spring birthdays 2028

march 2028

Dave and Alicia’s Brewer’s son, Percy celebrates his first birthday this spring. They are quite smitten with their son, and Alicia has decided to continue staying at home with him, since she was laid off the previous year.

Getting married later in life, they felt lucky to have Percy at all, and are beyond grateful to realize that he will be a big brother in December. So far there are not pregnancy symptoms, and Alicia is able to keep up with Percy and all his energy.

Elise and Peter are now in their second trimester and Elise feels that she can breathe a bit easier. She spent the first trimester mostly bed-ridden after a miscarriage scare, and won’t feel comforted until the baby arrives, but she feels relief whenever the baby moves around. Elise is due in August.

Trisha Lange joins the silver-haired club, and is ready for her daughters, Paige and Brooklyn to finally settle down. In the mean time, she continues to enjoy breeding her large dogs, which in many ways are like children to her, and will continue working underneath Cole London at the law firm.

Last but not least, Nadia and Luca’s twin daughters celebrate their first birthday.

Clio and Thea are already best of friends, and totally adorable together.

Clio was born first, and is the most outgoing of the two.

While Thea is more reserved like her oldest sister, Mavis.

Browning family portrait:

Notes: I am absolutely smitten with Percy, Clio, and Thea. Too many cute toddlers to play with! Alicia and Dave both had the want for another baby, and seeing how adorable Percy is, I allowed them to try. She’s 39, and he’s 44, so there wasn’t a high chance but they pulled it off.

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6 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2028

  1. Ah, I saw Thea’s resemblance to Mavis right away! Clio is a total sweetheart as well though. I still can’t get over how big Kai is now though – turning out so handsome too.

    I saw Percy already at N99 but he really is a cutie! I can’t wait to see what their next child might look like, so I hope all goes well with Alicia’s pregnancy! And Elise’s – good that she’s taking care of herself after her scare.

    1. Thea and Mavis look like they could be twins, very similar. Kai is so old! It’s crazy! And I really love little Percy too, it’s hard for me to not update them to playable status. I hope to get back to the game soon so that Elise can have her baby as well, curious how this one will turn out and who it will take after. Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Elise looks pretty frisky after all that bedrest and Peter doesn’t look like he minds. Percy is so adorable!! And I’m happy for Alicia and Dave that they were able to conceive again. What kind of dogs does Tricia breed? It makes me really miss Pets to hear about that. Cllo and Thea are so beautiful and Thea looks so much like Mavis, and Nadia. That picture you posted of Nadia as a toddler was so cute.

    1. haha she WAS frisky! That was why I picked that pose for her, that second trimester honeymoon phase. 🙂 Trisha has been experimenting with cross breeds, like the goldendoodles, most of them don’t turn out very well and I don’t save them. I just wanted to play with dog breeding because I never really explored it, and she’s been my outlet. But she has about 3 dogs that I really liked. You can view a few of them in the Andersen update, they adopted Darby from them. I liked the grey dapple one that Ainsley is playing with (about half way down the update).

      Nadia was super adorable as a toddler! Those cheeks on her! Oh my! Thank you for commenting Shannon!

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