Picasso, Wedding

second beginnings (picasso wedding)

may 2027
Warren Dennis (49 years), Jessica Picasso (38 years), Jett and Flint (18 years)

She had been twenty when she’d had the boys, they were the beginning of her family, and she had expected another baby to follow after them. But none had. Matt hadn’t wanted another baby, but it hadn’t stopped him from fathering that girl when the boys were just five.

She’d fought for her marriage, pleading and yearning for a man that was less affectionate than a goldfish. She hadn’t agreed to the divorce until she was twenty-nine years old. He had tried to get full-custody out of spite, and was rewarded partial custody that he regularly failed to uphold.

She disliked the bastard daughter, but there had been a sort of irony when he was awarded partial custody of her too, and then his mistress died from addictions. Jessica didn’t wish the woman dead, well, she had, but never literally. But it still didn’t soften her anger towards the child, even as the boys had embraced her as a sister, she was still jealous that she existed, and her own daughter never had.

But now, on the eve of her second wedding, she doesn’t know if a third child is a dream she should follow.

Flint despises Warren. Should it matter? She can’t decide. He leaves for boot camp and to follow in his Dad’s footsteps in just a month. Despite all she has done to raise his empathy and compassion, she has failed. He idolizes his Dad, and treats Warren horribly. But he’s her son, she can’t disregard his feelings. Perhaps underneath his anger, he actually feels hurt that she’s marrying again.

She can’t stop Flint. No matter how much Warren says that she needs to do just that, he’s too strong for her. He was always remarkably strong, even at a young age. On the cusp of adulthood, there just isn’t much more she can do.

Jett has always been her favorite. She can’t admit it outloud, but he’s sensitive, and thoughtful towards her. He wouldn’t dream of hurting her by hating Warren. She can tell that Warren isn’t his favorite guy in the world, but he wants her to be happy, and he puts her first. He actually says those types of things too. He’s a good boy, in all sense of the word, and makes her heart swell with pride.

She worries most about Jett, though Flint has the most left to learn in life. She doesn’t want the world to eat up her tender-hearted son, or for his girlfriend, Bea to break his heart. She’d like to put him in a bubble and keep him there, or turn him back to a toddler when all the worlds problems were unknown, and a kiss could fix anything.

Warren doesn’t understand these heavy thoughts. He’s forty-nine, and never married. He’s an uncle but that is his extent of involvement with kids. He can’t relate to the boys, and tends to rock between treating them like ignorant children and thinking they are adults with full capacity for understanding responsibility. He doesn’t mean to be obtuse with them, he means well and tries his best; it’s just a constant friction.

The countdown is days before Flint is gone, and Jett’s future is unknown. A hardcore session of summer school lay at his feet if he wants to attend college, but if he chooses to stay behind, what will happen with him? Warren’s Mom, Angie insists that the boys will still need Jessica in the years to come, that the need for a Mother never leaves.

Jessica hopes that it is true, but will they need her more than they did as children? Because she can’t imagine that to be true, and a second start in life seems selfish to want despite the boys leaving her.

Warren doesn’t understand, but he doesn’t snub. He works to encourage smiles from her, and is always willing to listen. He gets hotheaded over Flint, and her lack of involvement with it, but that is their only disagreement. He’s good to her, Jett even says as much.

But when they climb into bed at night, she has qualms about a second marriage. Statistically they don’t last, and besides that, she’s been a single Mother for the past nine years, even longer considering Matt had long before checked out. Perhaps instead of marriage, she should date, enjoy her thirties before she leaves that decade.

Even her apartment doesn’t make sense anymore. She rented it because the playground. It was perfect when the boys were little, but now she’s the oldest woman in the complex, while it fills with those that are just like her, or how she used to be. She can relate so easily to their pains, and concerns, but they don’t see a comrade in her. She doesn’t fit in the complex anymore, or the crowd of single Mom’s that she’s related to over the years.

When Warren wakes and finds her staring outdoors, he questions her with concern, worried that she is getting sick with their wedding in mere hours. She feels guilty as she lies, blames indigestion.

She stops worrying about herself as he begins softly snoring again, and starts making a checklist of all the things Jett needs to do for summer school. She hadn’t decided if she’d encourage him to attend university. They can’t afford it, and he didn’t qualify for any scholarships. But to allow him to settle into nothingness seems wrong, so she prepares what they need to do. Jett will be on the right track, with full Mom-approval, if he chooses.

Warren had hinted heavily over their relationship that he wouldn’t be opposed to having a baby with her. She wonders if the baby would be a girl, and who it would resemble. The boys look like Matt. There are bits of her in there, but mostly they all, including the bastard daughter, look like Matt.

It would be nice to have a daughter that resembled her, with a husband who was invested. Then she worries about that though, she’s done it on her own and there is a bit of enjoyment in that freedom.

She’s still awake when the sun finally rises, and Warren wakes.

He’s concerned that it might be more than indigestion, though he doesn’t come close to what really ailed her. He had worked through his qualms before he asked her to marry him. They’d been dating since 2019, the same Valentine’s that Marshal proposed to Lorelei, her coworker at the time.

He’d never been involved with the boys as he was now though, and that had all been on Jessica. She hadn’t wanted his help in raising them, she didn’t want to give reason for Matt to retaliate more, or to stop being a Father completely. Warren hadn’t agreed, but he’d respected Jessica’s decision.

It all might have gone smoother if they’d gotten married sooner, or he’d been allowed to interact with the boys regularly. But none of that could be changed now, and he felt prepared to take on Jessica and her nearly-grown sons just the same.

After a night of reflection, Jessica had found herself feeling ready for another new beginning, even if it seemed late in life to start everything over.

They rented out the chapel in Millwood, mostly because it was affordable, and she refused a second courthouse wedding. That was where she’d married Matt, and it seemed like bad luck to repeat history.

Jett invited Bea, she knew how serious he was for her. She wondered if she had a baby this late in life, if it might be close in age to Jett and Bea’s future children, if they made a go of it. She didn’t wish her son to marry, but she also didn’t want him hurt.

She was gaining a mother-in-law in Angie, and a sister-in-law with Miriam, plus a niece and nephew. She’d never had any of these things previously, and it was overwhelming.

She adored Miriam though, her gentle ways that made her a wonderful kindegarten teacher, plus the fact that she’d divorced her cheating, doctor husband. They were sisters in more ways than a soon marriage, and Jessica hoped they’d become close over the years.

Angie was gracious for the wedding, and toward the woman who was stealing away her son after all these years. She helped Jessica prepare, and picked at wrinkles that had stubbornly formed, and Jessica felt warmth all through.

She had spent the night anxious over the day, and instead of that fear creeping into the sunlit hours, she felt like she was being welcomed home.

Miriam answered Shira’s question in the bride’s room, mostly if her own Mom was going to be getting remarried. Her and Asher were turning eleven in June, and it seemed their lives might be similar to Jett and Flints. Angie suddenly had two sets of twins for grandchildren, as she had already graciously welcomed the boys into her family, even if Flint was less than courteous towards her.

Not everyone was happy with the big day, and Jessica had not expected otherwise. Flint had come, but only because Jett had guilted it upon him. They both had a strange power over one another, that Jessica could never replicate. He was disgruntled though, and didn’t attempt to hide it.

But the rest of the faces looking up towards them were happy and intuned to the moment. Though she felt Bea was distracting her son a bit too much. She really didn’t dislike the girl, just the power that she held over her son, and his emotions.

When Warren pulled her into his arms at the start of the ceremony, all her awareness for the audience dissipated.

It was in those moments, with his words that felt more true and honest than a single thing Matt had ever muttered, that Jessica thought having a baby, even with a man near fifty, might not be so terrible.

In fact, it might be quite wonderful.

As soon as the ceremony was complete, Angie was the first to welcome Jessica into their family.

To new beginnings, they all reiterated, and Jessica hoped that the beginning of a new life might not be past their reach. She would just have to worry about Flint’s reaction later, but first, she had to help Jett realize his hopes or whether he was college-bound or not.

Notes: I was concerned this wedding might not happen. I loaded the lot to prepare and Warren (who recently moved in), was being shoved by Flint (who wants to drink Warren just to show his serious hatred). And Jessica had the want to woohoo with 3 different sims. Thankfully it disappeared the next morning, and a baby want promptly rolled into play after the wedding. I’ll let them try, but no promises.

With the marriage, two pnpc families have merged – the Dennis and Picaso family.

I never realized until this wedding how similar Jessica and Miriam’s lives are, even down to the twins. Shira and Asher turn to teens in the next update, and there is boatload of birthdays to celebrate in it!

I changed my theme over break, the previous one didn’t have a static image size, which made the quality poor sometimes. And then most layouts by wordpress only allow small image sizes anyway, and I’m not paying the hefty fee that allows me to edit my CSS. I have considered going to a domain… but I just have no inclination of investing my time in that right now. So hopefully this works for everyone, if you do have issues though, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks for reading, and hope you all had a happy new year!


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8 thoughts on “second beginnings (picasso wedding)”

  1. I like the new theme! Larger text is nice, in my book. As I read this, I really wondered if Jessica would go through with this, but as she was getting dressed it started to seem she really is going to be so much happier. She’s had it really rough! I loved her dress, and Angie looked so elegant, in an understated way. Jett is really sweet; I noticed too that he was so in to Bea sitting at the wedding, it’s no wonder his mom is a little concerned about that. The woohoo three sims want rolled the night before the wedding is interesting… cold feet for sure, and I love the way you wrote it in the update. It just makes sense after the way Matt treated her, and years on her own, that she’d have doubts.

    1. The larger text was one reason why I went with this theme! There were a few that would work, but one had SUPER tiny font! I couldn’t handle reading it at all, so this one won! I’m glad that it works for you, thank you!

      I’m pretty sure that Mandy wore the same dress to Violet-Adele’s wedding that is coming soon, lol. I really need to get some more elder formal wear! I hadn’t even realized until you said she looked nice, and I was like darn!! I don’t know if Jett and Bea will make it the long haul, and if they don’t, I’m curious who might end it. She’s still got two years left of high school, and he’s off to university… that’s a different lifestyle for a chunk of time, at that age anyway.

      I think it would be difficult to get married after so much time as a single Mom. Especially if they do have another child, now she has to coparent in a way that she never really had. It will be interesting how holidays go with this family, perhaps Flint will cool down now that they are married. Zeke really hated Tyler when he was dating Kenzie, but once they were married, he was fine with him.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I agree with Shannon – writing in the wedding jitters from the want is great. 🙂 I really got that she was in two minds about it. Warren seems like a good guy though, so hopefully with time, she’ll be in just one mind.

    It sucks about the sons not liking Warren – that would be an interesting story to explore.

    1. Thanks Kiri! I’m glad that she seemed to embrace being married, and Warren’s family as soon as the wedding was complete. Whew! I don’t usually force them to go ahead with it, but she’s a pnpc for me, and this is her last chance at a happily ever after, especially if she wants to go for that third baby that she’s wanted for a long time. I’m hoping that the boys will like Warren more now that they are married, or at least Flint is gone in the military for a while, give him time to cool his jets. Thanks for commenting Kiri!

  3. Aw, I’m glad Jessica is getting a second chance at marital happiness and even possibly another baby!

    It definitely fits that Jessica would be so hesitant about another marriage, given her marriage to Matt was such a disaster. Warren does seem like a good guy though and if the only thing they argue about is Flint, well…that’s not so bad. I think once he’s off at boot camp, those arguments might become less frequent. Maybe Flint will even gain some perspective and realise Warren makes his mum happy. Probably too much to ask for but you never know!

    Jett and Bea are really sweet together. They remind me of Gabriel and Bianca, who are also young and so. serious. about each other! I think Bea and Jett are possibly facing a year apart too, if Jett goes to summer school and gets into college?

    1. Ohhh Gabriel and Bianca are really adorable together! I think they might have higher chemistry than Jett and Bea, but they still have strong chemistry. Bea fits for romance personality, and it was in my mind that she may go that route as an adult, but her monogamy with Jett is pushing that out of my mind. They’re actually facing two years apart, she’s just finished her sophomore year. College is so tempting for my sims, I don’t know if its because my dorms are co-ed, but there is a lot of booty calls, and ACR action… so I’m a bit nervous about them, as I am with any of my separated couples.

      I’m curious if Flint will stop wanting to drink Warren, and move onto at least a tolerable relationship with him. He’s still young, plenty of time to mature.

      The only reason I’d even consider giving them a baby is poor Warren has never gotten the opportunity, poor bloke, and his sister, Miriam had cute kids. We will see! Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Jessica. It seems like Matthew is an asshole in everyone’s game (he was in mine, too!), and she always gets the short end of the stick. What a lovely description of her very different boys as they’re approaching adulthood, and all of her thoughts and reflections on her life.

    I was so happy to see her mood lighten as she prepared for the wedding. Warren seems like a good guy, and hella cute for 50! And she’s marrying into a nice family, too. Look on the bright side, it can’t be worse than her first marriage, right? 😉 I hope Flint will come around to it though.

    And after reading this from Jessica’s POV, now I’m worried about Jett and Bea too, lol!

    1. Matthew is the worst!!! He constantly rolls romantic-aspiration wants though he’s NOT a romance sim! Haha, yeah Warren is good looking especially given his age! It’s one reason why I’m not opposed to them trying for a baby, seems mean to not let Warren at least try! Jessica is marrying into a nice family, Angie Dennis (the matriarch) is very sweet, her and Jessica instantly hit it off.

      I am always worried about my couples that separate for college, after Oliver had the wants to kiss/woohoo (I can’t recall which), three different sims with his family aspiration, and being with Paloma… well I don’t think I’ll ever trust a college kid again! They have two years apart, so we will see what happens. ACR is strong in the dorms. Thanks for commenting Laura!

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