our love story (McCarthy – Bernard Wedding)

july 2027
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Etienne Bernard (40 years), Violet-Adele McCarthy (37 years)

There had been some resistance over a destination wedding sans kids. But once they arrived, and checked in, there wasn’t a complaint to be heard. She didn’t want to imply that she knew they’d come around to the notion, but she had. She also didn’t really care if any of them hadn’t.

Her brother hadn’t come, but it was for the best. He had the farm, and had been willing to take Hazel’s rambunctious three. If she were being honest, Finn wasn’t missed, not by herself anyway.

Even though these were her favorite family members, she still didn’t want to spend all week with them. They planned the wedding for the third day, so everyone could have their own mini-honeymoons. It also gave her Mom less time to pick at the details of the ceremony.

The hotel was setting everything up with the questionnaire that her and Etienne had filled out. They wanted it outdoors, they preferred local floral arrangements, and she really wanted to dig into a lobster. Etienne just requested it be a formal affair, and Violet-Adele had no complaints on that front ether. She had no desire for a barefoot wedding party, though Hazel had already tossed her sandals in her luggage.

That first night they all slept and attempted to adjust to the time zone. But afterward, they enjoyed visiting the local sites recommended by the front desk, and a few places they happened to come across. The men enjoyed the tents with cushioned furniture inside for hanging out. They both weren’t fans of hard wood chairs, and hours of conversation.

While Etienne and Violet-Adele were quite relaxed, both Jude and Hazel took turns worrying over their children. They paid for wifi so they could continue to email the kids back home, but the kids barely responded. It was likely they were tuckered out from working the fields, and crashing before they thought of their electronic devices.

When everyone was occupied, they would sneak away and toast to themselves. Everyone had said she was running out of time for kids of their own, but she’d never felt that rush, and wouldn’t be horribly disappointed if they couldn’t have their own family. Now they both sat there, confident people in who they were, and with full acceptance of the other. They also both had rather large bank accounts, something that set her apart from the rest of her family.

Her parents enjoyed night swims in the ocean, though her Mom was anxious over sealife gobbling her up. The resort assured her that they had no sharks in their local waters, but Mandy was still skeptical.

Mostly, they all just enjoyed the atmosphere. Late night walks, swims, and laying back in the sand.

They had gotten a suite with a hot tub, which everyone took turns using. While it technically was a private hot tub, it was never empty of her family members.

Her Dad still felt it was his job to ask the embarrassing questions, even though his daughter was long into her adult years. He didn’t fluster her, but that could not be said for Etienne, poor guy never knew how to properly answer an invasive question. He swore to her that people in France do not ask for such prying and intimate details.

He didn’t like to share his inner self with her family, and her parents were very abundant in love, acceptance, and a keen desire to know every detail. It took many years of her pushing away from her family to find a balance. If she were marrying Etienne at twenty-two, she is certain she’d be full of concerns, and waiting for Etienne to answer those questions, just so she’d know the answers.

But there was none of that jealousy, or possessiveness. They just were. They didn’t have all the answers, and for once, he was okay with that. She had never been one to label everything, or plot out where it was going next, excluding her career. She had plans for that, and everything else just happened.

She did agree to try for one baby, but with him at forty, and her a few years shy, they knew their fertility was less, and they were okay with that. It would be a waste of a good guy though, she knew he’d shine as a Father, in much that she knew that she wasn’t that interested in the role.

She did wonder what it would feel like to hold someone that resembled her. She had never had someone with her eyes or personality, and that piece of curiosity, as if it might be a missing piece to her perfect life, was her intrigue.

The morning of the wedding, Hazel was full of anxiety about her kids, as if the fact that she was in another country just dawned on her. Bea had been sad to miss out, she had dreamed of being her Aunt’s bridesmaid or flower girl when she was younger.

Vi did feel slightly poor about excluding Bea, but she knew that she was a package deal, and came along with her very rambunctious brothers. Instead of a relaxing week of conversation, wine, and love making, it would have been practical jokes, and running all over the small island.

Hazel was sent to be certain that the ceremony was all set and everything was prepared. It took her mind off home, and allowed Violet-Adele some alone time with her Mom.

In the beginning, Vi had arranged for this alone time merely because her Mom would enjoy it. But she had found they were both more emotional than they had expected. When she had been young, she had dreamed of running off to find her Birth Mom, and show the McCarthy’s how great her real family was, but that had come from a place of envy. She hadn’t been born into the great family, but over the years she had matured, to realized that she had been folded in and was part of them just the same.

Mandy couldn’t have been more proud, and admitted that Vi had been the one to teach her patience. She hadn’t been driven for a career the way that Vi was, but she had been that way about family. The slower process in how Violet-Adele had lived her life, had shown her that it didn’t always need to be rushed into, that savoring was good too.

Though she had never spoken it, her biggest fear had always been this moment, her Dad, walking her down the aisle. It had been risky to wait, he was eighty-three, and this part of being given away was something that had resonated with her.

George would always have a soft spot for his girls, and felt blessed that he was there for his youngest daughter’s big moment.

She had grown to have many adventures and times of celebration in her adult-life; he hadn’t known when she was a baby that she would grow to be so accomplished, and make so many of her own stories to tell.

George did not always see eye to eye with Etienne, but he couldn’t have picked a finer man to be his son-in-law. He had no hesitations passing Vi over into his arms. They complimented one another, and while Etienne did give Vi her freedom, he wasn’t a pushover ether. Both of his daughters were of strong personality, and needed that strength in their partners just the same.

It was the smallest wedding that any of them had ever been too, but the waves brushing against the sand, the seagulls crying as they flew over, made it feel even more intimate.

She even found herself swept up in the ceremony, and their vows. She hadn’t thought to feel so emotionally exhilarated at the ceremony, but it had touched a cord in her.

It went more beautifully than she could have ever imagined, and Etienne felt the same.

As they united, love spread through their family, as each remembered their own weddings, and thought of their spouses.

The dinner was at sunset, and Etienne had thought two small tables would be more intimate than a large family-style arrangement. But he should have known that even splitting the family into two tables would just result in shouting from one table to the next.

This family had been strange to him when he first arrived in South Port, Vi had been living with her sister temporarily, and they had invited him to dinner. They were welcoming, and their walls were never up around him; it had all felt genuine and overwhelming.

He never knew how much they knew about him, if they had ever mocked him for wanting to marry Vi when she was his intern. That earlier version of himself made him embarrassed, too fast he had been. He hadn’t seen that she was a confident woman, bottling up a fear of commitment.

She was different than her family, she didn’t share her secrets. It was merely a few years prior that he found out about her college miscarriage. It had jolted him, to realize that them even meeting had been mere chance. If anything had gone differently, she wouldn’t have run away to Paris, they would have never met.

That is something that chokes his heart to imagine.

He feels utterly complete with her in his arms, surrounded by her family, merry and warm.

He wants to only do things for her, something that she doesn’t always welcome with her obstinate nature.

George gives the toast, emotion choking his words, as he manages to push through and finish what he intended to say. She thinks that she is adopted, that a large part of who she is, is wrapped up in unknown parents. But Etienne knows that expression on George’s face, the determination to finish what one intends, and he sees in his wife.

She couldn’t be more like her parents than if they had birthed her themselves, and he hopes one day that she can see that for herself.

It was a magical evening, more full of shared life than anything she had ever experienced. Her career wins were shared alone, or with a small team, but nothing had been as deep as this day. Pure joy was the message in their hearts.

Afterwards, they moved to a new resort, a small distance from her family. She wanted to enjoy the honeymoon without worry that her parents might overhear something. They did go out and visit locations, and sometimes met up with her parents, but even then she could barely hold herself back.

They were safer to play while still in distance of their bedroom.

And they both felt more comfortable sharing some PDA without George walking around the corner.

The honeymoon went all too quickly, and they vowed to return for an anniversary, or a birthday. Any reason to come back.

Etienne even suggested purchasing their own vacation home off the beach, but she needed more convincing. What was vacation without room service?

Notes: I’m so excited they are married! And sad that this update had to wait an extra week. My PC broke, and has since been repaired and returned to me. Yay!

Here are the wedding photos:

Violet-Adele with her parents.

Love these two sisters together. They have been best friends since the beginning.

Sadly Jude is not in any of the wedding photos, because he got glitched, and nothing I did would fix him (except sending him home).

The newlyweds have an IFS of 1, so we will see what happens! Obviously I want them to have that one baby darn it! They also need to move, her two bedroom house can’t fit a baby, because she is not giving up her work office. She’s keeping her maiden name, but any children would have Etienne’s last name.

Oh and the perk of getting married later in life:

Their combined assets just bumped them up to one of South Ports wealthiest families. I really ought to do taxes again. I don’t think finding a new house will be an issue at all! Thanks for reading!!

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13 thoughts on “our love story (McCarthy – Bernard Wedding)

  1. Where to start? That was absolutely heavenly, every picture and line. I am so happy for you, with Vi and Etienne together, that’s been a long, long time coming but was, just as the post itself, well worth the wait.

    Violet-Adele looked like she was just perfect, her hair (both the new everyday ‘do and the upsweep), makeup, and wow, her dress. That dress suited her and the place so beautifully. I liked her striped dress too,that she wore before the wedding. So considerate, and such careful planning, to have a few days before the wedding with family, and allow them those mini-honeymoons, and then definitely nice to have the time after the wedding to be private. Poor Etienne, not used to the intrusiveness of the family’s interest and concern for him, or their loudness. But I love how you described, at their age and stage in life, that it didn’t get them all bent out of shape. That’s good, because I suppose Mandy will be pressing for babies now. It was wonderful to see Vi start to realize, and Etienne recognize, that Vi is truly their child, although her differences have been more prominent.

    Hazel also looked gorgeous in her gown. The color and style was perfect for her, and the location. Did Vi wish she had invited Bea, in the game? It’s so true, it would have been different with all the kids there. And it was smart to send Hazel off to check on things when she was freaking about her kids again the morning of the wedding.

    You set the stage for every part so beautifully. The resort was so exotic, and I love imagining them all spending the days chatting and enjoying the beach, the water, the tents, and the sights (and the hot tub, ha). I love what you did for the lighting during the dancing, after dinner. It made it look very intimate and showed off everyone’s formal attire so beautifully. Well, I could go on and on gushing, thanks so much for such a beautiful memorable wedding post, and I’m glad you got your computer back!

    1. Thank you Shannon! The wedding came together super quickly once I downloaded made over lots for the vacation hood. I am never inspired to work on vacation hoods (excluding the mountain one), so that was a lifesaver for me!

      Everyone got along so well, and the ceremony went great. I loved how nicely they all interacted at the intimate dinner and dance too. The only problem was Jude glitching out, but he only missed out on family portraits, and I’m not too fussed over it. Vi is rather close with Bea, and when she checked in, she had a want to talk with Bea. So I took it that she wished she could have invited her. But she is not a rambunctious person as her nephews (and honestly, Bea can be too!) are, and they would have changed the entire scene. I would go so far as to say that them in attendance would have ruined her wedding. She’s not a low-maintenance lady, even if she is rather reserved.

      I was super happy with how the wedding attire came together, I had both of those dresses in my game already, and thought that they looked like a sea-shell wedding gown, and a mermaid… just what I wanted! And that slit in the front of Hazel’s was perfect, she’s rather amorous with Jude, and still likes to strut her stuff.

      I was hoping that they’d TFB while on the honeymoon, but they didn’t. I won’t take her off the inteen bc until they do.

      Thank you for your kind words Shannon!

  2. This was such a sweet and beautifully written post, Maisie! I really admire Violet-Adele’s ability to remain true to herself and let her life unfold on its own. Also the moments with each parent were touching. I love the shot of her walk with her dad, and wedding dress is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! I loved that shot of her with her Dad too, I had been concerned that he would die before she finally got married, or that she might never get married! I’m glad that it all came together the way it did. It took long enough! Thank you for commenting!

    1. Definitely set up a vacation lot, they are a lot of fun to play especially for a bit of change of scenery. Though I’m never inspired to build for them mostly. These are great island makeovers, and no CC. Very easy to just swap them out with the plain ones, and then update where you please. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I am happy that they stuck to their guns and did the “no kids” thing, even at the risk of stepping on some toes. It was all so so beautiful and elegant. It would have been a very different event if children were invited, and I don’t think they would have enjoyed themselves as much. And it was their day, so that was the most important thing.

    Whoa, they are truly loaded now! lol! If they do end up having a kid, it will be a very lucky one. They would make such a lovely kid together, so I hope they do!

    Aww, how sweet were Etienne’s thoughts on how like her adopted parents she is and how he hopes she’ll recognize that. I hope she does, too!

    What a beautiful wedding, all around! Loved it! โค

    1. Agreed, it would have been super different with all the kids in attendance. I think it would have ruined it all for Vi, and neither her nor Etienne are very kid-friendly. They want 1 kid, so it’s not like they want to spend the week entertaining Hazel’s rambunctious kids.

      Haha, they are so loaded! I have played Etienne’s apartment, and I guess all his belongings went for a fair penny, plus he previously owned the Paris architect firm, and when he moved, I had him sell it. So they are pretty much set. I really wanted them to TFB, but they didn’t. Hopefully soon! I can’t wait to see what the baby looks like, I just hope it has brown hair, I have enough black haired sims already!

      Thank you for commenting Laura!

  4. Oh gosh, what a beautiful wedding and Etienne and Vi are such a gorgeous couple too! And whoa, they are loaded! I’m sure that wasn’t why they married each other but they’re going to be able to afford an extremely luxurious life! Hopefully, that will include a baby. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think the destination wedding with no kids was perfect for this couple. Vi’s always been such a jetsetter, running off to Paris the way she did, so it seems to fit her especially to want to be “elsewhere” for her wedding.

    Their honeymoon looked so lovely too (I just saved that posebox to my Pinterest a couple of hours ago, incidentally!) – nice move switching hotels away from her folks too! Could have been a little awkward.

    I love the sentimental parts of this too – Vi being surprised herself by how swept up in it she was, George’s words to his daughter and Etienne’s thoughts about Vi and her parents’ similarities. Just all so perfect. I could not have imagined a better wedding for these two or a better post to share it with!

    1. Very true on their luxurious life. I think that fits them really well too, especially with their career-focused lives. And yes, please a baby! I hope they try soon, because I’d love to see what they have, and who it takes after. Their home they’ll be moving in to will be quite nice (I hope!), I haven’t got them set up yet, but it’s my hope!

      Yes, I thought that a destination sans kids was perfect for Vi, she’s only close with Bea, and just tolerates her nephews. I think they are just too wild for her, and I am sure she will be hoping that any baby they have is much more subdued like her and Etienne. They are such a sophisticated couple. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Haha, yeah I would not want to have a honeymoon next to my parents! I was surprised by Vi, she really enjoyed herself, and wore a smile the entire time. Usually she gets grumpy at her parents, but she didn’t at all. Etienne was definitely puzzled by some of their topics though. Him and George don’t always agree on things, but they were mostly amicable in their conversations.

      Thank you Carla!

    1. I have a few sims that have been adopted, that I think would take it harder. And Violet-Adele was always one of those. In my super old hood, she rolled quite a few wants for her birth Mom, (who I incidentally never brought over), so it’s always stuck to me that perhaps she didn’t feel she quite belonged here.

      Thank you for commenting Starr!

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