Abbott, Grimsley Family

ten tiny toes

september 2027
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Michael Abbott (28 years), Lainey Grimsley (26 years), Silas Abbott (newborn)

Silas was here, and she could never wish him away, but it felt like her life before kids was too brief. She had a few things to pick up back at the apartment, and it stung to see Julia moving in. Alice had always been the one with an abundance of friends, and Lainey had never cared much for Julia. When she’d gotten pregnant as a teen, she’d actually looked down on her. It all felt rather ironic now.

She felt incredibly jealous to see that Julia had painted her old room a purple shade, and there were pink towels on the floor that hadn’t found a home yet. When Julia started playing with Wilfreda, it especially stung. She never had been overly affectionate with the cat, but she realized that she’d never live with her again, or be annoyed when she yowled in the night.

This had been Lainey’s first home as an adult, and she had shopped with Alice while she finished university, and they had decorated it together. It was no wonder she was possessive of it. But she had decided with Michael to buy a house, and to raise Silas in Millwood. She couldn’t have it both ways, and worked to push the envy aside. She was grateful that Julia had moved in, she had left Alice with a large rent that would be a burden for one person to handle.

She knew Alice was feeling jealousy of her own, wanting a relationship, and the prospect of a baby. Lainey didn’t know why it always seemed that they got what the other one wanted, but that’s how it had always been.

When they went to grab their last few items, Lainey vowed to try and like Julia. She was kind to Silas, and to Alice, that there really was no reason to not at least be friendly towards her.

While Alice went on living the single life, and wondering if she’d find true love, Lainey was out in Millwood. She owned the house with the help of her parents generous donation, and it was hers, not Michael’s. He wanted to marry her, and Alice would say yes in a heartbeat, but Lainey wasn’t sold.

She told him regularly that they were on a trial basis, that ‘this’ being everything in her life, was too much of a change. She needed time. She still could barely believe that she was a Mother, that adding wife to one of her titles tipped the bucket.

She was grateful that her Dad had gotten him a job as security. It allowed her to return to work after two weeks off, and leave Silas in his hands during the day.

They quickly fell into a routine, and they both knew that they had what others considered a ‘good’ baby. This was a welcome blessing. He also loved his swing, so Michael was able to eat lunch and it wasn’t just lunchmeat sandwiches, he could actually cook something while Silas played happily.

When he napped, Michael did work around the house. They were beyond skint, so it was usually just filling in holes that the wild neighborhood dogs dug up.

When Silas did get upset, they both felt ill-equipped to calm him. Tim had insisted that it was okay for babies to cry, that it strengthened their lungs, but it felt wrong to allow it; it felt like a parental failure.

Thankfully it rarely happened, and was quickly over.

They would get a few hours in the evening together, and then Michael was off to work third shift at the mall. He missed working at the comic store, but this paid better and had actual potential for a career. He had never dreamed of being a police officer, it had all just came together because Tim had offered it. One day, he hoped to marry his daughter, and didn’t want there to be any ill-feelings between them.

Thankfully he liked the job, and so it was working out alright. He would call in the evening, and say good night to Silas. They had just moved him from his bassinet.

Lainey felt that Michael had the better parenting role, Silas was a good sleeper and by the time Michael left at 8pm, she only had a good hour left with Silas before he was out. She got to feed him a midnight bottle and a diaper change, but otherwise she missed most things.

Her parents became regulars at her house on the weekend, they were much more smitten as grandparents than she had ever anticipated. They had been hesitant about a baby at her age, but since his arrival, had thrown themselves full force into their new roles.

Her Mom would teach her meals to cook, and they’d have a family dinner, with most of them standing or spread between the kitchen and living room. They really didn’t have the space to host dinners.

Michael always anticipated these dinners, as Bekah cooked much better than Lainey, though she wasn’t a poor cook herself. They just lacked the experience in the kitchen that Bekah had gleaned over the years.

Her parents loved Michael, it might have been rocky at the start, but it had all changed when he’d taken the new position. She knew her Dad was already eyeing Silas to one day be a police officer too, but she was adamant that he could be whatever he wanted to be.

Some nights while Michael worked, Alice would come over. She had started the online dating, and had zero success.

They would talk with guys, and Lainey would watch and encourage things for her to say. She didn’t know why her best friend repelled boys, she’d always thought Alice was prettier and nicer than herself, and she’d had no shortage of guys in her own life.

She worried about her doing the online dating though. She encouraged Alice to give her any guy’s information that she intended to meet in person. She didn’t tell Alice, but she fully intended to have her Dad do a background check on him. So far though, she hadn’t connected with anyone.

Michael came home after just two weeks at his new position with news that he had been accepted into the Police Academy; he was going to be a cadet. It came with a nice bonus, so they could stock their shelves better at home, but it was first shift just like Lainey.

He came home to find her awake with Silas, who was having an off-night and was struggling to sleep.

He knew that Lainey wouldn’t take the news well. It didn’t matter that it was a better job, it ruined their plan. He almost wished he hadn’t accepted it, because he could see that he had let her down. She didn’t accuse him of not liking their routine, but he could see the betrayal in her body language, that he was sure she was thinking that.

No matter what he said, he couldn’t calm her down. Silas would need a babysitter. She could take another week off, but then she was out of vacation, and she really didn’t want to use it all. If Silas got sick down the road, she would be the one that needed to take it off. Michael had no vacation, he hadn’t even started being a cadet yet.

The responsibility felt like a burden, and she wished that he could have stayed a security guard a while longer. He wasn’t supposed to be promoted out in just a few weeks on the job, that was absurd. She was positive her Dad was behind it.

In the end, Michael left for his first day as a cadet, and handed Silas over to Lainey. It would take a bit to vet someone properly to be his caretaker. All she could do was take him to work with her.

She felt absurd bringing a huge diaper bag, and a stroller with her to work. For such a little tyke, he required a lot of items. She really hoped that her boss, Avery wouldn’t mind.

She wasn’t friends with her boss, but Avery could relate to having a baby. She’d taken care of Eden entirely without Colin’s knowledge or involvement. She hadn’t had such a nice job as she did now, but she was sure she would have brought Eden in if she had. She relented, as long as it was short lived.

Overall, Silas did well at her work. She knew it couldn’t last, but it worked while he was a newborn. Soon he would want to roll around and play on the floor, but he was happy sleeping most of the time.

Avery happily obliged to keep him happy when he was awake, as long as she didn’t have a tour to give. It seemed like ages since Eden was a baby, and Silas was much happier than Eden had been. He marketed baby fever without even trying.

Her favorite times was after the aquarium had closed, and she’d walk him around, showing him the sharks and tropical fish. He seemed to enjoy his private tours, and she wondered if perhaps he’d be interested in marine biology like her, instead of police like the rest of her family.

He was a distraction at work for her, but she was going to sorely miss him once she found a nanny. She sort of hoped that Michael would move through police academy quickly and be back to third shift, doing patrol or something else. If she could hold out a bit longer, she may never need a nanny for him, as long as her Dad stopped meddling with his promotions.

Notes: I wanted to do a quick play session with these two, since she got pregnant outside of her update, and it will be a bit before next round. Lainey loves Michael and Silas, but she’s perfectly happy not being married, at the moment anyway. She does want to improve her career, and cook the meals that her Mom makes (which is super sweet). And she definitely is smitten with Silas. I think this works for her right now.

Michael got promoted so quickly, I blame Tim. πŸ˜‰ They had a very good thing going with the opposite shifts, and I’m hoping he will get promoted again quickly. I know there are a lot of lower rank third shift positions because Charlie was on them forever!

I think there is a kind of irony with how things have worked out with Alice and Lainey. Lainey really has gotten all the things that Alice has wanted, and Lainey has never greatly desired the things she has. She wouldn’t get rid of them, but they were never a motivation for her. It was sad to move all her final things out of the apartment though. It worked out well to move Julia in, but I need to get Hadley set up now that she’s back in South Port too.

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “ten tiny toes”

  1. These themes ring so true, wanting what you don’t have, and all the challenges of starting out with nothing and juggling responsibilities. Although it was a real wrench in everyone’s plan for Lainey to move out, I’m glad it’s working out for Julia and Alice, and really, it couldn’t have hardly worked out better for Lainey given the circumstances but it’s still so tough. Like you say, it is ironic how she looked down on Julia before but now sees that very differently; that’s so true to life especially in your teens and twenties when you don’t realize you could very easily be in the same situation as someone you look down on. I hope it works out well for Michael; he seems much more keen on marriage and is trying to be supportive and is so responsible. I love the picture of Silas at the aquarium and wonder what he will want to do as he gets older.

    You did such an amazing job with all the posing, with and without Silas. That one of Silas laying on his tummy with his knees up under him next to Lainey on the bed is really neat. I didn’t know there were poses like that for babies. And I like the one of Lainey watching Alice fill out her online dating profile.

    1. Yes, Lainey moving out really made things screwy for me, but it all really fell into place nicely! Julia was an obvious but then I didn’t have a place for Hadley, and Julia wouldn’t just abandon her sister, even for her close friend. Oh yeah, it’s never really good to look down on someone else, it always seems to come back around! I think Lainey has always been a bit high-opinioned of herself, so this through a wrench in that, and I think humbled her some. She seems more wise, and nice even than previously.

      I am excited to see if Silas likes the aquarium like her, and what careers he’ll eventually line up with. If he matches perfectly for the police field, I’ll be laughing! Michael matches for the field, so while he got the job because of Tim, it also gave him a career that he’s actually really well-adapted for as well.

      I had a good time posing Silas, I was already setting that pose up when he came home with the promotion, so it worked out well for that bit of news. I want to try to make some more toddler poseboxes work with infants, but am not sure how to do that just yet. It just gets added on to my other things I want to learn to do! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. No they aren’t, but they are near to it. The maps are beyond outdated. Some are from my old Dell and a few my laptop gaming days. Yikes! I’m planning to make new posts soon, with the N99 Street Cute, I’ve made loads of progress and got pics too, so new good photos is on my agenda.

  2. How long had Lainey and Michael been together when she got pregnant? I’m thinking it wasn’t much longer than a year. Am I off-base? Anyway, it seems to make sense that she’d be a little reluctant to jump into marriage right after having Silas, given he was such a huge surprise. One big life change at a time. πŸ˜‰

    It’s a shame that Michael’s promotion has brought so much stress along with it for Lainey, though I can understand why too. They had a decent, if not perfect, routine going and she’s had to disrupt it now. I guess it’s a good thing that Silas is such a good baby so far. πŸ™‚ Hopefully that means he’ll adapt easily to a new routine…and again to another routine, if Michael gets that extra promotion you’re hoping for! In the long run, the extra money is going to help them out a ton, so I hope she can be at peace with it all soon.

    Cool to see Avery as Lainey’s boss too! Have we seen Lainey at work before? Or Avery?

    BTW, could you enable toddler poseboxes for babies the same way you enable the facial expressions on Decorgal’s box for children? Might be something to try, if you haven’t already. Super interested to find out if it works, so let me know if you get to it before me!

  3. Lainey and Michael started officially dating in October 2025. They were screwing around a good year before that though, as Lainey and him hooked up via ACR when she first moved into her apartment (he lived downstairs until Brooklyn moved in). So they haven’t been together terribly long, not for marriage to come into play for someone like Lainey, but not incredibly short ether.

    The routine was pretty much perfect. It threw a wrench in my plans for them too, I was trying to save them money with not needing a nanny. Yes, very true on Silas needing to adapt if his Dad’s schedule continues to yo-yo. Lainey is not very adaptable herself. The extra money from promotions is good, and sorely needed. Once they get in the swing of things, they’ll be fine financially, as she is the major breadwinner here, but it was a lot of expenses at the start.

    The aquarium has been showcased a few times in updates, field trip with Avery/Lainey working, and when she got the position. Those are the two times that Avery and Lainey have shown up working together off the top of my memory. Avery and Lainey butted heads a lot in the beginning, but seem to be doing alright now, I think Silas softened Avery towards her. Lainey was the Mayor’s kid, who got the job in the Mayor’s aquarium, though Avery is her boss, so not exactly favoritism.

    I do want to look into the boxes with the toddler/babies, I don’t know when I will get around to it, but if I do before you, I’ll let you know! Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Interesting how Alice and Lainey each turned out, each envying each other secretly. They’re both still so young, they have lots of time still to do everything they want in life.

    Funny you commented that Lainey wasn’t very adaptable, because I was just going to say that this girl does not like change, lol! Oh, but now I’m kind of worried about her and Michael. She seemed to be on such thin ice with it all already and then Michael went and botched their setup. Oops. But she’s lucky she even can take her baby to work! And what a neat workplace to bring a baby to! I think if she can learn to roll with it a little, she could find a lot of happiness.

    Those baby poses are so cute!

    1. I love the baby poses! ❀ They make the babies even more fun to play with. I am curious how things will work out for Lainey and Michael, he actually is Alice's highest chemistry, but they've never even heart-farted each other. It's like I know they might have had a chance at all the things Alice and Michael want, if they had met under different circumstances. But Alice has no clue, as I said. She doesn't really even like him, so there's that too. lol

      Lainey and Alice both grew up differently than I had expected. Lainey herself is so much more judgemental than I would have thought her to be when she was a child, and being teased by Hadley Millett. Maybe it hardened her? But I do like her with Michael, and he has the want to marry her, just see if she gets there too. And she is really lucky with her job, he made Avery roll the baby want, and she's single, poor girl. Thanks for commenting Laura!

      1. Oooh, that is so interesting that Alice and Michael have untapped chemistry! I wonder, if Alice and Lainey remain friends longterm, if they would ever discover that! The drama! (I just had a little fanfiction of your story going in my head for a minute, lol!)

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