Jefferson High School

no recess

february 2027
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Principal: Bekah Grimsley, Teachers: Brooklyn Lange and Rosabella Steinman
Student Enrollment

Alice had been hired seasonally to help upper classmen with their SAT scores and applying for scholarships; she also provided career counseling to those interested. It had been the best money Bekah had spent in recent years, aside from hiring Brooklyn and Rosabella to round out the staffing.

This years juniors and seniors seemed to be all over the board. The Picasso twins were especially low in their scoring, which didn’t matter much for Flint who had already signed papers to join the military. It was a problem for Jett though who had hoped to attend Eastborough. Bekah had to suggest summer school at the local community college if he wanted even a chance at acceptance to EU.

Dean had scored quite well, and already knew his intention to join the Law Enforcement, just wasn’t sure if he wanted to go into the police force or intelligence. The surprise was that Willa had top marks for her graduating class, Bekah couldn’t have been more proud, though Willa would never acknowledge it.

Alice didn’t really enjoy being at the high school, she’d spent it pining over boys that didn’t like her, to grow up and still not have a boyfriend. Some of the kids, like Flint were especially hostile towards her. She understood that he had his life planned out, but this was a mini-course that the education department paid for, he might as well just suck it up and deal with it.

Bekah wasn’t concerned if Alice didn’t enjoy coming back to her old stomping grounds. She got plenty sick of her pupils and this was her chosen career. It seemed natural that kids and especially teens could be rather irksome. Especially when Bea Woodfolk and Michael Popper couldn’t stop fighting. It had gone on so long that neither even remembered why they hated one another.

Breaking up fights was not something that had been in Bekah’s dreams when she thought of educating the next generations.

They were beginning to be a regular staple to the office chairs, and Bea’s tears did not bring out any sympathy with Bekah. She was Willa’s mother, and consequently her daughter was besties with Bea, she knew the routine.

Calling them into the office one at a time, and deciding whether to call the parents was always something that Bekah hated. There didn’t seem any point in talking, and there was no real victim in their discord.

Bekah wasn’t feeling charitable, she blatantly told Bea that her dreams of being a Broadway actress were diminishing with each fight. She’d be more inclined to be booked by Dean in a few years and be infamous than anything on the glamorous end of things.

If they were the only students who didn’t get along then Bekah might have been more patient, but they weren’t. Roman and Gemma were constantly bickering, it was just a matter of time before things escalated further.

High school wasn’t always cake for the students ether, Bea found it difficult outside of Michael which was just an annoyance. Her and Willa had always enjoyed working out together, they were one of the few girls that didn’t mind PE. But when Milo London made it known that he had a crush on her, it threw a wrench in one of her favorite classes.

She had a boyfriend, she was serious about Jett, even if she’d just found out that he might need summer school instead of graduating this spring. Naturally, Willa went over to instigate and find out what Milo had on his mind in relation to Bea.

While Willa was just stringing along Flint, who Bea was starting to pity, Bea really had no interest in breaking up with Jett. Milo liking her made her feel embarrassed.

Jett graduated in a few months, but Milo still had another whole year at the school. She hoped that things didn’t get awkward between them. She hated hurting people, unless it was that jerk Michael.

Ella Carver would have given anything to change places with Bea. She didn’t have any friends that were girls, but Scarlett was always nice to her. She would encourage her shots in basketball, but Ella always knew she’d miss before she’d taken the shot; she always did.

Disappointing people since conception.

Jake Grimsley seemed a nice kid, but he wasn’t impressed having her as a cooking partner. She was notorious for messing everything up, and he let it be known that he had cooked just fine at home before, and if they didn’t pass their kitchen grade, it was on her.

Ella didn’t think that was entirely fair, but she had no choice on partner.

She couldn’t help but think that the other teams were working together more.

Jake spent his time asking Miss Brooklyn questions, and feigning ignorance while Ella worked through the homemade macaroni and cheese recipe. She’d made it from a box before without too many complications.

Monroe and Bea finished their macaroni ahead of schedule, which likely meant they had rubbery noodles, but Monroe didn’t mind. He came by and jokingly messed up Ella’s hair. She knew with him it wasn’t hateful, he was goofy with everyone in the school. He barely could keep a straight face to save his life.

The rest of the class was moving towards the sewing machines, when Ella returned to their macaroni and found it burning. Jake was nowhere in sight, apparently getting excused to use the restroom.

Brooklyn came to investigate the burning smell and Jake came in to lay all the blame on Ella, using his bathroom as the excuse he hadn’t helped. Ella tried to defend herself, even threw in Monroe’s name, but it didn’t change their grade from failing.

She spent the end of the class working alone on a potholder. Lily-Mae went around helping Miss Brooklyn with the lesson, as she was already an accomplished seamstress and could sew better than the teacher. Ella didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, she knew that adulthood hadn’t worked out in her Mom’s favor, and she couldn’t feign hopefulness that it would be different for her.

Dean Goss found himself the eye of attention, most of the girls in his school confessed to a crush on him, if it wasn’t boldly like Willa, then it was on the uni-sex locker walls. It wasn’t easy having so many like him, when he felt that none really knew him. Only one did, and while he knew she crushed on him, he truly only thought of her as a kid sister.

He still cared for Evie, their long-distance relationship from opposite towns wasn’t easy, and most couldn’t do it, but he was serious when he was in a relationship. He was grateful that Ella didn’t try to act on her feelings towards him, it would have made their friendship difficult.

He met her between classes on the second floor, he’d made her a brick in Shop class. He knew she’d get a kick out of it, and it would mean more to her than anyone else.

They caught up about their days, it was the only time Ella ever seemed animated. He worried about her in the high school after he graduated. He couldn’t exactly force her to make friends, or open up to others. There were plenty of girls that would be nice to her if she only allowed them the opportunity.

In the lower grades, life balanced between being young and being teens. The classes were more trying, but also more liberating. There seemed more of a camaraderie amongst them as they made their way through the giant high school halls.

Bekah hoped that each student had the opportunity to find something they were passionate about, and having a strong arts program was important to her. All of the students enjoyed the art classes even if they weren’t destined to be the next Michelangelo.

Eden Fink sat alone at lunch, she might have been a candidate for Ella if she wasn’t in seventh grade and in different classes.

The boys in the lower grades all got along, they sat together, and while Holden wasn’t allowed to be friends with Chaz, due to his sister’s command; he actually liked the guy.

Vivienne and Cicely joined the cafeteria already as best friends, but it was easy to make a group. They were both friendly and genuine, even Vivienne who had a hobby of make-up and clothes was not cruel like some of the upperclass girls.

They would have allowed Eden to sit with them, but none were paying attention that she decided to sit alone. They hadn’t ever been excluded to realize they may be intimidating, so they remained oblivious to Eden’s loneliness.

At the end of the semester four would be graduating, and Bekah found herself wondering if she’d done all she could for that class, especially since her daughter, Willa was in that group. She hoped she’d given them the tools they needed for the next stage, and started focusing on the ones that would be back in the fall.

Everything would different in the fall, she would be a Grandma in September, and maybe one day their principal too. She sat down at her desk and started looking over changes she could do to make Jefferson High the best in the state.

Notes: Jake is not a mean kid, but him and Ella did not hit it off, and he would not stop talking to Brooklyn, which isn’t surprising since he has a crush on her. I think some of Ella’s friend problems stem from herself, she isn’t exactly approachable, and she’s really not very friendly. She is not mean in an aggressive way though like Willa, as she is shy on top of it. Dean is her only close friend, and she does still have a crush on him, but he is pretty adamant about loving Evie. I guess I’ll have to age Evie up with him for uni.

Jett and Flint had horribly low SAT scores, Jett got 16!! Toddlers have better scores than them, which is partially my fault as I don’t play them that often at their home. I will check Jett’s wants when he graduates in the spring to see if he wants to attend college still, and then I’ll put him through a summer school just to get him there. Then he’s on his own.

Bea did not like Milo sharing his affection towards her, and I was surprised he did that! He’s always been smitten with Linnea, and hasn’t shown interest in others. And I think it is safe to say that Willa be moving on from Flint once he heads to boot camp.

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “no recess”

  1. This was an excellent update…I enjoyed every bit of it!

    Also, thanks for the trip back down memory lane – all of the activities the teens were doing totally made think of the Home Ec (Home Economics) class from my youth. Such fond memories.

    I’m looking forward to your next update. πŸ™‚

    1. The home ec is my favorite part of the high school! I had so much fun in that class too, lots of great memories. I love pairing these kids up and seeing how they work together. Thank you for commenting Penelope!!

    1. Oh yes definitely drama! I like to think its a realistic amount of teenage drama, angst, and learning how to relate to people that are different. I like all the different personalities with each of them, and how they form their own little cliques. Thanks for commenting Kiri!!

    1. Aww thanks, I absolutely LOVE Ella. She is my favorite, and if I played where my will trumped everything, she’d totally live happily ever after. I’m sad that her only friend graduates in the spring. High school will be a different field in the fall. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Aw, poor Ella. The shy grouchy sims can have a tough time of it, I’ve found. She really has no faith in herself at all, does she? I can understand that, given her background. I really hope she ends up surprising herself but I think she’s going to need to develop a little confidence first. Otherwise, it’ll just be a self-fulfilling prophecy and she will fail. Her friendship with Dean is a good start. I wish she would reach out to Scarlett a little, seeing Scarlett is already nice to her.

    Wow, Jett! 16! That’s very low indeed. What will he need to do for summer school? We don’t have that here, so I don’t really know how it works in real life or how you’re doing it in game.

    At least Jett has a loyal girlfriend by his side! It’s kind of sweet that Bea was so embarrassed by the attention from Milo.

    1. Ella and Bea really stole the play session/update for me. Both of their expressions were 100% their own, Bea genuinely looked upset by Milo’s attractions, and made those faces towards him while exercising, and Ella just always looks so forlorn, except when she’s with Dean. Being rather grouchy and shy, makes most of her interactions with others end in the negative. I’m sure if she became friends with someone that it would melt away, but she has a rough time and zero inclination for making friends.

      I failed Jett for sure. I’m basically going to have him get the skills needed to get in. I had a few friends that took summer classes at the community college then headed to the state university with me in the fall. One needed to do more advanced algebra and another a foreign language to meet the minimum requirements.

      I never expected Jett and Bea to be so serious together. I’m curious how they will advance as he moves away, and she has two years left of high school. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. You have so many kids in the school! That was a great idea, to have Alice work on a contract/temp basis as a school psych doing a career/college readiness unit and testing. And home ec was really fun to see, too. Your sims have a lot of cool opportunities that probably prevent them from being skill-less wonders when they emerge into adulthood, ha.

    I was kind of surprised that Bea is still getting into fights. She looked really aggressive after beating up Michael, and that picture of them up close with her putting a move on him was a great capture. Just yesterday morning, first thing, I had to break up a fight with my fourth graders at school, so it seemed quite realistic to me and I sympathized with Bekah feeling weary of the follow-up process.

    But Bea was really sweet about Milo… I hope that she listens to Bekah’s advice and straightens up, because I’d love to see her be successful. And that goes for Ella too. I was glad to see Dean being so kind to her, sad that he will be leaving the school and she’ll lose her one ally.

    Did you ever post a tour of the school, because while reading this I was really curious about the layout. All the areas look so good and seem so functional.

    1. Having Alice work at the high school saves me from having to fuss with everyone’s post-high school ambitions on separate lots. She really saves me! I do look up a few of my sims career ambitions before graduation time, but not everyone.

      Bea… oh brother. I don’t know why they are fighting, I will likely force them to make amends soon, because there’s just no reason for it! But I know there isn’t always just-cause for these types of things ether. Poor Bekah, she was quite weary over it. I can see why you would be too!

      Bea’s reaction to Milo was 100% her own, and I loved it so much. ❀

      I do have a tour up, you can see it on tumblr: part i // part ii // part iii // part iv

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Your current batch of teens are all so gorgeous! There’s not a single unattractive one in the bunch, lol!

    Awww, Ella! <\3 She breaks my heart. I hope she can manage through the rest of her high school years once Dean is gone. I can see how the other kids would find it hard to befriend her though. I really hope somebody will try and that Ella will let them get close. Poor thing.

    1. haha, well there are a few that I don’t think are as pretty as others, but I’m not complaining. At this point, I’ll always think Chaz Holmes is a bit of an odd looking duck. But he’s not bad looking by any means.

      I love Ella. She’s one of my favorites as well. I was sad to see that Dean is leaving her behind, she’s latched onto him, and they would be SO cute together if they actually had a legit chemistry. I have a good feeling about Ella though, while she takes after her Mom significantly, she also has a better teenhood with a good father figure with Cesar. She gets a bit of an unexpected spotlight in the household I’m currently playing, and I’m excited about that! Thanks for commenting Laura!

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