believing in me

december 2027
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Meg Schehl (28 years)

I wrote my first play back at university, and have been trying to wedge my foot in the door of theater ever since. Finally this past summer, one of my earlier plays was picked up to run at the community theater through September and October. I had a great cast, and the rehearsals went superbly well. Our reviews were a mixed bag, but overall the theme was that there was talent on the stage, and potential for me as well.

The theater definitely wants me to write and direct another play in the future too, I just need to get some new material to them to review.

I ended up making friends with some of the cast, mostly those that weren’t teenagers. Jaron likes Lavinia and Sam just fine too, so it’s kind of fun to have a theater group to hang out with now.

But mostly it is just the two of us. Jaron still has his own apartment, but he stays over whenever our schedules allow. I still haven’t introduced him to my parents, and thus far, my siblings haven’t ratted me out.

We hooked up at a Halloween bash two years ago, but didn’t start to really date until the following spring when I put him up for approval with Peter, so just over a year and I’m happy where we are at in our relationship.

I like the way things are right now, and having my own place. In the past, I was anxious that I’d never find the one, but now with my dreams of theater on the edge of reality, I’m happy to focus on myself more. Jaron is fine with that, he’s not the kind of guy to pressure marriage, not that I’ve ever had personal experience with such a guy that would, but I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

I decided to keep working with photography as well, even if I become super successful at the local theater, it can only pay so much. I ended up buying the studio, after my boss decided to retire. I wound up laying off all the staff, because I couldn’t afford to keep anyone. Merry Christmas!

I lost some clients as well, but I’ve decided to focus even more on modeling and catalog photoshoots, and less on families. I find that these pay more, and are more exhilarating for me than trying to wrangle cranky toddlers. Though models come with their own disadvantages, mostly that they are rather opinionated and know little about actually shooting photos.

Mostly, I have to grin and bear it, because I really need the photos to turn out well.

But sometimes they just push me too far, Willa was one of those cases. She’s new on the scene, and has the ego of a super model. I had to fight back with her some, because she was shooting a cigarette ad, and kept wanting to ditch the cancer stick.

We finally ended up with a few good photos that I could pass over to the ad agency, and she apologized for her attitude. While I agree that smoking is a disgusting habit, she was the one who agreed to the shoot to begin with.

Mostly, I just spend my time reading, and making sure the background sets look good for anyone that may pop in. Jaron wants me to advertise at the hospital for new baby portraits, but I’m not that desperate yet.

Besides, having an empty studio means that my boyfriend can swing by with a fully-loaded pizza and we can make-out without any worries of an interruption.

A blizzard moved in during the workday, and sitting on the cold bench, being turned into an icicle made me reconsider adverts at the hospital. A car of my own would be pretty dandy, and my apartment even has a parking lot for use with just a nominal monthly fee.

When we were kids, me and Peter always planned to do a graphic novel series together, as he is the artist, and I have the macabre mind. We thought we would be a hot commodity, a set of twins working on a project together, it has to have some great human interest in it. But we’ve let it slide.

He’s busy being married, and selling himself out for the corporate world of art, and I’m chasing the stage with my writing. We do still enjoy working together though, and I’ll come by to write in the morning while he does his artwork.

Elise is great now too. When we shared a dorm at EU, I wasn’t always the most fond of her. My brother has a tendency to chase moody blondes, and while she may still have those tendencies, she is perfectly polite with me.

They invited me over for lunch one weekend to share the news that they were expecting, finally! They’ve been trying for more than two years, and dodging Mom’s prying questions. I don’t think I can be more thrilled than they are, but I nearly am!

We ditched Peter, and us girls went out to Mini Sprout to do some crib shopping. She isn’t due until August, but she doesn’t want to wait until last minute. Planning everything out is not only her job in sports marketing, it is her very life. She said the timing isn’t the most ideal with college football starting up, but she’d rather be out of the action for college football than the Superbowl.

We had a great time, and she even found a nice wood nursery set that will be perfect for their baby. I also spotted several things to come back for as a gift when she’s not with me.

Over the weekend, Lauren invited me out to the club, and even managed to convince Peter to join us. He isn’t much for partying, and Elise stayed home. She’s anxious about jostling the baby after all the trying they had to do to get one there.

As much as Lauren had drove me crazy over the years, I have such a good time kicking back with her. I don’t love clubbing as much as her, she works there for pity sake then spends her nights off dancing and drinking. But when I do go out, we always have a good time. She’s not even upset that Elise is having a baby, she’s finally found her head and decided to enjoy the couple-life more, aka partying at the club.

She told me later in the evening that Jaron was completely wrapped around my finger.

Said that as we danced, he spent most of his time giving me a dopey-gooey look. She loves that kind of power over guys, so she was more giddy about it than myself.

After a few drinks, Isaac always leaves the dance floor, which he sucks at dancing, and goes to the sphere thing. I never go on it because I’m prone to dizziness, but he loves it. Once he gets the right buzz, he showboats his mad sphere skills, which who knew that needed skills?

Sometimes Lauren worries about him with his weird stunts, but usually she cheers him on, and he gives her that kind of smile that she loves, in this instance, it is his, ‘I’m cute and you know it’ smile.

Usually though, Lauren drinks too much, winds up sick and tumbling her way to the taxi. Isaac can hold his liquor much better than her, I’m not sure what he thinks of tucking her in bed after a fun night out.

I’m not trying to make Jaron be wrapped around my finger, but we do have a good time together, and I enjoy spending my freetime with him. But I’m not quite ready to introduce him to my parents.

And I’m not ready to share my apartment with him. I like my solo time to work on my plays, or close my studio and hang with my brother, without having to tell anyone my whereabouts. I’ve finally realized that I enjoy my freedom, and I’m not exactly jumping to give it away.

Thankfully, Jaron is on the same page as me.

Notes: Goodness, when did Isaac get so cute? He looks adorable in that sphere, smiling down at Lauren. Lauren drinks a lot when she goes clubbing, so while she did puke in the toilet, she is not pregnant. 🙂 As for Meg and Jaron, they are having a good time dating, but no marriage wants. Meg for once is enjoying her creativity and knowledge primary aspiration more than her family secondary. All of her early 20’s she was in despair over no husband, or baby, but she’s let those all slide, and is rolling book writing (screen play for her) wants, creativity skills, and hanging out with her brother and sister.

I’m so excited that Peter and Elise are finally expecting! She has a low fertility percentage, and there has been a lot of trying over the past two plus years. Looking forward to another black haired baby! 😉

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “believing in me”

  1. Yes, this totally sounds like Meg is so content with her life right now, enjoying it so much (except the freezing cold bus bench), and doing really well. I didn’t realize Meg and Lauren were friends, if Lauren gets her drinking under control she might actually be respectable, it seems. It’s nice that Elise and Meg are getting along, for Peter’s sake, and they are quite the fashionable/glamorous bunch, with Elise doing sports marketing and Peter and Meg getting to work as creative types. Also, being able to have a studio where your boyfriend can swing by seems really fun too. This was such a fun and upbeat update.

    1. Meg and Lauren have always had a complicated relationship. When Meg was in college, Lauren showed up at the dorm regularly, and I always took it that she looked up to her big sister, but Meg could always see that Lauren lacked maturity and caused many of her own issues. It wasn’t until recently (Meg’s previous update) that she started rolling wants for her sister. I think it’d be safe to say that Meg was jealous of her little sister getting married before her, especially because her twin brother got married too. But Meg seems to have matured in that regard herself, which has allowed her and Lauren to be better sisters.

      Lauren is a party girl, she’d love to be in a game that allowed her to party even more. She likes the dancing, drinking, and the bubble blower very much. 😉 That is true about them being a bit of a fashionable bunch, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Elise doesn’t go out with them as much, she’s much too serious, I like to think of her as a girl who likes to adult, a lot. She doesn’t get along with Lauren very well at all, I don’t think they are even friends still.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon! It was a fun session to play for sure so I’m glad that it was to read too!

  2. Yayayayayayay!!! A baby!!! So excited, but probably not as excited as they are after trying for two years. I like Meg and her lifestyle, so happy, enjoying her friends and her freedom. I hope she stays single for a little while longer. I wonder what made her switch her wants to more knowledge vs family

    1. I’m very excited about Peter and Elise’s baby as well, I think they will be interesting parents with their personalities too. I like Meg just where she is too, and I’m glad she finally agrees. I’m not sure what caused her to switch, but for the first time as an adult, she’s in the gold and doing well. I’m happy for the family part of her to go a bit dormant. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Well, Isaac’s problem was never that he was ugly, lol! 😉

    It must be so fun to have a playwright in the hood, just for something different. I loved seeing your staging of the play in Bea’s update too. I think my Sylvia will probably head Meg’s way, eventually, though she’s so humourless that I think their writing would be quite different!

    I’m happy to see Jaron and Meg happy together and chugging along at their own pace. 🙂 It seems like they have long-term potential – I’m less worried about them than about Lauren and Isaac! 😉 I did wonder about that throwing up from her, btw – I know you’ve mentioned baby wants from them and I thought they may have gone through with it!

    I’m so pleased for Peter and Elise! Blonde hair would be nice but hey, you can’t have everything. 😉 I can’t wait to see how their genes mix and then to see them adjusting to parenthood.

    1. Haha Carla… you know I never thought he was very attractive until the past few updates with him. So it’s new for me! Mostly he just seemed so scuzzy to me that I didn’t see the appeal that my sim ladies obviously saw!

      I’ve been waiting forever for Meg to get to this point, and it is fun. I could totally go off the round schedule, and play her and Bea, writing and acting plays, and the behind the scenes and conversations. I could pull a Laura on it, I mostly just play a lot but don’t add it to the update. Too funny on Sylvia being humourless, I could see her writing something much more serious for sure, and look forward to seeing what she gets into as she grows up.

      So funny about Meg and Jaron having more long-term potential than Lauren and Isaac. Lauren hasn’t been selectable on many lots to have gotten herself pregnant, I have been allowing Peter and Elise to try whenever I remembered them, so they had more opportunity. I really would like Lauren to wait a bit too as she just moved into their one bedroom apartment. But I don’t know how long she will agree to that.

      Blond hair would be nice… so much black hair! I just realized that Aidan and Colin are both black/blond as well, like Lizzie. So maybe Aidan can marry someone that doesn’t have black hair! Crossing fingers! Annoyed that Julius and Perla are so happy together with her black/black hair and his blond/red! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. I love Meg’s life. She is in such a fun and rewarding place right now (maybe minus working with Willa, lol!), full of creativity and opportunity and spontaneous sex. <– Let's hope she doesn't get knocked up and put a quick end to all of it. I'm glad Jaron is laid-back about it too.

    How exciting for Elise and Peter though! I'm happy that they're finally expecting. Elise is blonde though so it's not impossible the kid might come out blond, right?

    Ha, I always though Isaac was cute, too. But right, cute in a little bit of a slimy way. 😉

    1. I love her life too! I want it! Like to go back to my twenties, and just be like Meg! I’m so glad that she hasn’t gotten knocked up, I can’t recall if she has birth control or not, but so far, so good! Jaron just moved in (as a townie) to the apartment that Hadley and Rosabella rent… I’m keeping my eye on him! He has behaved thus far, but maybe the reason he is super laid back, is that he isn’t entirely committed. There has been a lot of townie’s making out on that particular lot, that I’m afraid Jaron might catch the bug!

      I’m super excited for Peter and Elise! And yep, it will definitely be a black haired baby. There is blond in Peter’s ancestry (his little sister is black/blond), but Peter is black/black, so none for him sadly.

      Isaac has grown on me a ton (in the looks department), I never found him repulsive, but as a man, with some facial hair… yeah he’s pretty easy on the eyes! Lauren is adorable too, they’ll probably have gorgeous little black haired babies. All my sims have are black haired babies!

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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