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mother of the bride

december 2026
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
George McCarthy (82 years), Mandy (80 years)

narrated by: Mandy

Of all the time that we’ve spent being the parents of Violet-Adele, George has always tried to rein me in. He insists that Vi takes my love and good intentions, and views it as nagging. Which I would agree with, but since she announced her engagement to Etienne, I have been very laid back. I’m not fussed over wedding plans, or when they’ll eventually (hopefully) have a family.

My biggest concern inregards to Vi, was that she would be alone in the world after me and George are gone. Her brother and sister both have their own families, and even grandchildren when it comes to Finn, and thinking of Vi all alone, was suffocating for me. Oddly enough, George is more keyed up about the wedding than I am.

They came over to announce that they were doing a destination wedding, and George didn’t take it well. I could tell that I wasn’t the only one surprised by this.

He started a persuasive argument off the cuff that did little to persuade anyone. I wouldn’t mind if they got married on the moon, or if we weren’t invited. Though I would prefer to be there, I wouldn’t have caused a scene. But we are invited, and we have plenty of money to make the trip to Queen Victoria Isle.

For the first time that I can recall, Vi actually got upset with her Dad. It almost always me that I really enjoyed not being the one attacked for once.

Needless to say, they still intend to get married this summer, and we are invited.

I don’t know if it was me taking a backseat to Vi’s affairs, or just her wanting a Mother for some wedding shopping, but she invited me and Hazel to help her find a bridal gown.

We both felt a bit emotional in that first dress, though it was clearly not the right one. My emotion was a bit different than Vi’s though, as she is distressed over her hair. She’s attempting to grow it out for the wedding updo, but she’s never had long hair in all her life, and doesn’t know what to do with it. I’ve never been one for long hair myself, so I don’t have any suggestions other than to check out her nieces salon.

Hazel is worried about the money for the trip. Her and Jude were invited, but no kids. Vi wants the entire event to be romantic for all the couples, like a second honeymoon. Which I think sounds lovely.

I realize that Hazel can’t just leave the kids home alone, Bea just turned fifteen, and has a boyfriend. Not to mention that the younger boys are constantly into mischief. I don’t have any solutions though.

We went out for coffee to look over wedding ideas. There isn’t much to plan for a destination wedding, they even put the flowers up, you just pick the colors. But most of the talk was Hazel trying to get Violet-Adele to allow the kids to attend.

She suggested putting them in a separate hotel room, and having them skip the actual ceremony as well. She said that Vi would never know they were there at all.

I could tell that Violet-Adele was beginning to feel badly, but not wanting to relent on her wedding plans. So I suggested that Hazel just ask her brother, once she finds out that he’s not going. I don’t believe that Finn and Nicole would be inclined to leave, especially with the farm needing attention in the summer.

That seemed to temporarily solve the problem of the children.

We adore Hazel’s kids, we try to be accessible to all of our grandchildren, but there’s no denying that we have more access to Hazel’s family than Finn’s. We went over during the holiday break, and even their friends know us.

They invite George over to watch them play and do a few rounds on the racetrack. He has always enjoyed kicking back to some video games with the younger generation, whereas I don’t really have the patience for such a thing.

I’m less fun than George in that regard. I do enjoy the grandkids, but I don’t crack jokes like he does.

They have a long standing joke with a joy-buzzer. They haven’t tried it on me since they were little kids, but George always plays along.

Then has a little joke back. Roman loves it.

I sometimes find myself wishing I was a boisterous fun like George. Though I know I have a great relationship with all the grandkids, it would be nice to be the fun-one.

When Jude came home, we discussed paying for their air and hotel for the wedding.

They were a bit hesitant to agree, but I think the notion behind a child-free, destination wedding is great for all marriages, new and old alike. Me and George have more than enough money to get us through our remaining years, and I like to be able to lend a hand to our family when there’s a need.

We spend a fair amount of time with Emma and her kids, we lent more of a hand with raising Chaz than any other grandchild, besides Grace since Nicole and Finn were so young when they had her.

I think that’s why George tends to be more of a parent than a fun-grandpa with Chaz. I don’t necessarily believe that Emma’s kids need more restrictions than they get, but there is a difference in our relationship.

The twins are constantly into mischief, and I really appreciate that me and George can still drive into South Port to lend a hand to Emma. I want their relationship to stand strong, and I always try to be available for them to have some time out without bringing the kids.

As cute as all the grandkids and great-grandkids are, I can still say that I fully enjoy naptime, maybe even more than I did when mine were little. I’m just not as spry as I once was, and picking up toddlers and bending over all the time begins to wear my back.

It is quite nice to see all the different personalities of the children, and to think back that they all exist just because me and George fell in love. I’m quietly looking forward to Violet-Adele having a baby, and seeing what that little person will be like, and I really hope they have one. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a grandbaby.

Notes: I thought Violet-Adele would have a destination wedding. Originally I wanted to get my vacation island hood finished. I’m loosely basing it off the Bahamas, which has a Queen Victoria staircase, and so I lazily named mine Queen Victoria’s Isle. But I have not even worked on it at all… so the wedding will happen this upcoming summer in the game, and I will likely throw something together at the last minute. Eek.

I really want them to have a baby asap too! They both have unique genetics since Violet-Adele is adopted (she did have real parents many years ago, but I never brought them over, so she’s unique now!). George and Mandy haven’t had a grandchild (not including greats) since Roman was born, eleven years prior. So Violet-Adele finally having a baby will help fulfill some really old wants! I do wish that greatgrandchildren fulfilled the grandchild want.

Thanks for reading!
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10 thoughts on “mother of the bride”

  1. At first when I saw this post, I thought it would be Violet-Adele’s wedding, but then when they went shopping for dresses and discussed all the plans, that was even better, because it is so exciting but I can still look forward to it! And it sounds like it is going to be so elegant!! No kids! Although I did feel for Hazel and Jude; I’m glad they worked something out for their kids, especially Bea. I am quite certain that even if you “throw something together,” it is going to be really beautiful.

    Mandy seems like she is really relaxing a bit in her old age, and I love how she was admiring George’s lighthearted ability to play and joke with the kids. It’s really nice seeing Emma’s twins, and Chaz, with their grandparents, and knowing that Emma and Chris have such a positive relationship now with her parents, after all they’ve been through in their life.

    1. Yeah, not the wedding yet. Soon, I’m starting to get excited about it and get my head in the game. Just a few households before its up in my rotation, but I’ve run out of scheduled updates so I need to focus there again. So busy this time of year!

      If I were Hazel… I would likely take it personal the ‘no-kids’ aspect of the wedding. Its hard when you are the one with the kids, and those that don’t have any, just do not get it! But I don’t think Violet-Adele would be horribly sympathetic to that, as she isn’t very child-happy herself. Her IFS is 1, and I think it’s because it would be impossible to get a 0 IFS.

      Mandy was much more relaxed in this update, and wasn’t even fighting with Violet-Adele at all, which is super rare! But George was getting bent out of shape! They actually kept talking about money too, and Etienne got a bit wound up as well. I’d say that planning a wedding and the money aspect is all a bit stressful.

      Can you believe that Chris is 39!! Emma and Chris have really grown up, and while her parents will never be her favorite people, they get along well enough, and she’s still very close with her grandparents. I do like that they are close with her kids too, they’ve really been there for Emma over the years. They bought her first apartment and help furnish it when she was pregnant with Chaz. Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. P.S. (lol), it was so cool that Violet Adele is growing her hair out for her updo– I am betting that is going to be one beautiful hairdo. And I love the in-between hair you found for her– it is so like growing hair out, and not her usual very polished look, but still beautiful.

    1. I actually think I found a short hair style that she will rock, so her growing it out might have all been for naught! She’ll love that! 😉 And yes it definitely is not polished. Her and Mandy have never had long hair, while Hazel always has. Just something they have in common I guess!

    1. I am really hoping I can find the perfect thing with minimal to no CC…. I will probably start looking shortly, otherwise I will have to build. For some reason I just really dislike building for my vacation hoods, excluding the mountains because cabins aren’t horribly complicated. I’m excited to get started! Thanks for commenting Starr and the vote of confidence!!

  3. I am so excited for Violet-Adele’s wedding! And yes, they totally seem like the type to have a kids-free destination wedding. I’ll bet it’s going to be gorgeous.

    I totally feel for Hazel though, having to find something for her kids or else sit it out (been there, done that). I hope it all works out and she and Jude are able to attend and enjoy themselves.

    1. If any of my sims would have a kid-free, destination wedding it totally had to be Violet-Adele and Etienne.. Such professional snobs. 😉 I can bet they are the type that won’t eat kid birthday cake if they blew out the candles ether, eew germs! lol

      I feel for Hazel too, I’ve never been the Violet-Adele, I’ve always had kids and the kid-free weddings are kind of hurtful and difficult to attend. I think they’ll all have a good time at the beach though. I can imagine Bea is mildly hurt, she would have liked to be a bridesmaid; it would have been a great honor for her. Thanks for commenting Laura!

  4. Ha, I laughed at Mandy. Anything to get Violet-Adele married, even not being invited! I’m glad she is invited though. I think she’d be wistful at the very least if she wasn’t. I love that they’re having a destination wedding. It seems so perfect, seeing Etienne is from overseas and Vi has spent so much time away from home.

    And I know it wasn’t Vi’s choice but oooh, that first dress! It’s sort of like what I’m looking for Lila though, so if you have a link for it, I would love to check it out!

    Mandy might not be the fun one but there’s so much affection and love there, from her and the grandkids. I think that’s pretty lovely, honestly.

    I somehow forgot Violet-Adele was adopted but now I’m extra excited to see babies from her and Etienne too. I hope they get cracking on that once they’re married!

    1. Eek!! I totally wanted to find this dress for you, and then it fell out of my head! I sent it to you on twitter too in case you don’t check back! 🙂

      I thought a destination wedding was perfect too. Etienne wouldn’t have any reason to have a local one, and Vi’s never been that tethered to town. I’m having a hard time with her wedding dress, I thought I had one I wanted, but then I found others.

      Mandy is very loving, and a good Grandma. I think that Grandpa’s in general are more “fun” at least mine always were, but it never diminished my love for my Grandmas.

      Vi and Lainey are my two adopted adults, that I cannot wait for them to have babies.. Lainey is due soon! I love the new genetics being added in, with my sims. I don’t know why but it is more fun than a townie, when its my own adopted sim. Thanks for commenting Carla, and sorry for my tardy response!

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