Round 10 Summary; Round 11 ROS

Round 10 Summary

Round 10 Story Index

Births: 6 (Penelope Krouse, Clio and Thea Browning, Silas Abbott, Percy Brewer (pnpc), & Jagger Blackshire-Popper (pnpc))

Deaths: 3 (Regina Russo, Cynthia Collins-Traver, Norma Millett)

Engagements: 3 (Isaiah Gavigan & Maeve Ford, Warren Dennis & Jessica Picaso, Paloma Creelman & Adam Brindley)

Marriages: 4 (Dave and Alicia Brewer (pnpc), Ethan Traver and Cynthia Collins, Jessica Picaso and Warren Dennis (pnpc), Violet-Adele and Etienne Bernard)

Break-ups: 3 (Caitlyn and Lewis, Rachael and Elias, Willa and Flint)

High School Graduations: 10 (Itzel London, Linnea Barthelet, Willa Grimsley, Dean Goss. PNPC’s Jill Popper, Rafael Martinez, Caleb Gray, Riley Gray, Flint Picasso, Jett Picasso)

College Graduations: 3 (Lauren Gavigan, Isaac Gavigan, Julia Millett)

New residents: 1 (Etienne Bernard)

Total population: 101 (46 boys, 55 girls) (+4 growth)

Babies: 1
Toddlers: 4
Children: 14
Teens: 18
College: 9
Adults: 43
Elders: 12


Round 11 ROS
1. Routine doctor visit, something shows up, roll to see if you survive.
2. Packing on the pounds, go down in your fitness level.
3. Distant relative will give you $5200.
4. Demoted: Sim loses one job level, or if self-employed, one business level. Fired if at the lowest level already.
5. Friends with Benefits-Sim and their closest friend will have a one night stand.
6. Food Poisoning: Sim gets food poisoning.

Notes: I will say that I failed a bit with my ROS’ last round, I forgot about a few of them. Oops. Here’s hoping I do better this time around. I’ll roll on the routine doctor visit when I get to that household, so I don’t know the outcome of that yet, hoping that it’s not bad news. Probably the most curious about the friends with benefits, because it could be a fun twist, and a bit of drama.

Here’s hoping there are no unexpected deaths, as I have a death a year for the next four years in the game. Kind of sad about a few of them.

Thanks to all that read and those that comment, your notes always bring a smile to my face, and mean a lot to me!

On to the next round! 😀


4 thoughts on “Round 10 Summary; Round 11 ROS

  1. That ROS Friends with Benefits does sound fascinating, I look forward to seeing who it is and what you do with it. It’s tough having so many elder deaths coming up, too. You’ve played and imagined your sims for so long!

    1. So true, it is hard to have sims die. Most of these I’ve been playing for ages… like 2004/2005… I played really slow in the beginning lol! That’s why I can’t do legacy! I made no progress! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Wow, massive baby boom this round! I hadn’t realised it was that many!

    I hope that $5200 goes to someone who really needs it and I’m so curious about the Friends With Benefits ROS!

    I have a couple of elder deaths this round, so I know how that feels. 😦

    1. It does look like a baby boom, but it’s not as big as it appears as this round took 3 game years, so that’s about 2 babies a year, and one is my daughter’s (Meme’s). I just include her since she’s apart of my blog so often, she’s an honorary sim.

      The person getting the money will be very happy, and they definitely can use it! Oh no on elder deaths for you too! 😦

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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