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above us only sunshine

October 2027
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(Goss Household Profile)
Kenzie Goss (64 years), Tyler (62 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

I’ve had a more difficult time with Dean moving to university, than I expected. He moved out all of his belongings and furniture aside from the bed, which the dorm supplied, and I find myself sulking in there when Tyler is occupied. He doesn’t approve of the mopey attitude, but I miss having him home.

We went to visit him at campus, Tyler insisted we give him space for September, and I equally insisted that we visited him the first weekend of October. Of course we talked on the phone regularly the month before, but Tyler had wanted Dean to have time to get himself settled. It is a big adjustment for all of us, and even more so for Dean. But Evie is there with him, and I think they fell into a natural rhythm together.

Evie has been a major part of Dean’s life for the past three years. Despite his uncertainty about them living in the same dormitory, they seemed to have settled in nicely.

Tyler and myself really like Evie, but naturally are hoping that they finish university before they consider things like marriage. She has ambitions in the political field, and he’s still set on joining law enforcement, maybe the CIA. We would both like the kids to get those underway, and so far, that is their plan too.

Most of the time, our house isn’t empty of visitors though. Tyler is one to enjoy peace and quiet; it allows him to dig into his next non-fiction masterpiece, but I like to be surrounded by people. We’ve always been opposite in that regard. I love coming home from work, and finding Lorelei’s car out front.

When Caitlyn is home visiting her Dad, she will drop Thomas to visit with us. I try to get him and Penelope together as often as I can.

They haven’t exactly warmed up to each other, but I’m hopeful that in time they will. They are both only children, and I believe, they could use the socialization.

Lewis hasn’t been around. After I suspected he had feelings for Rachael, he just stopped coming around or taking my calls. Zeke confronted him, told him to visit with his Grandma again, but the yelling match in the restaurant, didn’t exactly lead to any change.

We were glad that he had reconciled enough with Caitlyn, to continue helping care for his son, but it hurt that me and Tyler weren’t included with his changes.

Lewis did eventually call though, in the middle of the night, and Tyler was the one to answer the phone.

We drove down together to bail our grandson from jail. Zeke had always been in trouble as a kid, angry all the time, and yet, he had never gotten into trouble with the law.

Officer Charlie Grimsley brought us up to date when we arrived. It was a barfight, but he thought only the owner would press charges for the damages. He felt certain that the other brawler would not have a case, despite Lewis starting the fight.

The cells were so cold, and depressing. I couldn’t believe that Lewis had wound up in a place like this, and clearly in the wrong.

He seemed to be squandering everything, and in his senior year of university. When I came upon him in his cell, he didn’t look remorseful, he just looked angry. I was familiar with that look, it was the same as Zeke had been, when he had blamed the world instead of owning up to his part in things.

He had seemed genuinely surprised to see me there to pick him up, I thought that might be a good sign, but overall, I just felt that Lewis was in for a long lesson in learning.

I had tried to shield Zeke from his temper, and jointly raised Lewis after Brynn died, but I could not invest myself that way for Lewis now. Naturally, I would always be there for him, but I had taken over in many areas for Zeke, that I couldn’t do at this stage in my life for Lewis and his son, Thomas.

Tyler has been telling me since Zeke was a child that I needed to let my family fall sometimes, and be there to pick them up instead of being the trampoline. Finally, I think I understand what he means. It was a quiet drive home, and I text Zeke first thing in the morning to come over.

Zeke came, but he was livid at Lewis but also us for bailing him out of jail. He thought that he deserved to stay the night, and deal with the repercussions of his actions.

There was no great triumph that morning, and Lewis took the first bus back to Eastborugh. He graduates in the spring, and I suppose all we can do is hope that he gets there, and doesn’t get expelled for drunken brawls.

I couldn’t dwell too much on Lewis, Lorelei and Marshal both got sick with the flu. They were in horrible shape, and I took some time off of work to come care for them and Penelope.

She had been fighting it a few days before she called to ask for help, and the house was a mess with dishes and laundry. They mostly slept the entire time I was there, and I stayed until after dinner so that Penelope was mostly taken care of except for bedtime.

She’s two years old now, and they’ve been making great progress with her toilet-learning, that I wanted to keep it up. But it is exhausting!

But overall, it was a delight to get such one on one time with her.

And she plays nicely by herself after her nap, which allows me time to get things in order for Lorelei and Marshal.

When everyone was better, I found that Dean had come home for a surprise visit, and was outside raking our leaves. We have been so blessed to have him as our son, he’s such a polar opposite of Zeke, and just very family-oriented, and thoughtful. Tyler and myself couldn’t be more proud.

After the weekend, I was back to work. Caitlyn has a day without classes, and she is interning at the Human Resources office under me. Sometimes she brings Thomas, and he plays with the toys while she learns the ropes.

She’s very serious about her chosen vocation, and I think she will be a great asset, even if she is my niece and I may be a bit bias.

My time as mayor is beginning to wind down, next November there will be a new election, and I am working to get my platform promise completed. The city builders came by to show me their plans, but they haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked.

Violet-Adele has admitted many times that a youth-oriented rec center isn’t exactly her expertise, so we are relying mostly on her new husband, Etienne to give this project the spark that it needs.

We went out in the rain to look at empty properties that we could propose for our project. One was just down the street from Lorelei and Marshal’s house, and it made me happy to think of Penelope and the neighbor kids running over after school, and a basketball court they could play at. The north end of the city already has a few of those amenities, but not the central neighborhoods.

I had wanted a place closer to the schools, but there aren’t any open lots at the moment, so I gave them permission to put the proposal forward. It would require changing the property from residential to community, so the voters have the power here. Otherwise, Etienne suggested that we look for abandoned properties to bulldoze if needed.

When it was all over, we had Penelope over while Tailee our kitty watched her cautiously.

It is because of Penelope, Thomas, and the other children in our county, that I am fired up to get this promised rec center set up for them. I want it to be full of great programs, and find someone who can really take it to the next level once the facility is built.

Notes: I can’t believe that it’s nearly time to vote for a new mayor! I lost steam with the rec center, but am hoping to get it completed before her term is up. Lorelei and Marshal were sick, and I sent Kenzie over to get them well so that it didn’t spread through the hood.

As for Lewis, it was his ROS – Bar fight! What a night — too bad you don’t really remember it. You pick a fight in a bar, then have to pay a $600 fine in damages. I think that was the perfect ros for him if I say so myself! I can’t believe my big 7 graduate university in the spring!

Goss family portrait updated:

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8 thoughts on “above us only sunshine”

  1. Argh, Lewis! Yeah, that was a pretty perfect ROS for him, wasn’t it? Still though! I hope this is his last brush with the law. He really could ruin everything he has going for him right now, which I don’t want to see happen.

    Love Kenzie’s plans for a new rec centre! It reminds me I haven’t used my teen hangout much yet, although I don’t know if I’ve played that many teens since I added it either. I’m so curious to see who the new candidates for mayor are as well. Kenzie can’t run again, I assume?

    Dean is so cute with Evie. I hope they make it through college okay. Definitely with Kenzie on waiting until they get their careers established and I’m glad they’re on the same page with that too.

    1. When I saw that he got that ROS, I was like wow… that’s perfect. I still have to play him up for graduation in the spring, so we will see how he does his senior year.

      I really wish someone would build a great rec center that I could download and fit all my needs/hopes. I’m just not finding anytime to play lately, and zero desire to build. Almost done with this round, and that is what I want to work on! The teen hangouts are fun, I’ve been using the Mixed tape one since Lorelei was a kid, but have updated it over the years so I don’t get too bored.

      I have no ideas for mayor candidates, but Kenzie could technically run if she wanted. She’s only had one term, and I limit them to two. I have zero projects in my mind ether. Thankfully I still have a bit before I get there.

      Dean is really adorable with Evie, and she aged up so lovely… I’m totally torn, because everyone loves Dean. I’m talking playables here, he has great chemistry with a lot of my sims… but Evie is so sweet with him…. I’ll see what happens, but I still haven’t decided to allow him to marry a townie. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Lorelei and Marshal made it into the family portrait– did you do it before they came down with flu? Kenzie sure had her hands full caring for everyone, with the ‘flu, Thomas, Penelope, and of course, Lewis and his dad. I figured it might be a ROS, but I could also picture Lewis just getting into a fight in a bar, autonomously.

    Evie is adorable! I hope she and Dean will be very successful in college and starting careers.

    I love the picture of Etienne and Violet-Adele surveying property with her. They are just so incredibly elegant all the time! And I look forward to seeing what Etienne comes up with.

    1. I did the family portrait first, before I had even played the household, so no one was sick yet. They actually might have picked something up at the park because when they visited Kenzie later on, Lorelei was sick. Kenzie is definitely a caretaker, I think she really thrives with being needed and making a difference. I like that she’s always there for her family, but was never the type of woman who wanted a ton of kids.

      I agree about Etienne and Violet-Adele, they are my elegant couple. I just love the way they look and their expressions they make. So cute! I’m having a hard time getting them set up in their new home, because I want it to be elegant and quite rich because they are both of those things.

      Dean and Evie are cute. Like I wrote above to Carla, my only issue with Evie is that she is a townie, and he has great chemistry with quite a few of my playables. Still on the fence with allowing them to eventually marry (if they roll the wants). I could just be borrowing trouble, thinking they will want to marry and won’t screw things up at university. 🙂 Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Lewis isn’t doing too well. I find it very fitting especially with how he did his family. I remember the parallels between Lewis and his father, so hopefully he will mellow out.

    1. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how similar Lewis is to his Dad. Then I look at Dean (technically Lewis’ half-brother), and see how sweet, and great he is. And it wasn’t from Brynn, she slept around, and toyed with Zeke’s feelings. So it makes me think that part of it was just being raised by Zeke, and seeing his Dad behave that way when he was a toddler/child. Morgan certainly settled Zeke down, so maybe Lewis will find someone to help him get there. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  4. I miss the political career! They really left out such obvious things in TS4, ugh! Kenzie is a busy woman, but it seems like keeping busy and surrounded by family and work makes her happy. I can’t wait to see what happens with the youth center! And I love the family portrait!

    1. ooo I didn’t even realize TS4 was missing the political career! I only have the base game and I haven’t even fully explored that yet. But my playing has been so limited there. So true on Kenzie and what makes her happy. Not to be mean to poor introverted Tyler, but she is so much more lively and extroverted. I have to think that she was drawn to him in the beginning because he was stable, and she had a young son and was a single Mom. Because they really aren’t much alike even as elders. They do both romantically interact regularly though, so it works for them. Thanks for commenting Laura!

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