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moving truck

march 2027
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Isaac Gavigan (27 years), Lauren (25 years)

narrated by: Lauren

We’ve been living in this crappy rental in Eastborough since we got married three years ago. We’ve mostly survived on white bread with various cheap spreads, and my Dad’s generosity, though he doesn’t tell Mom.

We have no money, and what money we do earn, we have to spend on gas as we don’t work on campus. I’ve felt stuck since I got my gig at the night club in South Port, but rent is astronomical, and moving back home is out of the question.

I work nights while Isaac is in construction and naturally works long hours that start early, so I entertain myself with college guys in the afternoon. I wouldn’t even call it a perk anymore though.

I’m mostly grossed out that some dude’s naked ass has been on my bedsheet. I always make the bed afterward, though I don’t know if Isaac knows or would even care.

For the millionth time, I told Isaac that I was sick of our crappy rental, and wanted to live in the city. I expected more of the usual, someday or me too. My happiness is at stake, I don’t exactly feel ready for motherhood, but I did want to beat my siblings to the punch. It would be a death sentence to Eastborough for life if we did though; we’d never afford the move.

Isaac complained that he’s sick of working construction. With a college degree, he figures that we could both be making more money. I didn’t tell him that I had zero desire to leave the nightclub biz, but I get hating construction. It is a total drag, and way too much manual labor.

And that was why he’d gone to his parents for the money, he may have promised his Mom that we would have a baby once we were settled. She has baby on the brain like a crack addict toward their next fix. She’s probably the main reason why I’m not pumped to start trying, I hate doing what adults want.

Even with their help, we were only able to afford a one bedroom place on the west side of town, nearly centrally-located though. Makes hopping to the club a cinch, and road construction is all over the dang city for Isaac.

Immediately the microwave was on the fritz, and Isaac thought he could fix it. I spent the majority of the time spazzing that he’d electrocute himself. My Dad is brilliant at fixing things, and works at the paper in town, we would be on his way home and he could fix it without killing himself.

Unfortunately, Isaac did fix it and now he has a super ego over any repairs.

Somedays I don’t see Isaac at all despite living in town. He might work extra late, and I need to help set up the club. He stops in to surprise me now and again, usually all rugged and smelling of tar.

But now that we live locally, he will stop by on the weekends and actually cut back a bit more. A few beers in his system, and he becomes quite amorous.

Good thing my boss likes him, or this gig might be jeopardized.

When I have the opportunity to DJ though he usually cuts out, he likes to monopolize me at the bar, but not dance solo.

When he isn’t around, the guys like to make their move. Some get downright bold, and if I were interested in sleeping around, this would be the place to find hookups. But the lure has waned, and I haven’t accepted any offers recently.

I don’t know how my big sis, Meg could ever go out and not land a guy though. It’s almost too easy, and I think that is why I’m drained of it all. She’s dating some guy named Jaron now, and doesn’t visit the club often anymore. I have to really drag her out of her square little life.

Usually I can con her into coming to my place. I actually have a bigger apartment than her, I bet it eats her up!

Isaac doesn’t mind Jaron in the least, which is super annoying. He doesn’t have any of my competitive edge, I blame his lack of sports as a teen.

Mostly we hang out at his big brother, Isaiah’s pad. He’s marrying the psycho Maeve, and soon she will be my sister-in-law.

She’s a total bridezilla, and the only reason she asked me to be a bridesmaid is because she is friendless. Besides Brooklyn anyway. I’m sure Isaac pressured his brother too, he would hate his family to snub me.

I think it is a safe bet that we won’t be going camping with them, ever.

The wedding was utterly boring, outdoors and it didn’t even rain. It was out in Millwood, Mary Gavigan was quite pushy about the entire affair. It made me extra glad that we had eloped. If Oliver hadn’t dumped my sister, Meg, then she could have been standing up with me for the wedding, instead I got high school teacher Brooklyn.

The best part of a formal wedding, even one in a park, is the party afterward. I’m a bartender, I could have hooked them up, but they weren’t interested in fun.

Isaiah thanked everyone afterward for coming, and then they headed home in the back of Oliver’s car. Not even planning a honeymoon.

At the end of the month, Isaac was finally able to quit construction. It wasn’t a great degree-career that he fell into though. Now he is a stock clerk at the local grocery store.

I’m not sure what to think of the uniform. It’s pretty beige overall, and the job itself is rather humiliating. I wish he’d do something hip like a rival nightclub or private investigator to catch all the cheating wives in town.

But Isaac was so nervous over the entire thing, despite it being a rather teen job, that I did my best to be encouraging. I just hope he never shows up at my work in this get-up.

In construction, he got hit on regularly but usually it was just a whistle as they drove past. Now he’s dealing with customers and finding that he’s still got it going on.

He swears that he always rejects them, which I believe because I’ve spied on him a time or three.

If I’m behaving myself now, I really want him to stay in line too.

For now he actually really likes working at the grocery store. I don’t get it, but it pays okay. I make much more than him, but we can’t all be all-stars.

Sometimes he makes me dinner before work now, and I think he’s just totally hot, and I get this feeling that we are going to make it. To this day, I’m still the only girl that he’s never cheated on, and that has to mean something.

We are still in a one bedroom apartment, but I can’t help but think his eyes on a face like mine would be the cutest baby ever.

Maybe when we are more settled, and the club isn’t my favorite place in the world.

Notes: Lauren is allowed birth control, and she is using that. Isaac wants a baby and Lauren isn’t exactly opposed. I might have taken her off this round to see what would happen, but I forgot and moved them into another one bedroom place. So she’s waiting a bit, though I could see her happily shove a baby next to the dining room table if it came to it.

She started the round wanting to sleep with others, and then by the end of the round, she was rejecting all the offers. Isaac really hasn’t cheated on Lauren, he has cheated on others with Lauren, multiple times. And since marriage, he has been 100% faithful, while Lauren has not in the least. They seem to work well together though, which has surprised me.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “moving truck”

  1. This has been a storyline I just couldn’t anticipate, which is really fun. And how surprising that Isaac is being faithful, and trying to be responsible. Does he not know about Lauren’s flings, and does he really not care, as she says?

    Maeve looked very pretty as a bride, I love her dress and the venue looked so pretty. Is she still acting kind of obsessed with Isaiah, (or psycho, as Lauren says!)? Or is that just Lauren? This whole extended family is getting to be quite interesting… I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner or other get togethers to see how it pans out.

    Although I don’t even want to think about Lauren as a mom. Shoving a bassinet next to the dining room table is probably the least of her areas of potential negligence. Then again, she did apparently start to settle down a little in relation to Isaac, so maybe she would rise to the occasion? I’m probably being too harsh. She doesn’t do drugs and she does have a job. I’m just not sure if she’s ready to put the immediate needs of an infant, toddler, and child, ahead of hers when necessary.

    1. Technically, Isaac does not know about Lauren’s many relations. I am curious how much he would mind, I don’t think he has that high of a jealousy score with ACR, but I could be mistaken. I love this storyline too, it was totally unplanned, and kind of fun to just go with. Crazy kids!

      Maeve is definitely still obsessed with her man, she also really rubs Lauren the wrong way. The only reason Lauren was in the wedding, or even invited, was because of Isaac being the brother. I am excited about the whole extended family too, now that they’ve dipped into my playables life (Lauren), I’ll be visiting them even more frequently.

      Haha, yeah, I don’t think there’s much wrong with a bassinet in the dining room, but they don’t say in cribs too long, and their current place has no space for a bed. I see her conflicted on it, for one she’s quite competitive, and would love to be the one to have the first grandchild, but at the same time she loves working at the club, and dancing the nights away. I can’t say her being prepared to really be a Mom, and she definitely intends to be a better Mom than her own, whom she has butted heads with since teen years. I think wanting to be a better Mom, again with her competition, would make her more inclined to wait.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Man, I love reading about these two human disasters. 🙂 I find it hilarious that Isaac’s being faithful, he just doesn’t seem the type at all but that’s what makes it even better.

    Like Shannon, I love this extended family, it’s made of good stories and drama and I like that Maeve has joined them now, too. 😀

    They’re hardly going to be parents of the year but I’d love to see them try, at least!

    1. I’m really surprised with Isaac’s fidelity too! While I knew that he had never cheated on Lauren before marriage, I just sort of thought it was a coincidence, like they hadn’t been together long enough. So I am quite surprised that he rejects all offers, and rolls monogamous wants. Maeve and Lauren are the best daughter-in-laws, both so totally different, and both totally adamant in their beliefs. I’m sure Mary would have liked a very simple, easily bulldozed daughter-in-law, but she didn’t get it.

      I’d love to see them try as parents too! I don’t think they’ll be too terrible. By far better than poor Annie Carver ever managed. Thanks for commenting simnovoris!

  3. Whew! So glad they’re not pregnant, that was my fear. They seem so immature for a baby. Part of me kind of wishes that they can’t have children to bit him in the butt for treating his son so horribly. But I’m in a b!tchy mood today, lol! Maybe tomorrow I can awe about how cute their kids would be 🙂

    1. haha Starr, you totally made me laugh! I actually haven’t rolled Lauren’s fertility chances yet, seeing that she’s on birth control currently. So maybe she will have trouble with it, now I need to roll! It is sad about how he treated Nolan, but Nolan is currently none the wiser, living a childhood utopia with his family. He’s actually getting up there in age though, and I am planning to have that all come out when he’s a teen. So maybe Isaac won’t be able to ignore it? I have to check Nolan’s personality to see what he might do or not do.

      I do think that these two could have cute kids, but I think they should definitely wait! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  4. That blonde bearded guy is pretty cute! Who’s he? Just a townie?

    Isaac and Lauren have surprised me too. I mean, even with Lauren screwing around with other guys, they don’t seem miserable together, which I really assumed they would be. I definitely did not expect them to want a baby so soon…and especially didn’t expect Isaac to be the one who is more gung-ho about the whole thing. I mean, you already HAVE a kid, Isaac and you’ve never been interested in him! But anyway, if Lauren isn’t sure about a baby though, I think it’s a good idea to wait.

    I think it’s just that they seem relatively happy now but there’s still so much time for it all to go wrong! And if it does, it’ll be easier to extricate themselves from the marriage if there’s no baby involved. I feel like I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop with these two! Should be interesting to see what happens.

    1. Okay.. that blond beard guy is like totally hot! I sort of want her to have relations with him and give me a beautiful baby… but it’d be black haired. Their youngest sister Lizzie, actually has blond recessive, but none of the other Schehl kids do. I really hope that one of my sims picks him up though. –

      Hot bartender :

      I agree that they are a surprise. Its been a fun, unexpected storyline to play. If Lauren wasn’t allowed birth control, I’m sure they would have already had a baby. But I like making them wait, I think it will actually set them up for more success later, and I think Lauren enjoys her club work, and dancing the night away. With this last play session, and all her rejections of flirts, I actually felt kind of hopeful that they might actually settle down together nicely.

      As for Nolan, I was mentioning above, that when he’s a teen (too soon now!) that he will be finding out his birth situation, and depending on his personality, will go from there. Perhaps Isaac will find he can’t ignore the fact that he has a teenage son (I’m seriously in shock that Nolan is already getting so old!). I still miss him as a cute toddler. *sigh* Julia and Isaac really made a beautiful son.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  5. These two have a very interesting marriage! It seems like there are so many bombshells ready to explode—Lauren’s extracurricular activities, Isaac’s secret child (does Lauren know about that?), even the family drama with a psycho sister-in-law, and Lauren’s not being very impressed with Isaac’s career moves. I wonder if these two would be mature enough to do the damage control if/when shit hits the fan?

    I am also quite happy they are not having a baby … yet. Yikes!

    I was happy to see Maeve and Isaiah’s wedding, even if Lauren wasn’t very excited about it. Both sides of this family are so interesting! I think the joining of these two families might make them my new favorites of yours! Apart from Ella forever, of course. 😉

    1. Lauren knows about Nolan, she actually cheated with Isaac while he was still dating Julia. He denied being the parent, and she vocally supported him (and made Julia’s high school life hell). In the end, she’d believe it was his kid though, but she’s happy pretending he’s not the Dad! I can’t see Lauren being impressed with her club career, and her husband working at the grocery store…

      I do love this couple, it was totally planned by themselves with the marriage and dating even, and makes it a lot of fun to just watch it unfold. I really like the added dynamics of his family and Maeve joining the group now. In real life, I would totally not want to attend any family gathering with these folks though! I’d rather hang out with Lauren than Maeve in real life too, she seems to annoy a lot of people, Brooklyn included, and she’s a nice high school teacher! Thanks for commenting Laura!

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