mostly happy

march 2028
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Julius McCarthy (22 years), Aidan Traver (22 years), Perla Martinez (22 years)

narrated by Perla

When I graduated university, Mom and Dad insisted that I move anywhere but in with Julius. They are old-fashioned when it comes to living with boyfriends, plus they down right don’t approve of him. I may have let it slip that he was involved with some shady people, plus he lives in a run down unit as well.

But I didn’t listen, and there I was living in near squalor in a basement-level apartment, watching people’s feet walk by all day long.

Julius always had his boss hanging around too, I don’t know what you call a guy who tells you where to rob next. Aidan was stationed locally as well, so he started hanging out. I don’t object to Aidan, we went to high school together, but I’m over Dallas.

No matter how I scrub, or how strong a cleaner is, the shower is permantently stained. I feel like I’m showering in an archaiac men’s locker room.

I got a gig reading the weather on the radio, a meteorologist for the fancy title, and I feel like my work life and home life are complete opposites. I’m not unhappy with Julius, but I can’t live like this, I have standards!

Okay, so I’m mostly happy with Julius. When Dallas calls at all hours, no matter if we were about to be intimate, he always stops to answer the call. There is nothing like the sting of rejection because a dude calls your boyfriend.

Dallas tried talking Aidan into joining the criminal underbelly of South Port, but he was not interested. He’s got some gall though, sharing that info with Aidan. He could turn him in, he doesn’t know him from Adam.

Julius tends to work the nightshift when it comes to robbing, it is usually best to have the cover of darkness. He’s really lousy though so they mostly have him move goods from one storage place to another. For a while they had it stored in a foreclosed basement.

All that means, that I’m mostly alone in this unkempt place.

Mom will call and try to talk me into moving back home. She suggests that I move home until Julius can get a nicer place, but I’m making good money now and am looking for a better place to live.

My parents like to have brunch every Sunday, and usually want us adult kids to come home when we are able. Julius isn’t a big fan of it, but he goes to make me happy. Thankfully we had just found a new apartment to live in that was in good shape, so I was in a pleasant mood. He needs me as an ally when we visit my parents.

They are always polite, but the disapproval of Julius is practically tangible. Dad asks him outright questions on his career choice, and finding a new job, a suitable position for a young man with a serious girlfriend. I don’t know if Dad is implying that we are on the road to marriage, but I hope not!

Mom is more of the type to grin and bear it. She always said that I take after her with my stubbornness, and maybe she knows it’s useless to battle me over Julius. She usually has more to say in regards to Julius over the phone, and never when he is in the room with us.

Julius isn’t verbose, and my Dad gets him stuttering and sweating within minutes. I really do wish that he had a better career, a legit one at least, and knew how to hold his own. Besides he’s such a terrible burglar, that we aren’t even getting ahead with a life of crime.

Thankfully my little brother, Rafael makes an effort to be there when I will be. We get along great, and our parents naturally love his adorable, shy girlfriend, Itzel. They’d probably even encourage them to live together before marriage, they like her that much.

I can’t even feel jealous. I like her too, and when you compare a failing criminal to a rich college student, obviously Julius comes up more than an apple short. Rafael has always been the pleasing child, he made good choices, and always made our parents proud, so that is all to be expected.

I know that my parents can’t understand it, but for now, I really love this guy. Even his failures are rather adorable, though I hope he gets legit soon, just because I want more help with our bills. I’m not looking at him and thinking of marriage or having kids, those things are the last on my mind.

Plus my parents weren’t always such upstanding citizens, they’ve had their wild moments, and they are barely appropriate around us kids.

Thankfully Rafael is polite to Julius, though he doesn’t see the allure. I’ve been with Julius since high school though, so he’s no surprise when he accompanies me, eventually they may all come to like him. I don’t know if a real career would be enough, not unless he became a lawyer or something else outlandish, but I’m okay with the disapproval as long as I’m happy.

By the end of the month we moved into our new apartment. We had to sign for the apartment, and while Julius doesn’t have a career to put down for work, the landlady loved him.

While me, with the fancy radio meteorology job, was given attitude! I’m the reason she’s going to get paid on time so she should put a cap on her ‘tude.

We invited Aidan to move in with us. He’s stationed back here in town now, and was just crashing at his Dad’s apartment. I didn’t think he’d do it, but he seemed happy to have his own space.

None of us can cook, and we mostly just order lots of take out or eat cereal. I sort of hoped that Aidan had some cooking skills, but he’s just the same as the rest of us. My Mom always wanted to teach me how to cook, but it never seemed pressing until now.

The landlady loves both the boys, when they play catch in the hallway, she doesn’t even care. Everything echoes in the halls too, so it’s really obnoxious.

Waking up in a bedroom that has sunshine peeking in, is enough to make my life happier. Basement dwelling was not my style. He’s still beyond sloppy, but one thing at a time.

Julius has a big job coming up, he said if it didn’t go through that he would possibly consider a real job. He hates the idea of working some crappy job, he doesn’t want to do service or an office job. Without a degree, I don’t know that he can hope for much, but I’m not going to be discouraging.

Here’s hoping that we can somehow find him a job that he actually enjoys, and that this upcoming gig flops; I really want a new couch.

Notes: And this update completes round 10. March was more than I had anticipated, so there was an unexpected hiatus, and I ran out of queued updates. April is a super busy month for me, so I don’t know what to expect for sims time and posts. We will see!

Now for these two lovebirds! Perla could do so much better, but she really loves Julius. Neither have anything like marriage wants, but they are amorous and have the wants to match. I really need my blonds to stop falling in love with black-haired sims… that is my only objection to these two.

I didn’t do anything with Aidan at boot camp, he was all set up on the lot, and I just didn’t feel like playing it. So he’s back home now, and I need to get the military base set up there so he can have a work lot.

You can view their apartment tour here.

Thanks for reading!

Julius’ previous update; Aidan’s previous update; Perla’s previous update /next update

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7 thoughts on “mostly happy

  1. I figured you were busy with spring break and probably lots of other stuff. Simming has been on a back burner for me mostly lately; this time of year is very busy.

    This was a really interesting update; I could tell Perla must be quite in love with Julius to be putting up with his career (and his ineptitude at it) and the living conditions. So funny about her wanting a new couch next, but I can’t blame her either. That thing looks like my parent in law’s old dog sofa. It was the one the dogs sat on, in the den. Congratulations to Perla on her meteorologist job, that is pretty impressive. And I wonder if Julius will continue with the life of crime or change careers?

    1. True about spring, it is always a busy time of year, and whenever there is down time, we are usually outdoors.

      Love is the only way I can explain Perla being with Julius. She could do much better. As for her career, she matches it fine, and has a degree. She went to college without any career ambitions, so I’m glad she was able to find something to do that didn’t require more education.

      Haha on the sofa! Yeah, it is in rough shape!! Perla has quite a few things she’d like to buy, and Julius should start paying his share so she can get started on her shopping spree. I don’t know what other career to put Julius in, and while he sucks at the job, he’s not rolling to quit or stay home. So it may be wishful thinking on Perla’s part, will have to see how he is next round.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Wow, it’s interesting that she’s ok with his job but wishes he was actually good at it, lol! So encouraging to him. But she’s right, bills need to be paid and if you’re a lousy criminal, then they don’t get paid. I’m surprised that he hasn’t been caught or hurt since he’s so bad at his job.

    1. He should get some consequences, I was thinking of doing an ROS next round for him, this time I just wanted to get the round finished. 🙂 I think Perla has more of a fortune tendency than higher-ground morals, especially when it comes to her heart. But I don’t think she’d stay with him forever if he didn’t start pulling his own weight. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. I’m glad they’ve moved into a nicer place, at least! I think Perla would be increasingly depressed living in a dumpy apartment.

    I don’t blame her parents for being a little dubious of Julius though! I would be too! I really wonder how long she’ll be satisfied with Julius. She’s still pretty young. What aspiration is Perla? I can see a Fortune sim being okay with the criminal life, as long as the money was coming in – that’s what I thought of when Perla mentioned Julius wasn’t particularly successful.

    1. Oh gosh yes! Perla living in the dump was the worst, there was no space, nothing good, and she was just moping around the place. Yes, Perla is a fortune! Very true on her being young. I take her for being impulsive, not worrying about morals really, nor concerned much with consequences. I don’t think she’d put up with Julius indefinitely, but for now, she sees potential.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Oh, my! That was a sketchy apartment! I’m glad to see her out of there, but I still wonder about these two if he doesn’t turn himself around. They’re young now, but their differences will only become more prominent the older and more settled they get. I am also so amused that her main objection is that he’s not a successful criminal, lol! Seems like she knows where her priorities are though, and that she won’t keep him around any longer once it isn’t working for her.

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