fall birthdays 2026

Hazel and Jude Woodfolk have officially left the childhood years behind in their household. Their youngest, Roman joins his big brother and sister. He’s all about having a good time, making people laugh, and getting out of hardwork as much as possible.

Jared and Delaney are not sad that their youngest daughter, Lizzie is leaving the elementary school. They are both wishing they could retire, and the older their daughter gets, the closer they get to sending her to college, something they are hoping to save money for once they finish paying off the debt from their other children.

Lizzie had some strong demands as a child, but she’s growing up much more subdued and mature than her older sisters were as teens. Jared thinks it’s his own influence, as he’s older and less capable of keeping up with high-theatrics. They both enjoy working on their train set together, and reading books on their electronic devices.

Enzo and Ginny Pacelli’s oldest daughter, Gemma celebrates her birthday as well. She’s been a terror to the employees at Planet Java for years, and very soon, she will be working on the floor as a one-day owner. She can barely wait to boss the crew around, and get her least favorite employees fired!

Nadia and Luca are four months pregnant, and went in for their routine sonogram appointment, only to find that they were having twins.

Luca was thrilled, while Nadia needed much more time to catch up. Having a third baby had been an emotional decision for her, wanting Mavis to have a little brother or sister that was close in age to her. There wasn’t room in their three bedroom house for four kids! They were going to need bunk beds, and what if it was like Luca and his twin Colin, and it was same-sex twins, then that’d be three kids in one bedroom. It was way too much for Nadia, especially with her bookstore needing her, she could sneak one infant in, but not twins!

Luca was able to calm her down enough, and she feels slightly better about being so much larger this time than last. But she’s still really concerned about their home, which she loves and hates the idea of leaving, not to mention the debt from the bookstore sort of squashes that possibility anyway.

Dave and Alicia Brewer were married the previous December, and immediately set up house and a nursery in hopes that they could start a family. They’re thrilled that she is now three months pregnant, they had missed the entire first trimester thinking it was just the flu bug that Dave had brought home from work. She’s due in March.

Their baby is measuring a bit small for it’s gestation, but Dr. Morgan isn’t too concerned yet. She is ordering that Alicia take it easy, and to not skip any meals.

Notes: I am equally excited and horrified that Nadia is having twins. Better Nadia than Caitlyn, as they do run in their family. There is no family bonus for fertility in my game at all. I haven’t had boy/boy twins since Julius and Elias so that might be fun, but otherwise I don’t really mind what they have.

I am hoping the Brewer’s have a boy, to keep the name alive. šŸ™‚

The teens:
Roman – pleasure; Lizzie – knowledge; Gemma – fortune/popularity

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2026

  1. Gemma as an actual employer at Planet Java is the stuff of nightmares, lol! Roman and Lizzie are so cute. Roman has such lovely eyes.

    Argh, twins for Nadia and Luca! That’s so exciting, though naturally a bit terrifying as well. I’m sure they’ll sort everything out in time though. And I’m super excited that Dave and Alicia are expecting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a boy. šŸ˜‰

    Sidenote but Nadia’s outfit must really call out to redheaded sims – I have Caitlin wearing it right now!

    1. I saw that you had Caitlin in it, and totally agree that it looks great with the red hair. Love that your girl is wearing it too. šŸ˜€

      Goodness, this post makes me anxious to get back to playing my game, I can’t wait to see all these babies! And totally agree that Roman has great eyes, him, Bea, and Jude all have them, they are striking for sure. For Gemma as an employee, that is the cue for Paloma to get her own bakery bought… which I created menus for, but can’t quite decide on how I want it designed, so it is all my fault that she hasn’t started it yet.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Maisie, so cool that you built Dave and Alicia’s house after your great aunt’s while caring for her; congratulations to them on conceiving. That fox shirt looks fantastic on Nadia and Caitlin!

    I love Nadia’s bookstore and her kitchen and their cozy little house, so I really hope they’re able to squeeze the twins in and manage everything. That’s so true to life, when I found out I was expecting my younger daughter, my son was only 12 months old and my older daughter was only 37 months old. Joy was the first one that wasn’t planned for that time (we did plan to have another, just not yet). The nurse asked me if I was going to be ok when I went in for the pregnancy test so I guess I looked pretty stressed. But it didn’t take long to mentally and emotionally adjust.

    I hope Alicia and her baby are going to be ok.

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