (ACR), but as she sincerely refuses to go steady with him, I don’t think she’d be sharing that detail. Willa and Flint have as well, and that is it. Bea and Jett have only kissed. Monroe and Willa did kiss (she’s a romance), and he made the move.

Not much from Cara, Lulu literally stole the update. Cara is doing fine, she was a little low at the jump, but she rolled a ton of skill wants, and ended up with her first promotion in a few years! Charlie even managed to get a promotion too, he’s higher ranked than his brother Tim, and Tim has been doing the job longer.

Thanks for reading!
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8 thoughts on “by the light of the moon”

  1. Great teens update. I am so worried about Lulu; secretly dating an adult, drinking and driving? It makes sense she’s a family sim, in a bit of a hurry to grow up, and thinks naively that Clayton will want to marry her one day. She is so impressed with older guys! What is his aspiration?

    1. Lulu is definitely in a hurry to grow up, and prove something of herself, though what she’s trying to prove, I haven’t quite figured out yet. I put her through the careers, and she matched high for dancing (interest/personality wise), but she is not as dexterous as Rachael, she is rather clutzy really in comparison. I don’t really have any career ideas for her thus far, so I think for now, she’d be happy to just hand herself over to Clayton and play a game of tag-a-long.

      Clayton’s aspiration is fortune/popularity. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. haha, I feel for her too. I was always very ready to grow up, so I can relate to her desire here. But yeah, if she were my kid, I’d totally punch that Clayton in the face, or send my husband, as he’d likely inflict more damage than me! Thanks for commenting Simnovoris!

  2. I still have a bad feeling about her re: her relationship with Clayton. It’s rarely, if ever, a good thing when a much older person gets with a younger person, especially if the younger person is a teen. Maybe it will work out but I’m not optimistic. I pray that she’s careful, at least. And the drinking and driving? Oh man, she needs to get herself together and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

    As perfect as Rachael may seem to Lulu, maybe Rachael is giving her some much needed advice so her life doesn’t turn out to be so messy. Of course, at 16, it’s so hard to see.

    1. I’m concerned for Lulu in this mess too. She isn’t allowed birth control, so that makes me even more anxious for her. And yes, as much as Rachael isn’t be the most wise herself, she is giving Lulu good advice. Wait it out, and if Clayton is interested later, then maybe give it a go. Just different worlds they are in right now, hard to see how a guy his age would want to be with a high schooler who is also his employee. Just not smart choices.

      I’m curious how it will go for them, it was totally unexpected by me, so I am looking forward to seeing it unfold. Thanks for commenting Fabi!

  3. How old is Clayton? 16 is the age of consent here and I would feel differently about him depending on if he was 20 or 30. So maybe he’s a creeper and maybe he’s not, but even if he’s not, it doesn’t sound like this is a good relationship from Lulu’s side of things anyway. It’s concerning that she’s had sex with him because she felt it would be immature of her not to. I know that’s a mindset girls can get into but geez…no one would want their daughter to fall victim to it.

    Sigh. Lulu’s getting into a lot of things she’s not ready for right now and I think we can only hope she pulls her own head in before some sort of disaster strikes. She was lucky she got home in one piece in order to be grounded, quite frankly! That could have gone very differently.

    It just struck me how differently I might have read this 20 years ago! Now I feel like Lulu’s mum, lol!

    1. Ok so I had to boot the game to find Clayton’s age with ACR, he’s 26, a fortune/popularity sim. I don’t think that he’s a creeper, but I definitely think he shouldn’t be with an underage employee, not very smart. I don’t really see what he gets out of it, so perhaps he really did fall for her. He did pop up at EU as someone booty called him, and he rejected them… so there’s that. I was following him around the entire dorm, making sure he didn’t cheat on Lulu! It almost seems that Lulu needs Rachael to keep her in line, and I hope that Jake doesn’t get any wild hairs when he’s a bit older. Lulu was such a straight arrow when she was in middle school.

      Oh man, if I were Lulu, I’d totally be like, ‘no sweat!’ but now, as an adult, I’m like you! Funny how perspective changes. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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