summer birthdays 2027

june 2027

Recently minted as a big sister, Mavis celebrates her fourth birthday this summer. Nadia and Luca are both immensely proud of their eldest daughter as she has embraced being a big sister quite quickly, and is full of individuality and spunk.

Like her big brother, Kai she already exhibits a great desire for knowledge and isn’t afraid to show her inexperience or disbelief when someone yanks her chain.

She is mildly sad to start school in the fall though, only because she will miss spending her days with her little sisters.

Some might be disappointed that their children were aging, but Emma and Chris aren’t one of them. With their eldest being a teen, and their youngest two preparing to start school in a few months, they are certain that life just got a whole lot easier. Emma hopes to never chase a toddler away from an open toilet again, and even if she has to, it won’t be her own child because they have closed that door.

Many times, Emma feels perplexed by Dax, who is incredibly tidy. He prefers to wear shirts with collars, and to tuck them in to belted bottoms nonetheless. He is peculiar when compared to the rest of the family, and he has just begun to perplex her and Chris.

Evan is kinder than Emma and Chris are familiar with, but it isn’t something that jars them. She’s active, and constantly tugging Evan into a game of chase. Emma might not have expected to have a kind-hearted daughter, but she can relate fully with the rowdiness.

On the opposite spectrum, Emma’s older sister Grace is saddened by her eldest bidding farewell to her childhood years. It’s been full in her house, but she’s enjoyed the laughter, mischief, and giggles. She feels ill-prepared to have a teenage daughter, and will miss the imagination as her girls will all be joining Ainsley all too quickly.

Ainsley is anxious over starting high school in the fall. Crowds, big halls, lots of new teachers, those aren’t things that make her comfortable. But her Mom insists she will adapt and learn to enjoy it, and that gives her some ease. She’s quite close to both her parents, but especially her Mom, who she hopes she can be like when she grows up.

Marcus and Miriam’s only children, Shira and Asher celebrate their eleventh birthday. The couple may have divorced years prior, but they both keep a committed relationship to their children and upbringing.

Asher doesn’t have any great aspirations to become a doctor, or sacrifice his livelihood by being a teacher. His Dad is more disappointed by his son’s lack of work ethic than his Mom, who is hopeful he’ll gain it as he ages. Asher can’t really say what he wants to do when he grows up, but if he could, he’d stay a teen forever.

Shira doesn’t know what she’d like to do any more than her brother, but she would like to do something. Some have suggested she take up modeling, but she’s too self-conscious to feel comfortable with that type of attention.

Tim and Bekah couldn’t be more proud of Willa, as she graduated top in her class with an SAT score of 53. She has a half-ride to Eastborough, but all Willa cares about is getting out of South Port to stretch her legs. She intends to find modeling work while at university, and become a fashion designer when she wrinkles up, so she will be studying Art.

Flint Picaso is ready to leave South Port behind. With Willa dumping him at their graduation, and his Mom’s recent marriage, there is nothing holding him back. He heads to boot camp, and intends to show the world that he’s better than any of them ever knew.

Jett Picaso is happy to stay in South Port, and while he will miss his brother, he is happy for a little relief. He’s still happily dating Bea, and has decided to go to university to study Fire Science and Biology. He plans to join the fire department upon graduation, but needs to learn more about fire safety and even paramedics, which was a surprise to him. He is not looking forward to summer school before officially beginning more schooling in the fall.

Dean graduated with second highest marks with a 39 SAT. He would have liked to have a higher score, but he was busy working at the junior level of the police department, and keeping up with his long distance girlfriend, Evie. He’s thrilled that she is joining him at Eastborough in the fall. Dating a girl that lives in the same dorm seems a bit intimidating at the same time.

He’s studying Psychology with the hopes of joining the police field or intelligence upon graduation; whichever will have him.

Evie Jitmakusol heads to Eastborough in the fall. She is hoping her relationship with Dean will be even more wonderful now that they aren’t separated by distance and different schools. She’s studying Political Science with the hope of being a political strategist upon graduation; she hopes to make the local government better for the citizens.

Perla Martinez graduated with a history degree and a 3.3 GPA. She is moving in with her boyfriend, Julius much against her parent’s approval.

Lainey and Michael moved into their new house in Millwood with the help of her parents financially. Her and Alice are both saddened that their years as roommates were so short-lived. They’d dreamed of living together since childhood, and now Lainey is onto the next stage.

Lainey also got a promotion at the aquarium to Marine Biologist. The extra income will help greatly in furnishing their new house and nursery.

Meme and her husband Daniel have moved into their second trimester, and are anxiously awaiting their December baby’s arrival.

Lastly, Hadley Millett graduated Med School, and is now a resident at South Mercy hospital, her and her sister will be moving back towards home shortly.

Notes: This was one huge birthday post! I was worried I’d forget someone, and perhaps I have! I’m quite excited over Evan, Dax, and Mavis’ genetics. Shira turned out really pretty too, I was completely surprised. I’m quite excited about Dax’s personality too! I think he will be a fun one to play!

I can’t wait to see Lainey’s genetics mixed with Michael’s, and if she will roll any marriage type of wants. She is fortune, so it’s not quite a given.

I was shocked how much Flint looks like his Dad! And Jett too really, I always thought they looked most like him, but as adults, I can really see it. I think they are my most identical twins in my game too. Just different noses really.

New aspirations:
Shira – family
Asher – pleasure
Ainsley – family

Thanks for reading!!

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6 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2027

  1. Whoa, this really was a huge birthdays post!

    How cute is Mavis! I knew she’d have a really fun, expressive face and she does. Love her. And I’m giggling about Emma and Chris having one really neat kid and a really sweet kid. They should both be interesting to watch fit into the family.

    Asher is totally adorable and Shira has such a great face. Shame she doesn’t want to model, because she’d be perfect. I really want to try out the modeling career one of these days but I’ve never had a sim with the right look who would also be the type to want to do it.

    I can definitely see Matt in Flint and Jett but when I was reading Jessica’s wedding update, there was one photo of Jett and Jessica together where I could really see a resemblance between them too. So there’s a bit of a mix going on there.

    So excited about these new babies!

    1. This was a huge post!! Totally agree! I was overwhelmed at taking all the photos! Shira is extremely shy, so modeling doesn’t seem to fit her personality, but she has a great look. I am really surprised with her genetics. I’d never found the Dwyer twins be more than average.

      Dax aged up in that goofy outfit, and I kept it after I saw his personality. I don’t pay much attention to personalities as toddlers, unless a tot demands I do! Willa is my only sim that has the personalitiy and some good looks to go with the modeling career, and I’m super excited to try it out. I need to get a fashion place set up for her though. I’d love to do some posters with her like you had done with Patience and the wedding dresses I believe it was.

      I’ll have to go back and look for the photo of Jett where he resembles Jessica. Thanks for posting Carla!

  2. It is so cool to see Mavis as a four-year-old! I love her wispy eyebrows. I agree, it is fun the way Chris and Emma’s family turned out, and boy, I bet they are happy to be finished raising toddlers! Evan’s eye shape is very gentle and pretty. I think Ainsley is very pretty, and I’m sure she’ll do ok in high school, with the solid foundation she has. Also, Shira is so striking, and her brother is also quite interesting and attractive. Really, all your sims that are aging up are amazing looking… Evie also has the dramatic looks to make it as a model, it seems to me. Of course, Willa continues to be fun to follow. And once again, I am quite relieved for Lainey and Michael that they aren’t living in the basement!

    1. Haha yeah Chris and Emma are not a set that have ever rolled the baby want! So saying good bye to that stage is rather a relief for them. And with Dax being such a neat little guy, I bet they won’t have to hound on him to clean his room or flush the toilet ether.

      I agree with Ainsley, she should do good in high school. She’s shy, but very nice, and I think that will work out well for her. I like that her and Evan look like cousins, at least to me! It’s that resemblance to Grandma Nicole McCarthy (that almost all her kids and grandkids got!).

      Isn’t Evie gorgeous?! She really aged up quite nicely, and looks like the type to be into journalism, and getting dirty in the jungles, and reporting on warfare. But she’s more lined up to be in politics. I really want Dean to marry one of my sims, but Evie has grown on me the little bit of time I’ve gotten to play with her, so who knows.

      LOL on Lainey and Michael. Yeah Lainey wouldn’t want to live in the basement! I think Tim was too ready to swoop in and save his daughter, but she’s not a baby anymore. Now that my PC is fixed, I’m booting my game now to decorate Lainey’s new house. đŸ˜€

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. These kids all grew up with some really great genetics. It is very funny how Dax turned out. I can’t wait to see how they parent such a neat child, lol! And Evan looks very sweet, too.

    Shira turned out very lovely! I can see why people would suggest she do some modeling, she has such striking features! If not a model, I could see her being an actress in one of those quiet artsy dramas.

    I think Jett grew up really cute, too! And I can’t wait to read about Willa in university!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion on Shira doing acting, I hadn’t considered it because she is rather shy. But Bea does acting, and it would be fun for her to have someone around her age acting with her. I’ll have to see what I can do in the future, I’ve just finished Bea’s update before the PC broke, so I can’t fit Shira into that one.

      I think Jett turned out cute too. As children, Flint always had my heart, but not as adults. Though I think Flint would look better with hair… he’s too Matthew for me with his shaved head. But he rolled the military want…

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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