the best days

april 2028
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(Krouse Household Profile)
Marshal Krouse (39 years), Lorelei (35 years), Penelope (2 1/2 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

We saved money to get our backyard fenced this spring, and Marshal insisted we needed a garden to teach Penelope the value in nurturing things. I readily agreed, thinking a garden would be less work than a pet, but I may come to eat my own words on that.

Marshal has a terrible inability to concentrate when Penelope is awake. He constantly sneaks off with her and plays, which is adorable, but not helpful for the garden.

Marshal has tried to be really devoted to the idea of having only one child, which hasn’t been much of a compromise seeing he would have preferred three. He doesn’t talk about it much, but I can tell that he thinks about it just the same. Penelope turns three this August, and school will be just around the corner after that.

It is going by all too quickly, and my Mom thinks that we put Penelope at a disservice to be eternally spoiled without a sibling. Which I think is ridiculous, until I started to have a bit of babyfever myself. I wholeheartedly blame Nadia for all her beautiful babies. No one could resist the twins at their birthday party.

I broached the subject one evening while Penelope played with her blocks, and Marshal didn’t take any convincing. He suggested we toss the tot into her crib, and get the party started.

I didn’t quite hop to it like he wanted, but it was a good time for us to try cycle wise. It was strangely bittersweet though, putting Penelope into bed, and thinking that she was always going to be an only child, and if we succeeded, she wouldn’t be.

I was more emotional than I ever tend to be that night, I thought it over for several months before I even broached the topic; it is what I want to do. I’m just going to miss the simplicity of this time I think.

The next morning, Marshal wanted to know if it worked. As if we could find out that quickly. He’s probably scared that I’ll change my mind, but I rarely do that once I’ve made it up.

With Penelope, we’ve wrangled our schedules a bit to be home with her for the most part. Marshal can’t do much about his job, it’s a first shift gig running Slayground Games. But The Red Mill is busiest in the evening, so I usually take that shift. We get breakfast together as a family though, as Marshal doesn’t head in until 10 most mornings.

Then it’s me and my shadow, helping me get the house in order and fold endless amounts of laundry.

She’s always super cheerful and full of sunshine, I hope that same disposition for a second baby too.

About a two weeks later, I was out in the garden working when nausea hit.

I kept it to myself, but the next morning before Marshal had left, I found myself visiting the land of porcelain while Penelope peed in her toilet. I felt oddly happy that she had been potty trained already.

Marshal has the hearing of a hawk, and put it all together without me having to mutter a word. For all he knew, I could have had a spring flu.

It was definitely a baby though, thankfully. From my calculations that puts baby lima bean due in January.

We didn’t really discuss when we’d share the news, he was off to work, and I had a busy day planned for me and Penelope, but I really ought to have reminded him to keep it quiet for a bit. He went into work, on cloud nine, and blurted the news to Erin without a second thought.

She cried at her desk later, while Marshal text me 911 for help. I know Erin, she will be happy for us, but every baby us girls have is a baby she didn’t. She takes time to show her genuinely happy side, and I never hold it against her.

Nico came out to the office and brought her lunch, but mostly some hugs and nice words. Marshal was relieved when she seemed more calm for the afternoon, and he requested I just zip his lips shut for him until I’ve at least told my friends personally.

I did invite Nadia and Erin out for dinner, to share the news and keep communication open among us. I didn’t want Erin to be stuck in an awkward position of having non-public knowledge.

By dinnertime, Erin was happy for us, and kept joking how she knew we’d have another. That puts her in a party of one, even Marshal never thought we would, and he’s half the equation.

I had to fill them in on the whole story, what had me nauseous that day, and what we were hoping for. I’m sure that others would say that they wanted a healthy baby, which of course we do, but a boy would be really wonderful.

Nadia came by the next day to let the girls all play and to help me with the garden. Since we planted it, we have decided to have a baby, immediately got pregnant, and we’re growing weeds already. A nice quiet, reclusive cat like my Mom’s would have definitely been easier.

The girls all get along really well, I wish that Penelope wasn’t right in the middle of her daughter’s ages, older than the twins, and younger than Mavis. If she’d been the same age as one of them, then she could have had one as a classmate.

Nadia asked if we were going to move, and we aren’t. They’ve moved into a house across from their old one, so they’re still technically across the main road from us, but I still love our house, and have dreams for it. Besides, we just fenced the yard in. We may need to add on though, maybe put a master suite in on the main floor, we need to find an architect to tell us our options.

I’m not rushing to get it done though, if we have a second daughter then the girls can share, and even if we have a boy, we can keep the bassinet in our room for several months.

When she’s gearing up to leave, Clio and Thea dirty their pants, and it’s a wake up call that soon I will have diapers to change again. Though hopefully not twins, one baby is way easier than double.

Over the weekend, I arranged for my baby brother, Dean to come back from campus and bring his girlfriend, Evie so we could all go skating. My nieces, Vivienne and Cicely joined us too.

I still try to get together with them even though I’m a Mom now, it isn’t always easy. But Marshal planned a daddy-daughter day at the park and pond, which made everyone happy.

Dean and Evie mostly stayed together, she’s never skated before and looked like a newborn colt on the rink. Dean worked with teaching her, and they looked beyond adorable and totally in love.

Meanwhile, me and the girls had a good time taking pictures of ourselves.

And eating food that their Mom would never approve of, like hot dogs from a food cart. They’re always game for an afternoon of fun with me, with their Grandpa living with them now, they have double the amount of strict adults in their life.

While I found Evie to be fine, though her long legs are something to be envious of when compared to my short stubby ones, Cicely didn’t care for her at all. Dean is more like a cousin or big brother than an uncle to them, they all went to school together, and now he’s at college and coming home with his girlfriend. In high school, Evie went to a different one, so she wasn’t around as much as she is now.

She seems to have a good head on her shoulders though, and Dean is happy, so I don’t have any complaints.

It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to him, I’m looking forward to when he lives back in South Port so I can pop over and see him without a long drive in between. I hope that Cicely comes around to Evie, and that Dean is understanding of her feelings, I don’t think it’s personal against Evie.

Later in the afternoon I head into work, I try to come in during the lull, and immediately, Jessica has personal grievances that she needs to air. She married Warren almost a year ago, and she’s still fussing about whether they should have a baby or not.

She’s grumpy that Flint still hasn’t warmed up to his step Dad, and that Warren mutually dislikes her son. None of this is news, they’ve never got along, but Flint is in the military and not even in town now. I don’t know why she has to rattle on about it before our Saturday evening crowd hits.

I finally get her to calm down enough that she seems mildly embarrassed by her behavior, and like usual, I tell her to discuss future babies with Warren. I really can’t be the one to tell another what they should or shouldn’t do, even though I definitely wouldn’t mind sometimes.

Mom and Dad come in that night with Aunt Delaney and Uncle Jared for dinner. She tries to surprise me, but she always makes a reservation. Even though I own the restaurant, I still peruse the guest list on the weekends just to have an idea of what type of crowd we are expecting.

I let Pete know that they are my parents, and he’s right on it, giving the best service he can muster. He’s a good waiter even without the headsup unfortunately for me, he graduates high school next month, or whatever the homeschool equivalent is, and I’ll likely lose him.

Mom and Delaney are flushed, I really wish they had eaten indoors, though who knew that it could be such a warm night in April. I check on them several times during the evening, most of the patrons are couples, and it’s nice to visit with family when I can.

There’s always a large request for champagne on Saturdays, more than any other night of the week.

Finding a replacement for Pete won’t be easy, but thankfully most of my staff are veterans. I don’t know how this place would run without Barbara Gray in the kitchen, and Isabella Martinez at the podium. She’s a riot, and a wonder at diffusing upset guests. My favorite stories are about her daughter, Perla and her inept criminal boyfriend, some of the stuff she says I can barely believe to be true, which makes them all the more funny.

By two in the morning, I’m exhausted. I’m barely pregnant, and already this little life source is making me sicker than Penelope did, and beyond exhausted. I toss water on my face to cool down, and wake myself up for the drive home.

I may have to rethink my schedule for at least this first trimester, working into the wee hours of the morning doesn’t seem like something this new baby will be accepting. It’s too far of a drive home in the city for me to be going home this exhausted. Irregardless though, I’m excited about meeting the new baby, and sharing the news with Penelope, which we’ve decided to wait until I’m starting to show.

Notes: This is my last post until mid-May at the earliest, as we are headed for a vacation. I’ll catch up on blogs when I’m back!

Lorelei and Isabella were gossiping about Julius, lol. I couldn’t ignore that!

So yay! A baby! These two kept TFB, and she was on Inteen BC, so I could see their futile attempts, and I caved! Marshal IFS is 3, and hers is 1, so this will be a nice compromise. I really hope they have a boy! I’d hate for the surname Krouse to die before it’s barely begun. Baby Krouse due in January, and I can’t wait to see what they look like, Penelope is such a doll!

Poor Erin, her update will be in December, so not too long for her. I really hope that Nico has some type of marriage want or I don’t know what Erin will do.

Jessica and Warren have not autonomously TFB, so no baby there. She has a baby want, Warren does not (he’s 50 now, so I can understand why). I am curious what their kid would look like, but I won’t force the issue.

Thanks for reading!!

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8 thoughts on “the best days

  1. Baby news is always exciting, though morning sickness is not. I’m not surprised that two would be a nice number, but a bit surprised that they changed their minds. But with all that trying, I guess our sims have to tell us what they want sometimes. Have you thought about marrying Erin and Nico off anyway? Sometimes I find that my sims don’t roll wants for marriage, but it fits their personality. Sometimes they want to have a promotion and earn money and I look at that as a sign that they want to be prepared for marriage and babies. I just really want Erin to have her happily ever after, but she’s not a PNPC so I understand the waiting for wants to align.

    1. I’ve been in a playing slump, and so their attempts made me more excited about the game, so I figured why not! As for Erin, I wouldn’t marry them off unless it was mutual, it doesn’t have to be sim specific, I’d take just a generic marriage/wedding/engagement type want. I’ve really liked waiting for those, it makes my game less controlled by me. For instance, I’d rather that Erin marry/procreate sooner since her kids are getting old, but a large age gap is really common with second relationships/marriages. My youngest sister is my daughter’s age in real life, but it’s not something that I would do in my game on my own, so this takes some of that control out of my hands if that makes sense.

      I do like the idea of looking at promotions as a way to prepare for marriages. I do think of that in regards to babies, because babies are tied to $$ fiercely. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Bon voyage, I hope you have a great vacation! This was such a fun update, with the (to us readers) seemingly quick decision to try for a baby and then the immediate gratification, although not as fast as Marshall wanted, ha.

    It’s also so much fun seeing Lorelei with her nieces, and Evie is one of my favorite sims, looks-wise, of yours. She is just so pretty, and seems nice. Her and Dean are really adorable together and I love the picture of them skating, I saw it a while back on Tumblr.

    The Red Mill, and seeing Lorelei in action at her dream restaurant, was fun too. I’m curious if her family came in without you arranging it? And it totally makes sense, both from a RL standpoint and gameplay, that she’s going to have to take it a little easier, being pregnant. Running a business in either Sims 2 or 4 seems to really be draining, but I remember it was almost always exhausting for my Sims 2 sims.

    1. Thank you, vacation was lovely! Still getting my house in order, but trying to take some time this Friday to play a bit. I unexpectedly had the day off work, and wanted to enjoy it!

      Haha yes, it was a quick decision and a quick pregnancy. Lorelei has a lower fertility rate too so I thought it would take sometime, but she rolled a one in the game, so she was destined to get pregnant. Lorelei rolls tons of wants for her family, nieces specifically. She’s always calling them as well, and I think it’s rather sweet, because Zeke always calls her too. He isn’t much for socializing in general.

      Her Mom and Uncle came in, separately of course, so I just grabbed them and teleported their spouses in. I tend to teleport spouses/friends in when people are dining, and put them on an outing so they eat together, then I leave them to it. Running businesses is extremely draining, and customers eat slowly, so the day goes slow, and their energy plummets. It takes a while to make money unless you are in it for the long haul.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Squee, another baby for Lorelei and Marshal! I honestly didn’t think that would happen and always thought if it did, it would be Marshal talking her into it. I didn’t expect her to start feeling that longing for a baby herself but I’m glad she did. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet this new little one!

    I loved the skating and I love Evie, even if Cicely doesn’t! I’m glad she got the approval of the big sister. 😉 Cicely might get over it.

    Poor Erin. 😦 I hope Nico can give her that baby she wants so much. Not just a baby but I think she’d be so happy to have some sort of semblance of a nuclear family, with mum, dad and a bunch of kids. It’s a bummer that it hasn’t quite fallen into place for her yet. At least she’s got a good group of supportive girlfriends – that’s always a welcome thing for women.

    Every time I see your Red Mill, I want to redecorate The Claudette! Tanja very kindly built me a new one (the old one was on the Exchange, so I couldn’t get it again when I rebuilt) and I haven’t done a thing with it!

    Enjoy your holiday! Safe travels and have an awesome time!

    1. I’m excited about the baby too, I was in such a slump and their attempts really made me more excited to play. I have so many babies due that I really need to get cracking!

      I was surprised that Cicely didn’t care for Evie, pretty much everyone loves her. She’s wormed her way into my heart, and I really wanted Dean to marry a playable, he has great chemistry if you don’t recall from all the girls crushing on him in high school. Of course they are still young, and might find someone else. I’m not rushing them to the aisle, but I think Evie will have to stick around irregardless. 🙂

      I think Erin would very much like a nuclear family, I think if things had worked out differently, and she didn’t love her job, that she would have enjoyed being a stay at home Mom too. She does have a good group of friends, I really like how all these girls got together, not all my age groups have strong friendships.

      When you redecorate The Claudette be sure to share pictures! I remember Tanja rebuilding that for you, and it looked quite grand with the staircase.

      Thank you for commenting!!

  4. Lorelei is so well connected to everyone! It’s like a bunch of little updates all framed in her life, her cozy little circle of friends, family, and her restaurant. I love my sims who are like that. It really makes everything feel so connected.

    I am happy they (or you) decided to try for another! How interesting that Penelope ended up with dark hair though between the two of them. Or I guess maybe I should wonder how Lorelei ended up with blonde since it seems that darker hair is in her genetics, lol! Do you think they’ll get another black-haired baby, or do they have a chance of something else?

    Poor Erin. I’m looking forward to her update though.

    I hope you guys had a great vacation!

    1. I love that about Lorelei too, I have a small handful that are so connected, and I really like when it happens in my hood and others.

      Penelope got the black hair from Grandma Kenzie. Lorelei actually has brown hair, it’s the lighter one like her Dad, Tyler has. Safety Fuse I believe. I really hope the next baby has brown instead of black, but it won’t have blonde. 😦

      I’m happy about the baby, I’ve been having a hard time finding freetime, and when I’ve had it, I just haven’t wanted to be indoors or play, so their baby is a nice bit of motivation. Thanks for commenting Laura!

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