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december birthdays 2027-2028

december 2027

Meme and Daniel Blackshire happily announce the arrival of their son, Jagger Blackshire. The new parents are settling in nicely, and enjoying snuggling with their newborn as the winter weather settles in.

The Millett family sadly says goodbye to matriarch, Norma, who passed away in her sleep after a terminal illness. She was seventy four, and left behind her husband, son and his wife Leah, and three grandchildren, and one great grandson.

They had all been able to gather one more family portrait before her passing, as they celebrated Christmas early this year.

Notes: Thea and Clio Browning should have been included in this post, but I wanted to do a birthday party for them in an upcoming post, so I’ll have their birthday photos in the spring addition. They’re February babies anyway, so a March announcement isn’t too tardy.

Sadly it was time for Norma to pass. I’m starting a new round shortly, and will try to schedule deaths in better with family updates. I sort of forgot that her time was coming, and only briefly mentioned it in the London update.

Meme and Daniel are both really sweet parents, and the baby seems to take after Daniel which is a plus, the Popper family has strong genetics!

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “december birthdays 2027-2028”

    1. Yes, Meme plays guitar and is into rock music. My eldest went through all the classics, and decided which ones she thought she’d like for music and went from there for the names. It was a fun afternoon spent with her. šŸ™‚ Poor Norma, the family all seems rather lost without her. Thanks for commenting Laura!

  1. Aw, RIP Norma. šŸ˜¦ At least the family knew it was coming and they had the opportunity to say goodbye.

    And I know all babies look the same but seriously, Jagger is so cute!

    1. Yes! I think Jagger is so cute because he has his Dad’s skintone, it does something to him as a baby to make him look adorable, plus the hair always helps too. I felt bad killing Norma off, and not even giving her one last update. Poor lady. Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. Seems fitting that one family gains a member and another loses one, seems to go that way. I did allow them some time with Norma before I killed her off, feels mean! They keep wandering around lots and crying, so sad! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. Thanks Starr! Felt like a weird shift to go from Jagger’s announcement, to Norma’s death, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Thanks for commenting!

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