eastborough university – miner hall

september 2026
Elias’ previous update; Itzel’s previous update; Linnea’s previous update/next update
Elias McCarthy (20 years), Linnea Barthelet (18 years), Itzel London (18 years), Rafael Martinez (18 years)

Elias switched dorms after Rachael broke up with him. His twin teased that he was being the weaker man, but Elias just didn’t care about any of that. He had only gone to EU because he had gotten a scholarship, and Rachael had insisted; it had felt nice to be wanted.

Now it all seemed rather pointless, he was stuck at the smaller Miner Hall, with a bunch of freshman. He didn’t exactly need a degree to be a farmer ether, and he’d only received a partial ride, which meant he was still accumulating student loans. All for a girl.

Girls hit on him, and while Julius teased him over it, he was still too heartbroken to think of moving on. He was carrying baggage, and it may have sounded stupid, but it didn’t change the truth.

All the freshman seemed bright and shiny. They flirted a bit without caution or care, none had been in a serious relationship for all that Elias had gathered. While he had attended high school with them, he hadn’t hung in any of their crowds. Linnea and Itzel had practically been the very definition of wallflowers, and Rafael had to tell him twice that they went to school together because he still couldn’t place him. He only knew that he was Perla’s younger brother, but he couldn’t place him in the school halls.

It was rather obvious to Elias that Rafael had picked Itzel as his favorite, but it was incredibly painful to watch. She barely spoke, and Rafael suffered from the same lack of boldness.

Things with Caitlyn started to develop, mostly they hung out at her place while Thomas napped. They mutually whined about how badly love hurt, and binge watched reality TV to boost their spirits. But then they started to venture out, and a budding of butterflies began to form, and it felt much more complicated than anything Elias had done previously.

Did he imagine himself marrying Caitlyn, stealing her way from the city life and dwelling on his multi-generational family farm? No, not exactly. But he couldn’t deny that he felt something towards her, and Thomas too. They started spending the weekends on campus, hanging out at the Tower, while Thomas explored the lawn.

They weren’t trying to hide, but the campus was large enough that they didn’t think about consequences. Lewis happened by and started yelling at Elias. Thomas was frightened and Caitlyn had to whisk him away from the fight. Most of what he screamed was nonsense to Caitlyn, calling Elias a family-wrecker, insisting that she was attempting to replace Lewis as his Dad. None of those things were happening, and Lewis had wrecked his own family.

It took another freshman, Caleb Gray to step in and break things up. Elias didn’t fight back, he didn’t even yell. He was being accused of heavy things when they’d only had a friendship thus far.

He tried to check out, leave the family drama, but Caitlyn chased after him. She apologized on the behalf of her ex, and hinted that she’d like to see him again. But Elias felt in over his head, and suggested they allow things to cool a bit.

It wasn’t the answer that Caitlyn wanted to hear, but it was the only honest one that Elias felt he could give. He’d never been humiliated to that brink before, and while he had many strong opinions regarding Lewis and Rachael, he didn’t feel it was his place to state any of them. Irregardless of the people involved, they were all stuck together in some makeshift family, but Elias didn’t have to be.

He really loathed the glee so evidently broadcasted on Lewis’ face though, it was almost enough to make him want to stick around. But Julius was the brave one, he got into mischief, broke the law, and never got put into a box. Elias liked simple things, quiet moments, sunsets, and preferred to be a pacifist when he was allowed that privilege.

A fellow classmate had seen the entire thing, and came over to offer her support. It was more of a what-are-you-doing next weekend kind of support. Elias accepted her proposition to hang at Duffy’s, though his heart wasn’t entirely in it.

Meanwhile, the freshman seemed to be fairing fine. Elias could only wish he’d been placed in the same dorm with his best friend, but that would have been Julius, and he didn’t belong in an academic climate. Elias rather doubted that he did ether, but in a less obvious way.

Itzel tended to be late, blowing through the dorm like a disheveled hurricane most mornings. Elias didn’t mind much, as it didn’t effect him directly, it was rather humorous to watch her run all about campus.

Her younger brother, Milo would come to campus sometimes. He mostly wanted to plot for the day that he arrived as a student. He had already planned it out to be a third generation lawyer.

Her family called constantly on top of the visits, which made Elias feel mildly homesick. Linnea reveived phone calls, but not nearly as insistently as Itzel. She would have a sibling calling her cell while her Mom or Dad called the landline.

None of his parents had been fussed over him heading to EU, his Mom had actually discouraged it entirely. He was just a middle child, it wasn’t nearly that exciting to send him off to the adult world. He imagined that there would be a great hullabaloo when Lily-Mae headed off.

Zilla had stayed at Westfall Hall, she was miserable, and complained that she was constantly being bullied, but didn’t want to give in to their antics. He wished that his sister would just move into his dorm, but she was obstinate and his persistence would only aggravate her.

Linnea talked of her classes whenever she joined the dormmates in the cafeteria, which was oddly infrequent considering she had to eat sometime. She was going for interior design, but was stuck doing artsy classes. She insisted she was better at seeing things with her eye than creating them from her mind, especially when it came to painting. Elias found that to not be entirely true.

Her studio time usually meant she was leaving Moreau Arts later than usual. It didn’t seem alarming to Elias, who had found the entire campus to be safe, but her Mom had issue with it.

Elias wasn’t exactly sure how he’d handle that sort of nagging, but he wouldn’t mind worrying about a girlfriend. Which made him think of Caitlyn. They hadn’t been anything more than friends, but he wondered if she’d thought about possibly taking that next step, or perhaps she was over guys for the time being. Heaven knew that if anyone would be over dating, Caitlyn had the pass, especially with the death of her Mom. Elias couldn’t imagine not having his Mom around.

All his thoughts on Caitlyn led him to regret accepting the date with Natasha. She had asked, he’d simply agreed, just an impulse. But now it felt insincere.

Unluckily, Julius happened to be at Duffy’s, it was pure coincidence. He came around some weekends since he was still seeing Perla and she was a student. He laughed uproariously at Perla as she really sucked at darts, Elias couldn’t imagine treating a girlfriend that way, but Perla laughed along with him after her turn.

The date was beyond boring, Elias found himself watching Linnea and Itzel at the bar. Itzel seemed to take the bartender’s questions as an advance, and nearly melted onto the floor.

When Rafael came in, Elias got hopeful that perhaps they’d finally talk, nothing like a bit of liquor to loosen their nerves. Linnea seemed to have the same idea as she practically invited him over with her eyes upon entering Duffy’s.

Rafael looked horribly anxious. Natasha had even noticed and made a remark about it.

But Itzel put her foot in her mouth, or Rafael did. Elias couldn’t quite hear everything, and Natasha was getting frustrated with their failing date. In the end, Elias had decided that Itzel was the type of girl that was incredibly shy, but totally outspoken and opinionated once someone got to know her. She’d thawed around him as the semester had advanced, and she also seemed rather awkward, saying things in an offensive matter without intent.

Itzel stomped out of Duffy’s, and Elias tried to lighten the mood with Natasha. He just blew a simple kiss, it seemed nonthreatening, but Natasha blew up. For the second time in a month, Elias had been shouted at in public and humiliated.

The date was a failure, and Rafael’s advances out in the courtyard were met with equal rejection.

After that, Elias hid out mostly, while a weird vibe had been born in the dorm. Suddenly, Itzel was rather stalker-like, following Rafael without really speaking to him. Smiling at him from behind his back without his knowledge, and ignoring him when he looked in her direction.

Elias did not know what book they’d gotten their moves out of, but Linnea seemed to be a cheerleader for the entire weird ritual. Near the end of the month, Itzel called in her older sister, Alice to talk her through it all. She’s a counselor or a psychiatrist, something with the mind, and Elias could hear their conversation clearly through the thin dorm walls.

Itzel explained all her rejections, and abrupt words that had caused Rafael to basically avoid her like the plague. She went on to say that she’d like to fix things, perhaps open the road to date if it weren’t too late.

Alice gave good advice for all that Elias could tell, which was the most obvious sort of thing to say. She told her to just tell Rafael that she’d like to go on a date. It hadn’t worked out so well for Natasha, but it had found its ending quicker than all the time Itzel was spending chasing Rafael’s shadow.

Surprisingly, Itzel had gained the courage to tell Rafael the next day. He hadn’t seemed impressed to see her in the computer lab, requesting his attention.

Itzel told him that she liked him, and while Rafael had been taken by surprise, and rather embarrassed by the compliments, he was thrilled with the news. He’d been feeling rather rejected by Itzel, and had decided that avoiding her was the smartest move.

Their conversation seemed to go more smoothly after their mutual confession of interest, and Elias found himself missing Caitlyn and Thomas.

They arranged for an evening date, and when Rafael found that snow was in the forecast despite being only fall, he changed the plans.

They bundled up, and sprawled onto the lawn to wait for the first snowflakes of the season to fall. It was frigid, and peculiar, and Itzel loved every moment of it. She’d never fancied herself enjoying the extravagant dates that were displayed in movies and books, this fit just right.

And Elias found that Caitlyn had been thinking of him as much as he’d been thinking of her. She came by later that evening, and surprised him with a very clear agenda. Months of being disconnected from touch left her hungry for it, and she may have felt guilty in the past, but unlike Lewis, she was certain that Elias was a good guy.

While Elias wondered about a future with her, she was lost in the moment, enjoying time spent with someone who wanted to be with her, that was enough for that night.

Notes: Originally Caitlyn and Elias had negative boltage, and clearly they no longer do. I’m not certain why they did previously. I really can’t see Caitlyn living on a farm with Nicole and Finn as her inlaws. But I wouldn’t stop it from happening ether. So we will see! She did apologize at the Tower, and Elias had rejected her apology, so I thought he wasn’t interested but then he spent the rest of the semester pining over her.

Itzel and Rafael both had a crush on each other, but had the most difficult time talking without a huge disagreement. Took their entire session to get them to date.

As for Linnea… she’s still crushing on her sister’s boyfriend, Adam. Geez.

Elias – 3.5
Itzel – 3.3
Linnea – 3.5
Rafael – 3.1

Back from vacation so I’ll be perusing blogs this weekend and trying to catch up! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Elias’ previous update; Itzel’s previous update; Linnea’s previous update/next update

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6 thoughts on “eastborough university – miner hall

  1. Good gracious that was complicated. I’m beginning to dislike Lewis just as much as what’s his face Issac, the other deadbeat teen dad. I’m glad she got the courage to ask Rafael out.

    1. I was surprised that Lewis would have that jealousy seeing that he broke up with Caitlyn. But she lost more in their breakup (relationship wise) than he did, I guess because he did the breaking? It’s not something I pay too much attention to really. She also had her rage about seeing him kiss Rachael, so I guess he’s just going through his realization now.

      This entire play session (both college updates) was incredibly complicated to play, not to mention attempt to write. It overwhelmed me for a good few weeks before I started to tackle it. Thank you for commenting Starr!

  2. Oh my God, Lewis! If his relationship with Thomas doesn’t develop like it should, he has only himself to blame. Elias is a good guy and I think he’s mature enough to realise that Thomas’s existence means there’s a bit more at stake than there might be with other girls on campus. I’m glad Caitlyn came over to the dorm and didn’t let Lewis’s behaviour scare her away from trying to find happiness with someone else. I hope it works out for them.

    Rafael and Itzel are adorable! I’m glad Itzel had that little talk with Alice – seemed to get her on the right track!

    1. Elias is a good guy. I like him with Caitlyn alright enough, but man, there is just so much drama, that I almost feel he deserves something a bit more calm. Or I guess, that I’d like to see him with a simpler relationship. But then I want Caitlyn and Thomas to have a great male figure too, and Elias fits that well.

      I was surprised to see Caitlyn come over, she is at the other dorm constantly though. She’s very outgoing and social, so she’s always popping up on family lots and friend lots. I’m hoping that Lewis will have realized that he can’t have both girls, and that it’s time to focus on Rachael, and let Caitlyn have her own life as well.

      The bubbles with Alice and Itzel were really cute. Itzel had the steady bubbles, and Alice had the love heart bubble. It’s like they were really discussing her predicament, so that’s how I wrote it. Her and Rafael are way too adorable together. She had good chemistry with another guy that I thought might be really cute with her, but I’m in love with these two. ❤ Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I don’t know, even though it’s totally outside Caitlyn’s experience, I wonder if she wouldn’t be happy to work the farm and have someone who she could rely on? But it seems Elias would really have to love her a lot to put up with Lewis for the rest of his life, or until Thomas is grown, anyway.

    Itzel was a very interesting character in this. I was really starting to see how she is kind of socially awkward but it doesn’t bother her at all, when Elias was noticing that at the bar. Very funny, Alice giving her the earth-shattering advice to just ask Rafael out! And the whole stalker thing with Linnea as cheerleader was also really funny in a weird way, but true to life.

    Both Itzel/Rafael and Elias/Caitlyn were very realistic in this– the way Elias was so ambivalent or not attracted to Caitlyn but then pined over her, and the way it was hard for Itzel to get past herself to connect with Rafael.

    I was really enjoying Eastborough’s scenery in this SO much, with the fall feel and the beautiful sitting area outside the arts building.

    1. You know, I am not going to go out of my way to break up Elias and Caitlyn. While I wanted him to have a more simple life, if he chooses Caitlyn, and she’s happy to live on a farm, then so be it. I like when the sims come up with their own agendas. In the past, Elias and Lewis were decent friends, so maybe in time as they all mature and the wounds aren’t so open, they’ll be able to find that again.

      Itzel has been in the background a lot growing up. We seen her most with Linnea, both are really wallflowers, and so they never demanded much attention. She doesn’t really fit in with her adoptive London family, she’s very shy, and awkward enough that most conversations she starts with people go poorly. I mean, her family loves and accepts her, but she’s not of the same cloth. I like that both Rafael and Itzel are hispanic, I think that gives them a commonality that Itzel hasn’t known in her life with both her parents passing.

      I love EU’s campus in the fall too, I love fall in general and the trees are all so pretty. Thank you for your comment Shannon!

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