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flowers in fall

october 2026
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(Traver Household Profile)
Ethan Traver (65 years), Cynthia Collins (51 years)

Ethan had already been married, and Cynthia wasn’t big on traditional ceremonies, and so they opted for a courthouse affair. While all of his kids didn’t make it to the ceremony, they did all come by for a family photograph afterward.

Ethan didn’t expect to feel emotional during this ceremony, but watching Cynthia’s face as she vowed to love him, touched a cord with him that hadn’t been struck in many years.

It was chilly for the family portrait, but Ethan felt elated that all of his children and grandchildren had made it a priority to arrive. Colin wasn’t particularly impressed with Cynthia, but it wasn’t personal. He found her to be more tolerable than his own Dad, but as they were united, he worked to avoid both.

They snuggled into bed on their wedding night, and Ethan felt contended to share the apartment with someone. He hadn’t known he’d be so affected by Caitlyn and Aidan growing up, but the two bedroom apartment felt immaculate and bare without them.

Cynthia had never been a maternal type of woman, not for lack of enjoyment of children, but just no experience. She had avoided responsibility for her entire life, and while she tried to relate with Caitlyn, she didn’t know how to actually be a Mother.

They got along fine enough, as long as Cynthia wasn’t trying to give advice on parenting Thomas.

For a few short weeks, they enjoyed being newlyweds. Ethan left for this third shift job, while Cynthia prepared herself dinner. He had more days off a week than on the job, mostly out of preference but also slightly due to his age and a new younger boss that was trying to squeeze him out.

Every year there seemed to be an announcement of a new super-bug. There wasn’t a person who hadn’t heard of the different animal breed flu epidemics, and it had never had any affect on him. So when the news announced with mad hysteria about another new super-flu, one that was immune to medicine; neither he nor Cynthia paid it any mind.

Cynthia got sick first. She worked at the pizza place down at Trout Pointe Lake, constantly surrounded by grimy kids, and the public at large. This wasn’t their first time being sick, and so it was not alarming in and of itself.

Ethan quickly followed suit, and they both took time off of work. None of their bosses wanted them coming in anyway, but they weren’t kind enough to give them paid time off.

Ethan had recovered quicker than Cynthia, and was back to work before his boss could fire him. It would be nearly impossible to get another job at his age. He had left Cynthia in bed, well-fed, and tucked in. By the time he returned early the next morning, she had already passed away.

The doctors explained that the super-bug had gotten her, sometime in the middle of the night. They chided that they she might have survived if she had gone into the doctors, but she had been feeling better just that night. She had discussed returning back to work the following day. Nothing had seemed that dire when he’d left her sleeping the night before.

Bills started piling up after he stopped checking the mail. He’d continued in a fog until one day, he found two letters from Cynthia in the mail. The repoman didn’t hesitate to reclaim some of his possessions, they had a long history, one that Ethan had thought he’d never rekindle.

Caitlyn started taking a taxi back home to help her Dad. Luca tried, but he had a full-time job, a family, and a wife heavily pregnant with twins. There was just only so much one person could do, and Caitlyn felt the obligation. She had always been closer to him, she could tend to him with only compassion in her heart.

Thomas loved coming to his Grandpa’s house, and just his smile helped to brighten Caitlyn’s spirits. She hoped that he would help her Dad too.

He barely got out of bed, and only managed to keep his job because his cousin, Cole had taken care of it. They didn’t have much of a family relationship, and Caitlyn had been surprised by his initiative.

Caitlyn took care of all his bills, and prepared food for him, that she then forced him to eat. She was upset about the passing of Cynthia, but was more afraid that her Dad would get ill again from his depression. She couldn’t imagine losing her Dad on top of everything else the past year had brought.

Elias would come out and spend time with her, keep an eye on Thomas who was overly fond of eating Bazooka’s kibble. Mostly they just snuggled on the couch, not doing much of anything at all.

Near the end of the month, Ethan ventured out of his bed. He came upon Thomas playing in the doggy bowl, and found himself less suffocated by the grief.

Though Thomas was quite upset to be removed from the dog dish.

He sent Caitlyn and Thomas back to campus, and told them to not return until the weekend. Of all the terrible things to happen that year, he was anticipating the day that Caitlyn graduated from Eastborough. He couldn’t allow himself to be the reason why she failed.

He found himself at his sister, Kenzie’s house just to talk. They’d always been close, with Kenzie helping him out after the divorce, and to get himself in order to have custody of Aidan and Caitlyn afterward. He knew that her husband, Tyler used to think he was a lousy drunk, but if Kenzie had ever though that back then, she hadn’t ever let it on.

There wasn’t much to say, so they sat, and drank coffee. Now and then he would remark on a memory that flitted into his mind, and Kenzie never offered empty condolences.

Kenzie never told Ethan he couldn’t come by, and they began to meet regularly after her workday to just be together.

When he finally found the courage to visit the graveyard, he felt overwehlemd with grief over the two wives that he’d lost that year.

Though Meredith hadn’t been a happy marriage, they had shared a large portion of their lives together, and she had mothered his children.

He was grateful to have had her in his life, and mourned the lack of time with Cynthia. She had been a bright light, a comfort for his elderly years ahead, and he felt much more alone now than he ever had before.

Notes: Well, that happened. Originally she died the morning before my bunny Flynn died, and I felt so sad to keep her dead. Poor Ethan. 😦 I went to a back up, and tried to save her within their means, and she still always died. I tried three times, I was concerned that Ethan might not make it, but he always did, so I guess his wasn’t as bad off as her. I didn’t speak to the Grim, but I did maxmotives her butt on the last attempt. It just didn’t matter.

This was especially cruel, these letters arrived after her death. I didn’t even know she had mailed them.

I feel bad for Ethan.

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12 thoughts on “flowers in fall”

    1. I know, it was super hard to let it be (clearly! as I tried to save her thrice!). It will be sad when I get back to playing him again in the future, but Caitlyn should hopefully graduate soon. Thanks for commenting LC!

  1. Oh, no! I saw Laurel say something on N99 about this update hitting her pretty hard and then I opened it and thought “Ethan and Cynthia getting married! What could be so awful about that?” And then I read it. 😦

    Poor Ethan. He was so happy with Cynthia and she with him. I hate that that happiness was so short-lived. On a happier note though, I think this proves what a great guy Elias is. A lot of guys would go running from a young mum but he’s really being there for Caitlyn, even amongst all this extra sadness her family is going through now. Elias gets top marks from me!

    Was this Realistic Sickness? I still haven’t added that back yet. Kind of scared to!

    1. lol, really could be so terrible about a wedding. It was sad that he lost his companion so stinking early. I’m just hopeful that Caitlyn will graduate soon, cause I know she will be moving back to her Dad’s or getting a place for him to move in with her. She wouldn’t consider doing it any other way with him alone again.

      Elias is a good guy. These are the type of scenarios that made his older brother Oliver flip out and break up with Paloma. Witnessing her Grandma Abby die, really screwed up his greatest wants, which happened to be his ROS that round. Personally, I’d rather my McCarthy’s not marry anymore black haired sims! I need some more babies of ANY hair color! But there’s enough of them, that I’d let it slide if they moved in that direction.

      And yes, realistic sickness. I don’t really have an issue with this at all ether… so I was really surprised. Thank you for commenting Carla!

  2. Oh, Maisie, since I haven’t checked in on Sims 2 in N99 I had no idea. This was so, so sad, and especially as I thought of you playing this session after your rabbit Flynn had died. And I just saw the beautiful picture you posted of Clementine, another of your rabbits today, so it was even closer to me too.

    Somehow, the way you wrote it, when they both got sick, I thought they might both die from it. It didn’t even cross my mind Ethan might have to mourn another wife so soon, and his hopes for having companionship in his old age. I was also worried about Caitlin finishing school when she came to stay with Ethan. I’m glad Elias helped comfort her. The part about Thomas eating cat kibble was welcome comic relief.

    1. First off, when you are playing TS2, you really ought to check in at N99, miss you over there.

      It was a sad weekend for sure, it had been a really laid back, and fun one at the start too, just totally unexpected. And Clemmie is a beautiful girl, she wasn’t the one to lose her mate, but she was fond of Flynn just as much, all the lady buns were. ❀ He was their neutered stud, lol.

      I cannot wait for Caitlyn (to hopefully!) graduate university soon, this girl has had the most extreme amount of drama and grief in her time at university. I'm SO relieved that Ethan never died. I am pretty certain she wouldn't roll any academic wants if that were to happen, she barely does now.

      I'm glad you enjoy Thomas and his kibble. Little guy kept high tailing it over there despite the toys that his grandpa had generously bought for him. It's kind of like real life too I felt, even amidst grief, there are still funny stories, and silly things that animals/kids do that show a bit of silver-lining. Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  3. I miss Sims 2 N99 too but I’ve been really cutting back on all blog reading/forum involvement lately, trying to manage real life responsibilities. I lurked a little a month or two ago and saw that Pru was back, so good to see.

    1. Yes she is, it’s a nice place to relax and get inspired by others on their games, and get to see a bit of the behind the scenes for some of the other bloggers like Carla and LaurelCrossing. I can understand with needing to cut back. I’ve had to do that myself, it is hard to find the right balance. You are always welcome back, even if its sporadic, and good luck with your endeavor in managing your time with responsibilities.

  4. Oh gosh, that’s so sad. Poor Ethan! I’m glad he has some sort of family support. It’s a huge slap in the face that she sent those letters and that there was no way to save her.

    1. The letters were SO sad! I’ve never had a sim receive letters after death, I actually barely have any sims send them at all. So the entire thing was unusual. I was always concerned where Cynthia’s motives were, she was a romance sim after all, but those letters really cemented her love for Ethan. Thanks for commenting Jackie!

  5. OMG that was so sad and sudden! And the note he got from her at the end. This poor family has had no shortage of grief. Poor Ethan. πŸ˜₯

    I would have tried my butt off to save her too, and it’s so sad that it always turned out the same.

    1. It was so sudden. It was very hard to write because of it. I’m still not entirely happy with it, but she kept dying so it was very hard to get any pictures building up to it. I don’t know if its because of the realistic sickness? I should read more on that, it seems they get a death token, and then its just set in stone. I’m not sure. I feel poorly for Ethan, he’s really grown on me in his elder years, which never happens! Thanks for commenting Laura!

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