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February 2027
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(Browning Household Profile)
Luca Browning (32 years), Nadia (31 years), Kai (10 years), Mavis (3 years)

Dr. Morgan had ordered Nadia to be induced the next day, but the twins were on their way during the early morning hours. Kai and Mavis had already been dropped off at Erin’s house in preparation for the next morning, and they had been thoroughly enjoying their night without kids. Probably too much enjoyment, as the twins were now en route.

Nurse Caroline got them checked in, it had been two years since the last delivery, and she had confidence that this one would not result with a fire in the labor and delivery suite.

She had to call in the doctor, which she never enjoyed disrupting her sleep, and then the newly appointed resident, Hadley, which she did with glee. Hadley hadn’t helped deliver a baby yet, and it was imperative that she was there. Very few times did Caroline get to boss Hadley around, and while she grouched at the phone call, she was just as keyed up to help deliver twins as the rest of them. Alicia Brewer was due the next month but it was just a singleton, it could be years before another set of twins graced South Metro Hospital.

Caroline got Nadia and Luca set in the labor suite, and even Luca could notice how the twins had already dropped. She suspected that it would be a quick delivery, and was grateful that Morgan at least lived locally.

Nadia walked around the room until Dr. Morgan arrived to check over her stats. She predicted a fairly straight forward delivery based on the babies heart rates and station, but she had Caroline prepare things just in case it didn’t go smoothly. She knew first-hand how one twin could struggle, as her own Vivienne had done just that when she was born.

The labor picked up pace as she moved closer to the second stage of labor. The smiles were temporarily erased from Nadia’s face, while Luca held enough excitement for the both of them. Nadia had told him plenty of times leading up to this moment that she was done with babies, D-O-N-E, she had spelled it out loudly and with quite enough force that he had no doubts.

Luca helped her breath through her contractions in between the doctors visits. They were still a bit stuck on their girl name, and would discuss that briefly in between contractions.

When it finally came time to push, Luca found himself momentarily thinking of his Mother, while Caroline was disappointed that Hadley had made it just in time for the best part. She vowed that she’d find a way to make Hadley mop the floors up afterward.

Clio Browning arrived first, with the same shade of brown eyes as her Grandpa Ethan.

Her twin sister, Thea Browning arrived fifteen minutes later, and Nadia was grateful to have them both safe in her arms. She couldn’t help but think how pleased big sister Mavis was going to be with two new sisters to dress.

Hadley felt honored and slightly humbled to be handing off Clio to meet her Dad for the first time. It wasn’t enough to make her want to quit surgery, but it tugged her heart strings nonetheless.

Morgan checked over the girls and found them both in good health, and was amazed that Nadia had made it 37 weeks with the twins. She hadn’t wanted to be induced, and had just missed that appointment by mere hours.

After a few hours of rest, the suite was quite full of family coming to meet the babies. They kept it only to family, but it still grew to be quite a large amount of people.

Luca was concerned that Kai might feel disappointed in only sisters, and made a pact that they would be the men of the house, and look after the girls. Kai was pretty pleased with that distinction, and secretly happy to be nearly a teen, and still get to keep his room. At least he hoped he wouldn’t have to share.

They were all grateful that the girls had different eye colors and hair lengths, or they might have to color on their feet to tell them apart. As it was Kai could never remember which twin was which despite the distinctions.

Ethan came by and was tickled to see that Clio had inherited his eye color. She was the first grandbaby to do just that, but he couldn’t deny Thea her attention too when she wasn’t being consoled by Nadia. He’d been enamored with Mavis, and found that these two girls were just as charming.

Caitlyn was the last of the family to visit, she wouldn’t be denied the time to swoon over a new baby and their powdery, sweet smell. She felt nostalgic over Thomas being this little, but she had zero desire to go back to those days, not anytime soon. She planned to spend her summer at her brother’s house as often as her and Thomas were invited though. She had to keep up her status of being an awesome Aunt to the newest additions.

They spent the rest of their stay snuggling with the twins, and allowing themselves to sleep while Caroline and Hadley fought over the chance to hold the twins. They knew that the next year was going to be especially rough, and they felt no guilt at enjoying the hospital and the staff while they could.

Notes: Clio has her Grandpa Ethan’s eyes (making her the only short Browning kid), and Thea has her Mom’s. They came out with those hairs, which should help me keep them straight, but sadly it doesn’t at all. I don’t know why it is so hard for me, but I messed up numerous times just writing this update.

Luca was truly thinking of his Mom at the delivery, I managed to get a snap of the partial thought.

The complete Browning Family:

So when I did the genetics for the freckle skintones, I do think I messed up a bit. I think that I’m going to roll and change one of the girls to a medium (or in-between; I’ll roll that too) skintone (closer to Luca’s) but still with the freckles. I have several in the game, might as well use them. That will be at the first birthday though, as I don’t think you can change them as infants in simpe without wrecking havoc.

I’m already excited to age them up! But Mavis and Kai have birthdays really soon, so that will hold me over!

Thanks for reading!!
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11 thoughts on “welcome little ones”

  1. As soon as I saw the title of this one, I had to read it right away! Clio and Thea – I adore those names. Can’t believe Kai has three little sisters now!

    Clio and Thea had some good timing too. Right before induction, after the kids had already been dropped off for the night – it would have made things just that little bit easier.

    I laughed at your twin confusion, because I’m the same way. When I’ve had same sex twins, I’ve restructured sentences to avoid having to refer to them in a way that makes it clear I have no idea which is which! It’s been such a long time since I’ve had same sex twins though – I’m due another pair!

    1. I’m sure that Kai is a bit surprised to have 3 little sisters as well. He was an only child for quite a time, and now there is a lot of baby noise in the house. I would have loved for him to have a little brother, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

      I rolled for her delivery, to see if she would have the twins early (only one month), late or on time. And she got on time. I see Nadia as being one to let nature take its course for labor so that worked out nice for her. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed that she didn’t get premature delivery… I was excited to see what she had!

      Good idea on vague sentences in relation to which is which. I can see myself utilizing that. I got Vivienne and Cicely messed up all the time and they aren’t even the same skin color! Ironically, I have no issue putting two unrelated babies together and keeping it straight. I haven’t had boy/boy twins since Julius and Elias, I would have not been disappointed if these two were b/b. I can’t even think who your last same sex twins were! You have quite a large quantity of b/g twins now that I think of it.But I’m pretty happy with all these girls. Should be fun as they grow!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. Great idea to roll for early/on time/late delivery! That would be a good idea for regular births too, actually. I should look up statistics for it so I can steal your idea. 😉

        My last same sex twins were Levi and Will, almost 12 years ago! And yeah, I mix them up all the time and they also don’t have the same skin colour (although they’re a bit more similar than Vivienne and Cicely, lol).

        I really want twin girls next – they are the rarest kind of twins in my game!

    1. haha that makes me feel better! I’d likely color code the kids, I had to with Julius and Elias. They were so identical until their teen years. Now I couldn’t dream of mixing them up. Hopefully that works out the same for Trent and Quinn’s twins. I fail completely at other people’s twins if they are the same sex, I am totally at a loss at which twin I’m looking at unless its written clearly. Thanks for commenting Laurel!

    1. I hope I can tell them apart as toddlers! I think with their different eye colors and hair types that I should get it, but I keep wanting to call Clio, Thea… and then I think.. wait am I confused on which is which or is it really Clio… I basically go in circles in my own brain! Hopefully as toddlers I’ll be able to keep them straight!

      I’m very excited for these girls to all age up a bit so we can see what they look like. Should be fun and noisy! Thanks simnovoris!

  2. That was a great labor and delivery, so much detail and realism, and I’m so glad everything went so well for Nadia, Clio, and Thea. It really makes sense for Luca to be thinking of his mother during such a big event, since she just passed away this year, right? And whatever his complex feelings about her missing this event, given she was such a lackluster grandmother, it seems he would likely be thinking of her. So Luca would like more than 4? The part at the beginning about too much fun, it seems, cracked me up. That’s my favorite way to induce labor, anyway. Kai is absolutely adorable, I love his jaunty hair, his skin & hair color, and his bond with Luca.

    1. I really liked that Luca was thinking of his Mom, it was a nice touch of realism. Very true that no matter what kind of mother/grandmother she was, she was still the only Mom he had, and he definitely misses her. As for kids, they both want 6 kids, but it isn’t happening. I take Nadia as someone who pinches pennies, and plans accordingly. She raised Kai solo for several years, and isn’t one to be willy-nilly with income. Plus she has her bookstore that she hasn’t been able to invest much of her time into, and she isn’t one to quit or do a poor job, so that would bother her.

      Haha, yeah it is the best way to induce! Only not so great if you are 2 hours from the hospital. Oi! I adore Kai too, he turns teen very shortly, and I’m excited to see him age up. I wish I’d kept his bio Dad around so I could compare him. He’s such a sweet kid. I still miss him as a toddler, he was just super adorable. I’ll probably feel that way about Mavis when she ages up too, she has such a great unique look.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Oh! They are beautiful! How do you decide which week they’d be born, considering they’re twins and not likely to make it full term?

    I can totally never tell my same-sex twins apart until they’re midway through their teen years. I guess because that’s when they finally really start to distinguish themselves apart in personality. In RL, I went to school with this one pair of identical twins, and for 18 years of my life I never learned to tell them apart, lol!

    And aww, that pic of Luca thinking of his mom. I really miss the memories TS2 had, the best memory system out of any of the games by far!

    1. I just rolled whether they’d be early (by a month) or on time. I don’t play by weeks at all! All by the month, and the most I’ll narrow it down is beginning/end of month, like Christmas is clearly the end. 😀

      Oooh! You know I had a set of twin boys at my grade school and I could never tell them apart. One was really nice to me too, his name was Brett… but I couldn’t tell by their looks if it was Brett Or Bobby that I was looking at, just their actions. You reminding me of that actually made me feel better about my in-game twins! Probably good that I didn’t have any real life twins!

      I like the memory system in TS2 as well. I just got TS4 for Christmas, and that’s been pretty fun though. I like it quite a bit, not enough to leave TS2, but I can see why people do! I kicked someone out of their house, and moved my sims into it, and the ex-owners came over and the conversation was all awkward, and they seemed to actually be upset by their downgrade?! Humored me quite a bit. Thanks for commenting Laura!

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