Grimsley Family

better than most

january 2027
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(Grimsley Household Profile)
Tim Grimsley (51 years), Bekah (50 years), Willa (17 years), Holden (13 years)

narrated by: Willa

Mom has been stressed about turning fifty, and the only thing that really seems to brighten her spirits is that me and the twerp, Holden have been getting along.

She thinks I don’t notice her staring us down with an idiot grin on her face? How easily she plays in to my deceptions. Holden eats it all up too. It makes him much more receptacle to doing my chores after school.

The only problem is when he doesn’t do a good job, and Dad finds out. He’s the pickiest person in the house when it comes to cleaning, but he hates doing it, so he really grumbles when he has to clean after working all day.

I hate when he stomps down the basement stairs to wake me up, then I know that Dad is on a mission to make my life miserable.

He insists that he is trying to prepare me for the world. But last I checked, I could hire a maid to clean my dishes if I really cared, but I don’t. I’m fine with a sink that doesn’t shine, and dishes that need to be cleaned before I can eat off them.

If he really cared, then he would be this hard on Holden too, but he’s not. It’s always been me, their favorite project to destroy with criticism and extra work.

The only thing that got him to cool off was that me and Holden both got sick. Apparently some old lady died after her wedding, due to the very sickness that we picked up. Mom ended up sick too, it’s spreading around the school district at a mad rate.

That meant that we got to stay home, and that Dad had to cook dinner. Mom insisted he make chicken noodle soup, and he struggled his way through the entire thing.

We were all back to normal pretty quick, and enjoyed ribbing Dad over his inabilities for basic cooking. Mom used to teach Home Ec until she pawned it off on Miss Brooklyn. I think I even know how to cook better than Dad.

Mom picked up geeky bird watching as her new middle-aged hobby. We live in the city, this isn’t the safari. She looks like a total creeper, and that she is just pretending to look for birds, all the while she is actually peeking into people’s windows.

Dad and Holden started bonding over exercise. Dad has to keep in shape for the force, though he doesn’t workout as much as he did when I was little. He spends more time trying to repair his equipment while Holden pretends that he knows what he is doing.

I’m still sort of seeing Flint. He likes me way more than I like him, but there aren’t many options at Jefferson High.

He comes by after school when Holden goes to the Woodfolks, Mom doesn’t know because she would flip-the-freak-out. But we don’t do much anyway, just raid the fridge that never has food in it, just ingredients.

Over a bank holiday, an indoor pool opened up in South Port with a Teen-Only event. We were in mad need of it, since our outdoor pool is slummy, and Millwood is eons away when you don’t own a car. Plus neither had indoor options, so this is better.

Holden had to come along, and spent the majority of the time in the pool playing some dweeby game of Marco-Polo.

I spent time with Bea, while this gawker, Eden just watched everything we did. She is so awkward.

Unfortunately for me, Bea is still madly in love with Jett. It would have been cute if we both married twin brothers, but I have no intention of settling down with Flint. He will be nothing but a loser. Not that Bea is saying she will marry Jett. I hope she doesn’t, otherwise she’ll be too busy to be my roommate.

Her little brother, Roman, absolutely hates Jett. I think he believes that Jett is insincere, but of all the Picaso brothers, he is the nicest one.

I got bored in ten seconds, and had zero inclination to actually swim. No one can see how hot my body is if I’m buried in water to my neck. So I sought out Chaz Holmes, twelve years old, and just so stupid. Just look at this dopey, gullible face.

Alex Welsh stood behind Chaz, making these horrified faces, as if he couldn’t believe that I would point out just how ugly Chaz is. And what is with his moppy hair? He actually still juggles sometimes when he thinks no one is around, I’ve seen him after school waiting for the bus.

He got mad, but didn’t do anything, and neither did Alex. People always get all fumed up, but are too cowardly to respond. It makes teasing boring, but its still better than watching Bea and Jett make-out.

I saw that my brother stopped playing his game, and seemed to have his eye on one of the girls that is his age.

Vivienne Russo-Traver. What a mouthful. She’s pretty popular with the junior high kids, and while my brother is too, I just didn’t think he stood much of a chance.

Of course that didn’t stop him from trying. The one thing that you can say about us Grimsley’s is that we have confidence and in a non-literal sense for some of us, some balls.

Unfortunately, he was totally humiliated. Apparently she confessed that she likes someone else. That got my brain working over-time, I’ll have to figure that mystery out quick so we can sabotage that kid.

Chaz even seemed humiliated for Holden. Afterwards, Holden immediately slid into the pool, head first, as if he didn’t just get rejected, and Chaz weirdly cheered for him. He is such a weirdo, and now I’m thinking that Holden might actually converse with Chaz when I’m not around. That is something I’ll have to stomp on before I graduate in the spring.

But I got all distracted from that agenda, when Mom said that Lainey called to come over for dinner. It is such a drag when she visits. She’s always been their favorite daughter, and such a suck-up; it is because of her that they expect me to clean so much of the dang house!

Before dinner was even cooked though, Lainey went on to spill the news. She’s pregnant! She’s unmarried, and pregnant by her boyfriend, Michael.

Mom was livid! She hates unmarried and teen pregnancies with a passion. I don’t know why she’s so extreme on it. Lainey had to know that just because she’s twenty-six, that Mom won’t be happy about this.

She’d put Lainey on birth control when she was a teen, just like me, and wanted to know why Lainey had stopped taking it. And she didn’t really have an excuse, other than she disliked the hormones.

Dad basically lost his mind, and started talking really rapidly, and asking Michael all these personal questions. He wanted to know his intentions now, and if they were getting married. Lainey just took it all too, if they implied that I had to be married, I would’ve walked right out the front door.

They didn’t say they had that intention at all, not yet. But maybe in the future.

Holden seemed to embrace Michael though, and tried getting chatty with him about sports. And duh, obviously Lainey wouldn’t date a cool guy that likes athletics.

Poor kid was crushed. He’s likely going to be stuck with this dunce as his brother-in-law, and have no good men to hang with. My future-husband will not be his pal, as I don’t intend to spend much time chilling with my family.

I asked Lainey if she might name the baby after me, and she said absolutely not. And she refused to tell me any of the names they might use.

What good is it being an aunt if the kid isn’t your namesake?

She tried some brainwashing on me, telling me how great Michael is, and how I was going to love being an aunt. I don’t think she knows me at all. And I am greatly disturbed that she ‘did-it’ with him! Everyone thinks that I’ve gone all the way with Flint, but eew, no! He’s just some guy, and I think Lainey would realize that Michael was just a dud if she really looked at him.

Mom and Dad were grim the next morning, Mom can’t handle turning fifty, and now she’s going to be a Grandma. Dad said she was still just as hot as ever, and I know that’s a lie! She looked way better before her wrinkles!

The next weekend, me and Holden teamed up to visit Michael at work. We didn’t know anything about him until he impregnated my older sister, and apparently he works at Trout Lake Pointe at the comic store! Oh the humiliation!

We pretended to shop, and could barely contain our glee.

But then Dean came in, and I totally had to chill. He’s like the nicest guy in the world, and he totally rejected me a few years ago. I want him to wish he never did, and I know that I can’t win him over by being a snot.

He just has the greatest smile. I wish he’d dump his girlfriend Evie already, and I really hope they break up at university.

At the end of the month, I overheard Dad talking about how he got lunch with Uncle Charlie.

They love going to Hazel’s Diner, but Dad had to talk through his feelings on being a Grandpa. Charlie doesn’t have any grandkids, so and he’s the younger brother, so I don’t know what Dad hoped to get from him. He should have gone out with his long-time friend Cole, though this pregnancy screws their daughter, Alice out of a roommate I would imagine.

Dad doesn’t know if he needs to urge the wedding, or urge that they don’t get married. No one knows Michael much, despite them being together for a year or two. He wonders if he should offer Lainey and the baby to move back, since the basement will be empty after I graduate this spring.

Thankfully Charlie talked him out of even discussing her moving in. I want to be able to come home to my room on school breaks. And I definitely do not want their spawn that is not named after me, to be in my room, crying all over the house!

Dad seemed to feel better after the conversation, and headed over to Lainey’s apartment after work.

He helped repair the broken tv too, since Michael doesn’t know how to do anything but make babies and sell comics.

And then he did the worst thing, he got him hooked up into the police system to apply for a grunt-level cop position. Just what our family needs, another police officer.

At least Dad isn’t looking at me to continue the tradition, I’m still planning to be a model and after I dry up, fashion designer. So no chance of me wearing that uniform, unless its a scanty version for Halloween.

Notes: Lainey is due in September, and got pregnant in her Dad’s police cruiser.

I will be posting some photos to my tumblr in a day or two. They’ll mostly be how Alice reacts to the news, and how Michael reacted when she told him. I didn’t want to write up a whole post on it, but wanted to share the photos since I took them.

As for Flint and Willa, she is just lukewarm for that dude, but he is infatuated with her. He heads to military at graduation, and she’s going to EU for modeling. I need to get something set up for her to actually do this career too. She constantly rolled wants to influence cleaning, and Holden was her victim.

Hope all the American’s had a Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for reading!!
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5 thoughts on “better than most”

  1. Oh my gosh, I think Willa might actually be evil, lol! Totally a mean girl, isn’t she? But you know…also pretty funny! I hope Willa is not too great an influence on Holden though. He seems like he’s a sweet kid at heart.

    Poor Chaz. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hopefully he has enough confidence in himself to let Willa’s nastiness roll off his back. I’m feeling for Flint too, even though he seems to be staying in this relationship out of choice. Love is blind, I suppose!

    And wow, Lainey’s going to have a baby! I’m glad Charlie could talk Tim out of asking her to move into their basement when she has the baby. She’s a grown woman and she’s been living independently for years now. 26 is not a crazy young age to have a baby. I think she and Michael can totally do this. I look forward to seeing the reaction shots from Alice and Michael on Tumblr.

  2. Willa has utter disdain for everyone but Dean, I think. Poor Holden, having to be her younger brother! I’m glad he’s got his own set of friends but is was hard to see him get rejected by Vivienne. That headfirst jump in the pool was a really cute, believable thing for him to do after she turned him down.

    The new South Port pool looks so cool! I love the bright green tile.

    Me too, glad Lainey and Michael won’t be moving into the basement. How ironic she conceived the baby in her dad’s police cruiser, and that her parents are so traditional about marriage before babies. Willa’s scathing comment that Michael can’t fix the tv; he can apparently only sell comics and make babies, was so funny. It also was not surprising her reaction to the baby was to feel sorry for Holden being stuck with such a loser brother in law and asking if the baby would be named after her. She is really hilarious to read about, the way you write her. But I am really curious as she ages how she’ll change. And if she’ll “make it” as a model, or have to come to terms with not being all she thinks she is.

  3. Willa is a riot! Wow! She must be fun to play! I kind of have a secret love for mean girls, even if all of my other sims have to suffer the tragedy of dealing with them, lol!

    “…since Michael doesnโ€™t know how to do anything but make babies and sell comics.” OMG I LOL’ed so hard!

    Yikes, poor Lainey and Michael. I’m sure they’ll do just fine with the baby. They’re not children anymore, and I’m sure they can deal. Was that a wanted baby or an oops? It sounded kind of like it could have been either.

  4. LOL, I do love Willa and her mean girl streak. Such a teenager, in the worst sense of the word. Of course she knows better than everyone else, she’s lived for SO MANY years, you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also highly approve of getting knocked up in your dad’s police cruiser. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, what would our hoods be without sims making classy decisions for themselves.

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