spring birthdays 2027

march 2027

Lainey and Michael enter the first trimester. After discussing the baby and their living arrangement with her roommate Alice, they decide to buy a house instead of kick Alice out. It leaves Alice in the situation of needing a new roommate by the end of summer, and Lainey searching for the perfect house to buy. They’ve already decided to leave the city and commute for work, only because it makes the most financial sense as real estate is cheaper out in Millwood.

Lainey is due in September.

Meme and Daniel Blackshire are excited to announce to anyone that will listen that they are finally expecting their first. Best friend, Paloma is happy for them, but sad to see that their circle of friends are growing up.

Meme is due in December.

On the opposite spectrum is Alicia Brewer, who is very much over being bloated and swollen to the size of an elephant. Their little nest has been ready for this baby for much longer than nine months, and finally he arrived.

They welcome their son, Percy Brewer to their family.

Youngest sibling to Perla and Rafael is Deigo Martinez. He’s spoiled rotten by his parents, and totally has the personality of an only child as he is the only child remaining in the home. But that doesn’t change his sweet demeanor, though he’s already more outgoing than his older brother.

Mary Gavigan joins the rank of the silver-haired club, and still doesn’t have a grandbaby to help her through these difficult times. She has two daughter-in-laws, and neither have admitted to even trying for a baby yet. A grandbaby would make this old-age gig much more enjoyable for her, and she doesn’t get why they won’t get on it.

Notes: I’ve been horribly forgetful with aging up my pnpc kids lately. I reworked my notes to hopefully avoid this issue, as poor Diego was supposed to age last year. Oops. His brother Rafael is currently dating Itzel, and Perla dates Julius, in case Diego is unfamiliar or his pnpc family.

I was super happy with the birth of Percy, and the probable continuance of the Brewer family name… but I also sort of want them to have another. I have no preference on boy or girl, I just like them as parents. So that might happen, Alicia is 38, and isn’t keen to jump back into pregnancy quite yet, so it might not happen anyway.

And Meme is finally pregnant, and can stop sharing all the gory details of ovulation with Paloma. I went from no babies for two simyears to quite a few! I guess my principals won’t have to lay off teachers after all. 😉

Mary had a baby want up to her birthday, and then immediately rolled for a grandbaby, she is not kidding around here!

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8 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2027

  1. Mary always seemed a little nutters for babies! Poor victim of EA programming, she seems to be. I love the picture of Lainey and Michael, and for some reason its so exciting they are moving back to Millwood, and I guess it makes it feel like they are really settling down. So funny, the gory details of ovulation. Meme’s really cute, it will be fun to see her pregnancy progress and their baby.

    1. Mary is totally nutters for babies, so true! I added for my story that she is nutters for baby girls, seeing that she had three sons. She seems like the type of woman that would want a daughter, and now granddaughter.

      It is crazy to me that Lainey is buying a house and settling down. I take her for financially fiscal and smart with money, so while she works in South Port, I think she’d like the bigger house/yard for her money. Since you are on N99, you can see a few photos of their house, I haven’t moved her in nor decorated it for them.

      Meme is my eldest’s sim, she made her way back when we lived in Indiana, I think she was about 8 or 9 years old? We are both very fond of her, and had a good time picking out names for her future baby.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Aw, I’d forgotten about Lainey and Michael’s baby and now I’m all excited again! I love that family portrait of Alicia and her new little family too.

    LOL at Mary – typical family sim! I think Tatiana had those same wants – baby and then grandbaby right after aging up!

    1. Oh yes, I can totally see Tatiana being that way, she has quite a legacy for her now. I am sure that Nicole will be that way too. I’d forgotten about Lainey and Michael myself, I still have the photos of her announcement that I haven’t posted on tumblr yet. I need to look at my schedule so she can get some playtime in, make the pregnancy more real for me! Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. lol! Yes she does, indeed! I’m positive if it were a granddaughter that she’d be over at the Millett’s all the time. I’m going to be looking at all their wants specifically again, along with Isaac’s now that he’s more settled with Lauren, see if he gets an inclination for Nolan. Poor kiddo, even Julia isn’t attached to him at all. I really wanted her to take custody of him, and she doesn’t even roll wants for him. 😦 Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. I’m excited for these new babies! Everyone is growing up all at once! I’m looking forward to seeing who Alice finds for a new roommate too.

    I am in love with Meme’s hair! I can’t tell if it’s a green streak or a scarf, but either way, I love it. I’d love to put a green streak in my hair for real, lol. 🙂

    1. The whole roommate thing is a bit tricky, if it was a three bedroom apartment, then I would be golden. But it’s not and I need to do some thinking on it. I really need to get on that! She’s running out of time. And I have the bigger bills in my game, so her apartment is really quite pricey.

      Meme always has fun hair, and that is a dye in the back of it. My daughter is in charge of all that, and she decided that Meme would tone it down a bit while she was pregnant, bad fumes and all, lol. I’d love a streak for real too, I was just at Hot Topic, and was trying to decide what color I liked best with my daughter, who naturally wants some streaked hair as well. If you do it, you’ll have to show me a pic! Thanks for commenting Laura!

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