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fall birthdays 2027

september 2027
Lainey’s previous update/next update

Elodie Siew celebrates her eleventh birthday this fall. Family continues to play an important part in her life, and she still looks up to her big sister, Scarlett, who is relieved to have someone else help her take care of their little brothers.

Nadia’s son, Kai also celebrates his eleventh birthday. As long as Luca has known Kai, he’s had his nose in a book, or was begging to have one read to him, so it’s no surprise to them that he continues to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Reed and Caroline Welsh’s daughter, Molly celebrates her birthday too. It’s surprising to Reed, that it was exactly eleven years ago that she was born. He had missed her arrival, occupied with his mistress at the time, Violet-Adele.

He had never come clean to Caroline, but had worked hard at his marriage, all because Molly had been born. She was their only daughter, and had instantly made Reed a better person.

Meme and Daniel Blackshire are thrilled to finally be in their third trimester, they are most anxious to meet their first born. The names are picked, the crib is built. They are due in December.

Lainey and boyfriend, Michael are done waiting for their baby’s arrival. Her water breaks, something she had read was statistically not all that likely, but thankfully happened at home. It is a workday so her parents are occupied, but Michael had taken time off at the comic store, he will be moving to security guard, a position her Dad got him shortly.

Dr. Morgan heads to the cafteria for a mid-afternoon snack. First deliveries are usually slow, but she’s hoping to get out at a decent time for the girls’ open house at school. They’re in eighth grade now, and seems like just yesterday they were singing Christmas songs in grade school.

If Lainey had thought her parents wouldn’t leave work early for the birth of their first grandchild, she was mistaken. They had both arranged for this months in advance. They had no desire to miss the baby’s arrival.

While Lainey was happy to see their enthusiasm, they were a bit too meddlesome for her comfort. She didn’t exactly want to holler in pain over contractions with her Dad chatting away with Michael about the new security position.

When Morgan came back into the room to check the progress, she immediately sent the Grandparents packing. She’d been thanked many times by her patients once the intruders were gone, and Lainey was no exception. Morgan didn’t mind being the bad guy, and was slightly humored how official it looked with Tim still in his police uniform, escorting Bekah from the room.

Morgan checked on them a few times through the labor, and always found them very anxious. She liked seeing a baby so worried over, and loved before it had even arrived.

Michael was the only one that missed the Grimsley’s from being in the room. Sure they had taken a class at the hospital, but labor and her screams of pain were way more intense than the fake reenactment the trainer had given. He didn’t know if he should hold her hand or rub her back, and breathing with her seemed incredibly theatrical.

Morgan saw his panicked expression, and gave him some pointers. When the baby crowned and she announced that the baby had some hair, they both shared a brief smile. It seemed surreal that one minute there was no baby, and then suddenly a bundle of responsibility.

They hadn’t been exactly wanting a boy over a girl, but when it was announced that it was indeed a son, they were thrilled.

They had barely a moment to clean up, before Bekah was in the room. The sight of her eldest, holding her firstborn was overwhelming. She immediately remarked that he had Lainey’s eyes, and they both doted on him some more.

Instantly, she loved the little guy, and couldn’t wait to spoil him rotten. So many cute baby outfits were in his future.

Michael wanted to give their son everything in the world, and wanted to make their family unit traditional by marrying Lainey. But she had said many times that she wasn’t rushing into marriage just because they were becoming parents. But seeing that they had a son, she did insist that he got his Dad’s last name, Abbott.

Lainey and Michael were terribly anxious and exhilarated to bring their son, Silas Abbott home to their new house.

Notes: I really saw Lainey with a son, and I couldn’t be more happy! I am changing his hair color though, seeing that none of his parents have brisance. I am thinking I’ll do an in-between color like Landmine or shrapnel when he’s a toddler. Michael has had the want to marry Lainey and she is not rolling anything of that nature at all.

Love my teen age-ups too, Molly SO has her Mom’s recessive chin, and Elodie is gorgeous, she’s grown into her cute pug nose that she had, and Kai has such a great face, his head shape is pretty unique in my game, and I’m excited to see that carry on eventually.

Elodie – family
Kai – knowledge
Molly – popularity

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8 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2027”

  1. I could just scoop Kai up! He is adorable, is that a face template? I’ve been looking for some new face templates. Aww, so sweet that they had a little boy. I hope they get engaged soon, they’re a cute couple.

    1. Kai doesn’t have a face template, he was born in the game. Nadia was a model from Jessi’s site, and his Dad was a university sim, possibly Castor Nova. These are the face templates I use, I pick and chose which ones I wanted. The images aren’t showing on the site for me, but I’m pretty positive that all the images are included in the downloads.

      Lainey and Michael are a cute couple, she picked him on her own too. He lived in the apartment below her, and she just jumped in the sack with him immediately, he’d barely darkened the apartment. So far no wedding wants though. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Elodie and Molly are such pretty girls and Kai is so handsome! How on earth is he a teen already, lol?

    And yay, welcome Silas! I definitely saw Lainey having a boy, so I’m thrilled to see him finally here. Just write the Brisance off as newborn weirdness. 😉 It’ll be interesting to see if Lainey rolls a marriage want. Will you wait until she has one before you have them get engaged?

    1. They are all growing up quickly it feels. I need to do Luca’s twins soon! And I can’t believe that. They’re February babies, but I’m waiting until spring (March) for their birthdays, just in case I want to play them one more time. 🙂 I was surprised how pretty Molly aged up, she was kind of a goofy kid!

      I saw Lainey with a boy too, funny how that worked out! And yes, brisance is the newborn weirdness. I actually don’t have the landmine and shrapnel set up as brown for newborn hairs, so I changed it to depth charge, and it’ll darken again as a toddler. He’s got quite a lot of different hair colors, but my eldest did too, so I guess it’s not entirely unrealistic!

      I’ve kind of taken to making all my sims roll a specific marriage/engagement want. I’ve liked how it’s worked out thus far, so for now I am going to stick with it. I don’t see Lainey rushing to get married ether, so her not rolling the want yet fits in my head for her.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Yes, enquiring minds need to know?? Might Lainey and Michael have a wedding soon? 🙂 I really enjoyed the birth, with family there and Lainey feeling self-conscious, and how excited Bekah was to have a grandbaby and meet Silas! It’s really intriguing to read about the wants they rolled around the birth.

    Kai does have such a gorgeous face, I love the shape and his whole look.

    1. I’ve been waiting until both parties roll specific engagement/wedding wants, so for now, I’m going to stick with that. I’ve liked how it delayed Vi’s wedding, and then Paloma finally got hers. And now I’m currently waiting for Oliver to roll one for Brooklyn. It also gives them time to see if it is the person they want to be, if Adam didn’t roll the want soon, I was planning to have Paloma and him break up, because she really wanted that marriage.

      Kai is a cutie! I loved him the most as a toddler, but he’s a handsome teen too. Nadia has adorable kids! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Elodie’s freckles and Kai’s eyes! Wow! You have such striking and unique looking sims! Molly is gorgeous too!

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since the whole Reed and Vi thing went down! I remember that story so vividly! I love how you’re able to write in such detail but still actually make time progress in your hood! I wish I could do both like that, but every time I find a story I’m interested in, the calendar comes to a dead stop, lol!

    Aww, welcome baby Silas! These three make such a sweet little family. I like them. I hope Lainey sticks with Michael, even if she doesn’t want to get married right away.

    1. Elodie was really hard for me to find a hair for, she just looks super mature for her age! In one hair that she looked wonderful in, she looked like a university student. And I agree with Kai, him and his Mom have gorgeous eyes. She passed it on to some of her daughters too, which I can’t quite say! Been way too long since I’ve played my sims!

      I can’t believe it has been so long with Reed and Vi too, when I was writing this update, I was like wow… how is Molly 11!? See, I wish that I could spend more time on some stories, but then I really get the urge to get time moving… I’m constantly at an inner-war with it when a storyline/character I love comes up. Like Ella… her teen years are going too fast, and I want to slow it down, but then it makes everything go slow… It is hard to find the right passage of time sometimes.

      Silas is a cutie, I really like Lainey and Michael together too, though they are sorta opposites. They have great chemistry though, so in their case I’d say opposites attract. Thanks for commenting Laura!

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