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celebrating milestones

february 2028
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Chris Holmes (40 years), Emma (37 years), Chaz (13 years), Dax (5 years), Evan (5 years)

narrated by: Emma

Chris turns forty this month, and thought he ought to dye his hair back to natural before he went totally gray. He saw that my cousin, Monroe was rocking a faux hawk of sorts, and he decided that it was time he got more adult hair.

I don’t care if I’m seventy and 100% natural gray, I can’t imagine not dying my hair at least a bit of color. But he was pleased with the magic I could work, and I was relieved. In general, I prefer to not cut the hair of my loved ones, too much pressure.

But perhaps, I’m just rocking at this gig after all these years on the job. Everyone warned Grace to not go into business with me, that I would ruin her dreams and leave her bankrupt. But we are more successful than ever, and I give her credit for believing in me when no one else had.

Despite Chris turning forty, and me being three years shy of the same fate, we are both still just as inappropriate with our PDA as ever. I’m so glad that while Chris has matured, he hasn’t lost his spunk.

We have to be mildly mature now though, we have a teenage son. Honestly, I can’t imagine myself with any kids, let alone a teenager. I’m sure in the future some Dad is going to look at Chaz as a threat, a boy that is trouble. But he’s really such a good kid. I was already off fooling around, hitting up beach parties, and drinking with adult men, and he’s at the table, insisting we have family dinners once a week.

He is even the one that cooks the food, and I kid you not, he makes fried chicken on his own accord. I think he’s sucking up to his Dad, because he sure as heck ain’t making it for me!

I’m sure that the family time is good for Evan and Dax. They really look up to their big brother, but there is no denying they have a strong bond. I’m just glad they aren’t talking in a weird twin-speak language that no one else understands, I would’ve shipped them off to my sisters if that crap happened.

After dinner, the kids take turns cleaning the dishes, but I most like to force Evan to do it. She’s quite vocal and disgusted by the entire verb of cleaning, but dishes are the worst. Whenever a piece of food skims past her fingers, she squeals in disgust.

She’s messy and wild, and everything I expected to have for a daughter. I’m sure she’ll give me gray hairs as a teenager, or Chris will just lock her up in a tower. But I love her spirit, and can relate to her the most, though she’s much more soft-hearted than I am.

Dax is her polar opposite, and I think he must have come from my sister Grace. He’s neat, and objects if he can’t wear a collared shirt! Chris only wears one of those neck-chokers when he it is forced upon him, he’s never willingly worn one on a daily basis. He gets on Evan to pick up her toys as they share a room with bunk beds, and yet they still have fun together without griping. Which is really in their best interest.

Overall, I think me and Chris just go through the movements of parents, and probably more the type that are friendly with their kids. Chaz is a total pig, just like Evan. And every week, we go through the indecision on whether we should force him to clean his room. It seems like the parental thing to do, but we really don’t care as long as there isn’t roaches.

Chris always explains that he was a slob growing up, and manages to be clean now. But maybe he’s clean now, because his parents rattled on about it?

It is always a big pre-production for us whenever we need to step into this role. Usually with some making out, because Chris is adorable when he’s being forced to discipline.

In the end, it never fails that Chaz will cop an attitude about his messy room, and then we get legitimately upset by his behavior and the mess. So after all the effort to work up to parenting, he puts us right in the frame of mind with his indifference.

The uncleanliness is really his worst fault. I know that he was teased at school by Willa, and that social things don’t always come easy for him. It was one reason why we were so happy to see him making friends with Cicely Russo-Traver. I always think, what a mouthful whenever he talks about that girl.

We are also grateful that Willa graduated high school and can go torment other people. As for Cicely, she calls him just to chat, and it all seems rather platonic. I don’t know if there any crushes happening, Chaz hasn’t shared that with me. He is the boy though, and it’s possible that Cicely is waiting for him to make the move. It seems complicated to be the boy.

He also brought home a friend, which is big news for Chaz. He came home with Ezra Gavigan, and they tore into a new video game together.

Who knew that I would spend so much time worrying about this kid, and making friends. He was always just a total weirdo though growing up, juggling when he was nervous, and standing around awkwardly. He seems to be coming into his own though, finally.

The twins don’t have any issues making friends, or being social. In fact, they literally never shut-up. The only thing to get Evan quiet is to let her burn off energy, which is currently jump roping in the living room. I guess it’s a good thing I never got around to really decorating this place, otherwise she would break things.

When Chris gets home from the auto shop, he always gives Evan big, tickly hugs, and she squeals with delight. She looks forward to his return from work every day.

At the end of the month, Nadia and Luca’s twins were celebrating their first birthday, and they added Chris as an honorary birthday guest too. So we all piled in the car to celebrate Chris’ 40th, along with Clio and Thea’s birthdays.

Chris built this car when I found out we were expecting Chaz, and it really seems like a relic now with the kids all walking to the car of their own accord, and buckling themselves in.

Mavis had quite the expression for Chris’ birthday cake with all those candles. She told him he must really be old to have that many, she couldn’t even count them all.

Kai and Chaz paired up instantly, I’m glad that they’ve always gotten along well, even when they don’t always agree. Usually their disagreements are about silly superhero things since they both have that in common. Kai wouldn’t know a carburetor if it was labeled in front of him.

The twins seemed in a good mood for a party which is always a plus and never a guarantee with a newly-minted toddler.

When Logan arrived, he instantly went to Chris like a magnet. For whatever reason, Chris is always the object of male-crushes, not in a sexual way, but a type of weird crush nonetheless. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Logan’s Dad, Colin spent all his freetime crashed on our sofa, playing video games and drinking beer with admiration in his eyes for Chris.

It was Colin and Luca’s apartment that me and Chris got drunkenly engaged even. I suppose it is fitting that Colin’s kid would adore Chris just the same.

Erin introduced me to her boyfriend, Nico. I guess they got more serious about two years ago, and I’m just getting around to meeting him now. I suppose it’s not a lie to say that I don’t always keep in touch with my friends.

I really should though, because we have such a good time kicking back while the kids run around. Chris plays the arcade games with Logan, while me and Erin talk about Nico.

She seems pretty smitten with him, I’ve never seen her so enamored and vocal about a guy. When I remember her with Colin, she seems like a completely different person now, a much happier one at that.

Her daughter reminds me of Colin. Out of all the kids, she was the only one complaining and throwing a fit over nonsense. Erin kept a smile but I would have put her in the car.

Lorelei was there, we were best friends growing up, then fell out of touch when she went to university. She came back with her roommate and new best friend, Erin, and yet somehow, we’ve all become friends in our thirties.

Erin is giving her a hard time about not having a second baby, insisting that it’s a lonely childhood without a mate. While I’m with Lorelei, stick with one! I might have been okay with two, but I got twins! There are no guarantees that a second baby won’t come as a set.

We all know that Erin wants more children though, she’s been pained each time any of us girls have had another while she had to wait, stuck in single Mom mode. Perhaps, Nico will be the happily-ever-after that she craves.

Nadia is more like Erin, she wouldn’t mind having more children but is logical enough to know that it isn’t smart with their finances and lives right now. Already with their surprise twins (which shouldn’t be such a surprise, Luca is a twin!), they are having to move. They actually bid on a place across the street from their current home, and hope to be moved in by spring.

I have to admit, Nadia and Luca make some pretty cute babies. I’m not one to get smitten, but even I couldn’t help but play with them and interact.

Overall, it was a great birthday party, Evan played with Mavis and Mallory.

Chris horrified Nico with some marriage talk, which I’m sure Erin won’t appreciate, or maybe it was birthing details. I don’t know, Chris likes to give guys like Nico a rough time out of some misplaced idea of humor. I have to think it wasn’t terribly frightening as Marshal was laughing along about it.

I even got to spend a bit of time with Chris, our group has really grown with all these kids in it, that we pretty much overran the entire place.

Dax doesn’t actually have a boy to play with his age, as Logan is about to be a teen and is closer to Kai and Chaz. But Mallory is tomboy enough, perhaps even more than Dax, and they were able to peel around the place with a game of obnoxious tag.

I think parents around the area can all agree that the Wild Congo is a lifesaver during the cold winter months. This party would have been horrendous in anyone’s house, none of us have the space at all, and everyone had a great time. Even my old man husband enjoyed himself, which isn’t surprising, sometimes he’s a bigger immature kid than I am.

Notes: I swear, this family autonomously makes fried chicken or orders it off the menu all the time!!! When I saw Chaz coming in with food from the grill, I definitely lol’d, so much like his Dad.

I just realized that the night that Emma and Chris drunk proposed, it was also the night that Colin got Avery pregnant with Eden, and when Luca broke up with Meme. They’ve all grown up so much since then, well except Colin.

Nico and Erin were pretty cute together, he even interacted with her kids on his own. I’m looking forward to checking their wants next round.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “celebrating milestones”

  1. I’m so excited to see that Erin is still out there dating and I’m crossing my fingers that she gets her happy ever after. Emma and Chris are a fun couple, trying to decide if they want to parent or not. I think a lot of parents rather not parent, it’s not fun at all, lol!

    1. Poor Erin, this round took forever so it’s been a long time since I touched base with her. She still seems pretty smitten though, so that’s good! Parenting definitely has its ups and downs! I don’t think Emma ever thought she’d get on her kid about a messy room, but sometimes even the cool parents can’t handle the stinky mess! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Me too, it is great to see Erin happier! And as always, this update from Emma’s perspective was really fun. It cracks me up how she sees almost everything, including her own son Chaz, as weird. And I like the making out as a warm-up for parenting, but then getting legitimately indignant once they encounter teenage attitude, that totally makes sense for them. They do have a great group, of course, except for Colin.

    1. Yes, a great group excluding Colin, who has really been pushed out of it all. Rather funny since Erin was the newbie to the crowd, but they all kept her and dropped him. The only time Colin really pops up is with Luca, he calls his brother and drops in but that is it.

      Sometimes sims enjoy fighting with others, but when Chaz argued back at Emma, she really got mad at him! I thought that was so fitting too. How many times you think you are totally relaxed and then a flippant teen remark gets your goat! 🙂 I hope to get to Erin early on in the next round, and I’m trying to make my rounds shorter, so that people aren’t ignored for such a long period. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I totally can’t wait until Emma is an old lady with gray hair and colored streaks! You have to make this happen for her, lol!

    Aww, Chaz is so sweet. Weird teenagers are the best. They grow up into the most interesting adults. I’m so happy to see this family doing well after all these years. For as laid back of parents as they are, their kids turned out pretty great so they must be doing something right! The twins are a riot with their differences!

    And I hope Nico works out for Erin! He’s cute!

    1. Yes! Emma will totally have colored hair! I can’t imagine her being chill with gray hair, not without at least some color thrown in. I can’t believe how well their kids are turning out, I’m really only concerned about Evan, because she’s more outgoing, and a bit of a rascal. She is nicer than Emma though, so that might be her saving. Chaz is totally weird, and Dax is this adorable little neat freak.

      I hope that Nico works out too, I hope to play them early on in the next round and check some wants. I think it is safe to say that Erin doesn’t have a lot of patience when it comes to her happily-ever-after and having more babies. Thanks for commenting Laura!

  4. I can’t believe Clio and Thea are turning 1 already! They look super-cute, from what I could see of them.

    Anyway, it’s funny that Emma still can’t see herself with kids, especially a teenager. In a way, I can’t either! But you know, whatever Emma and Chris are doing, it seems to be working. All the kids seem pretty well-adjusted. I have a friend who is kind of reminds me of a toned down Emma in terms of parenting – she calls her philosophy “benign neglect”, which I always find quite funny! Her kids are adults now and also pretty well-adjusted, for the record. 😉 It’s going to be interesting to see the twins when they become teens. I can definitely imagine Evan taking after her mum!

    I’m glad to see Erin and Nico are going strong. No one wants another baby more than her, I don’t think. Hopefully Chris hasn’t frightened Nico off and he’ll be amenable to granting Erin’s wish. 😉

    I loved the birthday party! Such great photos of all the kids together and of Emma getting to catch up with her friends.

    1. benign neglect! That is hilarious and awesome! I think that Emma would totally adopt that term for herself too. Evan is the one that I’m concerned over taking after Emma. It will be interesting to see her grow up, the boys are much more mellow than Evan.

      I think you are right about Erin and her baby wants, poor lady has watched everyone else have a family while she waited desperately. I’m excited to play her household, hopefully soonish and check on some wants.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the birthday photos, it was a fun way for all the kids to play and get to know the newest additions to the group. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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