Gavigan, McCarthy Family

closing time

may 2028
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Oliver McCarthy (31 years), Isaiah and Maeve Gavigan (31 years)

narrated by: Oliver

Isaiah got married just over a year ago, and Maeve has been trying to get pregnant ever since. I’m grateful that the bathroom separates our rooms, but they are fans of the sofa and will attempt there if they don’t expect me home.

Isaiah is my bud, has been for as long as I can remember, and I would have been happy never seeing him with his girl in all stages of undress on the sofa that is technically mine.

I’m happy for them, especially when Maeve takes an early pregnancy test and finds it positive. They are both over the moon with excitement, but it dawns on me that it really is the end of our roommate era.

Maeve immediately takes up a permanent resident on the sofa, complete with kitty slippers as she milks the pregnancy for all its worth. My Mom was constantly pregnant when I was growing up, I know how pregnancy works and it doesn’t make most women a complete invalid. I’m just waiting for her to purchase a bell off the internet to ring at us.

She’s reading parenting books, and when she isn’t, she is looking up rentals online for me. Technically this is my apartment, I’m the head name on the lease, but she’s ignoring that fact as she tries to persuade me to give the place to her and Isaiah.

I even came home to her arguing with Isaiah that he had to kick me out, all the while refusing to listen to him that he doesn’t have that power, and wouldn’t do that.

It’s all rather awkward, and believe me, I don’t want to keep my best bud from having a bedroom for his kid, but I can’t just make myself homeless or broke for their baby. When she starts losing battles, she suddenly is about to throw up, and thus ends all arguments.

With Isaiah being hounded constantly by his wife, and me not making any known efforts to move out, it’s made everything awkward.

Brooklyn will barely come visit me at the apartment, the entire place is trashed and overrun with baby paraphernalia, and our landlady can’t repair the shower to save her life. I haven’t seen Maeve so much as pick up her plate since the test turned positive, but she will barge in on Brooklyn in the bathroom under the guise of needing to keep the floor dry until the shower is repaired.

Usually she is fishing for accolades or to be told to rest and Brooklyn will clean the water mess. Brooklyn isn’t an idiot, but she plays into the game because we all know Maeve is crazy, and it’s best to maintain a semblance of peace.

On the weekend, we usually head somewhere else to enjoy our time together. Although we can’t visit anywhere without one of us running into students, with her teaching at the high school and myself at the elementary school, we know just about every kid in the county.

Brooklyn packs a picnic and we head to the community gardens for the afternoon. We are both excited that the spring weather has finally kicked into gear, and that school is nearly out for the summer. She hasn’t offered for me to move in with her, she feels teaching teenagers makes her a role model that she takes seriously.

It is one of the many things that I love about her, how seriously she takes her occupation and the pupils that she teaches. Originally she wanted to work at the elementary school, but she’s really done well with the high schoolers that I don’t think she will leave when Longfellow has a teacher opening.

She’s not interested in Lucy’s principal role, nor going for her Masters to even be eligible. But she is encouraging me to do online classes and apply. Miriam doesn’t want the position, so if I don’t try, it will be new blood that is my boss, and I don’t think I’m a fan of that. I just don’t know that I want the added responsibility ether, I like my classroom and the relationship with the kids, and principal gives me even more authority, which can be hard for teacher-student relationships I believe.

I promised Brooklyn that I would consider it though, but most of my thoughts aren’t on work at the moment, but my future with her. When Isaiah got engaged and even married, I didn’t feel any rush to do the same. When I found out that Paloma was getting married, I felt nothing but happiness for her, but no inkling to follow suit.

But this last year with Brooklyn, things have changed that I’m not only thinking about our future, but actively discussing it with her. I’ve never had that in a relationship before.

There are many things in life that I am uncertain on, but wanting Brooklyn by my side for it, is not one of those things.

Thankfully we talk openly and so frequently, that I felt mostly confident that she’d accept my proposal.

I needn’t have worried, she agreed before I’d managed to complete everything I was wanting to say.

We still weren’t rushing to move in together though, which is sure to make Maeve upset. We did adopt a dog that will be staying with Brooklyn until I move in. Her Mom breeds large breed dogs, but Brooklyn wanted a Brittany Spaniel, so she recommended a breeder for us.

Roux has a ton of energy, but is a total sweetheart. I’ve bonded with Isaiah’s German Shepard Carl over the years, and am glad that I will have Roux as a pet once I marry Brooklyn.

We like to take her to Makah Beach to run free while we watch the ferry go back and forth, and watch the sunset. It’s a nice feeling that I hope we can continue to cherish and enjoy through the years.

Once she burns her energy out, Roux will sit and watch the waves with us, and then we know we did our job by her. Brooklyn’s Mom, Trisha wasn’t happy that we’d adopt a Spaniel while living in a small, city apartment, but so far we’ve done right by her. She even gets us exercising more too, which is an unexpected perk.

We told our parents the news, and I suggested we go out for dinner so our parents could become more familiar with one another. Quickly my Mom put that idea out and insisted that everyone meet at her house. She really is getting her money’s worth out of the expansion.

Trisha and Trent didn’t mind in the least, they live just inside Millwood city limits, and my parents are much closer than a drive to a fancy restaurant in South Port.

Brooklyn’s older sister, Paige was invited as well. She’s still living in a duplex in Millwood, it’s Grace and Benjamin’s first home actually. But she is seeing a guy named Trevor that works at The Red Mill, so she isn’t completely eaten up with jealousy. She’s a campaign manager, and really filled my Mom in on her political views and local candidates.

My brother Elias has just moved back home, and was able to meet Brooklyn’s family which was nice. We all get along well, which should make the wedding go smoothly, at least I hope.

Mom and Trisha really hit it off, they are both involved Moms, and I foresee them really ‘helping’ Brooklyn when it comes to wedding decisions. Already they are wanting the wedding to be held in their barn. Thing is, I think Elias wants to use the barn for his one-day wedding, and I’d hate to usurp that from him.

Trent is already discussing numbers with my Mom, and asking how much wedding attire costs at her boutique. It looks like both sets of parents want to help pay for it with monetary gifts and in the case of my Mom, she will make a custom gown for Brooklyn without charge.

Afterwards we head to the pet store to pick up more treats for Roux. We both feel like we are floating on a cloud right now, and I hope the feeling lasts.

I’m so glad that our families get along, and everyone is thrilled for the wedding. Brooklyn wants to plan it for next fall, but then summer would be better for a honeymoon, since school is out then. I’m letting her decide on that, I’m just looking forward to the big day.

Notes: Back from vacation, it was amazing and so beautiful in the Caribbean, and it’s been chilly and wet back home that it feels like fall. I’ll be working through updates as I can! 🙂

I’m so glad that Oliver finally rolled a marriage want for Brooklyn! She’s only 26, so I didn’t think his lack of a want would make her leave him, but she’s known she’s wanted this for a while now. Maeve will be thrilled, but I see Brooklyn as taking her responsibility as a teacher seriously, and she wouldn’t want to live with Oliver before they were married. So Maeve will just have to deal for a bit longer, unless she wants to find her own place (which she can’t really afford).

I see Brooklyn with a fall wedding, but with them both being teachers, I think a summer wedding would work better for their honeymoon. I’m conflicted right now, and also on the location, but I have time!

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “closing time”

  1. So glad you had a great vacation, and the pictures I’ve seen of the Caribbean beaches are always amazing looking. I was happy to see you back on Tumblr and then see this post today!

    I was really curious as Maeve started to get to know everybody in college (didn’t she meet them then, or was it earlier?) if she really was crazy or just seemed so at the time, but being a prima donna about her pregnancy and trying to kick Oliver out of his own apartment does sort of confirm their suspicions about her stability and common sense! Good for Oliver, standing his ground, and Isaac, realizing that would not be right, to try to kick him out. And not only does Oliver have a mom that had experience with pregnancy, doesn’t his sister, Grace, have four kids?!

    The picnic for Oliver and Brooklyn was so romantic and was a great time and place to propose. Brooklyn’s one of my favorite sims of yours, anyway, because of her looks and her level head, and maybe because she’s a teacher. I’m looking forward to the wedding, whether summer or fall. (When is Maeve due?) That shot of her hugging Oliver after he proposed is so sweet. And their Roux is adorable! Bird dogs like spaniels usually adore the beach.

    1. The proposal was spontaneous, I was just trying to find a lot I haven’t played much, and get them out of the apartment because Maeve was making everyone cranky. Oliver ended up rolling the want, and I went with it, it was a great backdrop, and they’d been having such a nice time just hanging out together.

      I would say that Brooklyn is more level-headed than Maeve for sure, and yeah they all met her at college. She kind of rolled into the scene at Duffy’s bar, met Isaiah, and immediately wanted to marry him, have a baby, and all, it was rather intense for a first time meeting! Maeve is due in February, and she’d have a hard time getting him out of the apartment before then!

      So true about Oliver, between his Mom having 7 kids, Grace having 4, and Emma having 3, he’s been around quite a few pregnant ladies!

      I thought Roux was really pretty too, my grandparents had a few dogs that were like Roux growing up, and I always thought they were the most beautiful.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon! I hope your spring is winding down nicely, I know its a busy time of year for you too!

  2. I’m beyond excited about the proposal, so sweet. He’s really sweet for noticing his brother’s future hope about the barn as well. I’ve been to many teachers weddings during the fall. No big honeymoon, but usually a quick weekend getaway or a longer honeymoon during the school break.

    1. You know that is a good point about the fall with just a weekend getaway. I haven’t decided for them yet, but a weekend in the mountains might be a nice getaway for them, as the mountains in my hood aren’t considered “vacation” though I know the game makes me load the airplane, lol.

      Oliver is a nice big brother, and I’ve been planning on Elias marrying his future farmer’s wife there since I built it, but Elias isn’t about to be married anytime too soon, and might not mind sharing. I need to get Paloma’s wedding done first before I can start planning Oliver’s. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Yay! So excited Oliver finally popped the question. The proposal scene was so beautiful and it was nice that he already knew she’d say yes (which I think is a pretty common scenario these days). Brooklyn is a great girl and seriously, what was his hold-up, lol? It’s great that the two sets of parents get along so well too, and that they’ll have so much helping planning (and paying for!) the wedding.

    I’m guessing a summer wedding would mean next summer, not this summer? Or are they doing things super-fast?

    Happy for Isaac and Maeve that they’re having a baby too. Maeve could probably take it easy on pressuring poor Oliver to move out though. 😉 It’ll all fall into place eventually, I’m sure.

    1. I do think proposals have a bit less risk of a negative reaction than they did back in the old days. I know most of my friends discussed futures, weddings, children before they were engaged, and had an inkling. The worst is probably when someone has an inkling, and he doesn’t ask!

      I think it’s good that Brooklyn is really rather nice, because Nicole and Trisha are very hands on. I’m glad that they all got along well though, even Paige who sometimes rubs the wrong way, did wonderfully with Oliver’s family. I don’t know if you recall, but she dated/dumped Peter twice, and was Meg’s roommate for a stint, and she was grouchy! She drove Meg crazy.

      Yes, summer wedding would be next summer, I’m planning sometime next year for them, I need to finish getting Paloma’s wedding ready (I’m sure she’s happy she is getting married first!), and then I’ll look at the schedule harder for Brooklyn. I’m excited about Maeve and Isaiah’s baby too, they are both rather unique looking (Him less than her), so I’m excited to see what baby looks like.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. As a character, I love Maeve. And I love how you write her. Man, she really stirs things up, doesn’t she? I cannot wait to see how their children turn out with a mother like her, lol!

    Ah, so Brooklyn is the one for Oliver then? I am sort of surprised to see him finally falling so freely into it, but also happy because I think she’s very good for him. That was a lovely scene for an engagement! And aww, their doggy is sweet! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad that you like Maeve, I adore her! Just when I think she isn’t so crazy anymore, she’s mopping up day-old water out of the bathroom while Brooklyn does her business.

      I was surprised that Oliver finally decided on a girl… for a bit there he was rolling wants for Meg, and I was freaking out mildly on how that would work out! But he rolled the wants for Brooklyn, and he’ll just have to divorce her later if he changes his mind! He’s the most peculiar knowledge-family sim I have!!! By the time he reached 30, he should have been upset to not be married, not thinking of other girls and rolling those crazy multiple partners wants!!

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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